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So, I don’t know if anyone has noticed this yet, but during the Stay Alive Reprise, when Eliza goes, “Who did this, Alexander, did you know?” It seemed pretty clear that she was getting ready to lay into the poor bastard, but Philip immediately chimes in and tells her he’s sorry, which draws her attention away from his father. My theory here is that after the Reynolds Pamphlet, Eliza and Alex were obviously estranged and it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if they did argue, especially over the children seeing how Pip looked up to Alex. So, what if, him for that one moment of not allowing his mother to berate his father was a last ditch effort to show that they had more important things to worry about like their children?

Unlike Brothers |  The Tomarry I Blame on MistiCon
We started talking about tom/harry at Misti, and I said the only way it would work for me would be if Harry got thrown back in time and they grew up in the orphanage together.  And I’m sure that’s been done to death, but I started another one.  Not sure how far I’ll take it.  

When Aurors and inspectors and Order members arrived they found James and Lily Potter horribly dead, Sirius Black laughing with the hysteria of the mad, and no trace of Voldemort.

That’s canon.  The papers said that.  People raised toasts to that, and to The Boy Who Lived.  The horror was over.  The wizarding world could move on.

What everyone in the know decided to cover up was that the baby was missing too.

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“What would you do if you were here?”

Clint’s soft groan shivered into Bucky’s ear. He’d been gone for a month now, somewhere in Europe, somewhere with mountains and bad guys and spotty cell reception, and Bucky had been going slowly mad.

He wouldn’t have said relationship, before Clint had gone. There’d’ve been words like ‘convenient’, like 'buddy’, like the gentle fricative of 'fuck’ stretched out over a bitten lip. Perspective changed a little when you hadn’t slept right in a month.

“Which answer d'you want?” Clint said, and Bucky tilted his head, 'cos this wasn’t how things usually went.

“Which answers can I choose?”

“Phone sex, honest, us,” Clint rattled off like he was counting off on his fingers.

“Us isn’t honest?” There was a little more meaning in that than he’d meant.

“In a different way. That’s what you’re going for?”


Bucky could almost feel the long breath Clint let out against the skin of his neck, and the fraction of an inch between almost and could was hell.

“Well I’d kiss you first,” Clint said, and his tone said a lot about the colour of his cheeks. “Just a little, 'cos I’ve been travelling, and my face is like sandpaper, but enough to remind myself what I’ve been missing. What’s been missing from me.” And hey if those words weren’t a punch in the gut. “Then I’d wrap myself around you for a bit, probably. Shove my face in your neck and fuck the stubble rash. Squeeze you a little too tight, make you kinda uncomfortable, if I’m reading this wrong.”

“You’re not,” Bucky said. Had no idea what Clint would hear in his voice.

“Okay.” Relief. That was relief. “Then I’d haul you into the shower,” Clint continued, “make a fucking poor effort at getting you off, hands or mouth, whichever was easiest, drag you to bed and then pass out on you half way through a shitty hand job.”

“Sounds perfect,” Bucky said, no word of a lie.

“I’d make you breakfast in the morning,” Clint said, “maybe tell you I love you, I dunno, I haven’t figured that bit out yet.”

“Pretty sure I love you too,” Bucky said, and let out a shaky laugh. “Fuck, Barton, the hell was the honest answer?”

“Honestly?” Clint said, his words bending a little around a grin, “I’m outside your front door.”

Tony Stark ADHD Part 1

After seeing this post I decided to do a post about the DSM V diagnostic criteria for ADHD as it applies to Tony Stark. Since Tony is over the age of 17 he needs 5/9 criteria. (Under the age of 17 requires 6/9)

Part 1 will focus on inattentiveness  part 2 (Link Here) will focus on Hyperactivity

1. Often fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes in  schoolwork, work, or during other activities (e.g. overlooks or misses details, work is inaccurate).

This seems as if it doesn’t apply at first glance, Tony generally makes incredibly detailed and accurate products with a few exceptions, but the thing to consider here is that making things isn’t his only job, and he failed to give close attention to detail on the business side of SI during Iron Man 1. 

