this is a quote but i don't remember who said it

astrology disney
  • Aries: "I'm gonna hit you so hard, it'll make your ancestors dizzy." - Mulan
  • Taurus: "“You said you’d never leave.” - Beauty and the Beast
  • Gemini: "“I wonder if I've been changed in the night. Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I'm not the same, the next question is 'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!”
  • -Alice in Wonderland
  • Cancer: "“Man has always learned from the past. After all, you can’t learn history in reverse!” – Archimedes, The Sword in the Stone
  • Leo: "So this is love, So this is what makes life divine." - Cinderella
  • Virgo: ""Always let your conscience be your guide." - The Blue Fairy (Pinocchio)
  • Libra: "“Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them.” – The AristoCats
  • Scorpio: ": So you want me to throw her into the asylum, unless she agrees to marry you? Oh that is despicable (Laughs evilly) I LOVE IT!" - Beauty & The Beast
  • Sagittarius: " "You control your destiny - you don't need magic to do it. And there are no magical shortcuts to solving your problems." - Merida (Brave)
  • Capricorn: ""Even miracles take a little time." - Fairy Godmother
  • Aquarius: ""Listen to me. The human world is a mess." - The Little Mermaid
  • Pisces: "You know that place between sleep and awake? That place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you… That’s where I’ll be waiting." - Peter Pan
the signs as quotes from "the comeback kid"
  • aries: eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs
  • taurus: here's an on fire garbage can... could be a nursery
  • gemini: "you have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair," you know, how you talk to a child
  • cancer: marijuana is legal in 18 or 19 states. it's insane. don't whoo if you're white. it's always been legal for us, come on sir
  • leo: i know you told me, but i have had a very long day, i am very small, and i have no money, so you can imagine the stress im under
  • virgo: "oh we have to go!! we have to go see bill!" and without looking up at her my dad goes, "why? it's not like he's gonna remember you."
  • libra: so my dad pulled up to the drive thru window and ordered a black coffee. the one thing no kid can every enjoy
  • scorpio: anyone who's seen my dick and met my parents needs to die
  • sagittarius: bill clinton turns, looks at my mom and says, "hey ellen!" cause he never forgets a bitch ever
  • capricorn: we bought a house that was built in the 20s but it was flipped in 2014, which means it's haunted but it has a lovely kitchen backsplash
  • aquarius: we were at lion king on broadway and there was a five year old behind us going, "look it's pumbaa! look its timon!" and my dad turned around and said, "are you going to talk the entire time?"
  • pisces: some people give off a vibe of.. right away, and they're like, "do not fuck with me." my vibe is more like, "hey, you could pour soup in my lap and i'll probably apologize to you!"
wanna one as things i've heard at my school
  • Daniel: i had a dream where i let a bunch of cats out in ikea and everything kinda broke lose. it was catastrophic
  • Jihoon: looking forward to summer so i don't have to deal with you guys and your ugly lives.
  • Daehwi: i went on vacation for two weeks and the only part i remember is seeing a dog eat a corn on the cob.
  • Jaehwan: i'm not saying that you should all date me because i'm a sweetie pie but you should all date me because i am a fucking sweetie pie.
  • Seongwoo: you aren't born with a perfect face. i mean unless you're me.
  • Woojin: sometimes i think about what it would be like if everyone just like... stopped.
  • Guanlin: i have eaten nothing but hot pockets and red bull for 24 hours i have reached god level, i am unstoppable.
  • Jisung: it costs so much money to die man, like i can't even get a job how am i gonna pay 30000 dollars to die?
  • Minhyun: i live through my sims. like can i cook? fuck no! but you bet that my sim is the best fucking cook you've ever seen.
  • Jinyoung: did you know that pigeons delivered the results for olympic games? like imagine if they got the winner wrong and they have to send another pigeon and it flies in like "squawk squawk bitch you thought."
  • Sungwoon: when it's raining i just think about who hurt the cloud. why are you crying sweetie?
★ lvtvr’s long-winded writing advice ★

Heyo. I’m Charlie and I write. You may know me for my Keith/Lance fanfics. I don’t know if it helps my credibility, but I have articles in print that I’ve been paid to produce, I’ve translated and proofread four novels, and I’ve been writing off and on for nearly eighteen years. I’m not perfect, I’m not a master, but I do know what I’m doing. So if you write too, and you want to get better, here are some of the things I’ve learned.

Less is more.

You know the quote “Blood orange? Shut up, it’s fucking red.” Remember this while you’re writing. If you’ve ever seen one of those “100 synonyms for ‘said’ to use while writing :)” lists, here’s what to do with it: burn it. No one utters or opines or verbalizes shit. They fucking say it.

Basically: use vocabulary that you know. Turn to big fancy words if you are certain that they’re the best way to express the nuance you’re going for, but avoid them if you’re only using them to make your prose more “interesting.” Don’t worry about sounding a little repetitive. Sounding pretentious or like someone who hangs out too much on is a lot worse.

Remember your whole body.

Ever read writing that punches you in the gut and makes you feel things? Ever aspired to create something like that yourself? Well, the key to doing it is to remember the body. Stay aware of the fact that we exist in the world as messy 3D beings made of blood and meat and emotion. 

It’s natural for most people to start with visual impressions and describe what things look like, but your writing won’t start to come alive until you also begin describing what they feel like, smell like, taste like. The five senses are a cheesy but effective checklist. Throw in sounds, smells, and body sensations alongside the visual aspect.

This goes for emotion, too. If your character is sad, think back to what you felt like when you were sad. Heavy gut? Rain clouds in your head? Tears pricking at the backs of your eyes, but never quite falling? All that is a lot more interesting than simply saying “they were sad.”

