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The Secret Book Club Part 5

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Content/Warnings: Fluff, sexy-time-that-isn’t-quite-sexy-time-yet, flirting

Words: 3122


Hade to force myself to stop writing 😂 Enjoy this one!

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Do you wanna be a Serpent?

She was beautiful. The kind of beautiful you have to look twice at just to make sure it’s real, the kind of beautiful you see plastered in teen magazines. But she was also the kind of beautiful that was kept hidden away, locked up behind ponytails and pastels.

She had absolutely no idea how beautiful she was and it was clear in the way she looked down while she walked, the way her shoulders would slump every time she was around another girl, the way her nose would scrunch up when her raven haired best friend would tell her she looked pretty.

But she was beautiful, there was no denying it. Everyone could see it, especially heir to the Serpent throne, Jughead Jones.

It had been three weeks since Southside High had merged with Riverdale High and the divide was still as clear as ever, the scantily clad Southsiders had taken over half of the cafeteria while the townies kept ground outside by the picnic benches. Some NorthSiders however, chose to stay in the middle, constantly floating between acceptance and the uncomfortable twist of the unknown. Betty Cooper and her group of friends were definitely part of that floating section.

He had been taken with her right away, from her perfectly tightened ponytail to the sunshine yellow cardigan she had been wearing when she welcomed them to Riverdale High, a smile so big he was afraid her cheeks might split. Everything about her screamed fake, she was too put together, too perfect, but.. she wasn’t, she wasn’t fake at all, she genuinely accepted the Southside, she wanted to help, make it better. After only a few minutes he could tell that there was so much more to the cheerleader in front of him then Prom committee and ribbons in her hair.

He thought about her, her tiny shoulders wrapped in his leather jacket, her arms wrapped around his waist as she rode onthe back of his motorcycle. She could be the serpent queen, no one would disrespect her, not if they knew what was good for them. He had imagined it so clearly, it was in his head now, always there and burned into his thoughts.

He shared nearly every class with her and she was by far the brightest student he had ever seen, determined, ambitious, dedicated. And she was handy, he had seen the way she worked in shop class, hands buried deep in the engine of some beat up camaro as her partner Reggie handed her parts and peered over her shoulder. She was an anomaly, a challenge in the sense that he never knew what to expect, and he loved it, thrived on it. Maybe it was creepy, strange that he was constantly watching her, observing, but that wasn’t going to make him stop. He wasn’t bothering her, he never planned on saying a word to her, blissful ignorance, but that didn’t last very long at all.

He had been minding his own business, trying to figure out how to open the high tech locker that wasn’t busted and didn’t have a collection of safety pins as it’s lock when he saw it. Saw her… saw him.

Malachi, Leader of the ghoulies, leaning up against the locker next to none other than Betty Cooper, the longer haired boy leering at the beautiful blonde in her tiny cheerleading uniform. She was looking up at him under her eyelashes as the leopard wearing boy grinned. Jughead was there in seconds flat standing just a few lockers away.

“I figure you’d like a taste of the wild side, I could give you a ride. You like taking rides?” His eyes trailed up and down her body as she took a step back.

“No, no I don’t. Thank you for the offer though.” She went to walk away but was stopped by his hand on her arm, a collection of expensive rings digging into the soft skin of her forearm.

Jughead slammed his hand on the locker behind him causing both the students to snap their attention towards the beanie wearing boy making his way towards them.

“She said no.” He growled, gently pushing Betty behind him as he stood between the two, his eyes locked on his rivals, an intense stare down taking place.

“She ain’t your bitch to speak for.” Malachi smirked, his fists clenched.