2.Often has difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities (e.g., has  difficulty remaining focused during lectures, conversations, or lengthy reading).

When Pepper was talking seriously with him Tony was thoroughly distracted, and this seems to be a general trend, he frequently admits to having forgotten conversations with people like Yinsen, or Killian, who he agreed to meet with while distracted. 

3.Often does not seem to listen when spoken to directly (e.g., mind seems elsewhere, even in the absence of any obvious distraction).

Tony does seem to frequently drift from conversations, and he tends to play it off as a joke. It even happens during the senate hearing in Iron Man 2. 

4.Often does not follow through on instructions and fails to finish school work, chores, or duties in the work place (e.g., starts tasks but quickly loses focus and is easily  sidetracked).

Tony is known for doing his own thing, and not listening directly to orders. It’s a constant nuisance to whoever is trying to tell him what to do. This can however lead to some pretty innovative thinking.

5.Often has difficulty organizing tasks and activities (e.g., difficulty managing sequential tasks; difficulty keeping materials and belongings in order; messy, disorganized work; has poor time management; fails to meet deadlines).

I think Pepper and Rhodey would be the first people to tell you that Tony is awful at time management, and his lab is a mess.

6.Often avoids or is reluctant to engage in tasks that require sustained mental effort (e.g. schoolwork or homework; for older adolescents and adults, preparing reports,  completing forms, reviewing lengthy papers).

This one again doesn’t really apply, Tony loves his lengthy projects like JARVIS, but what about paper work for Pepper? He’s not so keen on it. 

7.Often loses things necessary for tasks or activities (e.g., school materials, pencils, books, tools, wallets, keys, paperwork, eyeglasses, mobile telephones).

This one doesn’t really fit, but that seems to be partially due to Tony doing nearly everything electronically. You can’t lose a pen if your pen is a hologram. 

8. Is often easily distracted by extraneous stimuli (e.g., for older adolescents and adults may include unrelated thoughts).

We see him attempting to make an omelette, and being so distracted by how to talk to Pepper about the Palladium poisoning that the omelette comes out… wrong. 

9. Is often forgetful in daily activities (e.g., doing chores, running errands; for older adolescents and adults, returning calls, paying bills, keeping appointments).

Well Tony certainly seems to meet the diagnostic criteria for ADHD and it explains a lot more than I expected it to actually. 

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Kylo I had a thought that made me want to cry!
So in the “Don’t play this game” video Mark responds to the voice in the game, like always. And at one point when the voice asks “do you understand me?” And Mark says no, etc. And I was thinking. What if Mark was actually talking to DARK right then? Like:
Dark: do you understand me?
Mark: no…
Dark: no one does
Mark: I DO! Sort of!

Like Mark meant he didn’t understand what Dark was saying, but like he does understand Dark himself, at least a little bit. The tone of his voice when he said “sort of” actually supports this, it totally sounds like he’s trying to say “I do understand you a little bit, or at least I’m trying to!” And like holy hell that’s pretty much exactly how 90% of the fandom feels about Dark right now but can you imagine, that’s how MARK feels too? I mean it kind of makes sense, if anyone would understand Dark it would be Mark, like he would definitely try to at least, and he would make an effort to let Dark know that he’s trying

Sorry I’m rambling now but damn that thought made me sad

fuck 👏 me 👏 up 👏 fam 👏

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Who Knew It Was So Hard To Write A Valentine's Card?

By @xoruffitup

7.7k words, G rated

Albus is desperate to find the right words to tell Scorpius how he feels about him. Meanwhile, Scorpius has all but given up on Albus ever returning his feelings. Surely Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for them to figure it all out. 