For the love of God, never type “Hello.” He said.

This falls under the general umbrella of using correct grammar (which you should!), but I feel the need to point this particular faux pas out because a) it’s soooo common for people to do this, and b) I can’t stand it. This is the type of persistent mistake that actively interferes with the flow of the writing for me as a reader. I don’t care if some big-name fic author does it or if you’ve seen a million others do it – you’ll never find it in a professionally proofread and edited book. Because, at the end of the day, it’s wrong.

Compare these two examples:

“This sucks.” She sighed.
“This sucks,” she sighed.

In the first example, she says the words first, and sighs afterward. In the second, she’s sighing the words. Simple difference. If the action is directly related to how the dialogue is being conveyed, it should come attached to the dialogue. If the action and dialogue are separate, separate them. Throwing in a bunch of loose, orphaned “He said” clauses is choppy and incorrect and pisses me off to an irrational degree. Please, please avoid this. I’m begging you on my hands and knees.

Focus your characterization.

Keeping characters in character is one of the biggest challenges of writing. I find that an easy way to stay on track is to summarize the character’s way of reacting to the world in one or two simple sentences, and when you’re not sure what they would say or do, try to keep it in line with that basic conception. 

For example, I’ve characterized Keith from Voltron as someone who “feels things very strongly and honestly, but has trouble putting his emotions into words.” My Hunk is “prone to gossip, but has a heart of gold and the strongest sense of justice you ever saw.” I keep this minimalist notion of a character at the front of my mind when I write them, and it usually helps them stay themselves.

Try to keep it general, though. “Passionate about food,” “flirts a lot,” or “in love with Mothman” aren’t basic personalities, they’re character traits. They don’t tell us anything about how someone will act in a given situation, and make for poor, flat characterization.

Write what you want to read.

No, really. I know that the urge to pander is strong, as is the desire to give the people what they want. But you’re people, too. Give yourself what you want. Is this hard? You bet. But it’s worth it when someone tells you “God, reading this is so refreshing. I’m so glad it wasn’t exactly like everything else.”

Voltron-specific stuff incoming here, but I feel like it’s important. Listen. Don’t write a fic where Keith and Lance have one (1) drawn-out argument before falling in hapless, sappy love, where Keith and Shiro are brothers and Hunk and Pidge are the Hilarious Meme Sidekicks, just because you feel like you have to. If you’re really passionate about that scenario, then by all means write it, but don’t do it because you’re afraid that’s all people are going to want to read. It’s not true. More likely than not, they’re sick of reading the same fic for the millionth time, and they’d love to see your take on things.

Remember: Fanon isn’t the law. Not even canon is the law. Follow your kokoro. Go weird places. You do you. I will be cheering you on.

Kudos to you if you read this entire mess. I hope it could be of some help. Now go write! I believe in you, friendo.

Fake Chats #134
  • Jimin: manggae sexy, what is this?
  • Jungkook: hyung, don't you remember?
  • Jimin: remember what?
  • Namjoon: in our anniversary video?
  • Taehyung: your own thing. It was decided.
  • Hoseok: how you're sexy but also-
  • Jungkook: cute like mochi.
  • Namjoon: mochi sexy. It's your own thing.
  • Taehyung: cute and sexy at the same time. You're the only one who can do it.
  • Seokjin: it's true. Yoongi can be cute OR sexy, not both?
  • Yoongi: you think I'm cute?
  • Jungkook: you think he's sexy?
  • Seokjin: not the point, guys.
  • Namjoon: the point is-
  • Taehyung: you're totally manggae sexy.
  • Jimin: I don't think-
  • Jungkook: what the fans have decreed, so shall it be.
  • Jimin: but-
  • Jungkook: accept it, hyung.
  • Jimin: ...okay.
  • Yoongi: of course he agrees when the maknae said it.

I did what you told me to. I kept running, I kept moving forward, because I knew that if I stopped to look back, then I would remember that you weren’t behind me anymore. And it’s been so hard. And when Cisco said that he could bring you back, you know, I didn’t know what to think. What if it didn’t work? What if you were dead? I mean, I thought it would be like losing you all over again. I never imagined this, though. I don’t know what I would do if this is all that’s left of you, if this is all that’s left of the amazing man that I know and love.

An Observation from RP3 London


Now, you all have no reason to trust me on this. I have no proof that Jack said it, though I hope @hufflepufftrax and anyone else who went to the show will back me up on this. I furiously made a note of it in my phone the second it was said. I, of course, do not have the exact quote, so I will have to paraphrase, but I will highlight the part of the sentence I can exactly remember, because that IS the important part. Here we go.

This is taken from the Q and A section at the end of the show when they had time to kill. The question was, roughly:

“When recording a let’s play, where have you guys laughed the most?”

Arin and Danny answer, and I’ll be honest, I was cheering and clapping my life away, not a care in the world, before my head was forcefully snapped back into theorist mode when I heard Jack’s answer.

Jack cites the Christmas Shopper simulator as his answer, link here for those interested.

Now, onto the quote (remember, I’m paraphrasing words which ARE NOT EMPAPHSISED HERE. EMPAPHISED WORDS ARE WHAT I REMEMBER EXACTLY.)

“I kicked the guy with the TV and he just FUCKIN CATAPULTED out of the room, and it just set me off. It was like SOMEONE ELSE was POSSESSING ME and making me laugh, I couldn’t stop laughing and laughing.”

Naturally, I made a note, and found the clip this morning.

Now, close your eyes, and listen to that laugh.

