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hey is me, is me ! the girl behind the unfunny posts about choices books and sean gayle’s biggest stan!  i used my best recent selfie (even tho it’s from may lmao) and my best selfie overall (back at my hs prom aw). i decided to hop on the #choicesselfieday train so here i am:

name: karla 

age: 18 (about to be 19 in sept woo)

zodiac sign: virgo baby 

fav choices books: the freshman saga / endless summer / most wanted 

how long have i been playing pb games: ever since high school story, so maybe since 2014 ??? not sure


Aja: The show is great and I’m very grateful for it, but the thing that I leave with the most is these guys. Like, I intend to be in their lives forever.
Karla: That felt like a threat. (laughs)
Aja: I went to London and met Alfie’s family, I went to Karla’s wedding. We’ll be together forever.
Alfie: Aja just announces that she’ll be coming to things.
Aja: I am not letting any of these people go. These guys are the best thing about it. [x]

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What movies should i watch

literally about to post my fav movie list so beware

Across The Universe
Almost Famous
American Beauty
Bridget Jones Diary
Coyote Ugly
Cruel Intentions
Dazed And Confused
Death Becomes Her
Desperately Seeking Susan
Edward Scissorhands
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark
Employee Of The Month
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
For A Good Time Call…
Girl Interrupted
Gone Girl
Hairspray (original)
Hard Candy
Hell Raiser
Hot Chick
House Bunny
Hurricane Bianca
Jay And Silent Bob
Jennifer’s Body
Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2
Naomi And Ely’s No Kiss List
Natural Born Killers
Party Monsters
Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure
Percy Jackson
Perks Of Being A Wallflower
Perfect Sisters
Pulp Fiction
Red Riding Hood
Remember Me
Requiem For A Dream
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion
Sucker Punch
The Breakfast Club
The Craft
The Outsiders
The Shining
We Need to Talk About Kevin
Zero Hour
6 Years
10 Things I Hate About You

These are white latinx, contrary to popular belief latinx are not, in fact, a race

pictured- karla souza (mexican), guillermo del toro (mexican), rita moreno (puerto rican), fede alvarez (uruguayan)

These are white passing latinx aka latinx who benefit from white privilege in latin america but experience racialized xenophobia in anglo countries

pictured- adriana lima (brazilian), diego luna (mexican), america ferrera (honduran), alfonso cuaron (mexican)

These are european culture vultures aka white people who’ve made themselves rich by playing off of stereotypes about latinx

pictured- penelope cruz (spaniard), javier bardem (spaniard), catherine zeta jones (british/welsh), antonio banderas (spaniard)

But these are actual, albeit super lightskin, brown latinx

pictured- emeraude toubia (mexican), oscar isaac (guatemalan), justina machado (puerto rican), richard cabral (mexican)

note: this post isn’t overly researched so any latinx feel free to correct me

Imagine you go down to the lair. Nothing unusual about it, it’s just a hangout. Well, when you walk in, the guys are about to greet you when they notice that your skin is a bit darker and.. kind of red. They ask what’s up, and you tell them that you “might have, possibly, maybe” gotten a bit of a sunburn.

The teens you have come to know suddenly scowl at you, but they do have a look of concern in their eyes. Mikey puts his hands at his sides, Donnie looks you over to see if there’s any spots they might have looked over, Raph crosses his arms, and Leo lets out a little sigh. They simply point for you to sit and scatter to go get stuff.

Leo comes back with a wet washcloth, Raph brings a water bottle, Donnie has his first aid kit, and Mikey has an ice pack at the ready.

Leo puts the cloth on your forehead, a bowl of water beside him whenever he needs to douse it in water again.
Raph tells you to drink up. Now.
Donnie washes his hands and starts applying some burn cream (or hands it to you for you to do it yourself if you’re not comfortable being touched by others).
Mikey puts the ice pack on the reddest spot, hoping it will help some.

Mikey goes through Donnie’s kit and slams a tube of sunscreen in your hand. “Use it. I’m serious.”

Donnie mumbles some stuff under his breath. You can only make out “…could’ve gotten heat stroke…”

Leo and Raph both look you dead in the eye and say in unison “be careful next time. We mean it.”