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Do you think an artist can just bail on promoting a collaboration if it's underperforming? As in, JHO isn't doing as well as they'd hoped, so they're distancing Louis from it? Although is that even an option after being so involved with the roll out? I continue to be so confused about the video promo, promo overall really.

i feel…. like JHO has done pretty well all things considered. i know it didnt stay high up in the charts for long etc but you literally hear it everywhere. it was literally played at the grammys.. i think louis’ team did a piss poor job of promoting the single because they spent the whole time promoting him via stunts and not the music and thats what we’re all annoyed about and what we mean when we say they didnt promote it… but i think steves team put a lot of effort into promoting it for it to get where it is now, which apparently will be/are the same team? idk i was away the day that all came out.. so it’s like they almost worked together on it. promoted the single via steves team while promoting louis’ personal life through his team. 

but you also gotta remember that WE the fandom did SO MUCH for JHO.. we got it to number 1 in all those countries the first weekend it came out just by supporting louis. this excerpt from this post really sticks with me:

The decision to not promote Louis‘ song could very well have been a logical outcome of the team asking themselves the question „Why?“: Why should we promote his song with huge effort when we KNOW his own fans are going to do it passionately, especially if they think  we don’t give a shit? Why not playing that game in order to make them promo it the hardest way they can?“ Why indeed??  

i dont think sony/syco/whatever label’s marketing plan for JHO was to let the fans do all the work and rely on us… what would happen if that didnt work and we didnt like the song? they wouldve had to have had a contingency plan. BUT they know us.. they’ve been working with this fandom for 6 years. they would definitely have factored in us a fandom and the way we support louis and how much we give everything to these boys. they wouldve used that for sure.

so… i dont think it’s under performing as much as we think it is. it’s played so much on tv shows and mainstream radio… it might not be at the top of the charts anymore, but it’s on everyones playlists and it’s used in a lot of different ways.. it’s like it’s been embedded into the pop world now… louis was smart when he said he saw a gap in the radio market and wanted to fill it with an EDM/Pop collab. 

and to be frank… i really dont think louis’ team have his best interest at heart, enough to distance him. if it was a good team, they wouldve promoted his musical talent and abilities more than his personal life so they could appease ALL fans and show the world hes more than just a boyfriend a dad including but not limited to his social media presence and even his instagram handle, they would have opened their mouths and stopped the media from slamming him whenever they had the chance… they would have had his back a lot more than we’ve seen. after the airport incident they would have done what scooter does every single time JB gets in trouble, they wouldve turned him into the victim, which he was, not the villain they made him out to be. 

anyway…. i highly doubt louis would want to bail on his own music. an artist is a passionate person and naturally ambitious who is trying to get the world to hear their music. why would they want to bail on their own work.


“What I’m trying to tell you is…” Julian supplied with a light chuckle as he stepped forward and flicked at the horribly charred dishes lining the table. “As much I appreciate the effort, I don’t need something from home to make Christmas special… I walked away from that life for a reason and I haven’t looked back.” He paused and crossed his arms before finding you with a pair of honest eyes that had a way of pulling you in and making you sink into the depths of his blue irises as if you were drowning in his pretty stare. “We could be rich, poor, living in some godforsaken apartment or traveling the world. You’re anything but traditional and I don’t care if I come home every night to a plate of burnt toast because if you’re there waiting for me, that means I’m still doing something right. You make anything of the traditional sort rather… dull. You’re unpredictable and it excites me.”

“Not that I’m not in love with the sweet talk but…” With a smirk, you crossed your arms and asked, “You’re not just saying all that to make me feel better about burning dinner, right?”

“Well…” He huffed. “This is a complete disaster but… We could always go out.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Surprising Julian with a Traditional English Christmas Dinner*

@harrisonwellstrash: Imagine surprising Julian with a traditional English Christmas dinner after a hard days work (yep, that’s the best I can think of. I’m sorry)

A/N: Thank you for my first Julian request! He’s a pleasure to write for!

fic writers– important things to note for historical accuracy:

trench warfare wasn’t a thing during the seven years war [which is the war gaston and lefou fought in prior to the film’s start]

seriously please research how battles were fought during the late `1700′s– think more revolution less great war

france didn’t give a fuck about the colonies– you were over there, you fought over there. they barely sent any troops to support efforts, preferring to focus on keeping up strength in the mainland and helping austria and all that shit.

zippers weren’t invented yet. trousers were secured with ties and 18th century underwear was something else

poor people don’t get potties. indoor plumbing was for the wealthy. it was pretty rare.