Jughead opened his mouth to speak but was quickly cut off when the tiny blonde shoved him aside

“excuse me? Did you just call me a bitch? Have you lost your mind?! In what planet does that work? Have you ever gotten a respectable partner by calling them a bitch? You’re a disgrace, a disappointment to the entire male race. I don’t know what school you think you’re in but this is Riverdale High, this is my school and if you call me a bitch again I will send a swarm of angry football players and hormonal cheerleaders right in your direction. Learn how to speak to humans before trying to strike up a conversation.” Betty flipped her ponytail, grabbing a shocked and grinning Jughead by the hand and tugging him down the hallway, she turned around one final time “and by the way? I would much rather be a Serpents girl than a Ghoulies girl, what kind of a gang name is that?”

Jughead held it in as long as possible finally releasing the laugh he had been holding in when Betty locked the door to some small office with old computers and books strewn everywhere. He gripped the corner of a desk as tears gathered in the corner of his eyes

“A disgrace to the male population” he choked out over a laugh, his eyes finding Betty as she smiled proudly from her space perched against her work desk.

“Well it’s true! He’s a pompous ass and we already have enough of those in Riverdale.” She defended, waiting for his laughter to die down. After a few seconds Jughead straightened himself out, the smile still a ghost on his lips

“I’m Jughead Jones and that was impressive, I’ve never seen a girl talk to Malachi like that, I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl turn down Malachi.” The leather clad teen stuck his hand out, jumping back a bit when her soft palm connecting with his rough calloused one sent jolts down his spine.

“I’m Betty Cooper and I’m not afraid of him. Besides he’s not quite my type.” By the way she was staring down at their joined Jughead could tell she must have felt the electricity too.

“Good. You don’t have to be.” He continued “I’m not letting him near you again, that guys a creep.”

Betty giggled

“Is this some Serpent versus Ghoulie thing? Are you trying to see how many north side girls you can get on your side?” The cheerleader teased, a hint of sincerity in her tone.

It was quiet for a few seconds before Jughead spoke

“Nah, not Northside girls. Just one girl.” His eyes found hers and for a moment blue met green and the clash of colors seemed to blend so perfectly.

A knock on the door broke them out of their moment, it was a redheaded boy who was waving his hand at Betty.

“That’s Archie.” She giggled “I’m fixing his car for the third time this week and he has a hot date with Veronica tonight, I shouldn’t keep him waiting, he’s insufferable when he’s impatient.” She rolled her eyes playfully, her hand was on the door handle when Jughead spoke

“You meant what you said about rather being a Serpents girl?” He questioned boldly, his eyes locking on hers, it wasn’t a question it seemed to be a…….


Betty grinned, dimples poking through her cheeks

“Anytime, anywhere.”

Limerence [ II ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst

Length: 8.7k

Pairing: Jongin x Reader

Summary: Blind to the signs and deaf to the warnings, you’d realized maybe love was anything but simple.

Limerence Masterlist

Originally posted by nc2t

Clacks sounded against the metals steps as you took them two at a time, the stairwell near empty besides yourself and Sehun charging up them. He was a flight ahead of you, having the advantage with his longer legs, the duffel bag hanging off your shoulder serving like an anchor tugging you back. Light streamed in the windows lining the landing, coming into your view as you hopped up the last group of two, Sehun’s back against the wall as he caught his breath. His arms were folded breezily over his chest, a confident grin in place that informed you of how badly he wanted to gloat about beating you. He loved to win and even more so loved to be right, which was probably why he’d been rushing to dance lessons to begin with. He wanted to see you and Jongin, Baekhyun’s exaggerated recounting of class a week ago enough to confirm to Sehun you were practically in love with your dance instructor.

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Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

Prompt: 22. “You can’t just say that and then disappear!”

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Warnings: Spoilers for season 2 episode 8 and 9, abuse, Billy’s asshole father, swearing

Word Count: 1945

A/N: So, here is part 5 of Nightmares and Bruises. This part is quite long and follows the actual series. Requests are open.

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Prompt List


Originally posted by xananeedscoffee

Billy was, for once, actually happy. He might have been stuck babysitting Max all day and his dad and step-mom might be three hours late back, but he was actually happy. The Four Horsemen by Metallica blasted through the room from his stereo as he got ready. A cigarette hung from his lips as he smiled to himself in the mirror. The smile quickly disappeared when a knock sounded on his door.

