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i FINALLY listened to Dear Evan Hansen, and I am blown away. It made me cry… A LOT. The whole album is on repeat right now. 

Also, I have two major papers, and two exams in the upcoming 7 days so I will probs not be here for the next couple of days. But have no fear, I queue’d my Friday + Monday stories. I just might not reply to anything until next week. 

- Josephine

MBTI Reactions to...

Talking To A Crush (Requested)


*suppresing the feelings* “Yes. Yeah. Mhmm.”


*Repeating my words like many times* “And then–And then– I was like PHEW!!! And I was like…Am I annoying you? :(”



*smiles* “Yeah that’s really great! Do you know…” *a little awkwardly*


“Don’t. Screw. Anything. Up. Don’t. Be. Irritating. Don’t….”

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((Guess who’s gonna check his bank account and see if he has enough money for WoW? This bic. If I have enough money, I’ll start playing tomorrow. I am going to try and queue up ALL my replies tonight. As with WoW distracting me, I will hardly be on here more than likely. Maybe when I’m taking breaks. But then again I might get bored of it within a week. But I really want to bring my Hunter up to level 110 and my Death Knight to 110 a well as my Druid. I’ll repeat something like this tomorrow and make my decision.

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"I think we should take a break" with Ashton :)

insp. || finished requests from insp.

The stark stench of sweat and sex lingered through the room as Ashton’s paintbrush danced across your skin. Your boyfriend had been begging you for awhile now to let him paint watercolors over your body and he’d managed to convince you during your most recent round when he had you just on the brink of an orgasm.

You were completely tuckered out but the muscles in your back and tendons in your legs had never felt looser. Visiting Ashton on tour always had many perks but the state of bliss you guys were always in after you went at it a few times was absolutely amazing.

“You’re so pretty, baby.” Ashton mused from behind you, his breath gently blowing across your back to dry his latest coat of paint; the air causing goosebumps to scatter across your arms and shoulders. It’d been at least the third time within the past five minutes that your boyfriend had complimented you, but you weren’t complaining.

“I know,” you replied, smiling at his hum of affirmation. Very early in the beginning of your relationship, Ashton had made it a point to change your way of accepting compliments (as he was so abundant with giving them to you). Instead of bashfully denying any type of praise, whether it be physical or mental, he’d (firmly) encouraged you to embrace the flattering endearments in hopes of them eventually making you feel more confident. Truthfully, his persistence paid off because anyone from the outside could see you walked taller and with more of a purpose now; your sense of self-accomplishment and acceptance sky-rocketing.

“My baby’s so gorgeous, yeah?” Ashton asked, bending down to press a kiss to the back of your exposed neck where your hair had been swooped off of.

“Mhm,” you agreed, listening to your boyfriend swirl his brush in a cup of water and lightly dabbing it on a paper towel before mixing colors in his fifteen dollar water paint palette he’d picked up from Walmart. Before long, you were gasping as his tool laid a trail of cold pigment across your back, each shock of the wisps of the brush against your skin bringing a soft smile to Ashton’s face. 

He continued for a bit longer before setting his supplies down and laying next to you on the floor, pressing himself into your side and looking down at his work proudly. 

“Are you gonna let me see it now?” you asked, eager to have him take a picture of the creation he’d been working on for nearly a half an hour.

“Nope,” Ashton said with a smirk, popping the ‘p,’ “I have to let this layer dry completely so… I think we should take a break.”

You nodded, your face smushed against the floor. “Am I allowed to move?”

“Nope,” Ashton repeated, giggling as you scrunched your face up in protest.

“But I’m hungry!” As if on queue, your stomach growled.

Your boyfriend pouted before extending his neck to reach your face. “I’ll tell you what,” he stated, his warm puffs of air hitting your cheeks. “I’ll order room service, and by the time they get here, your back will be dry enough to move around. Sound good?”

“Feels good,” you quipped, giggling when Ashton playfully smacked your arm.

“Shut up,” he muttered, burrowing his face into your arm when he felt his cheeks heating up, pressing a kiss to your skin after you’d stopped laughing.

+masterlist / If you guys don’t have a good visual for what Ash might’ve been painting (it was open for imagination), [here] [are] [some] [designs].