being gay could get you killed. literally. popular methods of handling sodomites included hanging and being burnt alive. however, public stoning and whipping were welcome to precede these death penalties.

no fucking zippers and trenches jfc

it takes about three minutes to properly prepare a revolutionary-era rifle to be fired again. enemy sides took turns– shoot, reload, advance– take a gander at some youtube videos if you’re curious.

it’s likely gaston could have used his blunderbuss in battle– it’d be an awful way to die and he’s cruel enough to do it. however, it was a close-range weapon. hand pistols were also available, as were rifles with bayonets. swords were far easier, as it took those three minutes to reload a rifle.

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hi! I'm new to the B.A.P fandom and I'm still choosing a bias. I'm leaning towards Youngjae...but I was wondering if you could give me some reasons to choose him? Thank you <3

Hiiii~ First of all, welcome to the fandom. Second of all, I’m surprised yet happy that you gave me this question. Thank you ^_^. Anyway, here are just a few reasons to stan the glorious Yoo Youngjae

-his visuals are A+
-and his vocals are amazing
-he doesn’t usually sing in his natural voice in B.A.P songs, so when you hear it, it’s like the gates to heaven have been opened
-he is the cutest fluff in existence
-he was cute from the day he war born. seriously, go look at pictures of him as a kid because he’s adorable
-pre-debut youngjae is everything
-seriously, watch this video. natural voice + cute pre-debut youngjae.
-he’s cute but can also be sexy af
-this bad girl, good girl performance had me shook
-he’s the ‘brains’ of B.A.P 
-he talks his way out of doing things which his hilarious
-have i mentioned SASS
-he is so sassy, i love it
-his aegyo is to die for
-but even when he isn’t doing aegyo he’s just adorable
-sometimes he looks like he’s high when he freestyle dances did someone say dance master youngjae
-he may come off as cold sometimes, but he’s actually so sweet
-he really loves and cares for the fans
-and loves his members a lot too
-he can pull of any hairstyle; he looks great 24/7
-speaking of which, when you can see his forehead its amazing and those moments need to be cherished 
-he has so much energy
-more energy than the members that are younger than him, i swear
-he gets excited easily and its so cute because he smiles really bright and jumps around
-he reminds me of the energizer bunny tbh 
-also, whenever he’s happy its contagious
-he has this habbit of hitting people’s shoulders when he’s really happy or when he’s laughing its usually jongup poor kid
-like really good; they need to put glasses on him more often
-his laugh is so cute
-just listening to him talk is really nice because his voice is beautiful
-he could be talking about anything and I wouldn’t mind because listening to him talk makes me feel happy
-he puts his best effort into every B.A.P performance
-he always tries his best
-his apple cheeks are so cute
-he’s just pretty in general
-he has such a fun personality
-he’s really good at learning words or phrases in other languages. especially in japanese
-also, he also sounds really good in japanese, just sayin
-no, but really. he speaks japanese so well that sometimes he tries to speak japanese for hour long interviews
-and he does all this for the fans because he loves BABYz so much
-his ‘blank’ face is also insanely cute
-also those eye smoulders he gives during performances are the best
-his imitations are hilarious
-and his acting skills are really good ts when is his acting debut?
-don’t ever look at photos of him wearing flower crowns because you will feel personally attacked
-he looks so precious in flower crowns; i love the fans that give him flower crowns at fansigns
-he takes care of both his dongsaengs and hyungs because he is sweeter than honey 
-he’s an angel; just call him jaeonsa
-his motto is “Starting is half the battle”
-he is meticulous about everything
-although, sometimes he’s clusmy but its so cute when he is
-he speaks really well too
-he likes taking photos and he takes really nice photos
-really though, he’s such a precious floof

You should totally stan Yoo Youngjae. He doesn’t have enough stans. 

i know this is pretty late, but whenever I look at how people treated DW before and after trans update, its a pretty big gap. before they were all “DW is the weakest character lololololol” and now theyre all “DW is too strong ewew dead class KoG” like, she was the underdog, she got teased, and now after all her hard work and effort you still hate her? wow. nice. what a great way to motivate the poor magician.