“Billy?“ Susan, his step-mom, called through the door.

“Yeah, I’m a little busy in here Susan.” His voice decreased in volume as the words left his lips.

“Open the door! Right now!“ At the sound of his dad’s voice Billy tensed and stumped out his cigarette before walking to the door.

“What’s wrong?” Billy asked leaning back slightly after he opened the door.

“Why don’t you tell us?“ Neil said cryptically.

“Because I don’t know.” Billy shot back seriously.

“We can’t find Maxine.“ Susan said softly.

“And her windows open.” Neil added. Billy looked away from him. “Where is she?“

“I don’t know.” Billy shifted on his feet unsteadily.

“You don’t know?“ Neil chuckled.

“Look, I’m sure she just, I don’t know, went to the arcade or something.” Billy turned away from his dad and walked over to his closet. “I’m sure she’s fine.”

“You were supposed to watch her.“ Neil stated as he followed his son into the room.

Billy kept his back to his dad as he pulled on his brown leather jacket. “Yeah, Dad, I was. But since you guys were three hours late and, well, I have a date.” He finally turned around as he adjusted his sleeves and collar. He was walking on thin ice and he knew it. “I’m sorry, alright.“

“So, that’s why you’ve been staring at yourself in the mirror like some faggot and not watching your sister.” Neil crossed his arms and stared Billy down.

“I have been looking after her all week, dad! And if she wants to run off then that’s her problem, all right?“; Billy knew he was digging himself deeper but right now all he wanted to do was get out of the house. “She’s 13 years old, she shouldn’t need a full-time baby sitter.” He turned the stereo off. “And she’s not my sister!“

That was the last straw. Neil grabbed his jacket and slammed him back into his shelves. Billy clenched his jaw as the shelves dug into his back but continued to stare his dad down. “What did we talk about?” Neil asked. When Billy didn’t answer his fist connected with the boy’s face. Neil roughly pulled his chin back up to look at him. Billy clenched his fists at his sides and tried not to break. “What. Did. We. Talk. About?“

“Respect and responsibility.” Billy’s voice shook.

“Right, now, apologise to Susan.“

Billy hesitated but eventually gave in. “I’m sorry, Susan.”

“It’s okay, Neil, really…” Susan tried but he cut her off.

“No it’s not okay! Nothing about his behaviour is okay!“ Neil pointed his finger at Billy’s face to emphasis every word. “But he’s going to make up for it. He’s going to call whatever, whore, he’s seeing tonight and cancel their date.”

“She’s not…” Billy couldn’t even finish before his dad was pushing him up against the shelves again; only harder this time.

“And then, he’s going to go find his sister, like the good, kind, respecting brother that he is. Isn’t that right, Billy?“ Neil stepped back from him slightly and Billy’s chest moved rapidly as he tried to control his breathing. “Isn’t that right!”

“Yes, sir.“ Billy’s voice was smaller than usual.

Neil sighed. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you.”

“Yes. Sir.“ Billy accentuated his words as he tried to stop the tears from falling.

“Find Max.” Neil said before finally leaving with Susan.

Billy let the tears fall down his cheeks as he pulled one of his rings off and threw it angrily.

Y/N had officially had the worst day of her life. Her, Steve and Dustin had made a trail of meat leading to the car graveyard and then Lucas and Max had joined them. Y/N and Max had got on pretty well. They had armoured the old school bus ready for Dart. But, when Dart had shown up, he wasn’t alone. There was a pack of the Demodogs, as Dustin kept calling them. Steve had nearly been devoured before they were called off back to Hawkins Lab. They followed them to the lab and found Jonathan and Nancy. That was when things really went to shit.

