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eyepatchhaise  asked:

1, how was the art school thing 2, are you gonna draw stussy?

awww thank u for asking anouk <3

so…i got accepted, the interview lasted an hour and a half, i already toured the place last week and knew who i was going to talk to, and the second director talked to me a bit and seemed to have much more positive energy than the one who was going to interview me ahah but basically

it was an hour of critique of course but just saying how “maniered” my style was how he was worried how it would render in a comic “have you ever seen a train?” “did you sketch these places at night with no people in it?” and in the few comic pages i brought, that i thought had to develop a very complex idea to give a preview of how far it could go, where “completely unreadable and incomprehensible” the concept must have been “fucked” since the start to give such a flawed result, too much at once

and i absolutely cannot remember a single positive comment and was basically experiencing the mist of indifference by this point continuously smiling and joking, that who would represent poison in a scorpion instead of a spider?! indeed, that is a very big problem (that i was completely aware of and terribly worried about, every comment, i had expected it and it indeed came up) it completely went over me to remotely defend myself i explained sure but aside from that none, going on about a girl who tried an animation school right after and completely failed on a point going on about how he would rather have someone who draws less well but narrative wise way stronger, even if people fail they will still finish the programme are you parents alright with such a job ect (it’s not free too)

and then he goes “of course, we want you” and brings the papers

i couldn’t even leave feeling relieved on the moment because it was a lot to take in lolol but i’ll “weigh the pros and cons” but yeah!

I still can’t believe all this happened 1 year ago.


Every new crazy step or dance, Victor just follows.

He actually plays along Yuuri’s crazy doings.


LOOK AT THEIR HANDS, HOW PERSONAL SPACE DOES NOT EXIST IN THEIR WORLD, AND I REPEAT ALL THIS HAPPENED A YEAR AGO. This Victor has yet to experience all of what we’ve seen happened, but it seems their contact just comes naturally.

THEY LOOK SO COMFORTABLE WITH ONE ANOTHER, SMILING LIKE THEY’RE LOOKING AT THEIR WHOLE WORLD. And I get the reason’s behind Yuuri’s smile, but Victor, this might have been the first time he’s interact with the other boy, and just look at his smile.

People asking Victor his plans after he won the grand prix, HE ALREADY HAD IN MIND WHAT HE WANTED TO DO.


Its really pissing me off that I’m not seeing a lot about Aleppo in social media today. Like i know its just social media but.. when a massacre happens in a western country, everyone is changing their statuses and icons and saying “PRAY FOR _____” and holding vigils and crying for days. Yet i have never seen anything for Syria. They have been going through far worse than any western country in these past few years. All these celebs only care about western countries and they’re the ones with the biggest social media platform who can actually spread things. When it comes to places like Syria everyone ignores it. When it comes to places like Syria its “all lives matter” and not “pray for syria” specifically. If all lives matter then fuckin say something or do something. It takes YEARS of constant attacks in these countries and a photo of a young boy covered in blood and ruins for y'all to say anything. Why is this not the #1 thing being talked about in the world. Why is no one doing anything. Why does no one want to stand up against a mass genocide. There are thousands of people over there right now crying out for help but the world is collectively ignoring them and letting it happen. 

