this is a productive hangover

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i’ll make it up to you. | mingyu

member: kim mingyu / reader
genre/warning(s): college!au, fluff, romance.
word count: 2,400+
a/n: hello! this is my first contribution to the svt writing community! i just hope you guys enjoy it~ 

Many would label the mundane task of doing the laundry as a bore, and for the most part, it is, but not for you.

At such an hour during nightfall, it isn’t unusual for many students to be secluded within their dorms or either out and frolicking about to soak in the city’s nightlife. However, isolating yourself from the headaches of college life by wandering off to do laundry while the room is empty instead is what you consider a break. You’ve had your share of glory days, and the appeal of alcohol and morning hangovers isn’t exactly what you’d call fitting for a productive life. That’s not what you’re searching for, at least not anymore.

The hum of the washer resonates throughout the space as it churns your clothes within, and similarly your scrambled thoughts continue to rotate round and round in your mind. Between class assignments, gaining proper credits, and the inconsistent hours of your job, it can be overwhelming. Your foot taps on the grooves of the pale linoleum floor as you listen to your playlist, watching the swirling blur of colors and fabric through the washing machine’s door bowl. You step backward, leaning against the edge of the folding table behind you as you wait for your laundry to finish rinsing.

It isn’t uncommon for the laundry room to feel cooler than you’d prefer, but you’re at least snug while wearing one of your favorite pieces. Yawning, you wrap your arms around yourself, burying your neck further into the hoodie. It’s too bad that you can’t indulge in your solitude and favorite tunes for much longer, for you recognize the telltale creak and groan of the laundry room’s door opening, followed by a sigh and lackadaisical footsteps.

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Don’t Leave (Hatefuck part 2) C.H.

Here is the second part for Hatefuck. It is based on this song

You can read part one here

Trigger Warning: swearing, alcohol. 

Word count: 2k 

Masterlist/ Requests/ Prompts (the prompts are not mine)

She knew me and I knew that I had let her go. I had given up on us because she asked me to, because I had fucked everything up.

I had always been a mess, never being able to do anything good. And everybody liked reminding me every single damn time. The boys helped me a lot but the only one who could make everything go away was her. She didn’t hold anything against me and that made me fall for her.

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Drunken Confessions

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: Around 1400

Summary: The reader is an SPN actress attending a convention and reveals secret feelings at her panel.

Thank you @misguidedconqueress for editing and reviewing! I couldn’t do it without you!

Obviously I intend no hate or ill wishes to him or his family. This is purely just for writing and wasting my time.

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions!


“Goooooood Morning Cleveland!” You shouted, running out on stage.

The crowd started cheering and certain members started yelling back at you.

“Wait, what? Minneapolis?” You giggled into the mic. “And it’s not morning.” You looked at your watch. “Where have I been the past 24 hours?”  You asked rhetorically. “Alright, so we’re going to do this thing, thankfully a few of you showed up….” You looked to your left. “Hey, darling.”

“Umm.. oh my god, I just want to say…” The fan started.

“Oh, I remember you… how’d our picture turn out, love?”

She giggled nervously. “Pretty good.”

“Only pretty good?” You scoffed. “Come on, let’s take another one..” You waved her up and did a quick selfie before giving her a hug. “I’m sorry, I didn’t answer your question. Did you ask a question?” You asked after she returned to her seat. “Oh well, next?”

“Hey, you’re amazing, and I love how you portray your character…”

“Thank you.” You chirped sipping on your water bottle.

“I was wondering where you see her going?”

You squinted your eyes trying to focus your fuzzy brain on what you could actually share. “Well… she’s not going to die… that I know of… yet..” The crowd giggled. “So with that in mind, you know she’s not going to hook up with Sam anytime soon.”

“What about Dean?!” Someone yelled from the audience.

You stuck your tongue out and blushed. “No romance plots in the near future… unfortunately. But you know, I think she’s stuck out as a strong, independent lead, so I think she is going to have to learn soon how to depend on others.”

