this is a precious sight

Dragon Aesthetic

Fire crackling in the dead of night, smoke slithering and choking its victims, scales chinking like armour, being underestimated, skulls piled high from your previous enemies, a blazing inferno that no one could hope to stop, being famous worldwide, being feared by all who know you, hoarding everything precious in your sight, being worshipped as a god, taking out your rage against the world, the small smell of burning that makes you question your safety, appearing out of nowhere, dramatic entrances and exits, trying to live up to your name but knowing you’ll never make it. 

Can we talk about that one line in ‘Club Knocked Up’ from Waitress where they sing:

Precious little parasite who set it sights on you, dream come true

  • The lyrical alliteration with the ‘s’es
  • The walking bass line of the double-bass
  • The little trill (vibrato) they all sing on ‘youuuuu’
  • The vocal slide on ‘come-true’
  • The syncopated beat underlying it all

I just feel it’s so under-appreciated. Sara Bareilles is a genius.

Dear sis, don’t get caught up in trying hard to look attractive because everything in that arena is temporary. Attractive in the kingdom is a woman of God who is in love with Jesus, the imperishable beauty of a quiet (meek) and gentle spirit, which is precious in the sight of God.

Remember When (1/?)

by Inspector Boxer for @fictorium

Fandom: Supergirl

Pairings: Supercat, Sanvers

Rating: M

Author’s Note: Happy Birthday, Lola! Hope you like the first of many chapters to come. :)


Facing the end of the world had been easier than this.

Taking a deep, unsteady breath, Kara stepped into Cat’s hospital room. She wasn’t sure why she was surprised to find Adam there, but the sight of him made her pause and consider backing away before she was noticed. Carter sat in a nearby chair, his head down and a pensive look on his young features.

And then there was Cat, sitting quietly on the edge of the bed, her back to Kara, and Kara breathed a little easier at the sight of her. For one last, precious moment, Kara could almost convince herself everything was fine, that nothing had changed even though everything had.

Adam glanced up, hesitating when he saw her, but then a thin, grateful smile ghosted over his lips. “Hey,” he greeted gently.

“Hi,” Kara answered, her gaze lingering on Cat. “How is she?”

She is sitting right here listening to the two of you talk about me as if I weren’t.” Cat turned, eyeing Kara blankly. “Do I know you?” she asked tightly, and Kara didn’t miss the trace of fear in Cat’s voice she was doing her best to disguise.

Willing herself not to cry, Kara clenched her jaw. Alex had warned her, but she’d harbored some pathetic desire Cat would see her and everything would come flooding back. “Yes. I, um…” She glanced at Carter who was watching her now, his blue eyes filling with tears. “I used to work for you, Ms. Grant. Still do, technically.”

Cat glanced curiously at her older son where he hovered at her side, and Adam nodded, confirming her story.

“And you are?” Cat asked, looking back at Kara impatiently.

“Kara. Kara Danvers.” She adjusted her glasses and stepped forward, offering her hand, and Cat took it slowly, her eyes narrowing as she tried to puzzle Kara out. There was no recognition in Cat’s eyes, none of the warmth Kara had savored when they’d last said goodbye. She was a stranger to this woman again. It was staggering how much that hurt.

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Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. 

A woman who lives to glorify God is more beautiful than a woman who is perfect outwardly but inwardly rotten. She is a woman who spends her time seeking her King rather than seeking the sinful pleasures of this world. She is a woman who stands up for her convictions and striving to live out His Word rather than conforming to this godless generation.

Those godly women may not have the kind of beauty this world praised, but they are very precious in God’s sight. And what God thinks about them is far more valuable than the opinions of this world. 

Allow God to shape you into a woman who is beautiful on the inside not just on the outside. Allow Him to show you what true beauty looks like, a beauty that will glorify Him and a beauty that will lasts. 

anonymous asked:

omg omg omg i beg of you to write about teen keith asking his dad to help him put on some eyeliner and then shiro getting super emotional at the sight of his precious boy in makeup because HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND SHIRO IS INCREDIBLY OVERWHELMED BY HOW MUCH KEITH HAS GROWN AND BLOSSOMED AND keith is like???? dad???? please stop sobbing????