And later in the video, I came across this little gem.

Yeah. And remember all the speculation about Anti coming back Christmas/ New Year time?

**shrugs** JUST SAYING.

In the name of Jesus, it is time to be free. Free of the worries that keep you going in circles over and over again. Free of the worries of not having enough to make it where you need to go. Free of the worries of constantly trying to live up to every single expectation and pressure that others have put on you. It’s time to be free to trust that God is faithful, and He is The One you must seek to please, above, beyond, and before anyone else. He is The One that will give you anything you need to get where He is leading you. A lot of things may have changed in your life that have caused you to doubt this at times, but He has not changed. His Word in your life still holds true more than the words of anything other.

Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” - Hebrews 13:5

So keep on going. Don’t give up, and remember most of all Who you’re doing it for. Remember the One Who has paved the path so far and the One who will continue to pave the rest of the way. Whatever fears you have of missing out, being left out, or not having enough, know that in Jesus’ name, He is your provider in all of those things.

There is no need to worry. There is so much more ahead of you than you could possibly see or understand right now. There are so many more rivers to cross and mountains to climb, and all of these things will happen in time. And even if the mountains take a little awhile to get to, and even if you have to tread a little further to get to them, God is still faithful in leading you where you need to be and everything He does is with divine intention. So slow down. There’s no need to rush when you know Him. The party won’t start without you. No one is going to take your seat and you will not be replaced or forgotten. In Him, you no longer have a reason to fear missing out. You only need to keep trusting, keep going, knowing that He will never leave you, He will never forsake you, He will always give you what you need, and lead you right where you belong.

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo

  • *At the Christmas Party at the Potters*
  • Albus: How come your Dad is such a skilled wizard, I mean, he was always second after my aunt, he mastered Occlumency and he has no problem with non-verbal spells at all, so how come he can't cast a Patronus?
  • Scorpius: (surprised) Who said he can't?
  • Hermoine: (joining the conversation) So he can? What's his Patronus?
  • Scorpius: Ah, actually it's quite astonishing. When I was younger, he let me ride it sometimes. It's ...
  • (Draco rushes over and places his palm over Scorpius' mouth)
  • Draco: Scorpius! I explicitly told you not to tell anyone! Remember the fuss your mother used to make, whenever she saw it?
  • (Hermione whispers in Scorpius' ear, who nods, his father's hand still on his mouth, Draco sighs and releases him)
  • Hermione: No way! I want to see it!
  • Ginny: What is it? (Hermione whispers in Ginny's ear) Really?? I have to see it! Please Draco, please!
  • Draco: (to Scorpius) See son, the damage is already done!
  • Ron: Oh come on Malfoy! Don't be a git, show us your bloody Patronus.
  • Harry: I doubt anyone will be scared by your dragon or whatsoever.
  • (Draco swings his wand lightly and out of its tip bursts an almost blinding, dazzling silver unicorn)
  • Hermione, Ginny, Rose, and Lily: (synchronously) It's so beautiful!
Don’t fall in love with someone like me.
I memorize words and listen to lyrics; I won’t forget what you said to me.
I write some of the most painful poetry; you’re wrong if you think I won’t connect words in order to describe you.
I don’t have a favorite song; I’ll play the one I made for you and me.
Nostalgia is innocent to me but it is painful; I hate thinking about us.
I take photos of things that made me happy; I don’t want to delete the ones of you.
I’ll tell you I’m alright and that I can handle it; oh god I want to die right now.
Don’t fall in love with someone like me.
I’m made up of too many wrong-doings and I live to find the emotions behind things. My music is too sad because my cells crave the grave feelings. I assume too much, and jump to conclusions faster than I blink. I don’t describe myself as human, because at this point I am nothing more than an organized chaos waiting to break.
So please, don’t fall in love with someone like me.
Don’t fall in love with me.
—  I can’t remember who I was. (r.n.g.)
Sunday ramblings

We’re not really far into the solo era, but I just feel like by way of observation and reading/watching interviews lately, that it’s clear that them being solo artists is truly what’s best, and I don’t want them to ever go back to being a band like they used to. 

Just to brush on a few things.. 

Liam said recently that in 1D they were meant to show relentless enthusiasm at all times, and never discuss any negative aspects of their experience - which we as fans saw and got annoyed over several times… Shit went down that was never acknowledged and/or apologized for. Lima also mentioned that they never stopped to celebrate what they’d done. It was non-stop. Harry noted a similar thing in his RS interview when he said that the 1D tours were like a Wes Anderson movie. Cut. Cut. New location. Quick cut. New location. Cut. Cut. Show. Shower. Hard cut. Sleep. (which we all saw.. Like, Zayn developed an eating disorder whilst in the band, Liam had serious issues with alcohol, the partying, the drugs (hi weed scandal) like, there was so much stuff going on at certain points.)  Harry also mentioned in the doc that after 5 years of pressure, he finally didn’t feel any of it. And he admitted in another interview that he realized he was exhausted. (The fact that you could never truly pick up on that because he always gave 110% at every show makes me just in awe of his loyalty and work-ethic.) Hats off to Niall, Liam and Louis too, they all worked so fucking hard. Niall even said that he wasn’t as exhausted as the rest of them at the end, like, what kind of superhuman lol.. 