You really wanna laugh; it’s kind of sweet and funny that they’re this concerned about you. It takes all you got to hold back your laugh. It’s way tougher to hide the smile.

Born To Kill?

Episodes of ‘Born To Kill?’ one of my favourite true crime shows, each episode is about a different killer or killers, thought I’d post these because I personally love this show and it needs more attention :) 

Also I hit 4k followers last week & didn’t post anything so here’s a little something lol idk, I love all my followers I hope you guys know that :) 😚 💖

Jeffrey Dahmer | Ted BundyHarold Shipman | Aileen Wuornos | Richard Ramirez | Edmund Kemper  | Dennis Nilsen | ‘The Hillside Stranglers’ (Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono) | David Berkowitz | Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka | Fred & Rosemary West | Peter Sutcliffe | David Carpenter | Sean Gillis | Charles Starkweather | Gerald & Charlene Gallego | Timothy Spencer | Bobby Joe Long | John Duffy & David Mulcahy | Albert DeSalvo | Richard Chase | ‘The Gay Slayer’ (Colin Ireland) | ‘The Thriller Killers’ (Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog) | Herbert William Mullin | Richard Cottingham Patrick Mackay | Hadden Clark | Myra Hindley & Ian Brady | Levi Bellfield | 👍

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Camila tweeted that she is listening to the 1975 and she is feeling good but kind of nostalgic and sad. Like, you can't post things Karla Camila. Is like she do it on purpose since in the last days CS have been talking about the 1975 Camren relation and all 😂

…she knows what she is doing…😍


“A bit info about C’s album(?) from an article of MTVUK about “Camila Cabello’s song Havana reaching HUGE streaming milestone” a possibility that THTHTL release date is changed. If that is true, Could it be in October? What do you think?”


First, I like how you submitted this. Clean. Well done. 👌🏻

Second, I think that Karla is shocked on people’s response to Havana and OMG. 😂 She did not expect that. At all.

3rd, Strategically, well.. because of that she might make a few tweaks on the album or let Havana and OmG still have its moment. So the album may be pushed to October.

4th, Karla you don’t have to. Release it on September 22. 😎🌚

Since I got 400 followers... here’s some information about me

There’s some triggering stuff(self-harm and an abusive relationship) that was tough to write, but I’ll bold the sentences that are triggering. If there’s any that I didn’t bold, PLEASE tell me!! 

      My name is Karla, and I am the only daughter in my family. The only sibling I have is an older brother, because my mom and dad decided to quit having children when they met perfection- Me. I’m 18 years old, I am planning on majoring in American Sign Language, and eventually teaching at my Alma Mater.  

     I don’t know much about my sexuality because I’ve never really thought about it(?) I’ve always had crushes on gals and girls, but I’m not sure if there’s more to it. I honestly don’t care though lol. I love who I love, and i don’t care what others think.

      **TW**I’ve been in one serious relationship, and it wasn’t until I broke up with him did I realize he was being mentally and emotionally abusive. I’m still scared to trust people, especially guys, from that. He tried (and succeeded) to control my life two months after we broke up with him, and i guess he still does since I’m still scared to have a serious relationship, when it’s been a little over a year since the breakup.

      I mentioned that I’m 18, and with that, I have a tattoo(I’ll include a picture of it)! It’s a black cross, that’s about 2 inches long. It has a heart and a backwards (supposed to be) semicolon. I’m religious, so that’s the Cross(obvi). The heart is there because I want to love everyone, even if not everyone loves me. And the semicolon is there because I have depression and anxiety. I want people to ask about my tattoo, so if they’re struggling with any mental illness, they know they’re not alone. I was in band for seven years, for grades 6-12. And in 9th grade, i was bullied in band. That’s when I got my depression and anxiety.

       **TW**I started to self-harm about halfway through my first semester of high school, so I was about 13 years old. At first I was starving myself because I thought I wasn’t pretty enough to be accepted. And then, everything became overwhelming I started to self-injure(I HATE the term cutting) with any sharp thing i could find when I felt overwhelmed by the world. Then, after a REALLY rough week, I was in my lowest and attempted suicide by OD. It’s been about 3 and a half years since that, and three years since I last self-harmed in anyway. And I’m much healthier mentally. 

