this is a present for my friend

i just had a really interesting conversation with my friends about like … not being able to relate to / connect with straight people’s relationships because their relationship models revolve around this Formula & ways of interacting that are just not present in same/similar gender relationships. gay relationships just have this really personal intimacy that i find most straight relationships to be lacking

So writing that changeling story a few days ago got me thinking about the possibility of autistic!Link, so I present to you my new headcanon:

- He had a noticeable speech delay; he didn’t start speaking until he was four years old, and until he was six, most of his speech was echolalia. (Echolalia is the repetition of words other people have said - often, but not always, words that were just said.) When he first met his friends, he was still doing a lot of this.

- One of the reasons he likes to wear gloves is that he dislikes most textures. Additionally, many smells make him feel sick, but he tries to hide this the best he can. He almost always has a headache.

- He learned near-perfect manners and is pretty good at applying them, but is significantly less good at knowing when not to use them, which is one of the reasons he comes off as stiff and aloof.

- He takes most things literally and/or at face value, but if he’s specifically told to be suspicious of someone, he goes to the other extreme and trusts almost nothing that he is told.

- He definitely struggles with morality that is anything less than black-and-white.

- His main special interest is baking, and he knows exactly how it works chemically and how to alter the flavor the way he wants. He has a secondary special interest in religion, and another in body language.

- He often chews on his pens and bounces his leg, but generally tries to repress both of these, because they’re unprofessional. He rocks too, a little, but almost never notices unless it’s pointed out to him.

- He hasn’t had a meltdown since he was younger - just one or two while he was still in training - but this is only because he suppressed them; now he mostly has shutdowns, meltdowns turned inward.

- Link is always acutely aware of the gaps in his understanding, whether of people or morality or whatnot, and he hates it. Nothing makes him more frustrated with himself.

- The Thirds, when they were still close, often took measures to accommodate him. Even now, they still do sometimes, out of force of habit.

- He actually enjoys taking notes on his days - records of exactly what happened, what he made of it, the things he noticed. It helps him process the events of the day.



I wish you the very best and I hope that you have a wonderful day and got lots of nice presents (even though my package hasn’t arrived yet rip). Thank you for always listening to my voice msgs and my annoying ranting about stupid stuff ^^ First I wanted to make a Lay gifset to celebrate the good old times but then I thought Jimin would be better, since I know that you like him a lot :D

Aaaanyway, I love you and I hope we’ll be friends for a VERY long time! (cr)

Hey guys I apparently only post on here to put pictures of space paintings that I paint for anniversaries presents for my bf :) really pumped to give it to him bc he’s given me the whole universe ❤️

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I know it's late but slut story; I had this super hot friend and I couldn't find him a grad present so I was like "can I give you head for a grad present" and he was like ?? Duh. And so we were all high and camping out and him and I shared a tent and I went down on him but I was too high to give good head so he went down on me and It was hella bomb and all but he went to fuck me and THIS NIGGA FUCKED MY THY and to this day he doesn't know it didn't go in. He said "you were so tight" and I laugh


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Ok so the Baltics were traditionally known for amber, so imagine their friends tracking down nice Baltic amber pieces as presents for them. Poland finding something Liet used to own...

( i just want u to know tht @aph-poland read this over my shoulder and we both ‘awwww’ed at the same time )

THATS SO NICE THOUGH.. ;; - ;; finding something liet used to own? you mean like, something he lost that might have washed up on shore? i love that!!! liet would be so happy!!!

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For a very long while I've felt like I'm a boy-- using he him pronouns, dressing like a boy, all of that feel right,,, but I'm not exactly dysphoric towards my current body, I just feel like something's missing// would that be considered trans??? My friends just think that I'm faking it but being a boy seems easier and more natural than being forced to wear dresses and having long hair. Ugh sorry :o I'm just so confused ;_;

Don’t apologise, it doesn’t sound like you’re faking at all anon.
If you feel more comfortable being addressed as a boy and presenting that way and feel as if somethings missing that’s perfectly fine.
You don’t have to be miserable in the body you’re in to be trans (although some people are)

I hope you feel better soon 💙 -Matthew

did i ever tell ppl about the time me and my family thought my older brother was gay and dating his best friend? they used to hold hands and cuddle and shit all the time and cause my brothers super quiet we kinda just thought that was him coming out and didn’t really say anything about it. this went on for maybe two yrs and then one day he arrives home with this girl and is all ‘id like you guys to meet my girlfriend’. at this point everyone is ’????’ and my mom is literally crying and like 'u broke up with James?!?!?!’ and honestly I’ve never seen a man more confused in his life and yeah that’s the time my family fucked up for like 2 yrs

The hero and the sharpshooter