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y'all watch potc for willabeth but i watch purely for captain jack sparrow oops

Look advance warning guys, I’m hopeless PotC trash, and #4 may have been an utter disaster but I LOVED the original trilogy and this one has not only Jack (which after #4, him alone would not have been enough of a draw card) but also Will and Elizabeth and baby Turner, so look I’ve become excited for this film against my will but heads up I plan to see it the day it comes out and once I’ve seen it my blog is gonna be a general PotC mess alright so just Brace yourself

Tortuga, probably
  • Elizabeth Swann: [kneeling in the pigsty] James! Are you okay?
  • James Norrington: [facedown in filth] GONE! It's all gone! All of it's gone, bye-bye, hoo-hoo, see ya!
  • Elizabeth: [helping him sit up] ...What happened to you?
  • James: [slurring] One minute you're defendin' th' whole ocean, aND SUDDENLY you find yourself sucking down old grog with pirates and their little tarts!
  • Elizabeth: [helps him to his feet] I think you've had enough rum for today; let's get you out of here, Ja-
  • James: [wrenches out of her grasp, staggering] DON'T YOU GET IT?! D'y'see the hat? [She doesn't; he lost it back in the tavern.] I AM COMMODORE NORRINGTON, SCOURGE OF PIRACY! [mad laughter]
  • Elizabeth: Snap out of it, James! [resounding slap]
  • James: [more soberly] I-I-I-I'm sorry, you're right, I'm just a little depressed, that's all. I-I can get through this... [lurches, falls back in the mud] OH, I'M A SHAM! Look at me; I can't even walk to the docks!
  • Elizabeth: [remembers why she actually came to Tortuga]
  • James: [still rambling drunkenly] Did the hat look good? Tell me the hat looked good! The wig is a bit much, and the coat's not really my color, but-
  • Elizabeth: The docks? James, you're surprisingly helpful. [helps him walk again] Come on, this way.

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lilhex  asked:

Fam LEMME JUST TELL YOU i rewatched PotC the orignal trilogy™ and now i'm coming for you ready for som real ship on ship action like what the fuck.... ive been seeing jack'n'beth on ur blog long enough this will not stand... do PotC for the fandom if you think you can handle it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (psst its not actually a threat... i'm only jocking & won't Unironically engage in PotC discourse or ship wars in this lifetime btw. i hope the birds let you sleep love ya)

Guuuurrrlll, you rewatched it and you still didn’t see the light? Tsk. ;D (ILU too ♥)

001 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:

  • Favorite character: Elizabeth Swann ♥
  • Least Favorite character: Um. Will, I guess. I don’t hate him, but he just doesn’t fit in with the rest. 
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): Jack x Elizabeth, Jack x Elizabeth x James, James x Elizabeth, Will x Calypso, Everyone x Calypso :D
  • Character I find most attractive: Hmm. Gotta say Scruffington. :D
  • Character I would marry: James.
  • Character I would be best friends with: It’d be cool to be bffs with Calypso, no?
  • A random thought: I love Lt. Theodore Groves. He was the best thing about On Stranger Tides. :D
  • An unpopular opinion: I guess not digging Will all that much and thinking he was the least suited guy for Elizabeth counts.
  • My canon OTP: What is canon even? Jack and Elizabeth weren’t together at the end but the thing they had was canon so I’ll say them.
  • Non-canon OTP: James x Elizabeth. Per Word of God, they would have actually been happy together had shit not happened.
  • Most badass character: Elizabeth. ♥
  • Pairing I am not a fan of: This is getting repetitive, but Will x Elizabeth. :D
  • Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): Oooohhh boy. After they started messing with the scripts around At World’s End and eventually took the screenwriting role away from Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, every character’s writing started to suffer IMO. Like, I have no idea what the hell they’re even doing with Dead Men Tell No Tales, and OST was just a downright weird AU.
  • Favourite friendship: Pintel and Ragetti :D
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