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Yeah… If you’ve just gone through a row or something, the last thing you want to do is talk about it… I put it in ‘When We Was Fab’: 'The microscopes that magnified the tears/Studied warts and all.’ Well, it’s like that, now I’m able to remember all the good things as well, and we really had a laugh when we were really good friends… We got through all that by giving each other strength and support and all that.

So all the time that’s gone between means we remember the good things as well as the bad, and even the bad things we can see [more calmly] in retrospect. It’s like, everybody thinks the Beatles were really this big thing, and maybe they were in one way. But having been one, I can say, 'Well, not really.’ I mean, John was very clever in many ways, but he wasn’t exactly what everybody thinks, and neither were Ringo or Paul or myself. We weren’t all as clever or stupid as we’ve been made out to appear.

—  George Harrison in response to Chris Willman’s question, “Is it easier to talk about the Beatles after so many years?”, 1987, published by EW, 14 December 2001

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Okay so I finished this so you can have it whenever I schedule it to post, it’s currently 1:43 in the morning on a Monday and I’m really salty because I couldn’t make this an audio post due to copyright even though I really just wanted a thirty-ish second cut of a song on the post. totally pisses me off so the video above is just the cut posted as an unlisted video on my account, I probably won’t ever do the whole song so you can imagine the rest of it in your mind, in my shitty shitty style.

Okay I am now going to go to bed, have fun looking at this at whatever time of the day I queue this for (aka not now at 1:43 in the morning)


PHILKAS WEEK: day 1: what made you ship them:
i started to ship them before i started to watch the show but this moment between philip and gabe made me ship them even harder. the reason why i love this moment so much is probably because it’s so obvious that philip is thinking about lukas.