The lab was over run, Mike, Joyce, Will and Hopper managed to get out somehow but no one had seen Y/N’s parents. Hopper had held her back from running inside and had managed to get her into his truck and then they went back to the Byers’ house. They managed to get information off of Will, who was apparently possessed, and then they had been attacked once again by the Demodogs. Eleven had shown up in time to save them and then Joyce, Jonathan and Nancy had taken Will to try and banish whatever was in him and Hopper and Eleven had gone to shut the gate. That left Y/N and Steve babysitting.

The kids had been trying to convince Y/N and Steve to go down into the tunnels to draw away the Demodogs from the gate, when the roar of a car engine split through the air. Max immediately ran over to the window, followed by Lucas. “It’s my brother! He can’t know I’m here. He’ll kill me. He’ll kill us.“

Y/N glanced at Steve. “Stay here. Stay out of sight.” He said.

She went to protest but he was already outside. Y/N walked into the kitchen and started tiding up a bit. She didn’t want to watch them fight. She only walked back in when Dustin said, “Shit, did he see us?“

“Why the hell were you at the window?” She looked at them with wide eyes. “Stay here.“ Y/N ran into the back to look for the hypodermic needle and the sedative they had been using to knock out Will.

Billy flung the door open and his eyes immediately darted towards Lucas. “Well, well, well. Lucas Sinclair, what a surprise. I thought I told you to stay away from him, Max.”

“Billy, go away.“ Max said. Y/N gave up trying to find the sedative and walked back in and stood in front of the kids.

“Y/N?” Billy froze as his eyes landed on her.

“Billy, you need to leave.“ She pressed a hand on his chest and positioned herself in between him and Lucas. He was still glaring daggers over her shoulder.

“I can’t; not without Max. I tried calling.” Billy tried to get around her but she moved with him. “Get out of my way, Y/N.“ He was starting to shake.

“I don’t know what he did, or said, this time, but this isn’t the answer, Billy.” She placed her hand on his cheek and forced him to look at her. “Don’t let him make you like him.“

He went to reply but Steve came back in and swung a punch at his face. Billy went sprawling back into the kitchen.

“Steve!” Y/N yelled as Billy stood up laughing. She immediately positioned herself in front of Steve.

“Looks like you got some fire in you after all, Harrington!“ Billy screamed over Y/N’s shoulder as she tried to hold him back. “I’ve been waiting to meet this, King Steve, everyone’s been telling me so much about!”

“Billy, stop.“ Y/N tried but he was too far gone. She wondered just what his father had done this time.

“Get out!” Steve spat over Y/N’s shoulder.

Billy’s arm suddenly wrapped around Y/N’s waist and shifter her to one side as he swung a punch at Steve. Steve ducked and landed a punch on Billy’s cheek. Billy hit the table and stood up laughing but Steve hit him again sending him towards the sink. One more punch sent Billy backwards and he collided with the sink laughing still. Y/N watched as he grabbed a plate.

“Billy! No!“ She screamed but the plate connected with Steve’s face and he stumbled backwards. Billy’s fist connected with Steve’s face as Dustin ducked out of the way. Billy went to follow Steve back into the front room but Y/N stepped in the way. “Stop, please.”

“No one tells me what to do!“ He said and pushed her out of the way. He grabbed Steve and headbutted him sending him across the floor. Billy got on top of Steve and just started punching. Y/N could see Steve’s blood flying as she gripped Billy’s shoulders and pulled him off Steve with all her strength. She sent them both sprawling to the floor.

“Stop, don’t become your dad. Billy please.” She pleaded as she knelt between him and Steve. “I meant what I said; I love you.” Billy looked at her and then back at Steve. 

“You can’t just say that and then disappear with someone else!” Billy sounded broken.

Max had managed to find the needle and sedative that Y/N couldn’t. She took off the cover and then slammed the needle into Billy’s neck. Billy looked around in confusion before stumbling to his feet. Y/N took her chance to look at Steve who was well and truly out cold. Billy’s hand went to his neck and pulled the needle out.