I basically cried a lot because of the fact that this bitch ass old motherfucker became president. I cannot think of any reason this might be good for anyone though I’ve seen many turkish politicians claiming him to be the better president than clinton when it comes to the turkish population. My future and dreams have probably been completely shuttered by something this stupid. I will still try my best and never chill on the fact that this orange faced bitch can change my plans and destroy whatever I wanted to create myself in my future. One good thing about this situation is that I was never more thankful to have so many great people around me whose existence in my life are of great importance and significance that I would rather spend my time with them than being in other places on my own. At this point, and this sounds a bit like a speech after you win an award, but it is almost the same thing as he is the best award I’ve ever had metaphorically without doing anything to deserve this or never going to be able to deserve someone as perfect as him, I want to thank my boyfriend, the person who has been teaching me so much in the last months. The person, who has been showing me what unconditional love means, what it means to really have someone by your side who protects you, who every single day and minute gives you the feeling of being wanted and loved and desired. He has been showing me how beautiful life can be and I am so grateful to have someone like him. I have never been so grateful in my life at all. I don’t want to talk so much about him because he is only mine and I’m always afraid of someone trying to get what is mine because of jealousy and I wouldn’t even be mad at the fact that someone would want to have him after I talk about him, I would even understand if someone falls in love with him just by me telling you about him cause there is no way not to fall in love with him. He is simply perfect without even trying. He always has the perfect words to make my heart melt, to make me feel happy. I am not an easy person and how he handles me and how much love he gifts me is unbelievable. I am so thankful for everything he has ever done for me and I cannot thank him enough for his patience. He has the biggest heart out of everyone I’ve ever met and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have this man in my life let alone to be able to marry this man one day.
If you read this, I promise I will always stay by your side as long as you love me I will make things work and try my best to meet your love and effort.
I love you, so unconditionally

she may not have been the ideal candidate but if there’s one thing hillary did for us is that she shut the mouth of anyone who’s ever told you a woman is too emotional to be president. or too irrational. or too dramatic. i’ve never seen a more poised, composed and frankly presidential human being than the one i saw giving that concession speech and accepting defeat to a man much less qualified and i’m grateful to her for proving what so many of us have known for so long, which is that a woman’s place is in the white house

Marked One

HELLO! Just a quick thank you to everyone for the amazing response to my first ever reader insert imagine! I am glad you all enjoyed it and I am glad to have given back a little something to this amazing community. 

PROMPT - @spnstarships requested: “Reader gets really sick, does not tell anyone until Bones comes to check because he has not seen her, finds almost dead then saves her.” - Sorry for the delay in posting this, but it took a while to write and I really hope it was the kind of thing you were after :)

PAIRING - Reader X Bones

WARNINGS - Slight cursing, Angsty but also fluffy to in places!

Marked One

White lights streaked in a steady rhythm above your head, as your body laid parallel on a medical stretcher. Your eyes were heavy as the cold white light reflected off falling dust particles creating an angelic halo around you. The moment would have been so utterly perfect if one figure above you, hadn’t had to consistently slap the side of your face whenever your eyes threatened to give in to the darkness.

“Don’t fall asleep.”

The order had been spoken with a commanding tone, however the subtle worried edge which laced it did not go unnoticed. Frowning towards the shadowy figure, you reached your arm up high; clinging to the blue cloth which surrounded them.

“I don’t know if you’ve had to do this before- but it’s hard.”

The figure blew an amused raspberry, their face turning away as they begun to murmur to the other unfamiliar shadows which lurked around you. Once finished, the silhouette leaned closer; their features forming clearer as you recognised the face before you with relief.

“I take it that the anti hallucinogenic hypo helped then.”

“Leonard?” You interrupted, your hand falling from his shirt and back to your aching chest.

“Good. You recognise me, thats-” Leonard paused as he nodded to himself in determination, a sense of relief seemingly washing over him. “It’s a good sign. Better than earlier.”

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I don’t think some people understand how important a show like taz is for a lot of people.

Because it’s an audio thing and gives the ability for listeners to see the characters pretty much how they would like, a lot of people have been able to get a sense of representation.

I’ve seen a bunch of artists really go places with these designs for the characters. There’s even some fandom established characters of color and that’s really fun and great to see! The support and love for black Anguses really lifts my spirts because people are seeing this adorable and brilliant child prodigy as a black boy. Or like how the majority of the fandom see Kravitz, described as a strikingly handsome and elegant man, as a black person with beautiful dark skin. Or a brown Magnus or fat Taako! That’s great and wonderful to see!!

But also other things come out of this. Characters who are the “villians” of their arcs have been seen as darker skinned poc and a lack of varying body sizes and races for the main characters.