OMG THIS WAS SO FUNNY. Man you were fast, this prompt was in like minutes after I posted the other baby!Keith oneshot where he destroys Shiro’s makeup. Luckily, he has grown to respect Shiro’s treasure as he get’s older. Gosh, Shiro is such an embarrassing Dad, but how can he not WHEN KEITH IS SO HANDSOME AND IS GROWING INTO A GREAT YOUNG MAN????? Please, stop embarrassing your son though. Thank you nonny, for sending me this prompt and I hope you enjoy it! I love when you guys send in prompts.


              Keith knew that his father was a great at makeup. In fact, Keith was pretty sure his father had to have won several awards for his insane looks and beauty. After all, Keith had seen the pictures given to him by Keith’s generous and loving grandmother (Shiro could never live down the humiliation of sixteen-year-old Shiro).

              Which was why Keith knew that Shiro was the best choice for his current dilemma. The only question was: how did he approach his dad, without too many questions asked? It was embarrassing enough as it was.

              “Hey dad,” The fourteen-year-old knocked on his dad’s door frame. Shiro was working on some paper work at his desk with the door opened, but stopped as soon as he heard Keith entered. Smiling, Shiro gestured for Keith to come in and Keith nervously wrung his hands together.

              “Hey bud, how’s it going?” Shiro asked, pushing aside his paper work. Keith gently sat down on his dad’s bed and rubbed his hand against the sheets. “Everything alright?” Shiro asked when he noticed how nervous his son was.

              “So dad, um, you’re pretty good with all that makeup and stuff? Right?” Keith twiddled with his thumbs and Shiro blinked. Keith had never really shown interest in Shiro’s makeup abilities before and Shiro was fine with that. Still, Keith was supportive of his dad’s abilities and only ever commented on Shiro but he’d never openly expressed any sort of an interest before. Admittedly, Shiro had dreamed about the day where he could pass on his legacy to his son and share a mutual understanding for the power of makeup. Hopefully this time, Keith cold fully appreciate makeup, unlike the last time he had been around it.

              “Oh. Oh, is it that time already?” Shiro blinked and stood up straight. His lips morphed into a grin as he excitedly bounced from his seat. On the bed Keith was at a loss for words as his dad frantically went around his room and into the bathroom. “I’m a bit surprised. I didn’t even have any time to prepare. This was all such short notice, but that’s okay. We can still work with this.”

              “Dad. Dad. Dad! Calm down.” Keith said quickly and jumped to his feet. He almost started laughing once he saw his dad poke his head out of the bathroom, arms filled with palettes and makeup kits. “Dad, I’m not. No, it’s not time for that yet. I don’t think I’m quite ready for…that power.” Keith rubbed the back of his head with a nervous laugh. Immediately Shiro’s shoulders slumped but he nodded. I knew it was too good to be true. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Not today anyhow.

              “Oh. Okay, that’s fine.” Shiro smiled and began to put his kits back into his drawers. Keith laughed again, watching his dad for a few minutes with a soft smile before frowning. He bounced from one foot to the other, hands twitching at his sides before taking a deep breath.

              “Um, dad? I might not be ready yet.” Keith licked his lips and Shiro gave Keith his full attention. “But um, I was wondering if today you could, well, I was wondering ifyoucoulddomymakeupforme?” Keith asked, snapping his eyes shut and holding his breath. The silence that etched on was almost unbearable for Keith. Eventually he opened one of his eyes in order to peek at his dad.

              Who was staring at Keith with a frown.

              “Could you repeat that?” Shiro asked out of confusion and Keith swallowed. Oh. He didn’t hear me correctly.