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So I’m pretty much ready for comic con on Saturday! After all that effort, the costume looks better without the bonnet, go figure. If you see me in London, say hey :) I have very poor recognition skills so please don’t be upset if I don’t know you straight away despite having seen pictures! (And I still haven’t sorted out the make-up. Oh well, can do that tomorrow.)

the great instagram war of 6969

okay but,,, dirk and hal do this to each other. all the time.

whe e ze that is tru e

they just expose each other’s bullshit all the time it’s hilarious

like oh you wanted to do this specific thing so that you’d look good well guess what behind the scenes you look like a dumbass merry Christmas

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If you are still doing mm reactions. How about how do they react to chef!MC.


  • lots of cooking together!
  • wants to improve his skills so he follows your steps very carefully
  • both of you try to find new recipes to try out
    • Yoosung even makes a binder!
  • it becomes a dance in the kitchen between you two
  • makes it a couple effort to make dinner every night
  • and it’s all the tastier with all the love
  • he learns a lot from you but it still takes him a while to pronounce some of the dishes


  • doesn’t cook at all but she can bake pretty well
  • she’s just so amazed how well you can cook AND bake
    • puts her to shame poor Jaehee
  • but she loves when you cook
  • you prep lunch boxes for the week for your beautiful gelato
    • because if you don’t she’s going to have a shit lunch
  • when Jaehee wants to bake, she loves having better equipment to make cakes or other desserts with 
    • omg this cake mixer is true bae
    • and this lazy susan??? hell to the yeah
  • and having you at the cafe is the best thing ever
  • because you’re already a professional so that guarantees that your treats will be delicious


  • he’s a pretty decent cook, just the simple stuff
  • but when you came around he leaves the kitchen to you
  • when you’re getting ready for dinner he either watches you or you’ll drag him to the counter to chop some vegetables 
  • when you have him taste test, he likes to savor the taste
    • makes a lot of pleasure noises which makes you flustered
  • for cast parties you cater to the event free of charge because Zen loves your spring rolls and wants them to be shared with everyone
  • takes videos of you while you’re cooking to show others a pro at work


  • wants to fire his personal chef when he finds out you’re a chef
    • no the man needs a job *A*
  • compromises that his chef works on weekends but the kitchen is yours on weekdays
  • if he’s home when you’re cooking, he will help you
  • he knows the basics so you give him easy tasks 
  • you use Jumin as your taste tester for experimental dishes or just when you’re cooking
    • he’s got a refined palette so he knows what he’s talking about 
  • encourages you to open up your own restaurant
    • but he kind of wants to be selfish and wants to be the only person to eat your dishes


  • “can you make a dish with honey buddha chips and dr. pepper???”
    • “is there such thing as kobe honey buddha chips???”
  • … ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
  • you make sure that your jellybean is cleansed of the veneer of salt and honey lining his stomach
  • no longer will he eat complete garbage 
    • he will eat like a king
  • you cook his breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and makes sure he eats it
    • he will take reign of lunch time by making sandwiches for you two
  • brags about you on the chat 24/7
  • he will look up recipes for you to try
    • you will even take challenges ^^ 

So. My husband has a cold (poor honeypuff) and was snoring like a thunderstorm this night. I wanted to sleep so badly (and cuddle with him), that I put on my earphones and started listening to Feeling B. And fell asleep with the music still playing. Long story short, I had the weirdest dream of Flake trying to give me piano lessons. He was so mad at me, because I am a guitarist and showed no efforts. Haha. Hahahahahaha. It was pretty funny though 😂🎹🙈

glassdoor tumblr reviews

if you’ve never heard of glassdoor before, it’s basically this place where employees of (usually at least fairly large or notable) corporations can leave reviews of where they work. while glassdoor doesn’t allow companies to edit the reviews they get, there’s also no screening process to verify previous employment, etc. however, some trends in these reviews – as well as how they match up with what we’re seeing on the site – makes me believe they at least have some truth to them and aren’t all faked. here are some interesting insights:

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