And I’m capital NOT trying to “dictate” how ppl design the characters (unless it’s someone like The Director who’s canonically has dark skin and should not be whitewashed ever) or force people to change all their designs. This is a fun show and creating content should be fun too! I would just like it if people were more aware on how certain choices they make can affect the viewers of said content, those of different body sizes and races, who rarely see themselves represented in many things in the first place and when there’s the ability to have that in something, others seem to easily resort to the “status quo”.

Has no one noticed this?

“I cant believe how happy they are,they dont even know they are trapped”

“well of course they dont,theyve never been anywhere else.They love it here,i mean look at this place,can you blame them?theyve got everything they need and they never have to worry about a thing”

greg just answered steven why gems like being in homeworld.

surprised no one has said this yet(if they have,i havent seen).i thought it was obvious from the second i saw this scene.


Hello again! I know you guys are already aware of the dates and the prompts, but here’s the official date list!

  • 26th: Outertale
  • 27th: Underfell
  • 28th: Reapertale
  • 29th: Underswap
  • 30th: Promtale
  • 31st: Altertale
  • 1st: Free Day (Any AU!)

Just like last time, please keep the following rules in mind! Some of them have been updated a bit, so please note the slight changes:

  • Use the tags #sorielweek, #sorielauweek, and #sorielauweek2016!
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  • You can create whatever you want based off the prompts! All fanwork is accepted!
  • You can post your submissions late! (I highly encourage all of you to take advantage of this since this week is taking place during the holidays, and things get busy!)
  • Have fun and play nice! Spread love, not LOVE!

Please reblog this post to spread the word, and I hope that everyone is having an awesome start to their December! :D

A Game

i got so excited when you answered my question like omg. hehe anyways. can i request an imagine where the reader is modern. you know, with gadgets, headphones and all that and she gets taken to neverland while she’s having a walk and when she arrives in neverland she isn’t bothered at all because she had seen weirder shit (lol) and then her personality is like sassy, witty and likes to answer with only one word or short sentences. Pan tried to intimidate her but ya he gets frustrated and up2u

warnings: none
430 words

Peter Pan was totally and undeniably frazzled by you. None of the Lost Boys had ever seen him this crazed. Pan was upset that nothing ever fazed you. Even when you had been taken by a shadow to Neverland, a place with magic and boys who never grew up, you shrugged it off as if it wasn’t the strangest thing to have happened to you. Yes, you had annoyed him, to say the least, and Pan was determined to get your fire going. Surely you couldn’t always be so cool and collected, he thought to himself. Surely something would get you riled up.

Today you were taking a stroll throughout the forest, headphones in tow as you listened to the music on your phone. Neverland was a place where no one grew old, and thankfully that magic spread to electronics, freezing the battery forever in time. And so you carried on, chill as always, until a certain someone stopped by for another attempt to annoy you.

“Hello, sweetheart,” Pan drawled, floating down next to you.

“Hey,” you greeted simply.

“Up for a game?”

“Not particularly,” you replied, causing the boy’s eyes to darken.

“Doesn’t matter. We’re going to play anyways.”


“And there’s one rule.”

“Great,” you didn’t mind. You’d play his silly game.

“No one-word answers.”


Pan smirked at you. “You’ve already lost.”

“Not fair.”

“How so?”

“You want me to play. Don’t restrict my speech.” His brow furrowed as you told him this. How would eliminating one-worded answers restrict your speech? He was allowing you to speak freely in front of him. Pan would never admit it, but he was only playing this game to get to know the quiet, clever girl. The rule was made in the hope of learning more about you.

But you would not play, and so he complied.

“Fine,” he surrendered reluctantly. “No more rules, except that you answer honestly and truthfully.” You nodded, smirking as you came up with a plan of your own to rile up the island’s leader. He smiled in triumph, ignoring your smirk, and proceeded. “Let the game begin.”

… … …

Pan stalked over to his treehouse, sulking, and the Lost Boys scrambled to get out his way, not wanting to be caught on his bad side. Meanwhile, you emerged from the forest quite smug, bobbing your head to the beat of your music.

He had asked you an endless list of personal questions, all of which you answered cleverly, twisting the meaning of his words so that you could give a plausible response that was not at all what he had originally wanted. He was furious, but what could he do? Your wit had outsmarted him, and he could do nothing but wallow in another loss. You hummed as you walked over to your tent, grinning.