I remember Jeff mentioning that he was baffled by Harry’s writing talent, and how he realized that the Harry in One D was kind of the digitized Harry. Almost like a character. And like Harry said: “I wanted to write my stories, things that happened to me. The number-one thing was I wanted to be honest. I hadn’t done that before.” That says it all.. I also feel like in the last year or so, it was so clear that Harry was ready for his own career… On the last tour the interactions with the other boys were minimal, esp compared to the tours before. Journos/writers noted the same thing in their concert reviews. He was the one that was a little outside of it all. Watching what happened between Louis and Harry’s friendship throughout the years because of the larries was straight up awkward as hell. The months before Zayn left was awkward to watch, and after he left, Lilo became super close. Niall got along with all of them I feel, but even now, Harry is the odd one out. He never used to hang out with them outside of 1D obligations and I don’t think they see or talk to Harry much now either. (despite what Niall says to please 1D fans :p.) When you think about it, Harry’s sooooo fucking different from esp Louis and Liam. But let me also make it clear that I think Harry loved being in 1D. Unlike others, (ahem Zebra) he will never bite the hand that fed him. He’ll never discredit that time.

From MM and onwards, Lilo teamed up in writing sessions and got their songs through. (Def prob easier as a twosome.) Louis and Lima are loud and opinionated too, so I can only imagine some of those song discussions. (Not taking away from Lilo’s songwriting talent here, just looking at the big picture). Harry noted recently that he felt interrupted in the band as well. (super surprising lol) Interviews were often a mess, and the only one who had respect for Harry in those scenarios were Niall imo. 

After Harry left the band he took some time off to feel bored he said, but realized fast that he was dying to be in the studio again, ‘cause he had so much he wanted to say. And I think a huge part of that stemmed from him not being able to take time on lyrics and really write. An album a year, writing on the road, Lilo teaming up, with other hired writers putting their touches on each song, I think all of it hindered him to an extent. And Harry said in a recent interview that it def was weird to go into a writing session with strangers trying to be honest. And I think that’s partly why he was so anxious to get back in the saddle, why he was ready fairly quickly and why he was the first one to drop a solo album. He’d been writing for himself, planning, and building up for that moment for a long time. Maybe since he proposed the idea of them taking a break in late 2014. 

Another thing worth noting, in the Behind The Album doc is that he was SO fucking excited that he was in charge. His ideas were listened to. He was the boss, for the first time ever. When they said “Let’s first do Harry’s idea for” and Harry went “yeah, and then we’ll do Harry’s idea for something else, then after that, we’ll do another one of Harry’s ideas!”, like yeah he was joking around, but I also feel like that said so much.. And we can all get it, being in a band, like he said, every single decision was made in a democracy, and it was just time for him to make the desicions. To be a little scared.

And everyone can see the pure joy that’s Harry now. He’s soooooo happy. On stage, in interviews, everywhere. He has an energy now that is just amazing to see, he’s got that extra little spark that I didn’t see the last year or so in 1D. In Harry’s own words: “I’m having the time of my life working this [solo career] out.” and that’s clear as day. I also thought of when Cameron Crowe said that Harry couldn’t WAIT to start his interview with him. That he called him up and was SO enthusiastic, like practically giddy. And this quote from Harry is so heart-warming too. “There was something about playing the album and how happy I was that told them, [his parents] ‘If all I get is to make this music, I’m content.” ❤️ Like he stated in the doc too, he’s totally okay with not being on the level that he was in 1D again. 

And it goes for all the boys you know. I don’t follow their careers closely, but I’ve noted that they’ll all said they’re really happy that they went on this break and that they’re loving the freedom and being solo now, so it’s all good. They all look happy and well. And they’re all doing good which is nice to see. 

So yeah, just some Sunday night thoughts :) 

Because loving you, makes me feel alive. Because you are the one who saw me when I was invisible. Because you where the only one who talked to me that first day. You loved me from that first day. And I wasn’t able to see it. I know I didn’t love you back then but I ’ve always felt this deep connection and love for you. At first I was looking to you as a friend. And the truth is, that if I could choose anyone to be my best friend, I would choose you. Because you made me smile. You made me believe in myself again. You were trying to catch my attention. You were funny. And smart. And cute. And weird. And sensitive. I had never met anyone like you before. You were so different, you made me break my rules day by day. I was strict with myself and then, I was watching me change. I started to laugh. I started to feel. I cared so much about you and I didn’t know why. I wanted to help you to believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to show who you are. But instead, I guess, it was you who taught me all these things. You were the one who helped me be happier. And do things I could ever thought I would. I was a caterpillar in cocoon and you helped me turn into butterfly. I was born again. I saw beauty everywhere. Remember that day? When that cat scared you? I am happy she did because this cat is our secret connection. I love cats and I told you. And I know that that time in biology class, when you mentioned something about cats, it was for me. Because you can feel this connection, too. And now, everytime I look at my cats, or see other cats, they remind me of you. They will always remind me of you. I hope you can feel it, too. I think I love you more and more everyday. Although I don’t see you and we don’t talk and we have about eighty five days until we both meet again, I love you more. I can feel you soul beside mine. And it feels so good. Dreaming that I will hear your heartbeat one day, while you hug me tight. Like that day? Remember? When I was so afraid because you had a girlfriend and I was in love with someone else but I knew, deep inside, that you loved me. And I was afraid. Because you were hugging me so tight that I couldn’t move. And I didn’t want to, because you could think I didn’t want you to hug me. And I was afraid to hug you, too. But I wanted you. I really wanted you. Because even though I wasn’t in love with you, I always loved you and I wanted you as a friend. And I needed your hug more than anything. Because it was the first time someone hugged me. Someone who cared. Because I knew you did. I knew you loved me. And I know this isn’t right to tell or think or need this love when I couldn’t love you back, but I wanted someone to care. And you did. Although you ’ve always been too afraid and shy to admit it. And I am sorry if I hurt you. If I made you feel that I loved you too, back then. But it wasn’t until I almost die from depression and bad toughts and a love disappointment that I realised that you are the sun behind the clouds. That loves me, no matter what. That has this bright face and smile when he looks at me. And this sparkle in the eyes. And that I loved you, too. Very, very much. In a way that scared me at first. I was trying to pick up the broken pieces of my heart and out of nowhere, just like that, you appeared in my life. Again. You were the most unexpected person, the most unexpected time. And that’s why I was afraid. Because I wasn’t ready to understand this love. It was a weird feeling for me because it didn’t look like the others. I didn’t love you passionately, but deeply, truly, in a calm but also crazy way. And I was afraid. That’s why I did so many mistakes. Basically, we both did. But maybe it’s better this way. Because we weren’t ready for that and if we had something, we would destroyed it. We almost did. But I have faith. I know we ’re not over yet. Because I love you. Very, very much. And I will wait. I will wait until you are ready. Until we both are ready. Until the timing is right. Because, by the way I see it, my love for you grows day by day. As someone once said “Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it inflames the great.” That’s how I know it’s true love. Because it’s you, it’s always you. It’s gonna be a long summer. 85 days to see you again. But in 85 days I will love you more than I love you now. So I hope you are okay.
Bye for now,
The girl who looked at you as a friend, until she realised that she loved you


