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Tortuga, probably
  • Elizabeth Swann: [kneeling in the pigsty] James! Are you okay?
  • James Norrington: [facedown in filth] GONE! It's all gone! All of it's gone, bye-bye, hoo-hoo, see ya!
  • Elizabeth: [helping him sit up] ...What happened to you?
  • James: [slurring] One minute you're defendin' th' whole ocean, aND SUDDENLY you find yourself sucking down old grog with pirates and their little tarts!
  • Elizabeth: [helps him to his feet] I think you've had enough rum for today; let's get you out of here, Ja-
  • James: [wrenches out of her grasp, staggering] DON'T YOU GET IT?! D'y'see the hat? [She doesn't; he lost it back in the tavern.] I AM COMMODORE NORRINGTON, SCOURGE OF PIRACY! [mad laughter]
  • Elizabeth: Snap out of it, James! [resounding slap]
  • James: [more soberly] I-I-I-I'm sorry, you're right, I'm just a little depressed, that's all. I-I can get through this... [lurches, falls back in the mud] OH, I'M A SHAM! Look at me; I can't even walk to the docks!
  • Elizabeth: [remembers why she actually came to Tortuga]
  • James: [still rambling drunkenly] Did the hat look good? Tell me the hat looked good! The wig is a bit much, and the coat's not really my color, but-
  • Elizabeth: The docks? James, you're surprisingly helpful. [helps him walk again] Come on, this way.