“What the hell is this?“ Billy stumbled slightly as his vision started to blur. “You little shit, what did you do?” He took one more step forward before his legs gave out and he fell backwards. He hit the floor with a loud bang as all the other looked on in shock.

Max suddenly went and grabbed Steve’s bat. “From here on out you leave me, and my friends, alone.“ She said with the bat over her shoulder. “Understand?”

“Screw you.“ Billy muttered unsteadily; the drug was quickly taking affect.

Max slammed the bat down in-between his legs. Billy looked up in shock and horror. “Say you understand. Say it!” Max screamed lifting the bat again.

“I understand.“ Billy mumbled his eyes half shut.

Max dropped the bat and Y/N shuffled over to Billy. She checked that he was okay as the kids started talking about the tunnels again.

“You three get Steve in the Camaro.” Y/N said looking towards the boys as she stood up. She was shaking.

“What?“ The boys said.

“Get Steve in Billy’s Camaro. If we do this, we do it my way.” Y/N said. The boys smiled and shot into action.

“Max, help me get him onto the sofa.“ Y/N pointed towards Billy.

“But…” Max tried.

“You just knocked him out and then threatened him with a bat. Help me get him onto the sofa.” Y/N said sternly and Max begrudgingly helped. Y/N slipped her hands into Billy’s pocket and pulled out his keys. Her and Max went outside to find that the boys had successful managed to get Steve, and themselves, into the back of the car. Y/N picked Billy’s leather jacket off the floor and threw it on as Max got in the passenger side. She climbed into the driver’s seat and set off towards the pumpkin patch.

one | the dom next door

genre: dom!jimin, voyeurism, a lil bit of angst

pairing: jimin x reader

synopsis: you had a crush on your angelic next door neigbour but through some certain events, you found out that your angelic image of him is not actually so angelic.

one: the hole

Everything happened by an accident. It’s not that you purposely wanted to let it happen but you couldn’t stop it happening especially when you found yourself on your knees, your pants and underwear were pulled down, and you were using two fingers to find your release. The side of your head was lying on the pillow while your ass was up in the air, your eyes lingered at the view from the hole beside your bed. 

It has been a month when you found out about the peep hole. Three months before, you were in need of a cheap apartment and you find yourself a small apartment who is owned by a sweet old lady, she considered your problems and told you that she was willing to give you a discount. You were extremely grateful by her kind gesture, and you made sure to return every good thing she has done for you by always helping her if she is in need of help due to her age. 

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A Messed Up Place | Six

Pairings: Bucky x Reader || Steve x Reader

Summary: Bucky realises that he has well and truly lost his chance

Warnings: Mentions of drugs and human trafficking.

Notes (there’re quite a few): Written for @hellomissmabel. Saying this ahead of time: I AM SO SORRY.

Slight time-jump between this and the last chapter. Part of this chapter was inspired by this song, which I highly recommend you listen to, as it’s quite an accurate representation of Bucky’s feelings (but listen to it after you’ve read the chapter, otherwise, it gives the whole chapter away, lol)

Also, I have no clue what I’m talking about with the drugs bullshit. Also, also: I have a rough timeline for this series, but it’s not completely solidified. So, if you spot a continuity error, do let me know.

AMUP Masterlist

He supposes that he should have expected this. He’s been lucky to get this far without having to do this, really.

Nearly a whole three months have passed without Bucky needing to go on a mission with you. The last one had been about two weeks before you and Bucky ended your arrangement, and even then, Sam and Wanda had tagged along. Bucky can’t remember the last time he was on a mission with you and you alone.

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Snowbound (part 1/2)

Fandom: Stranger Things
Pairing: Eleven, Mike Wheeler
Characters: Jim Hopper
Rating: K
WC: 2717
Summary: When El invites Mike to spend the day at the cabin, Hopper finds himself supervising a sleepover he didn’t sign up for. Two-shot.

[Part 2] (Coming Soon!) 