To the one I love, 85 days left

I love you all

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I just want to tell you guys that you are amazingly phenomenal not for just for what you do but for who you truly are you have been my best is friends and I couldn’t of asked for any other friends in this world than you guys (and my rl friends) ik some of you haven’t met me before but I thought I’d tag you because you all don’t know how special you are with your talents and your heart etc never stop following your dreams because one day my friend it will come true but you got to do whatever it takes to make that happen and just remember this quote “when there is a light you go to it, when there is darkness, you keep going” and you keep going towards that light and never give up hope and I would never call you “losers” I would say “you are nearly there” and I wish that I could hug you all and say “this is you life and this is your dream never let go of your life because it is a wonderful thing” and just because I said I would give up it doesn’t mean that I will be you can never give up because if you do it would be the worst mistake of your life and don’t run away from your problems face them we are strong we are powerful we are human and we have hope and I’d just like to thank you for being my friend and I’d you never met me before well now you got a friend and I promise you you will get there I’m sorry if some of this dident make sense but I hope this will be helpful for you. Thank you 😢😊

And just to let you know this letter is for everyone even for the ones who I haven’t tagged so don’t feel left out okay becuase this letter if for everyone including the one who haven’t got tagged okay *hugs* thank you

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was just wondering if you have any ideas on """dale pike's""" Within the Narrative? I don't know what to think of it, because the writing style doesn't seem like fanfic to me and there's enough levels of meta-y things to drown me in. if mofftiss wrote us fanfiction I am going to explode

oh god ‘Within the narrative’ killed me. Oh God. Okay, deep breath. I’ll do the same as I did for ‘The One Word Test’ here, just go through and pick out the most relevant quotes for me as I go along. 

THIS JUST ANALYSES THE INTRODUCTION ‘CAUSE IT GOT LONG. If folk are interested, I could try and pick apart the whole fic if I don’t die from the attempt sos adhflslhgsjlf.

Hope this helps! From the beginning, then?

Okay, so first we have the weird tagging system- why is the fic tagged as both a Tragedy and a Comedy? Well, because of this opening quote from The Three Garridebs: It may have been a comedy, or it may have been a tragedy. It cost one man his reason, it cost me a blood-letting, and it cost yet another man the penalties of the law. Yet there was certainly an element of comedy. Well, you shall judge for yourselves.” See this post by @teaandqueerbaiting!

^I take this to mean we’ve got our ‘comedy’ Garridebs in The Final Problem, the cheap dangling Garridebs brothers gag. We’re still waiting for our truly emotional, true Garridebs scene between John and Sherlock.

Then, we come to the summary and opening notes to chapter 1:

Right, who on earth is Proper Dave? See this and this post by @may-shepard  @laughing-at-the-darkness and @221bloodnun. Proper Dave is a character from the Doctor Who episode Silence in the Library, written by Steven Moffat and directed by Euros Lyn, who also directed The Blind Banker.

Proper Dave is a PILOT (ooh little on the plane in TFP: ‘the driver’s asleep!’) He’s called ‘Proper Dave’ in contrast with another crew member named ‘Other Dave’ because ‘Proper Dave’ was there before him. It’s never twins, Watson. 

I’ve not watched this episode but basically for some reason Proper Dave “acquires an extra shadow”- this means the villains of the episode are attacking him. The Doctor tries to save him but fails, leaving Proper Dave’s “data ghost” to echo his last thoughts:  “Hey, who turned out the lights?”  Side-note: if this is the 4th favourite fic, I wonder where Proper Dave’s 3rd and other fave fics are… ;)

Now, what about the “A boring story” bit? I cannot for the life of me find the quote, but I remember Steven once describing The Three Garridebs as “a very boring story”- clearly tongue in cheek as it’s one of the most iconic moments of ACD canon, even saying in his own foreward to the stories that “you’ll be blinking back tears when the moment comes.” (x) Tagging @waitedforgarridebs in case she knows where the quote is, the resident Garridebs expert. ;)

“about the stuff between the lines.”- well, we’re all very good at finding that. <3

And the notes. Of course, nothing is certain, but to me these only become worthwhile and genuinely funny if you see them as written by someone who’s…well… very much an insider on the show. “Series 4 and 5 spoiler alerts”- that’s very presumptuous of you. ;) Saying they’ve deduced things correctly, including what they’re “probably” going to call the Watson baby– this is so funny if at this point they genuinely hadn’t decided what the baby was going to be called lmao.