      I have bad trust issues, but i do trust people. Different stages of trust, but still. But i get attached easily, and when i do trust someone, i never shut up about them or talking to them lol. But I also push people away. Confusing, i know. I’m getting better as I get older to either tell the person that I’m pushing them away, or reassuring myself that they won’t leave me. 

Wow. that was kinda hard to write? I might delete this in a few weeks.. I don’t know how people will react. If it’s too descriptive, I will take it down if asked.  

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Just coming in your ask to jump for joy cause Karla had a baby bump in the selfie she posted yesterday 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

did she? lol

i’m so bad about that because i’m always like, am i really seeing that or is that just her shirt?  i most definitely feel like laurel looked pregnant in the picture that matt posted a while ago.  

but i didn’t really notice anything in the selfie.  she’s always in black (or like a dark blue) so it’s so hard to tell whether it’s my eyes playing tricks or an actual bump.  i’m inclined to think that it wasn’t a bump in the selfie just because…she posted it, and didn’t immediately delete it thinking she had spoiled something.  but that certainly doesn’t mean that laurel doesn’t have a bump, just that karla’s not sporting one in her selfies (smart girl - don’t want to spoil the masses).

but we’ll know soon enough.  LESS THAN A WEEK!

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Apparently HL put out an article referring to the keys bc JB posted a pic of karlie wearing one of his tour sweatshirts and the feud tay had with jb. So ppl are using that even though she is with sbp and Karla styles jb. Stupid! Also another Toe break up story debunked by GC about j's friends wanting him to break up w/tay or career will be ruined. Sick of HL and antis messing with Karlie/Taylor & ppl believing it. JB is trying to sell his stuff, sure SBP dumba$$es put that on his ig.

It’s business, SBP, Beibs, partnerships, endorsements….It’s the same thing as what she did a few times, to help promote Louis Vuitton Supreme Collection, for Biebs’ tour….

People who criticize it just don’t understand how it works, and the ramifications, that’s all….

The feud between Tay and Biebs is long gone…if it was a Kanye brand, then yes it’d be problematic, agreed, but this ?? come on..

Sick of HL too, but it’s probably another little seed, so… ;) 

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It's time to play 'The Tyren Drinking Game' you have to take a shot everytime you saw a Tyren Pic, 1 beer for L liking T photos or viceversa.

Funny that you juz mentioned that cause I have not been checking things for a bit there but well hey I actually juz saw Lauren’s post and I’m like meh, m'kay. You know when you had your fave food and you had too much of it and you don’t feel like eating it for a really long time, daz pretty much how I felt, In the Philippines we call it umay. 😂

PR or not, they are overdoing it.

Karla be like… “I am that much of a threat huh.”

But srsly, I dunno how I feel about it. Of course I am on team Camila forever and always, I will never be on Ty’s team, I can assure you that,

but if Lauren is rubbing it on her face like that PR or not, I juz want Camila to find a hot girl rn and fuck her hard. Yea, daz how I feel, hoe it up Karla, Unleash the fuckboi in you, Cause you top bish and you ain’t taking this shit. You are not. You heard me. Fuck a hot bish Karla. 😎

Lo, I heart you, you know that, but you went too far with this one and if you really wanna kill my camren heart, congratulations, I think you juz did.

the camren video finally. i really didn’t plan for this to take so long but with exams and my phone didn’t have enough storage to crop and post it. i got it now. not to worry. i really am sorry for making you all wait. but as you can see… when i scream “Lauren!” while Camila is stating her celebrity crushes, Lauren looks at me and Dinah Jane, our captain, ever so subtly looked over and smirked… i know it is a bit blurry but i was about to pee myself so patience children….

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What are your favorite crime blogs? Anytime I search or tumblr recommends blogs to me, it's those fangirls.

I really like all the blogs I follow for different reasons, but I know what you mean. I would recommend:

@congenitaldisease, our “local” expert in everything true crime and other interesting things. She writes in a very factual, informative way and you’ll never seen her fangirling. She always give very informed opinions.

@bundyspooks, who also writes mostly informative posts about true crime and spooky stuff, but also is very sassy and funny and great.

@adeadlyinnocence, who shows a particular interest in school shootings without bias, and also knows a lot about paul bernardo, karla homolka and movies and always has something intelligent to say.

