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Markus Eisenbichler and Kamil Stoch - A Comparison (Lathi, 25. 2. 2017)

I recently read a few negative posts here on Tumblr about Markus Eisenbichler being 3rd at the World Championchips in Lathi at the normal hill competiton. These negative statements concentrate on the comparision between him and Kamil Stoch who finished at fourth place. False Judges decisions are assumed to be the main reason for this.

Since I did some analytical practices for my university studies about this competition I decided to publish some of my work here on tumblr for everyone who is interested in it. I personally enjoy posts like this, even if they are very rare (sadly). This is not meant to be offending, I just thought some of you may like to read it.

Warning: I am NOT an expert. I mean, yes, I would say I know a few things about ski juming since it is a part of my life since my childhood. But I was never trained to be a coach or anything like this, so I may miss small things. Also this is probably just half of my work since it would have been way too long otherwise.


Main Information about Points for Style

In a ski jumping competition the scoring system is based on various factors, a huge input is the judges decision about the style of a jump. 

Main Facts: 

  • Five Judges from five different nations
  • They can give points from 0.0 up to 20.0
  • The points are based on the jump, the flying position ( balance, keeping the skis steady during the flight, a good general position) and the landing (Telemark) 
  • The highest and lowest Points are cut put
  • In mens WC the average points given are 18.0


First Round

Markus Eisenbichler

  • Wind came from the back and was not considered as good, which can also be seen in the wind points he got (+4.8)
  • He managed to jump on 95.0m (while he needed around 96.0m to take the lead)
  • About his jump you can say it was quiet average, it took a bit until his skis were completly there, but in general his flying position was alright
  • The telemark landing was there, but a bit shaky, so not solid and with this not perfect

For a quiet average jump an 18.0 is perfect and would’ve also been my opinion, but since his shaky landing it is also alright to give a 17.5 here 

Markus leaves first round with a total of 128.3 Points

Kamil Stoch

  • Also in Kamils case the wind came from the back, but in general Kamil had alright wind conditions (Wind points: +0.8)
  • He managed to jump on 96.5m while he needed 100.5m to take the lead
  • His jump was pretty good, he was a bit too late while taking off but we were able to see a good flying position and a nice telemark landing

Kamils jumping style was better than Markus’ since I think 18.5 or a 19.0 is absolutely alright.

Kamil is leaving the first round with 129.8 points.

Conclusion after 1st round

  • The judges overall did a good job and I can’t disagree to them
  • Kamil did the better jump, which can be seen in the points given
  • Kamil is only 1.5 points ahead of Markus after the 1st round, but in general the jumpers in the top 10 aren’t too far away from each other (except the leading Stefan Kraft), so curenty everyone has a chance of winning a medal


Second Round

Markus Eisenbichler

  • In his second jump the wind was quiet better. He still had no perfect conditons but you could defenitly work with that (wind also got better during his jump, so he scored -0.2 wind points)
  • He managed to do a very good jump, landing on 100.5m while he only needed around 97.0m to take the lead
  • His jump was better than his first one, he had again a got flying position, but also again some problems with the landing
  • BUT it has to be said that his telemark landing was slightly better than in his first try

Here you can see a comparison between the points for his first jump (left) and his second one (right). Long story short, Markus’ second jump was better than his first one, so it should be seen in judges points.

Japan gave 1.0 points, Slovenia and USA gave 0.5 points more than in first round, which is absolutely alright to me, since it ‘only’ was slightly better. A 18.0 is also good, so I dont want to be too criticising in here. Judges did a good job.

In the end, Markus Eisenbichler is taking the lead with a total of 263.6 Points. 

Kamil Stoch

  • In Kamils second jump the wind got better (wind points: -1.8), he had the best wind conditons out of the four jumps compared here
  • He needed to jump around 100.0m, while he ‘only’ jumped on 99.0m
  • His jump was good, a nice flying position again, he has a great style for sure ! 
  • But it needs to be said, that he was too late again while taking off and his landing wasn’t as good as it was in the first round

Here you can see a comparison between the points for his first jump (left) and his second one (right). Long story short, Kamils second jump was not as good as his first one, so it should be seen in judges points.

Poland, Slovenia and Finland gave the same amount of points as they gave in the second round. A 19.0 from POL and SLO is very good hearted to be honest. I totally agree with the first jump, but also a 19.0 for his second jump is at least 0.5 points too high. Finland stayed on his 18.5 points which is good for this jump. 

USA gave 0.5 points more and now got to 19.0, which I also don’t understand to be honest, since his first jump was better than his second one.

Only Japan gave less points than in the first round, they got to 17.5, which is, to be honest, a little bit too less. A 18.0 or 18.5 would’ve done it better.

Kamil Stoch leavs the cmpetition with a total of 262.5 points.



Markus Eisenbichler finished this first world championship competition on the 3rd place 1.1 points ahead of Kamil Stoch on fourth. 

It is absolutely not alright to state that judges gave the bronze medal to Markus, since it was an overall fair rating. 

Even if japans judge would’ve give Kamil 18.0 points for his average jump Markus would’ve been ahead of him anyways. And since other judges may rated him to good he was lucky that it was so close. 

It was a fair competition, so please don’t tr to spread anything else. Markus and Kamil are both great sportsman, but this time it was just Markus beeing a tiny little bit better. So please try to be respectful.