The next girl came up. “Hi… I love your water bottle.”

“Thank you.” You showed your Wayward AF water bottle off. “It’s not water… yes, it is! I’m going to get in so much trouble today.” You bantered back and forth with yourself before taking another sip, squinting one eye. “What’s your question sweetheart?”

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This Unspoken Thing 1/3

A baby mini fic.

Emma and Killian were kinda enemies. Now they are kinda friends, but there is this unspoken thing between them. A pull and a want that they haven’t yet given a name to. And stubborn Emma Swan just wont admit it…

(Inspired by GoTG 2!)


Emma Swan was in no way avoiding Killian Jones.

Someone had to go rustle up some food for the impromptu birthday party that had somehow came about. And that someone may as well have been her.

The fact that she could hide in the kitchen for as long as she could get away with was just a bonus.


“Need any help?”

Emma jumped just about a foot in the air at the sound of a softly accented voice, her head narrowly missing the upper edge of the refrigerator. “Dammnit Killian, some warning please.”

She looked back over her shoulder to see her friend’s teasing smile.


Oh that was a weird word to say when concerning Jones.

Friends. Amigos. Buddies. Pals. All very strange words for someone who only a few months earlier was, what some may have called, her enemy.

“Sorry,” he shrugged softly, letting the door close behind him.

He looked tired; the shadows under his eyes speaking of the lateness of the hour that had seen them leave the bar last night and the number of rums they had both consumed while trying to outdo each other.

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Cartoon Hangover production tag

What makeup products I use:

* Too Faced Hangover
* Benefit Porefessional
* Urban Decay Primer Potion

* Too Faced Born This Way
* Tarte Amazonian Clay
* MUFE Ultra HD

* Tarte Marcuja Concealer
* Naked Skin Conealer
* Nars Creamy Concealer

* TheBalm “Mary-Lou Manizer”
* Colourpop “Lunch Money”
* BECCA Pearl
* ABH “So Hollywood”
* Benefit “High Beam”
* NARS “Albatross”
* Colourpop “Stole the Show”

* KVD “Lolita”
* MAC “Ruby Woo”
* MAC “Whirl”
* Gerard Cosmetics “1995”
* Colourpop “Beeper”
* KLK “Candy K”
* NYX “Abu Dahbi”

Lip Liners:
* MAC “Chestnut”
* MAC “Whirl”
* KLK “Candy K”
* NYX “Brown”
* Colourpop “Pitch”

* Benefit Roller Lash
* L’Oréal Voluminous Million Lashes
* Maybelline Lash Sensational
* Hourglass Film Noir

* KVD Tattoo Liner
* Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
* NYX “Milk”
* Sephora Black Pencil Eyeliner

* ABH Brow Wiz “Medium Brown”
* Benefit “Gimmie Brow”
* MUFE Aqua Brow

* Milani “Romantic Rose”
* Hourglass Ambient “Incandescent Electra”
* Too Faced “Peach”

* Benefit Hoola
* Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil

* Too Faced “Natural Eyes”
* Too Faced “Chocolate”
* UD Naked 3
* Morphe 35O/35T
* MAC “Texture”
* MAC “Saddle”

* Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
* MUFE HD Setting Powder

Today was a very strange day that start off with a tiredness hangover and inability to get anything productive done, but ended with winning Hamilton trivia and taking like, five babysteps forward with this girl I have a crush on. I really need to go to bed before anything has a chance to ruin it.

Spectacular seats for both Chicago shows but last night couldn’t be topped (though meeting them the night before was almost too much to handle-some of the nicest, most polite and engaging guys even when they were out celebrating). Here’s one of my favorite shots (as it should be, Louis on all screens & front and center) and man can the guy harmonize! Think I converted my buddy as he was more than impressed with the production and showmanship of all the guys (hangovers and all)…enough that he stopped feeling weird being two guys in a sea of screaming girls and enjoyed the music! Cheers!