              “Um, could you maybe, uh, do my makeup for me? Um, tonight?” Keith nervously licked his lips and Shiro blinked. Until his entire face morphed into a bright smile. Immediately, Shiro had grabbed a hold of Keith’s arm and was dragging his son into his bathroom. Keith could barely comprehend what was happening before he was sitting down on a bench in front of the mirror with his dad rummaging through his drawers.

              “Wow, I never thought you’d ask me to do this.” Shiro smiled softly. “Why the sudden interest in my talents?”

              “Because you’re my dad? And I love you.” Keith laughed and Shiro snorted. “Um, well apparently, our school is having this winter dance tonight.”

              “And you have a date?!” Shiro asked, clutching at his chest. He wasn’t sure if his heart could handle the fact that his precious little boy had a date to a dance. Shiro thought he’d have more time to prepare. He thought he could prep himself for this day but apparently not, and there was nothing that Shiro could do after this.

              “No! No! Dad, no!” Keith cried suddenly, almost jumping out of his chair. However, he was stopped by a gentle hand on his shoulder. “Dad, please, I would have told you if I got asked to a dance? And you would have cried and gone all out and then I would have to suffer through tons of pictures and lots of interrogations.” Keith rolled his eyes dramatically and Shiro rubbed the back of his neck.

              “Hey! I’m not that bad…” Shiro mumbled under his breath, stopping when Keith aimed a glare at him. “Right. So you have a dance tonight?”

              “Yeah. I’m just wearing that old red suit we wore to that wedding last fall. And I’m just going with everyone else. Hunk, Lance and Pidge. None of us have dates; not even Lance.” Keith snickered to himself and his shoulders shook with laughter. Shiro couldn’t help but laugh too.

              “Alright, that doesn’t sound so bad.” Shiro admitted as he began to pull Keith’s hair back with a headband. “That sounds like a nice night.”

              “Yeah. I wasn’t gonna go, cause those aren’t really my things but the others begged me to.” Keith smiled sheepishly and he blushed. Shiro smirked at Keith’s reaction but didn’t say anything else.

              “They could be fun with your friends. Don’t worry. And you give me a call anytime if you want to leave early, okay?” Shiro said softly, knowing fully well that Keith would call if something came up or if he had enough. “So what kind of a look were you thinking? Anything in mind?” Shiro paused once all of Keith’s hair was out of his face. He looked down to see Keith’s sheepish look and the young teen shrugged.

              “Ah, surprise me? You know me, so I trust you’ll do a good look.” Keith answered, causing Shiro’s heart to swell with pride. “Hopefully.” Shiro glared at that last comment before wiping out a brush and palette and grinning into the mirror. Keith swallowed at the determined look in his father’s eyes and wondered if there was still time to escape.

              “Right then. Now hold still.”


              “And finished!” Shiro cheered once he had finished the last of Keith’s mascara. At the moment, Keith’s back was to the mirror so he couldn’t see what Shiro had been doing for the last few hours. Okay, so it’s only be 45 minutes but it feels like is has been hours.

              “You’re done? Oh, thank god.” Keith mumbled and twitched his nose after Shiro tickled it with a brush. Shiro pouted, sticking his tongue out at his son, who responded in the same manner. When Shiro stepped back to admire his work, he felt his heart jerk with a sudden wave of emotion.

              Staring at his son, Keith couldn’t help but be in awe. His son was so, so beautiful.

              Shiro was always proud to be Keith’s father ever since he had first laid eyes on Keith’s baby picture almost fourteen years ago. From all the good, the bad and everything in between. Keith proved himself over and over, despite the world going up against him. But now in this moment, Shiro felt tears gathering in his eyes.

              Keith was stunning in his makeup. Shiro had done a minimal work to Keith’s face, knowing that Keith would hate it. There was an emphasis around Keith’s blue eyes with hints of browns and light pink to make his natural features stand out even more. Shiro had added a soft smoky feature to the makeup around Keith’s eyes with a thin black wing. There was some mascara on Keith’s eye lashes, but only the smallest amount since Keith would hate to have too much on them. Shiro finished the look with some silver edges on the front corner of Keith’s eyes before Shiro pulled back with a gentle smile.