You had won this round.

RE: Carrying a knife

I’m on a roll today with posts but I’ve had a day to process my FB feed and I wanted to respond to some common themes I have seen. I have seen countless people on facebook talking about ‘carrying a knife to feel safer’ and I feel that I need to clarify some key things about carrying a knife for people who might not know.

For anyone wondering, my cred is that for the past few years my kenjutsu sensei has been teaching me practical knife fighting for when “I go excavate in shady countries’ xoxo sensei.

But back to the serious matter.

1. Make sure it is legal to carry a knife in your country/state. This seems like a no brainer, but it is actually illegal in some places to carry a knife; concealed or otherwise. In some areas the penalty is a fine, in some areas it is jail. Don’t got o jail for carrying a knife please.

2. People who carry knives do not intend to fight with them. If you are carrying a knife you are using it as a means to ALLEVIATE a situation. For instance ‘gimme your money’ becomes way more convincing when you are holding a knife. On the reverse side, someone without a weapon threatens you and you pull out a knife? That is going to make that person back off veeeery quickly (except in some circumstances but you need to judge that). So let me recap, carrying a knife is a sign of ENDING A SITUATION. People who are trained in knife fighting DO NOT CARRY KNIVES unless it is for dissolving a situation.

3. Why don’t people who can use knives carry them? Because the first rule of knife fighting is to take the knife from your opponent and DISSOLVE THE SITUATION. The basic idea is that a knife is a weapon of opportunity.  You get angry at dinner and you grab the steak knife etc, etc. The first move is to remove the knife from the person who has it. Not to pull out your own knife and duke it out. but this works both ways. If you are unskilled and carrying a knife and the person you pull it out at takes it what do you do then? This is why it is not a good idea.

4. If you want to feel safer honestly I’d enrol in some self defense classes rather than carry a knife. Unless you are carrying it WITH THE IDEA IN MIND THAT YOU WILL DISSOLVE A SITUATION BY BRANDISHING IT it’s not worth it (but then even you gotta know a bit what you are doing). It really ISN’T. Also, no one wins in a knife fight. Trust me. There’s no winner and loser there’s just someone dead and someone in the hospital. Knife fighting is fucking brutal don’t do it.

5. If you ARE going to buy a knife be advised that shitty switchblades from fuck knows where aren’t going to cut it. If you are really serious about having the knife for protection at least get a good make that isn’t going to have a shitty blade. And then you can use it for actual useful things, like cutting shit.

This was not as well written out as it could have been but you get the idea. If you don’t know what you are doing carrying a knife is just as dangerous to you as any threats you might encounter. Think about what your purpose is and go from there.

Never in my life

Have I seen so many people refuse statins (in the stroke belt, mind you) and ask for jury duty excuses. I have a huge percentage of my patients who purely refuse any cholesterol medicine, even non-statin meds, for fear of a muscle cramp. But we aren’t worried about strokes or heart attacks. No, if we don’t think about them, they won’t happen. I swear my patients come up with the most ridiculous reasons to not take their meds.

I’ve been inundated with requests for jury duty excuses lately for things like “can’t be around perfume,” “vocal cord dysfunction,” and “severe diabetes” (in a patient whose diabetes is well controlled and has no long term complications from it).
Um, just no. You can go to jury duty. There aren’t but a handful of people in this county who can do it anyway, so suck it up and do your duty.

Also: ma'am, your 10mg of Crestor did not make you fall. Your refusal to use your cane made you fall.

And sir, yes, statins can cause muscle aches, but working all day in the heat and never drinking water can do it too.