Then we get one of the most bizarre meta introductions I’ve had the pleasure of reading:

“Most people think they know what’s going to happen. Perhaps you’ll dismiss this narrative early, thinking it is boring and banal and not worth the distance to that innermost cave. Or perhaps you’ll be too easily impressed and think this is a great story.
Perhaps you’re just looking for a cheap thrill. Well, this one has thrills, but they don’t come cheaply. The Powers-That-Be never gave me any trigger warnings, so I’ll give none to you, save this: Here there be dragons.
In any case, we’re going to follow the rules. Stories have rules, of course, just like chemistry, like biology. Like gravity. Perhaps—if you are an omnivorous reader yourself—you know that there are certain rules that a good story must never break.
It turns out that we’ve been wrong… and right… all along. That’s the beauty of it. That’s what makes this a good mystery.
Back up a bit. Ready the players. Set the stage.”

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Why, why why is this so meta. Why does it read like a set of instructions. It’s so out of place for a fic. Why is either “dismissing the narrative early” or “being too easily impressed” such an apt summary for some reactions to The Final Problem? The stage is set, the curtain rises. Here be dragons. 

We know “the rules” of this story- and we know that The Final Problem broke all of them. Steven and Mark themselves have said the episode was deliberately full of “transgressions.”

They’ve been wrong….(The Final Problem)…and right (every other episode) all along. The mixture makes it the mystery. We need to- and have solved- that mystery: why it was wrong. Because it didn’t end with John and Sherlock together. The rest of the true love story is yet to be told.

(pls forgive me, i’m not a photo editor. i just wanted ot7)

Hey, everyone! I recently hit 100 followers! I’ve had this blog since January and even though I had a rough start and I wanted to leave a few times, I’m very glad I pushed through. I wanted to save a follow forever for another milestone and just do a drabble game for this one but there are so many amazing blogs a wanted to thank. I really appreciate every single one of you guys. This blog has been a safe haven for me, and I can’t imagine how my life would be without it. I’ve felt much more loved on this blog in the short time I’ve had it than on my previous blog, which I had for 2 and half years before I left. Even though this blog may be considered ‘small’ to some people (not that it matters to me), I still feel as if I genuinely matter to all of you, and I can’t thank you enough. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude. I really do care about all of you. All the users that show up under my followers are my friends, and I care about each one of you so much. Thank you all so much for all that you’ve done for me. I’m beyond grateful.

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A little love for the signs (From a Libra sun, Leo moon)
  • Dear Aries: It doesn't matter how dark times are, you are there for me. And I know you will always support me. You can make me happy like no one else can. You can say something that isn't even funny and I have to laugh with you. I could talk all night with you. About anything. You are full of light, full of life. You deserve everything bright.
  • Dear Taurus: Even though I've never really been so close to you to say that, I want you to know that you're worth it. You are beautiful, your smile helps people not to give up. So don't give up on yourself. You're strong and I know you smile through the pain, but it's okay. We all go through that and I wanted to tell you that you're not alone.
  • Dear Gemini: You are funny, you are witty, you always know how to make me laugh. I am inspired by you. You are so sociable, yet you know how to be alone and overthink things. You can do decisions by yourself, you don't hesistate to make the right choice. I admire you for that. Also, your art is beautiful. You are art.
  • Dear Cancer: I know we haven't been best friends. I know we had fights and that you broke my trust too often. But I realized, you are only a human being, just as me. Everyone keeps making mistakes, but no one wants to admit that. I hope for you that you'll be happy in the future. I want you to concentrate more on yourself, not on others because you are you, and no one can be that for you.
  • Dear Leo: Whenever I talk to you, it feels like we understand each other without saying a word. You are passionate and you are optimistic. You are the person I look up to, you brighten everyone's day, yet no one knows if you're dying inside. You are beautiful and you know it. You taught me it's completely fine to love yourself. So do it.
  • Dear Virgo: You're so selfless. You always try to help me, doesn't matter if you understand me or not. I know that sometimes it's hard for you to show that you care about me, but I notice in this little things you do for me that you do care. And that's fine. You're human. It's okay to break down. It's okay to talk to someone. You will get through this all. I'm right here by your side.
  • Dear Libra: I feel like everyone of you is my sister or my brother. You can make me feel special without knowing it. When we're talking about god and the world, it's like I've known you all my life, even if it's just hours. I want you to look at the mirror and say "I'm proud". Be confident. Believe in youself. Only if you try that, no one will stop you from loving yourself and the world.
  • Dear Scorpio: I don't even know where to start. You changed my life. You taught me things in an emotional way I never thought I'd experience. With every wise word you said you took my breath away. It doesn't matter how much time will fly, I will always remember you. You are my first love and you make everything feel so real. Everytime you look at me, I feel special. You taught me how to love someone and I taught you how to love yourself. Be happy. No matter how we're gonna end, I want you to remember us. You deserve the entire universe.
  • Dear Sagittarius: You doubt yourself more than anyone else. You wear that beautiful smile everyday, but inside you don't even know who you are. I have so much fun with you everytime we do something together. Don't let that happiness die. People look up on you. And you have to do your own thing. Don't give a shit what others think. Find out what you need, what you want and what you love. Everything else will come by time.
  • Dear Capricorn: You are one of the stongest yet most broken person I know. Or should I say, pretend to know? You hide your emotions, afraid of being hurt or replaced. I tell you something: There are people who love you and care about you. There is hope. You can have whatever you want in life, if you're just willing to accept your feelings and yourself.
  • Dear Aquarius: Being around you is like jumping from one cloud to another. Everything feels easier. Even maths. Life is easier with you. The weight of all the bad things in life are gone. I don't know how you're able to make me feel like this, but I'm sure it makes you very special and I hope you never stop making people feel like this because it's one of the best feelings ever.
  • Dear Pisces: If I'm sad, I know I can always talk to you. You always have a solution to my problem. Even if it's just a sentence like "It's okay, we will find a way.", it works. It makes me feel better. You're the most selfless person I've ever met and you're always there for your loved ones. Just take care of yourself, too, because your life is as important as the lives of everyone else.

averni  asked:

I understand that interrogation torture being ineffective is not a common knowledge and media doesn't really help with reinforcing the contrary among regular people, but what's been bugging me: don't torturers know that? I remember you saying that a lot of torturers justify doing this to themselves as necessary, but it just seems odd that none of them would notice the overarching pattern? Especially if it's an organisation where it's a long standing practice.

Good question. There’s actually a book due out later in September that I’m hoping could shed a little more light on these sorts of questions. (It’s by F Sironi who is a psychologist, has been a key player in numerous big human rights abuse trials and spent hundreds of hours interviewing torturers).

The truth is at the moment we don’t actually know an awful lot about torturers’ mind sets.

We know from both interviews and experiments involving pain and empathy with ordinary people that torturers develop profound mental health problems. And we know that broadly speaking they have similar symptom patterns to victims.

Most of the rest is basically what we can guess from interviews and trial notes.

I’m not a psychologist so while I can describe behaviour patterns I’ve seen across multiple interviews and works that analyse this kind of thing….be aware that my guesses as to why this might be the case are just that. I’m drawing from Fanon’s two interviews with torturers (and his interview with a torturer’s daughter), Rejali’s analysis of why torture continues, Cobain’s analysis of British torturers and Alleg’s account of his torturers. Some of these can show up together, some of them can’t.

1)      It becomes a point of pride that the group tortures, connected with their masculinity and ‘toughness’. Suggesting it doesn’t work is an attack on the close-knit group of torturers and risks being ostracised socially or physically attacked.

2)      Admitting torture doesn’t work means admitting the group/individual did something wrong, immoral and dangerous. This can be very difficult for people to do. It means essentially admitting they are the Bad Guy. I think this response sounds very similar to the sort of mental gymnastics sexual predators seem to go through to convince themselves that they personally aren’t rapists.

3)      Many torturers don’t seem to care about information. They see their victims as essentially bad people who deserve to be tortured. This seems especially prevalent when the attacks are against minorities or vulnerable people.

4)      Some torturers seem to see torture as a means of revenge for crimes, real or imagined. An example would be many of the American soldiers responsible for abuses in jails in Iraq brought up 9/11. The logic appeared to be that the victims were ‘close enough’ to the perpetrators that the attacks were justified.

5)      Some torturers appear to defend their actions simply because if they didn’t they might be out of a job.

6)      Genuine delusion about tortures effectiveness may play a part. Rejali quotes an example of a torturer who swore that this technique ‘worked every time’….as quoted by a victim who said nothing. The torturer did not appear bothered by this.

7)      One of the men responsible for the widespread torture by French troops during the Franco-Algerian war later said that torture undermined the French cause and produced no positive results. But he didn’t want to hold his troops back at the time because he felt that would be betraying them.

Essentially torturers form incredibly close knit mini-communities within larger structures, such as the police or army. They usually become ostracised from the rest of the community and much of their identity seems to rest on willingness to torture. In these cases rejecting torture means rejecting both the group and individual identity.

Torturers also tend to see themselves as acting to ‘defend’ their broader community/race/religion etc. They often see themselves as just, good, people punishing wicked people.

And they always have a vested interest in torture continuing and being accepted. If it doesn’t they may lose their jobs or worse be put on trial and end up in prison.

The woman whose book I am waiting for said that the torturers she’s interviewed over the years seem uniformly unwilling to confront what they did. They don’t want to do the hard work of looking at their actions and accepting they were in the wrong. Because that sort of therapy is intense and painful and hard.

So I don’t think it’s necessarily that they don’t notice the pattern. I think that the effect torture has on them means that after a while…they just don’t care.

If that seems difficult to understand think of how emotive and emotional arguments over whether torture for information is ‘right’ in newspapers get. Have you ever seen an argument half as emotive about whether dusting for fingerprints is a valid way of confirming someone’s presence at a crime scene?

If information was the point the ‘debate’ would not be so heated. If information was the point then we would simply use the methods that seem to produce results.

But it’s not about information. It’s not about finding the truth or protecting people or creating effective organisational structures.

It’s about fear and anger and ideas of ‘punishment’. It’s about our tendency to lash out. It’s about the fact that ultimately we often respond to perceived insults by wishing violence on other people.

We imagine it would be satisfying.

And we imagine that the people we see as our enemies are not people. We focus on the terrible things they’ve done (real or imagined) and tell ourselves they’re not really people.

They are people. All of them. Even the ones who have done terrible things. Even the ones we hate the most.

Even the torturers.

I’ve seen apologists rail against the idea of talking to a mass murderer over a cup of tea. The evidence strongly suggests it’s a good way to get accurate information. But that doesn’t account for human beings hating and wanting revenge.

Yes there is a pattern. And the pattern says that torture for information does not and can never work. But ultimately? I believe torturers do not want to see it.