@anatomicdeadspace, another great source of factual information and very valuable opinions about the psychology behind different crimes. 

@reallifeishorror is a recent favorite, writes a lot about unsolved mysteries (which are my main interest) and paranormal stuff, with sources and interesting angles.

@crimesandcuriosities, @ruincus, @insidious-whispers, @truecrimecreep, @truecrimemaniac, @moody-bundy and @lost-inthegrey all write very good and interesting original posts and also are great “curators” (as in they reblog good stuff). @coed-killer is another favorite of mine, for reasons beyond true crime, her opinions are always very interesting and honest.

And then of course you have @thedeathmerchant and @truecrimehothouse who know a lot about true crime and the prison system and are a huge asset to this community with their informed perspective.

Imagine Raph will notice when you’re feeling really anxious or it looks like you’re on the verge of tears or an attack of some sort, and he’ll immediately sprout into action. He’ll get up and gently get you up and will rush you two to the nearest room that’s unoccupied, lead you in there, sit you down somewhere, and just pet your head and whisper sweet nothings to you to try to calm you down. 

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Wait how old is Jimi? I always thought he was 2 years younger than the girls but Karla posted a thing about your eclipse name and Jimi commented on it and his answer would make him born in 1970?

I THOUGHT HIS BIRTH YEAR WAS 91. SHIT my life has been a lie. i’ll tweet him and ask him with a screen shot of google. maybe he lied on insta to make him sound cooler lmaoo.bc oracle of powerful peace is much cooler than pracle of cosmic peace. 

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I was just looking at your post about Karla (actually made me stop it right as I was starting to play it. Sad, cuz I want to watch more of him, but if he says its bad, we'll honor his wishes). But do you know where to find the film you suggested, or if there's anywhere to find the comedy he mentioned that he says wasn't released?

Well, I heard a crazy rumor that you can find “Finding Home” on Youtube. I bought the DVD, of course.

Stonehenge Apocalypse is also available on DVD. 

Some clips of Par 6 have been uploaded on Youtube, but as far as I know, it is not available on DVD. If you ask around, you can find someone with a copy who’s willing to share it with you. Moving Alan is likewise on Youtube and not available on DVD unless you are living in Brazil, I think? It’s a weird situation. (Moving Alan also has Mark Pellegrino in it, and he’s naked for almost the whole movie. Plus, I have this interpretation of it as a Supernatural AU with genderflipped Winchesters that makes it much more fun for SPN fans to watch [That’s from my liveblog of Moving Alan, posts in reverse order, of course.])

I also recommend that you watch his scenes from 24, E.R., and Nip/Tuck. And, of course, TSA: AMERICA, if you can afford the DVD!

P.S. I was probably being too harsh about watching “Karla.” I really meant “don’t watch ‘Karla’” as advice, not a command; I should have said something like, “I don’t recommend that you watch 'Karla,’ as I found it to be an incredibly unpleasant experience, and also I discovered these facts about it later that made me not want to support the movie. I also would like to warn you that it has a lot of disturbing and possibly triggering content, so please be aware of that. Of course, you are free to do what you want, but I thought you should know this." 

But that wouldn’t have made a good Tumblr tag. 

They allowed my character to be Latin without using these Latin stereotypes that we may have seen too much in television already.
—  Karla Souza, Mexican (x)
about her character, Laurel Castillo, from How to Get Away With Murder 

Y tu papel de que va? Por que el ingles lo veo que lo manejas muy bien. Tu papel es de una chava latina o de que sales? 

Pues mi personaje era gringo, Laurel Wilden, asi se llamaba. Es una estudiante de leyes. Es un chava, no le gusta la platiquita. Solo habla cuando tiene que hablar. Cuando hay algo necessario que decir. Es muy inteligente. Y el personaje era gringo. Pero Shonda, el equipo de Shonda es increible por que les platique les dije les interesaria hacerlo latino. Porque a mi me gustaria mostrar otra faceta de los latinos en los Estados Unidos. Yo siento que hay un estereotipo muy fuerte de latinos en los Estados Unidos. Y me dijieron si y ahora se llama Laurel Castillo. 

This is the source for this post