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War and Peace AU

This is my gift to @shemakesmeforget for guessing why I keep reblogging covers of The New Yorker at certain, very specific, times.

She asked for a preview of future bits of the War and Peace fic. (You can read chapter 1 here)

If you guess correctly why I keep posting covers of The New Yorker, you can also request a fic preview, including any of my ongoing fics or the ones that you can still vote for here.

Anyway, here is a scene from the indeterminate future.

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These previews are part of a small collection of new work I created for a solo exhibition at @lightgreyartlab alongside their Parallel show opening on Friday 9/22. The show is titled Crossroads and is inspired by the world of Dragonfly Holiday, one of my personal narrative projects. So excited about this! I’ll be sharing the full pieces after the opening.

PS so sorry for the lack of updates here-  life has been… crazy to say the least. More posts should be coming very soon!

For more frequent updates, WIPs, and pics of my dog follow me on instagram @mcrockefeller 

Fix Tumblr’s new controls!

I have come up with 3 ways you can fix the tumblr controls on your blog:

  1. The tumblr controls are always visible but are smaller and more appealing to the eye.
  2. The tumblr controls are again smaller but are only visible on hover over a small icon.
  3. The default controls are replaced by custom links.

Installation and (partial) previews: version 1, version 2, version 3.

The icons used in version 1 and 2 are outicons. All of my themes have been updated and you can now choose between all three of these option.

[Reposted from my IG] Hi! Small ad here hehe // Since some have been asking about my Patreon - yes I do have one, I just like, very rarely post about it (think I made like 1-2 link posts on tumblr for it) HAHA idk hh i really should do a better job linking all my platforms together zzz //shy but yes ;;v;;

Patreon is here ~ For those who are interested!

FAQ: What’s in your Patreon?
• Usually Patrons see full art pieces first - and depending on the tier, they receive different goodies like wallpapers, steps, hires versions, etc etc (PDF+PSD are new rewards hehe) :D
‼️ I will still continue to post all my art/comics on IG/tumblr for free! Patreon is just a way to give people a chance to see Behind-the-Scenes stuff with small bonuses 🍁

Also, more new art soon yay! So happy I’m less busy from work these coming days ( will make a post about it soon because lots of people wanted some updates about my work life - so sorry I can’t answer to everyone yet but I really appreciate the messages! :D ) 🌸 Thanks for all your support! && thank you so much for reading 🌸💖🌸 ✨✨✨



Who are you? How do you possess the byakugan? Don’t tell me you have ties to the Hyuga?

would you like some salt with your eros?

while working on one canon divergence au i accidentally started another canon divergence au….


The last thing Yuuri expects to hear during Victor’s short program press conference at Skate America is his own name. He’s still trying to smother his nosebleed and the dumpster fire remnants of his dignity—who allowed Victor to skate a program that sexy?—when it happens.

“Victor, can you tell us what inspired your program?”

Victor grins, Cheshire cat feasting on the coal mine canary before it ever had a chance to sing. “Not a what. A who.” Victor turns away from the report, staring directly into the camera. “I haven’t forgotten our dance, Yuuri Katsuki.”

Yuuri’s fantasized about Victor saying his name so many times he thinks it’s an auditory hallucination. Until Phichit spits out his drink, and turns to Yuuri, eyes wide and glittering.

“Yuuri. Please, tell me something. Did Victor Nikiforov just call you out during an international press conference. Because I think that just happened.”

Well, shit. Yuuri would have preferred the hallucination option. Beside him, Yuuri’s phone emits an unrelenting stream of vibrations. Yuuri’s ears start ringing—Phichit’s right next to him and he’s convinced his parents to email most of the time. He’s not sure who else would even use that number.

On screen Victor continues, “I’ll see you soon, Yuuri.”

What. The Fuck.

“I think this might be Victor Nikiforov’s version of asking you out on a date.”

don’t look at me

Working on a small, pick up and play card game for the Hook Box TheGameCrafter’s contest! Gonna be drawing some new characters to go with it, here’s a preview of Penny

An obligatory mouse character. 3 more wacky characters to come! I’ll announce when a Print & Play and a Tabletop Simulator version will be available!

We Are Young: Chapter 14

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

Warning: NSFW

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“Can you hurry up and pick a movie already?”

“Well. Maybe if you just told me what you wanted to watch instead of shooting down all my suggestions-”

“I picked last time. It’s your turn now.”

“You can’t say that and then complain about the movies I pick.”

“Fine.” Aelin leaned back against the couch. She crossed her arms and legs, a dramatic sigh escaping her lips. “Take your time. Besides, I’m enjoying the view anyways.”

Aelin smiled to herself as her eyes drifted to Rowan’s ass. Yeah, she was definitely enjoying the view. She’d actually be fine with spending the night staring at Rowan’s ass instead of watching a movie.

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Showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery preview the show’s evolution in season 4

Ahead of the season premiere and the show’s upcoming New York Comic Con panel in October, EW hopped on the phone with showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery to discuss the show’s evolution, Allura’s (Kimberly Brooks) role on the team, and more.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: In the new trailer, we see Team Voltron is devoting more effort to strengthening the coalition. Can you tease how the coalition becomes more important in the coming season?
JOAQUIM DOS SANTOS: I think it’s a bit of an evolution overall for the series. While at the beginning, it was literally just the five paladins and Allura and Coran soloing this entire thing, we’ve been building outwards. Now, it’s growing and it’s kind of getting to this fever pitch. This whole time Lotor is forwarding his plans. So, we’re sort of seeing the next evolution of the series where the legend of Voltron has gone out into the universe now and it’s amassing an army, a coalition against Lotor.