Thank you if you read this :)

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Where is this awesome multi author season rewrite and will Bamon be canon in it 👀👀

There are 25+ Bamon writers/artists working on it now!! You better believe Bamon will be canon. :) We’re also doing a lot of fun stuff with Bonnie and Damon’s individual characterizations, as well as cool storylines for the other characters too. 

We’ll be posting updates in the Bamon tag as we go, so keep an eye out! How/where we’ll publish it is still being worked out :D


Dvorák - Symphonic Variations

I was surprised to learn that the main theme of these variations came from one of Dvorák’s earlier songs, “The Fiddler” from a cycle of Choral Songs for Male Voices. I’m only surprised because the main melody seems so angular, unusual, thanks to it’s use of the Lydian fourth, it doesn’t seem to fall in line with an expected folk harmony. With these variations, Dvorák strays away from his proficiency in tone poem writing, and instead follows the recent German tradition of variations ending with a fugal finale [Beethoven and Brahms are the two big names that come to mind here]. The work has lovely orchestral variety, and with one variation gives the principal violinist a solo. The music gives off a pastoral mood; enjoying a sunny day by the lake. It is ironic that the work was ignored by publishers and fell into a bit of obscurity despite its successful premiere, but after being brought back to the concert hall a decade later, its success helped keep it a staple in the genre of orchestral variations. I mean, how hard to you have to work to get audiences to be interested in Dvorák? Not very hard at all, that’s the answer.

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If you write, you're a writer. But when can you start calling yourself an author? When you're published? Just curious, thanks :)

An author is someone who writes as a profession - meaning they have published work and made money off of it.

internet discourse peaked back in 2013 when user taknbacon, angry over a supposed “stealing” of his work that was in fact modification and attributed redistribution of a work published on a website of which the entire point is to publish works under the creative commons license and allow users to redistribute this way, tried to dox a college student, and then mistook somebody’s forum signature as an actual part of their post

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What's your next project after AB?

I’m still publishing ‘Heart Like Yours’, so at the moment is to finish publishing this fic and working on the Writing Lab for it. I also have the ‘Jackie On My Mind’ project going, two other poetry projects, a literature project that has something to do with letters and Eric in Africa, and the ‘Pillow Talks’.

I’m also soon starting another project similar to the Pillow Talks that takes place before season 5 starts, during the summer we didn’t see. It’s about sex exploration, so It’s going to be something to experiment with and publishing.

So my next fanfic project? I have two big oneshots unfinished, one is for a dear friend. I alos have the Anthology project, so I will focus on the ZMA first and then on the oneshots, after that I’m going to be working on both, ‘Wear My Arms’ and ‘Drive It Like You Stole It’. 

It’s more probably that I will be publishing WMA sooner than DILYSI since that story is pretty long and it’s divided in three parts. It’s literally 17 years of Ford’s life, so… yeah.


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Writing Qs! Do you plot the story as u go or all before u start writing? How far ahead do u write vs post?

Okay, this answer will also be kind of tip for you all new and not so new writers who may try something different to lessen the frustration/work while publishing.

I plot before hand. As big, long and detailed as I can. This is more like a personal preference, I don’t think it work for everyone but It does for me and has been working for me for long eleven years.

So there’s this notebook (I’ll publish pictures later) in which I plan every single chapter and scene. Bulletpoint lists and doodles are all over the place, and that’s the story that laters comes out.

But something to notice is that, sometimes, while I’m writing, things change from what I had planned. Because characters have life of their own and they should be free of do what they want with the story, move it with their actions and dialogues. The trick is in knowing how to respect that, that is your brain and muse talking to you, and balancing it with your own technique and the desired ending.

And as for how much I write before publishing, I have learned that is better to have all your chapters ready before start publishing. Because as you publish, you may find new things to add or to take away, and having the work already there to be work on, it’s better than having to write and stress yourself over deadlines and so.

I recomment to have the fics finished or at least on their last arc before publshing.

Thank you for your questions!



It’s magic, baby

Finally I can publish this :D The Dorian piece I was working on during the livestream. It’s been so long since I was able to paint something like this, I’m so happy this is done. 


January 28th 1813: Pride and Prejudice published

On this day in 1813, British author Jane Austen published her novel Pride and Prejudice. Austen, born in Hampshire in 1775, began writing as a teenager. Her brother Henry encouraged her writing talent, and helped negotiate with a publisher to ensure her work would be shared with the public. Jane Austen’s first novel, Sense and Sensibility, was published in 1811. Pride and Prejudice appeared three years later to critical praise, which was particularly important to Austen as she called this novel her ‘own darling child’. Pride and Prejudice tells the story of Elizabeth Bennet, and her relationship with Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth’s father wants her to marry a wealthy man, but the novel focuses on marrying for love rather than due to social pressures. Austen’s later works include Mansfield Park and Emma, solidifying her status as one of Britain’s most prolific and well-loved writers. However, Austen published her work anonymously, so she was not a household name during her lifetime. Jane Austen died in 1817, two hundred years ago, aged 41. She left two novels - Persuasion and Northanger Abbey - which were published posthumously. Jane Austen’s novels are still enjoyed today for their witty insight into social mores in eighteenth century England.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife”