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Maeda Toshiie 1st Night Event CG Preview

His preview:

MC: “Mmnn…”

Both of us come closer to each other, and our lips connected. As Inuchiyo warmth is being transmitted to me, I desire for more of it. I cling to hug him, seeking for more of Inuchiyo’s lips. 

Inuchiyo: “Ngnh…”

Then, Inuchiyo’s taking my breath away, somehow. I put around my hand at the back of his head, with strong pull towards me. While hugging to confirm each other presence, we exchange deep kiss. 

His letter:

I’m not going to turn back anymore. 

By looking forward into the future, I will live with full power especially to make and bring you happiness, So, will you come along with me? 

It’s good with only you being next to me. 

- Maeda Toshiie

Every three thousand years, the gods put brother against brother and friend against friend. They say it’s to make sure the species never forget their place. That they never loose their peace…

Each of the Seven chooses two people, a boy and a girl, usually of a different species, to represent them in the coming war. Each of the Fourteen have special gifts given to them by their patrons. They’re more powerful than their peers.

Out of the Fourteen, only seven remain at the end of each war. No one ever knows which side they’re on. No one knows who’s on their side.

They must trust each other to survive.
Seven must die to restore balance.

War is coming…
Do you know which side your on?

—  Adrian D Epps

I myself have fallen down the “heathers videos on YouTube” rabbit hole sooo many times. But if for some reason you haven’t (or you’re new to the musical) these are my top 13 favorite videos on the tube that feature heathers. Some of these are OBC and some are other productions. I’ve literally probably watched all these videos like 5 times in their entirety. Enjoy.

1. OBC previewing the show:

2. Original Heather Duke (Queen Alice Lee) covers Candy store:

3. “JD Never saw that point shoe coming”:

4. Live footage (not illegal!!) of OBC!:

5. More non-illegal live footage of OBC!:

6. Dead girl walking in the recording studio:

7. This performance of candy store: (features OBC minus Alice Lee..Kristolyn played Duke in the original LA production tho!!)

8. Aaaand this performance of candy store:

9. This cover of seventeen:

10. This medley:

11. This performance of dead girl walking:

12. Jessica’s mashup of Beautiful (Carol King) and Beautiful (Heathers):

And finally

13. Blue:

Congrats! You have been heathers educated. But for real, just listen to the cast album and you’re good to go. This is useful for late night video binging, though.

Let’s take some time to analyze this small bit from the episode 10 preview

Not sure if it’s been done already. You guys are hella fast when it comes to analyzing scenes holy wow.

So at the end of the preview for episode 10, we see Yuri and Viktor standing/sitting/whatever face to face, right? Okay, so what I noticed, is that Yuri, at first, is staring down.

Then he blinks and looks up at Viktor. In my opinion, his facial expression makes it look as if he’s surprised. Not in a shocked way, but more like in a shy way, if that makes sense?

He’s blushing harder than we’ve ever seen him blush, too.

Then we see Viktor. Viktor has a really gentle and adoring expression on his face. He, just like Yuri, is also looking down, and still looking down by the time Yuri has focused his own eyes on Viktor’s face. 

So what I’m thinking, is that Viktor gave Yuri something. A present, perhaps. Because in the voiceover, Viktor was talking about Christmas presents. Yuri’s birthday is also coming up. So maybe a Christmas present or birthday present.

Looking at their faces, this isn’t just an ordinary present. It’s not some fancy piece of clothing, it’s not katsudon, and it sure as heck is not a pair of socks or an ugly Christmas sweater. I’m thinking it’s something much more intimate. Like a ring.

Or maybe it’s not just a simple Christmas or Birthday present. Maybe it’s a love confession. But if it were, then what could the two be staring down at? Maybe Viktor is holding Yuri’s hands while confessing?

Still, the movements and body language are rather giving me the idea that Viktor is slipping a ring around Yuri’s finger. Realistically, this seems a bit early to be an actual marriage proposal. I mean, it’s totally possible! But despite the whole proposal talk in ep. 9, I’m not sure if their relationship is already at the point where a marriage proposal is the obvious next step. I wouldn’t mind those two getting married already tho lel 

Maybe it’s a love confession where Viktor gives Yuri a ring or something as a token of their relationship/love? Not quite like an engagement ring. but more like a ‘this ring will show everyone that we belong to one another’ kinda ring? 

Or maybe they’re just talking about a touchy subject and Viktor is too shy/embarassed to look at Yuri, but Yuri feels brave enough to look up at Viktor. Viktor hasen’t ever really shown his vulnerable side towards Yuri, not in the anime at least. So this makes sense imo. Maybe all this is just me doing some good old wishful thinking.

But whatever is happening in that preview, we know it’s gonna be good anyway. I mean c’mon, that body language, THOSE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS.

I can’t wait ‘till next week.

  • Found in the skin details
  • Thumbnails for each nose
  • For all ages and genders
  • Includes 8 different nosemasks
  • 6 are styled from the TS3 blueberry pie and polyster bride noses
  • 2 are completely new
  • Some of these nosemasks look better on different nose preset. Particularly the last two nosemasks. Those look better on noses like on the top row.
  • & no they aren’t duplicates in the preview, blueberry pie has a darker shade for darker skintones
  • Layer these on alpha skins and suddenly…maxis match! haha such magic.. 
  • More nosemask sets coming soon <3

Download Nosemasks

Credit: Lilith and Mouseyblue for their TS2 skins which the Polyester Bride and Blueberry Pie were based on.


Guys, think about it though. We all loved how emotional and intimate Yuuri and Victor were at their reunion at the end of the episode. And after going through post after post, I don’t think anyone could miss Victor kissing Yuuri’s ring finger and his “sounds like a proposal” comment when Yuuri asks him to ‘take care of him until he retires’. But I was just thinking of it today and I realized how neither country our boys come from (Japan or Russia) are very accepting of the LGBT community. Like I looked it up and saw…

And so I got to thinking that even for both of them to be so open with a proposal and whatnot, they couldn’t get married in either or their homelands. And even if they got married in another country where same-sex marriage is legal, they still wouldn’t be legally recognized as married when they went home.

And like, that made me really sad cause now we have these previews:

And in all ways they look like more of a date scene rather than any other speculation. And people are all commenting that the ‘gold and round’ item Yuuri wants to give Victor for Christmas is an engagement ring. And don’t get me wrong, I want them to be together just as much as the next YOI fan. But it just makes me so friggin sad thinking about how in love these two are and the circumstances surrounding them. I mean, Victor is pretty much stating that he’s done with competitive skating to be Yuuri’s coach until he retires. And Yuuri has already pointed out that he’s ‘the oldest in the senior men’s division, by a lot’. And now looking at the domestic side of their lives, it’ll be a really big challenge socially just for them to be happily together or even recognized as a couple let alone accepted as one. So when we get something like this:

Just know, that that’s about as much as we can get right now. And like now I’m a mess and crying cause wHY CAN’T THEY JUST BE HAPPY LIKE ALL WE WANT IS TO KEEP THESE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN SAFE AND WARM AND HAPPY AND TOGETHER


I can finally, fiiiinaaalllly announce that I am drawing next year’s Rick and Morty comic mini series Pocket Like You Stole It, coming July 2017 from @onipress. Based on the mega popular (and for me anyway mega hard) mobile game Pocket Mortys, the series is written by the brilliant Tini Howard and coloured by the incredible Katy Farina. You can find out more about the series, including an interview with all three of us over at Entertainment Weekly. You’ll find an extended preview of the series in next May’s Rick and Morty Free Comic Book Day 2017 edition as part of the yearly Free Comic Book Day event, for more about that check out the Hollywood Reporter’s rundown on the FCBD 2017 titles.

Above is my cover art for issue 1 as well as some sweet progress shots.

Guys, I’m so fucking excited about this book, I can’t even begin to tell ya.

So I have the worst feeling that Yurio is not going to do well at the GPF.

Like what if he comes in last? And he’s the one crying in the bathroom and Yuuri comes to find him afterward?

Help. I’ve made myself sad.

I would be 100000% okay if I’m wrong about this. Who knows? Maybe Otabek inspires Yurio’s Agape routine, and he perfects it. He doesn’t look upset in the Episode 11 preview. More like he’s been blown away by something.

Rose Golden Outfit

Because it’s never too early for florals. I recolored and added graphics to @meyokisims HUSH outfit. I love this outfit so much, but I needed it in more colors and designs for my sims. So taaa daaaa! The top comes in the three patterns you see in the preview, plus a few solid colors. Each piece of the outfit is recolored using a combination of colors from my Valhalla and Freya palette shown above.

Enjoy and feel free to tag me if you use my recolor/redesign!

  • REQUIRES the jacket version of the MESH. Get it HERE!
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Base Game Compatible
  • Please don’t reupload or claim as your own!

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Theme #16 by raiidens
Are you sad because you can’t get a customized DS with your favourite colours? Well shed no more tears, I made a DS inspired theme! And I say inspired because I used reference pictures from about three different models and also kinda did my own thing too. Hope you like it!
Static preview + install
  • 400px or 250px posts
  • Up to 8 links
  • Customizable colours, images, fonts
    • Screen background: 340px x 430px
  • Ask/about/nav can be disabled
  • Functional buttons
    • Up and down arrow buttons scroll through posts
  • Infinite scroll (optional)
  • Monochrome posts (optional)
  • Removable captions

  • Leave the credit or move it somewhere else visible
  • Edit as much as you like
  • Like/reblog if you’re using!
  • Show me what kind of creative things you’ve done with it!
     「   THEME #007: VITRALIS by angelicxi   」

    ↳ [ static preview ]
    ❥ the link to the code is contained within the preview.

Vitralis is a sleek, clean container theme with sidebars on both sides. Inspired equal parts by stained glass windows and Alphonse Mucha’s artwork, I wanted it to have a simple feeling, despite being elaborately crafted and equipped. It comes with features I have been asked about in the past — such as slots for descriptions (which morning glory lacked, being far more simplistic) and a music player (which some people have been nagging me about for a while now). I hope everyone enjoys it. ^^

F E A T U R E S :

— plain color background; you can change it to a texture (just upload a picture) or a full wallpaper (remember to go and change the properties under body! add: “background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: cover”, without the quote marks. ideal wallpaper size would be 1900 x 1200);
500px posts;
two sidebars with display set on-hover, as seen in the preview;
— slot for an avatar (105 x 105);
— slot for a blog title;
— home & ask + 3 extra link slots;
— slot for a description;
— a billy music player;
even more description space on the left, structured like a column. It can be used as an update tab, or simply to make things more fanciful. Use the h4 tags for the titles, and don’t worry about taking up too much space - a scrollbar will appear here as well. ^^

      Do NOT:
       — remove the credit
       — steal the code / parts of it
       — claim as yours in any way, shape, or form.
      Respect the maker's work, please.
    This theme is optimized for Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.
    It is best viewed on a 1366x768 screen resolution.
Jerome Imagine - You and Me Are Gonna Have A Lot of Fun."

Imagine yourself being the first person Jerome sees after Dwight brings him back and he walks out of the City Morgue.

It’s late and you’re walking home to your apartment near the Narrows. You stop for a minute underneath a flickering street lamp. ‘Stick to the lights.’ You think to yourself. You know your Aunt would be pissed that you walked home in the dark instead of just calling her to come get you, especially since you live in a bad neighborhood, but you like the night air. It gives you time to think.
You hear footsteps out in the dark which break you away from your thoughts and cause your head to snap up, looking in the direction they’re coming from. That’s when you see him beneath another street lamp, his head tilted upwards toward the black night sky; ginger hair, staples running across his forehead that are almost unnoticable in the dark but appear to be holding his skin together and a leather jacket conceiling the top-half of what you notice is a GCPD uniform. It’s Jerome Valeska. You recognize him immediately despite his altered appearance and you try to shrink back into the shadows but he’s already seen you and he starts walking over with that same self-confident stride, an eerie grin spreading slowly over his face.
You’re frozen, knowing you should run as your mind wills you to move but you stand still just staring at his face as he approaches. ‘Dear God,’ you think, 'what is he doing here?’ You’d heard from all the news reports that he was dead, yet here he was standing in front of you.
“Hey,” he says, still grinning as he notices you taking in the staples on his forhead again. “You know it’s not polite to stare.”
“Um…uh, I…” You stutter out.
“What’s your name? And what are you doing in a place like this?” He makes a grand gesture around, indicating the quiet empty street in the heart of the Narrows.
“Y/N.” You respond without thinking. “And I don’t really live that far from here.” 'Idiot!’ You say inside your head, “don’t tell him where you live.’ “I, uh. I better get going. I was just on my way home.”
Jerome grins menacingly and steps towards you, grabbing your chin with a gloved hand. “Oh, I don’t think so, sweetheart. I think you’re coming with me instead.”
You try to pull away from him but he has your arm with his other hand. His grip is shockingly firm. “Wh-what are you going to do?”
He laughs and takes in your form. “Not sure yet. Guess we’ll have to see, won’t we?”
“No,” you say, struggling in vain to break his grasp. “We won’t.” You stamp on his foot trying to injure him but he simply laughs and pulls you in closer to him until your chest is pressed closer into his. You don’t want it to, but suddenly everything about him intoxicates you. His eyes, the GCPD uniform and that leather jacket, the smell of his cologne, the way the staples on his forehead make his face look. All you can do now is stare up at him with big eyes and you notice that the region between your legs feels as if it’s vibrating and you think you might faint.
Jerome catches on and grins again, staring down at you, trembling in his arms. “You and me, I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun.”

** So it’s not done yet, I’m definately gonna add more to this, but just wanna give you guys a little preview. Feel free to request any Jerome fics you guys would like to see. This is my first Jerome imagine. **

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The Gravity Falls Hunkles Calendar 2017 will go on sale soon!

This is just a recap of the previews that have been posted so far from some of our participating artists: @sovonight, @siriuslymeg, @owlapinart, @danidery, @haruhi-akira, and @doberart!  (And there’s lots more to come, of course!)

At the moment, we plan to open pre-orders this coming Monday, November 21, in the evening, EST.  

Spread the word, and watch this space for more!