Edit: There have been some good additions to this discussion and the recommendation of J Conroy’s book in particular is a good one. It’s not a book I’ve read yet but it’s recommended by a lot of people in the field. 

Edit 2: Damn there were a lot of typos in this.


The thing about us is that you and I, we know the precarious magic of surviving on spite alone. Let them tell us about how there are soft things, good things, and I’d lick it up – I’d lick that honey from their fingertips but when I look at my hands, all I see is blood. That honey? It just leaves me starved.

But you know that feeling. You know the feeling of breaking your nails, of swallowing dust, you know what we had to do to survive and how we will never regret it. These are things we have kept, these are what we have managed to become.

It took everything from us and shit, I didn’t even know I was funny before but now I have no problem laughing with you. We earned this.

I was a semi detached piece of trash shit of a human, calling background my stage while I never got stars, fitting in seamlessly until I became as plain as I have spent years trying to be. Fuck that, babe. Fuck that. We have always deserved better than this because I still remember how your heart bled bled bled just wouldn’t stop bleeding and when I asked you why, why this, why won’t it stop, you just said that it has always been like this.

You, taking a step back.

Your heart, leaping forward and getting cut on the barbed wire.

I am so tired of empty symphonies. We have felt hollow for so long, gasping for a breath, and no one who hasn’t tasted salt on their lips when they tried to swim knows what it is like, what a shame it is, what a burden it is to carry a universe inside your bones when it is the invisible kind.

And now I am back to our spite and I wish I could show you how beautiful it is to be a fucking wreck, like – look how I’m bleeding on this page and look how little I care. Look at this masterpiece that took me ages to make, this masterpiece of baring my skin and leaving my heart out in the open for the whole world to see.

I want to tell you that I have learned how to grow out of all this poisoned soil. I know now that the world, which is telling me to shut up, doesn’t matter at all. It never has.

Shit, the next time I say that I am “just” anything, I will throw up the explanations. They are someone else’s problem. They were never mine.

And these stars?

I made that shit myself.

anonymous asked:

Completely agree. I don't understand the major praise. At one point he says they were listening to Louis' album songs and they were modest and fit his 'underdog' status. (Or something along those lines). How is that in any way a good way to market him? And the headlines about him being the worst in 1D? I'm not so mad at Louis' direct quotes but more the way they've organized the article with their headlines. Also the unnecessary updates on his smoking habit throughout? Odd thing to focus on.

I’ve been discussing/debating my take on this article this at length with @vocabularryonthemind on and off for the past 32 hours or so…because when we discuss we DISCUSS

I will be completely honest with you. I read the article, fell asleep, woke up at 4:22 in the morning, kept thinking about it, and then wrote this post about it circa 4:58. 

There was something about the article that just didn’t sit well with me. And then I started to think about how random it was that they were using The Guardian, and realised that the only other article I could remember about One Direction from that newspaper was one that was equally odd to me. As it turns out…they were both written by the same person


And it isn’t that I dislike Tom Lamont’s writing style, it’s just that it’s very focused on Tom Lamont’s experience with whoever he’s interviewing, much more so with the One Direction interview as opposed to the Louis interview, but when it came to his personal view on the situation for the most part I was like

Which I realise is ironic as I sit here and write about what I think about it, but this is literally me giving my opinion on someone else’s opinion. The difference between us is that he’s paid for his opinion. I imagine a conversation with Tom and myself would be like 

Now, given the reaction to the article, it is very hard for me to criticise this marketing tactic, given that the reaction from the general public/non-fandom audience has been overwhelmingly positive. 

I have absolutely no issue with what Louis said in this article, I agree that it is a refreshingly honest and relatively narrative-free piece, with mentions of girlfriends and fatherhood being largely in the footnotes. However, I find it incredibly hard to believe that Louis has been put in a dire situation in terms of his place in the music industry. To insinuate that his place in this situation is to merely sit around waiting for One Direction to get back together is almost insulting. 

Even if we were to say, okay Louis is 5/5 out of the members of One Direction, he’s still the 5th ranked member of ONE DIRECTION. Which is a hell of a lot more than almost 100% of the world has to say for themselves. Not to mention the member credited with the most songwriting credits. 

I did love the parts of the interview that came across as genuinely Louis, but anyone can do a basic Wikipedia search to then add to his dialogue something along the lines about, “Tomlinson may be the most under-appreciated member of One Direction but he is by no means the laziest…credited with writing 38 of the songs from their five albums, and the second member to have a number one single on his first solo venture…blah blah blah.” It didn’t have to paint this, “Well…let’s see what’s going to happen, best of luck to this kid…” image of him. There is no way that I am going to believe that as 1/5 of One Direction any of them are at any kind of disadvantage here unless Simon Cowell is out to personally victimise them. And if there’s anyone that doesn’t need to pull big names into the studio to write with them, it’s Louis. Louis is a big name that other people pull into the studio to write with them. And that’s why I’m super annoyed by this narrative. 

I don’t give a baker’s fuck if Louis is chain smoking. If someone spent a day with me they’d probably be like, “She was drinking wine at 11:45 am…” so I’m hardly one to harp on people about vices. 

I think the chain smoking and details like that definitely humanised him. Anyone who’s seen any pap pictures of him knows he smokes, so I don’t mind the bits of detail that knocked Louis off of a boyband pedestal. I mind the implication that he’s somehow being painted as someone who has the odds against them when Louis should have nothing but support and reassurance as he’s about to do something that is hard as fuck. He has an immense fanbase telling him that he’s good enough, we don’t need some random journo who’s met him twice telling the world, “Well….we’ll see.” 

And that’s how I see it.