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Tortuga, probably
  • Elizabeth Swann: [kneeling in the pigsty] James! Are you okay?
  • James Norrington: [facedown in filth] GONE! It's all gone! All of it's gone, bye-bye, hoo-hoo, see ya!
  • Elizabeth: [helping him sit up] ...What happened to you?
  • James: [slurring] One minute you're defendin' th' whole ocean, aND SUDDENLY you find yourself sucking down old grog with pirates and their little tarts!
  • Elizabeth: [helps him to his feet] I think you've had enough rum for today; let's get you out of here, Ja-
  • James: [wrenches out of her grasp, staggering] DON'T YOU GET IT?! D'y'see the hat? [She doesn't; he lost it back in the tavern.] I AM COMMODORE NORRINGTON, SCOURGE OF PIRACY! [mad laughter]
  • Elizabeth: Snap out of it, James! [resounding slap]
  • James: [more soberly] I-I-I-I'm sorry, you're right, I'm just a little depressed, that's all. I-I can get through this... [lurches, falls back in the mud] OH, I'M A SHAM! Look at me; I can't even walk to the docks!
  • Elizabeth: [remembers why she actually came to Tortuga]
  • James: [still rambling drunkenly] Did the hat look good? Tell me the hat looked good! The wig is a bit much, and the coat's not really my color, but-
  • Elizabeth: The docks? James, you're surprisingly helpful. [helps him walk again] Come on, this way.

       Okay so just to be clear, Teague wasn’t a good father. He’s had some not so shitty moments such as when he made Jack his protege and teaching him a trade. But that does not excuse the fact that Teague was verbally and emotionally abusive towards Jack frequently as well as having one known instance of severe physical abuse (beating a 9-year-old Jack). Teague was not a good father. The majority of Jack’s psychological problems can be traced back to Teague. Teague was not a good father. While there are many contributing factors from his own life (abusive upbringing, alcoholism, grief, ect) that led to his abusive behavior that does not excuse the fact that he made Jack feel worthless and alone. 

       Teague was not a good father. Just because he doesn’t seem to actively abuse Jack on-screen doesn’t diminish what Jack lived with for 13 years. Abusers aren’t abusive 100% of the time. In fact, if they were I suspect it would be a bit easier to deal with because at the very least you would know what to expect. But that isn’t the case. Instead, it comes in waves. Forcing you to center your life around their moods. The scene in At Worlds End between Jack and Teague has Jack being uncharacteristically cautious and reserved. Fear ≠ Respect. Jack is clearly afraid of his father. 

       Teague was not a good father. So please stop making excuses or diminishing what he did. It doesn’t matter that he was “raising Jack Sparrow, so it must’ve been tough” or that “he was just a distant parent because he didn’t know how to connect with Jack”. There’s always a reason behind abusive behavior but these do not excuse an abusers actions. 


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Look advance warning guys, I’m hopeless PotC trash, and #4 may have been an utter disaster but I LOVED the original trilogy and this one has not only Jack (which after #4, him alone would not have been enough of a draw card) but also Will and Elizabeth and baby Turner, so look I’ve become excited for this film against my will but heads up I plan to see it the day it comes out and once I’ve seen it my blog is gonna be a general PotC mess alright so just Brace yourself