              Keith didn’t need any other makeup, nor would he tolerate any. He was perfect just the way he was and looking into Keith’s beautiful blue eyes and looked down at Keith’s tailored soon and suddenly Shiro was looking at a man rather than the little boy he adopted.

              Keith was growing up and it was amazing.

              “Dad? D-Dad?” Keith asked, shooting to his feet and arms raised awkwardly when tears tracked down Shiro’s cheek. “Dad? Um, what’s wrong? Please stop crying?”

              Shiro only shook his head with a wobbly smile, tears still racing down his cheek as he ruffled Keith’s hair. Instantly, Keith huffed and swatted Shiro’s hand away from his hair and chewed on his lip. His dad was an ugly crier.

              “Dad? Could you please stop crying? Please?” Keith asked and desperately patted Shiro’s trembling shoulder.

              “I’m sorry. It’s just,” Shiro took a deep breath and attempted to wipe his eyes. He smiled down at Keith and ran his thumb along Keith’s cheek. “You’re growing up into a handsome young man. You’re going to go far in this world and you’re not going to be my little baby forever.”

              “Dad…” Keith moaned, cheeks red with embarrassment. “I can’t be your baby forever. I’m getting older.”

              “I know. I know. And you’re going to be an amazing and handsome man.” Shiro smiled softly, fixing the flower on Keith’s suit. Keith swallowed and grinned. “I just wish you could stay young forever.”

              “Dad, I might not be your baby anymore, but,” Keith licked his lips and laughed. “But I’ll always be your son. Besides, I’m going to need your help in the future with looks like this.” Keith turned around to admire Shiro’s work in the mirror. He touched his face and thought before nodding in approval. “Like when I get married.”

              Shiro choked. “Whoa. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You’re fourteen mister. Nobody is getting married.”

              “Yeah true. You’ve gone past your prime.” Keith rolled his eyes and ignored the squawk from Shiro before laughing brightly. I’ll always be your boy dad, until the end of time.

“Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you,“
Isaiah 43:4a NIV

God thank you that you love me whether am a failure or success, beautiful or ugly, that I am precious in your sight. Amen

Imagine The Cloak of Levitation trying to start sexy time between you and Doctor Strange

After another late night spent at the library reading trough countless scrolls and pages I’ve convinced myself that it’s time to go to bed.

As I made my way to the excruciatingly long hallway I tried to conceal the echo of my heavy foot steps against the wooden floors but my desperation for the softness of my sheets only grew louder. I opened my door to find a sleeping, beautiful and angelic Y/N curled up on her side of the bed  that we recently started sharing. I smirked at the sight of my precious love looking so peaceful calm and happy as I moved closer to join her.

Exhaustion had gotten the best of me for I clumsily threw myself on the soft pile of pillows fully dressed, with both my boots, sling ring and cloak. I attempted to gather strenght to remove them but the sudden, much needed comfort and Y/N’s warmth were luring me to sleep.

I felt something move near my leg, I assumed it was Y/N inching closer for a cuddle session which she loved so much. 

- ‘’ Stephen…stop it. ‘’ - I heard her playful giggle ringing from under the covers. 

I was simply too tired to respond so I brushed it of as sleep talk.

- ‘’ Stephen.. ‘’- I heard her voice lingering much closer to me now, before pressing her head upon my chest.

- ‘’ I’m not doing anything, my love.’’- I muttered half asleep.

-’’ Oh?’’ - the concern in her voice was audible but my current state didn’t allow me to investigate further into it, and i simply dosed off.

Soon the room went silent, the only rang to be heart was the slow, in sync rythm of our beating hearts. Trough my sleep I could hear a faint moan or two every once in a while but i assumed it was Y/N trying to get comfortable, until I noticed my body was moving without my influence. 

