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  • MC: Alright, listen up you jerks!
  • MC: Not you, Mitsunari. You're an angel and we're thrilled you're here.

I’m going to get a new camera for Christmas - my first DSLR and so prepare for so so so many photos in the new year! 

Just warning. I’m going to make an amateur photography blog so that I don’t need to post them all on here all the time! Ha ha! Once I’ve got the camera and got the blog I will share the link in case anyone is interested ha! 

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upbeatradio  asked:


yazawa shouzashi, a man with a softer heart than his over sized leather jacket, and sinister smile would suggest. chipper, friendly, but quiet, yazawa doesnt often have much to say, keeping his thoughts to himself and speaking more with his actions. when using his quirk however, thats a different story.

his quirk is ‘Quirk Cancelling Voice’. when his voice reaches a certain volume, it can cancel out the quirk of anyone its directed towards. this means that pretty much just singing or talking to someone loudly can cancel their quirk. he works best with a team in battle, staying on the sidelines to cancel out quirks to aid the heroes on the front lines. of course, he wouldnt be pro hero if he didnt have more than one skill. the device on his neck is a voice amplifier, used to project his voice a greater distance, and its connected to a strong microphone wire, which can be used as a powerful whip (essentially how aizawa originally used his scarf, but now with Sick Trevor Belmont Style Moves). hes also skilled in several forms of Martial Arts, and can wield a multitude of weapons. 

(also y e s berzerk by eminem is the Perfect Theme for him)
(and in related news, heres some Extra Doodles of this boy that i made in my sketchbook under the cut)

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