The trailer teases these Voltron events. Is that the paladins’ way of using Voltron to gain more support for the coalition?
LAUREN MONTGOMERY: Yeah, as Voltron goes around and helps and saves these planets and fights back against the Galra, he becomes a symbol to these people. So, just in him existing and doing what he does, his presence kind of just becomes this thing that people rally behind. They need to utilize that to call people to the cause and bring them into this coalition that they’re building, because they know they can’t fight this war alone. Something that we wanted to do from day one was make Voltron truly the Defender of the Universe and to have this huge world of aliens built out in space. In the first couple seasons, we were focusing so much on our paladins that we just got to see little glimpses of the rest of the world, or the rest of space, the universe. Now we really get to see a lot more of that. It’s been really fun to handle in the show.

DOS SANTOS: It’s that evolution. It’s that growing nature of the series, which I think we’re lucky to take a part of. The fact that it’s serialized, we’re able to sort of see this thing evolve.

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      「   THEME #020 : CORONA CELESTIS by angelicxi   」
      ↳ [  preview & codes  ]
      ❥ the link to the codes is in the sidebar description.

      Continuing a trend of mine I desire to transition into tradition, I am celebrating my twentieth theme milestone with another pack. This time, we’re taking off to the stars with an ingenious theme-and-page combo that only appear to be minimalistic.

      [ + ]  option for 300px / 400px / 500px / 700px posts;
      [ + ]  slot for a main title & subtitle, which you can opt to hide;
      [ + ]  when content (posts) is active (displayed), you also have a slot for a secondary title
      [ + ]  …an avatar (80 x 80px)…
      [ + ]  …and a short description slot;
      [ + ]  no less than fifteen constellations to choose from: the twelve of the zodiac + cygnus, lacerta, and ursa minor;
      [ + ]  the number of links you have depends on which constellation you have enabled — they range from five (Cancer) to seventeen (Pisces);
      tip : play around with them until you find one that you like and suits your needs. :)
      [ + ]  posts are styled after the new dashboard format, so reblog chains are untangled;
      [ + ]  post title backgrounds can be either plaincolor or gradients;
      [ + ]  ditto for audio posts backgrounds;
      [ + ]  post backgrounds can be either opaque or transparent;
      [ + ]  option for a gradient background;
      [ + ]  option for a fullsized wallpaper background;
      tip : disabling both will reveal the background color, which means you can have a plaincolor bg.
      [ + ]  option to overlay the background with a transparent texture;
      tip : uploading a solid texture or pattern means you can also have that type of background.
      [ + ]  all of the color options and then some;
      [ + ]  option to invert tumblr controls.

      「   ALL-IN-ONE PAGE #001 : DELPHINUS by angelicxi   」
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      This being an all-in-one page, the code is, as you can imagine, quite long. I advise extreme caution when editing; some knowledge of css/html is also recommended. I’ve left instructions inside, but if you have anything you want clarified, message me. I will reply as swiftly as I’m able.

      [ + ]  about, ask/faq, tags & blogroll sections stylized as pop-ups to conserve space;
      [ + ]  the about comes with: an avatar (168 x 168px), a slot for your name, a “keyword” or tagline slot, header & footer titling slots, three “traits” that you can customize using fontawesome icons, social media buttons, an ample description slot that is set to overflow;
      [ + ]  the ask comes with: question & answer stylings and your embedded askbox;
      [ + ]  for the tags, you have panels consisting of section title + lines of tags. I recommend swapping them around and keeping columns of similar length on the same row so they line up well;
      [ + ]  the blogroll is manual — meaning you have to insert each blog yourself. i chose to do it this way so it’d work for sideblogs as well as main ones. you will need an icon for each blog (80 x 80px), but that’s about it! ^^ you can have more blogs than I do in the preview, as well.

      Do NOT:
         —  remove the credit
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         —  repost/claim as yours
      Respect the maker’s work, please.
      This theme is optimized for Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.
      It is best viewed on a 1366x768 screen resolution.

My friends and I went as Skinner, Dalish and Rocky from the Bull’s Chargers at Texas Ren Faire. Here’s a little preview of more pictures to come. This is completely based of @serenity-fails post

I tried really hard not to smile, but I couldn’t stop laughing.

Skinner - Me: ch3rryshortcake

Dalish: Rhyuno

Hanzo squeezes back, unexpectedly, and when Jesse returns his eyes to his dance partner, Hanzo leans up to his ear again.

“She’s trying something.”

Jesse tilts his head and purrs in Hanzo’s ear. “Mmmhm. Think she might be tryin’ to lead him away.” His eyes flick over Hanzo’s head to watch as Sombra laughs and leans in again, putting a hand on the spokesman’s arm. The Vishkar employee moves in closer; Sombra’s nose wrinkles cutely as she smiles at him. “Like a moth to a flame, honey.”

Hanzo pulls away with a soft chuckle, casual, and lets the hand on Jesse’s waist smooth down. Jesse can feel Hanzo’s fingertips brush Peacekeeper. His girl is tucked away in his holster, under his jacket.

They catch each other’s gaze and Hanzo frowns in impatience.

An excerpt from “Dawn” by @poes​ with art by @jackalsketches! You can see all of both in To Ashes: A McHanzo Fic and Art Zine! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more previews and news on preorders. And remember to love your McHanzo daily!