I sprung awake, barely managing to detain a frightened scream and my eyes opened in shock as i saw The Cloak of Levitation pushing me closer to my sleeping lover. Y/N, awoken by the sudden movements around her was soon to join the game that the red magic cloth decided to play with us as she was tangled into the red fabric shortly after. I felt the corners of the fabric push my hands towards her thighs and she couldn’t help but be pushed against my crotch. As soon as I snapped out of my state of confusion I yelled - ‘’ Enough.’’

The sharp sound of my voice carried itself beyond the walls of my bedroom and I heard its faint echo die in the hallway. immediately Y/N and I were released from the magic grip and we both stared into each others eyes for a few brief seconds. 

-’’ I am very sorry about that.’’ - I panted whilst trying to catch my breath as the anger was leaving my system. 

-’’ It won’t happen again.’’ - I forced myself out of bed in order to put the red hazard away for the night.

Y/N just nodded and attempted to make herself comfortable once again, I soon joined her in her peaceful state.

Before drifting off into sleep i placed a gentle kiss onto her forehead -’’ Sleep tight, my love.’’ 

Fire Emblem: Fates Request

Requester: Ninja Family Anon

Prompt: Can I request fluffy family headcanons between Saizou/Kaze/Asugi/Midori? They are adorable af

○ Kaze is naturally a lot better with kids than Saizo so he helps his brother a lot when it comes to raising Asugi

○ Kaze was prone to sneaking Asugi sweets when Saizo wasn’t looking when Asugi was really little

○ Asugi was so amazed when Midori was first born. He loved her so much from first sight he just wanted to protect his precious little cousin

○ Asugi loved to carry Midori around once he was old enough

○ Asugi also tried to give Midori all of his vegetables but Saizo put a stop to that pretty quick

○ Midori managed to coerce Asugi into playing house with her quite a lot when they were kids

○ Sometimes Kaze and Saizo would even join in if Midori asked nicely enough

○ Midori still has tea parties with Asugi from time to time. He claims to just go for the sweets but he likes her company

○ Kaze, Saizo and Asugi are all the Midori Protection Squad. Seriously they’re all pretty protective of her don’t mess with the smol herbalist.

○ They all eat a lot of meals together as a family, both the fathers, their wives and the children. They’re almost like a big extended family


Public Male Bonding. Over the weekend, a lucky fan met Richard Armitage, Lee Pace, and an unnamed friend while they were out midnight snacking on kebabs because why not. 

According to Jessi, Lee didn’t agree to a pic because he’s shy. (which is Lee-speak for “No one’s supposed to know I’m in Berlin because as far as anyone knew, I’ve been filming my new movie in New York.”) Other than that, Jessi seemed to have a lovely encounter.

Me? I don’t plan things. I go where my legs take me. I don’t plan ahead.
—  Kim Seokjin on his plans for his sightseeing walk around Bergen, Norway. 

U’thel tid-bits (because I am a lonely and I wanna chat but Discord is being blubber and my bae is at le school and precious is work ; _ ; ):

  • Retains his sight because “fuck Illidan (his words LMAO)
  • can do the sense demon thing but has to stand still and concentrate as well as close his eyes, so obviously this leaves him vulnerable if he isn’t careful
  • probably will cuss you out when he meets you because how to socialise like a normal person
  • wants to fite
  • cusses out the Illidari in Zandali because he knows they can’t understand him and he likes watching the frustration cross their features; bonus points if he knows they can kind of understand but can’t because they get EXTRA UPSET
  • “At least the bitches are hot”
  • Is an actual puppy once you gain his trust and will follow you forever
  • Gets separation anxiety because he’s been alone for so long and he don’t wanna be alone again
  • Totally curious about anything and everything but also doesn’t want to admit he is curious….
  • Proud™
  • will fite u to judge if ur worthy of being his frnd
  • picks fights with Vol’jin constantly
  • cares but won’t admit he cares
  • how 2 be frnds w/ ppl someone help this bab
  • needs 2 learn that fiting everyone is not how you get friends
  • really mad at the Loa

I think that’s it RIP


Request: Could u pls do an imagine where its y/n&shawn’s first time being parents?