[A/N]: So, I’m pretty sure that canonically, Hopper’s cabin only has one bedroom. Through the power of fanfiction and not-caring-that-much, let’s just say that for the sake of this story, there’s two.

In a rare change of pace, Hopper was on leave from work today. Flo would call him if any emergencies popped up, but that seemed unlikely. Besides, after the events of the last two autumns, every other Hawkins ‘emergency’ seemed pretty minuscule in comparison.

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Things Can Only Get Better Part 5 - Red

Slow Burn!Steve Harrington/Reader (UST, URT)
Word Count:

A/N: Happy Saturday, lovelies :) Don’t feel embarrassed to ask to be put on the tag list, lol. I think I’ve gotten everyone that’s asked. Remember, updates are on Saturdays. As always, requests are open Here and on AO3, under the same username.

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Heartbreak (Casterin)

Get ready to listen to my poor baby, Suffer.


The change. They noticed it.

They all did.

Everyone in the gang, noticed how Blu has been changing.

And it wasn’t in a good way. Or in a bad way. it was more, concerning. So concerning, that even Mel and Sen were worried.

They wondered why they didn’t notice it at first. The words he said to her, the way she started reacting to things. They should’ve seen it sooner. They should’ve done something. Right from the moment Blu started becoming, timid, quiet, things that were the complete opposite of what she was.

In fact, the rest of Undercast, didn’t even know, who, she was anymore..but she wasn’t the Blu they knew and loved.

But they knew the reason. They knew why she changed. It was, him.

He did this to her.

She didn’t have to say anything about it because they knew about him. And nothing she said could cover up what they knew. Knowing and just seeing her with someone who treated her so poorly, made their blood boil.

They didn’t like him.

They didn’t trust him.

And they wanted him, Gone.


Blu sat quietly at their lunch table between Anrez and Curse. Not a word came from her, nothing. No puns,no jokes, no sassy or sarcastic remarks. Nothing. All she did was listen to Angel babble about her new nail job and Sen and Mel talking about some dumb stuff. Curse nudged Blu gently, getting her attention, and she looked at him without a word.

“You’re being quieter than usual…you alright?” Curse quietly asked her, knowing she didn’t want to say anything out loud.

Blu didn’t respond, she just looked down at her lap. She didn’t know what to tell them. She didn’t know if she should tell them. She knew they’d be angry. She knew them too damn well, to know they won’t take it well.

“Blu!” Anrez’s voice snapped her out of her thoughts. She looked up and they were all looking at her. All their faces showed concern.

“We’ve been trying to get your attention for five minutes,” Cherry told Blu, “what’s wrong?”

It took awhile for Blu to answer. She fixed her left glove as she spoke, almost hesitantly,

“…..I…I saw Jamie…with, someone…”

Just as she said his name, their expressions, darkened.

“…someone?” V asked, holding in her anger.

“…another girl…” Blu said quietly, biting her lip, “I saw him…he….was talking to her and he..put his arm around her and…kissed her…” Blu trembled at that final part.

As enraged as Curse was, he didn’t show it. He placed a hand on her back and rubbed it soothing in a comforting way. It wasn’t a time for him to get angry right now.

Though Anrez and the rest of the gang, had never been so angry and full of hatred. With their jaws and fists clenched, and even Anrez letting out a growl.

“I’ll kill ‘im.” Anrez snarled.

“Us too.” Sen and Mel growled as they cracked their fists.

“No.” Blu spoke, making all of them look at her.

“No?!” Vee asked in shock, “he deserves it and you know it Blu!! He doesn’t have the right to treat you like this!!” Vee shouted.

“Sis.” Curse sternly spoke to his sister.

“No. Vee’s right.” Cherry began, as she looked at Blu, “the way he’s been treating you, isn’t right. And if we don’t confront him now it’s only gonna get worst Blu.”

“I’ll talk to him.” Blu stated, “let me work this out with him.”

