this is a present for

I just finished my final semester’s presentation in front of real clients!

So our semester was basically just doing job shadowing for 11 weeks until the presentation.

Being the youngest in the class and so little experience was exhausting, but I’ve learned so much in just the intense 11 weeks!

I can finallyRELAX.

I don’t remember if anyone pointed this out already, but one of the headlines from the future, one that didn’t make it onto the convenient whiteboard, was “Kitten video goes viral”. If Earth-1′s internet is anything like ours, Iris is doomed.

On the other hand, imagine Barry taking all of Central City’s cats to prevent this problem. STAR Labs is overflowing with cats. They’re everywhere. Cisco spends all of his time just cuddling and playing with each individual one. The kittens bat at Caitlin’s snowflake necklace (which is durable enough to take the abuse, thankfully). Wally has at least one cat on each shoulder all the time. HR is allergic.

oooohhhhhh my god i was standing at the bus stop after my therapist appointment and I saw the most gorgeous person and i was like !!!!!! and they were on the phone and started grinning and i stg my heart started pounding so hard they were stunning!!!! why am i so gay :0 i hope they didn’t think i was staring at them (pls dont reblog)

OK, so I was doing @morshmalliver ’s b-day present and I realized the image was gone (like, shit, first the contracture now this) and as you can see the universe wants to kill me, so I was sketching again and I just couldn’t do it right and somehow it ended up in sad shit.


(I didn’t know which one better, so here 2 pics)
Hey, @shypurple remember that we all love and care about you! So don’t be upset because of one bad comment! You don’t know me, but I’d be happy if you’d be happy and like my present :3
And again, you’re beautiful and talented artist, remember that!
All of you remember that! You all are gorgeous, beautiful and talented people, love you all no matter what!
٩(●˙—˙●)۶ Fú belongs to @shypurple (also he’s a cutie)