this is a queued post; im probably not here


kinda like the soundtrack to some dystopian horror game, one that’s haunting but in a super aesthetic way 

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hi its me another old admin from like 100 years ago lmao

a lil about me: im naomi aka omi, kim taehyung enthusiast, soft art hoe, 2001 baby, i live in japan and im very bi

nobody probably knows me bc didnt do that much when i was an admin but im back and have a lot more time than last year so ill try my best to post here 😊 also come talk to me whenever and my main is @kimtaehuyng


it is munday my dudes (& this post is queued ;/ so im probably not here today) have my fave from a semi-old pic in which i was drunk as shit lmfao.

psa important post

i am leaving tumblr forever most likely and skype too probably. tumblr is taking a huge toll on my mental health and i no longer feel welcome here. im not deleting this blog but it will be inactive. sorry everyone, to my friends and mutuals it has been nice knowing you and having you around - everyone else go fuck yourself. ok thanks bye im queuing this post a bunch of times but when my queue runs out this blog will be inactive. i might be on skype sometimes so you can ask for it if you dont have it. see ya around every one good luck & have a nice life & be careful. bye !