You wake up and look over to your right to see the most precious sight. Your husband is seated in the chair next to your bed holding your newborn daughter. You gave birth a few hours ago, but you were so exhausted. Shawn reassured you that he had her and that you should sleep, so as much as you wanted to spend the first few hours with your daughter, the exhaustion from the hours of labor and pushing overcame you. But now you’re awake and ready to spend some time with your family of now three.

“Babe?” You ask. And he looks up at you. He was staring down at her so intently that he didn’t even notice you had woken up.

“She’s so beautiful, baby. She looks just like you.” He says, his eyes full of awe, and the smile on his face so genuine.

You sit up a little in bed, “Can I hold her?”

“Yeah, of course.” He says, carefully standing and handing her over. She’s asleep, and doesn’t even wake up or stir as he passes her to you. She’s so tiny as you hold her in your arms. You’re still having a hard time wrapping your mind around the fact that you and Shawn are responsible for this little life.

“She’s ours.” You say in awe.

“That’s what I’ve been thinking these last couple hours. I’ve just been holding her and staring at her and trying not to hurt her.”

“You’re going to be a great dad, Shawn.” You reassure him, looking up at him.

“And you’re already the best mom (Y/n).”

You hold her steady in one arm, while you move the other to check her diaper. “I think she’s wet,” You remark.

“I got this,” He says, moving to grab her back out of your arms. “I’ve been practicing. She pees a lot.” He moves her to the changing table, and you watch as your 6’2”, really strong, manly husband carefully maneuvers your daughter like she’s made of the most precious material. He’s so cautious and careful. His hands are almost the size of her whole body, but he manages to successfully change her tiny diaper surprisingly quickly. He really must have been practicing. He’s already promised to be on diaper duty as much as he can. He says you did the hard stuff for the first nine months and that you are going to have to be the one to feed her most of the time so the least he can do is change the diapers. So far, he’s definitely keeping up his end of the deal.
When he’s finished, he says more than he asks, “You want her back.” He hands her over, knowing that you do.

You take her, and you ask, “Where is everyone?” They were all here earlier. Right after you had the baby, both of your families came in and met her, everyone got pictures and she got passed around. But you were so tired that you fell asleep during this time.

“They’re all outside, they said they wanted to give us some time as a family.” He replies.

You’re secretly grateful for that because you’re really enjoying this time to be with just your baby and the man that you love. “Oh, that’s really nice of them.”

“Yeah,” he remarks. Then after a moment, he says, “I love you. You know that.”

“I do.” You reply, a small smile coming across your face. “I love you too.”

“And I love (Y/b/n).”

“I know you do.”

He reaches over and grabs her tiny hand in his, she wakes up, and doesn’t make a sound but curls her fingers around his finger and he practically melts at this.

“You’re going to spoil her rotten.” You remark.

“Look at her, babe. She’s so precious, how could I not?” A smile spreads across your face. She’s already got her wrapped around his finger and she’s only hours old. You can’t imagine what it’s going to be like by the time she’s a teenager.

“I’m going to protect you, little one. I’m always going to be here for you.” He says softly to her. “And your momma is the greatest woman I know. If you’re anything like her, you’re going to be just fine.” She just stares silently at him in response and he smiles down at her, then looks up and meets your eyes. His eyes are filled with so much love for the two of you.

No matter how many sleepless nights are ahead of you because of this little one, there’s no one else you’d rather have by your side through this whole new adventure of parenting.

it’s happening again
going backwards
is impossible
but how am I here?
your remembrances
are so powerful
time stops
and hits rewind
here, we meet again
exactly how it was before
the only thing different
is that I know what happens next
what happens next
is the reason why I find myself returning to
this place
the reason why this place
is heaven
the reason why this place
is sacred in it’s
precious memories
I wish to seize
they always find their way to escape
the only thing I can keep is its trace
time flies
too fast
we reach the end
faster than we can
adieu yesterday

nostalgia. time’s curse and blessing – mrc