Take your meds, folks.

hello ^^ i decided to do a follow forever since a lot of fun things have happend lately :3 first off i recently hit a new follower mile stone! thank you soo much~ it has also been almost a year since i found my exo angels and got thrown into this fandom (what a ride) and today is my birthday too so yay :’) (and let’s say it’s because it’s my lov’s birthday soon too while we’re at it) wow that was a lot

this year with exo has become such a wonderful one, much thanks to all you lovely people that make my dash so awesome. i’m not gonna ramble much more but thank you all for being here and making this space such a nice place to spend my time at ♡ ♡ ♡

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Annnnnd he’s done! Two days in the making, I’m getting pretty good at making these things. XD

Dread Pup Fen’Harel is made of fleece (do not recommend) and shiny scrap fabrics for bling effects. The orb is stretchy bathing suit material leftover from a dragon plush I made and black yarn hand-stitched in place.

Anyway! This is one of the plushies I’ll be carting around with me next week at MAGfest– might be bringing the Fen’Harel plush again, not sure yet. I also have plans to make a standing halla, but we’ll have to see how the week goes, lol. My lavellan might not have super advanced armor, but she has a crap-ton of plushies.

The plush pattern is a modified version of @sewdesune​‘s werewolf plush, which is ABSOLUTELY DARLING. <3 You can purchase it for only $5 HERE. I’ve gotta say, I’ve been trying out a lot of etsy patterns lately and by far, her patterns are the best I’ve seen. Definitely recommend!

I’ll try to snag some outside pics later this week if/when I can see sun. If I can find some decent minky fabric, I might even make some of these to sell. :)

Hope you guys enjoy him!

Posts You May Not Have Seen

Hey kids, this blog has officially been around since Dec 2011! So since ya’ll love being in the moment it occurred to me that you might not have had the time or patience to dig through my tags, posts, or lists. So here’s some posts that I am pretty fond of and think will help people out, all in one place.


“ 2017 is the year of giving a fuck. I’ve spent enough time putting up walls, chuckling under my breath, viewing life through a cynical lense, looking around for fucks to give. Guess what, bebs- there are plenty of people and places and movements and ideas worth giving a fuck about!!! Straight up- like soooo many!!! My travels over the past few years have brought me all around the world and back through the biggest cities and smallest towns in America. I am excited and encouraged by the humanity I’ve seen and the beauty right under my nose. But some of us aren’t able to see these things!! Our vision is clouded or our resources limited. Our spirits have been broken and we’re down about the future. Therefore, we must lift each other up. Celebrate one another. Give our all to those we love. And before we can really do it for anyone else: we have to do it for ourselves. Easier said than done though, right? Not everyone/everything will deserve your time and energy… but you do. You are always a worthy investment. And sowing into yourself will help you be able to help build up others. Don’t forget how much power words carry, and how what we think- we can manifest. Think and say Love. Think and be creative. Be fair. Be a champion. Be prosperous. Be kind. Be beautiful. You already are. Now go out and live like it. May 2017 bring you every bit of happiness and satisfaction you can possibly stand and may peace find you wherever you are. 

 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Taking my second solo trip at the end 2016 was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Exploring a new place by yourself means you can do craaaaazy shit like have coconut milk ice cream and red wine for dinner at your air B&B, walk for miles until you find somewhere you wanna explore, read your book alone at the bar as you eat lunch and meet new (much older and wiser) pals, or spend New Year’s Eve doing kirtan chanting in Sanskrit for three hours at a yoga studio with total strangers. (Just a few of the highlights from the past few days). Being alone shows you what you really like, without fear of any judgement from friends, colleagues, lovers, or family. And it can also be evidence of your self-sufficiency. You can find your way back from a long hike. If your phone dies for a few hours, you can survive- no one (including you) will be truly effected. I journaled a lot and I took so many mental pictures (as well as iPhone pics). When I took my silent solo trip to Malibu last year, I wrote and recorded most of Mad Love right after. It’s a truly rejuvenating and inspiring reset. I encourage any and everyone to do it when they can. HAPPY NEW YEAR, you special special person, you! Step into your truth in 2017. Mad love, Jo. —————————- PS.- for those wondering who took the pic, lol. I took a tour of Sedona vortexes and my tour guide took this.” - JoJo on Instagram


I am a girl. I have never been hit on rudely. I have never been cat called. I have never been stalked. A boy has never objectified me. I have never had to awkwardly reject a guy. Never got a dick pick. 

I have also not seen such things happen with my own eyes. 

I could so easily use this to assume everyone who complains about it is clearly just anecdotal evidence, and not actually an issue. Or they are doing something wrong to bring it out.

Instead I see it as a place I am exceptionally fortunate, and listen to those who says it’s a big deal, and protect my friends when they say they are in those situations.

And I implore everyone to do the same, even in areas where you share marginalization. It might not be “there is no oppression here”  it might just be “I am a person who has been able to avoid the more overt side effects of it.” 

So hey I’m on mobile and I can’t put this 100% tiredness-induced rambling under a read more so sorry for that in advance oops. Anyhow, topic: I still lowkey feel like doing stuff on YouTube could be a fun time?? A couple of my pals maintain channels atm and idk– besides drawing and sleeping, entertaining peeps is among my top 5 fave things so like??? Hm~
((That said, last time I tried to make one it gave me a major anxiety spike but hey maybe after I’m (hopefully) in a steady job outta uni???))
Mostly it’s a case of: I love video editing but I get next to no chances to do any– plus from what I’ve seen, challenge videos etc with friends seem like they’d be super fun to do, and obvs I could always upload speedpaints of my work, but otherwise I wouldn’t really know what to do in terms of vloggier(?) content. (Tfw u enjoy talkin but got no idea of what to talk about.) idk.
In any case it’s fuckin 1.30am and I oughtta crash.

jerseydevious  asked:

are american people actually really enthusiastic to other countries? like, is that a thing?

Okay, so I’m from a place where you don’t speak to strangers without pressing practical reasons, the word ‘friend’ is reserved for someone you are okay with having around your house an entire day, and the weather and early darkness hampers many socialising activities standard in other places for much of the year. I’ve spent most of my life in Britain, land of defensive sarcasm and weaponised politeness. Most problems are solved by not talking about them, around here. Point being that I’ve been raised into two very reticent cultures.

That said, Americans are slightly terrifying in their enthusiasm. I’ve seen enough clips of American TV shows to have been shocked multiple times by the sheer animation and verbosity displayed by the people on camera. Testimony from people who often deal with tourists has indicated that Americans are almost always amongst the most forward. The people with American accents who come into the coffee shop where I work always seem to be the chattiest. (Which isn’t a good thing, because I freeze up under pressure and tend to forget basic politeness words and phrases like ‘sorry about the delay, the kitchen’s understaffed’.) Those posts that float around Tumblr encouraging people to come talk to the blogger always read as resolutely American to me, although that may be unfair. My family uses ‘very American’ as code for showy.

And you people are loud. Every conversation I’ve had with an American has left me with the lingering impression that I sound about as lively as a rock when I talk.

I have a Texan friend whom I often converse with over Skype call, and time zones being what they are, it’s often very late over here when I can catch him. So of course, I end up yawning. He once burst out laughing after I yawned mid-sentence, and when I asked what had set him off, he said that I had a ‘baby yawn’. He actually burst out laughing because I somehow managed to have an understated yawn. Now I’ve heard that Texas is outlandish even for the US, but this guy’s an anxious introvert with a tendency to suppress his own feelings for the sake of others. I can’t help but imagine that being around a Texan extrovert would be enough to give me a migraine.

So long story short, I can’t speak for the rest of the world’s opinion with certainty, but yes, your being weirdly enthusiastic is A Thing.


I watch interviews that I did when the first Harry Potter movie came out and I was so lost! I would think, ‘What do young girls talk about? What do they say?’ ‘I like going shopping and I have a crush on Brad Pitt.’ And I had no idea who Brad Pitt really was! I hadn’t seen a single movie that Brad Pitt had been in, but this just seemed like the right thing to say. It makes me sad because I see this girl trying so much to fit in. The truth was I loved school. At first I was really trying to say, ‘I’m not like Hermione. I’m into fashion and I’m much cooler than she is,’ and then I came to a place of acceptance. Actually, we do have a lot in common. There are obviously differences, but there are a lot of ways that I’m very similar. And I stopped fighting that!