“No!” Anrez shouted at Blu, standing up, “don’t you get it?! When has he Ever listened to what you said? When has he ever taken you into consideration?! Don’t you realize that?! Please just, let us do something! I can’t keep letting him hurt you!”

“Anrez your drawing attention to yourself,” Angel said nonchalantly as she looked at her phone.

“I don’t care.” Anrez sort of snapped at Angel, looking back at Blu, “this isn’t good for you. And you can’t just keep taking it like this.”

Blu was silent, everyone was silent. No one knew what to say at this point.

“Just let me talk to him. Please…” Blu pleaded, squeezing her left hand.

Anrez sighed and sat down, rubbing his left temple in frustration. He wanted to do something so bad. He wanted to string up Jamie and watch him die. But, if this was what Blu wanted, he’d accept it.

Anrez sighed, “Alright. Fine. If that’s what you want. Then I’ll support your choice. I won’t stop you.”

Cherry hesitantly nodded as everyone agreed with Anrez. she knew what having a relationship like Blu’s felt like. Not good. And she wanted nothing more than to get Blu away from it. But, she respected Blu’s wishes.

“We’ll be there if you need it.”

“….thank you…” Blu responded softly, “I’m, gonna go find him…”

With that Blu got up from the table, and left the lunchroom to find Jamie.

“I cant believe that guy.” Vee sneered once Blu was gone, clenching her fist, “and I can’t believe she’s putting up with him. I would’ve dumped his butt after the first time.”

“I know…” Anrez agreed, squeezing his fist.

“She doesn’t deserve this at all. She’s too nice to him.” V grumbled. She looked at her brother, and he didn’t seem all that upset, “you aren’t mad about this?”

Curse looked at his sister, “Being angry isn’t gonna help. So what’s the point? Yeah I’m concerned, but, being angry isn’t what Blu needs right now.”

“I wanna put ‘im in a headlock and make him feel pain,” Sen said with his arms crossed, Mel agreeing with him.

“No. Curse is right…” Cherry spoke up, “the best we can do is support her and be there to help her when things go wrong. I know we’re all angry. I am too. But we don’t need that right now.”

Vee sighed and looked away, “fine.”

Curse nodded once as the rest agreed, then he closed his eye as he thought,

Yeah. I’m not mad.

I’m pissed off as hell!!’


After that the gang didn’t see Blu for the rest of the day. It was more concerning when she didn’t even show up at their normal after school hang out spot. Anrez, being her best friend, went off to go look for her.

He searched the whole campus, high and low, back and forth. He asked people around the school for help, but nobody had seen her. But he didn’t give up.

Then just when he turned a corner, and looked down the corridor, he saw her. Her back against the lockers, and her face buried in her hands as she sat on the floor.

His expression became worried and concerned as he slowly approached her, “Blu?”

As he got closer, he could hear her small whimpers and sobs, getting a bit more clear to hear as he walked closer. He stopped in front of her, before speaking.

“Blu? What happened? Are you, crying?” He questioned her out of worry.

Blu didn’t answer. she removed her hands from her face and stood up slowly, looking down at the ground, not meeting his eyes. She looked up at Anrez and his eyes widened a bit as he saw tears running down her face.

She smiled and spoke, her voice cracking and trembling as she did,

“I didn’t cry…I’m not crying..”

Once he saw the pain and hurt on her face, he knew exactly what happened.

“Oh Blu…” Out of instinct Anrez pulled her into his embrace, hugging her tight for comfort as she cried.

And they stood there in silence, only the sound of Blu’s whimpers and sobs were heard.


I hope you enjoyed reading this heartbreaking moment. ^^

Who knows what the gang might do now


Anrez and Sen: @anrez-op-skele

Angel: @armyaangel

Mel: @golzy

Blu: me

Curse: @perfectshadow06

Vee: @vzearia

Cherry: @domino-doodles



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‘The Tower’ (Part 29)

All Chapters // Part 28

It was wonderful to have Brynjolf back in the tower again; his laugh lit up a room like a candle in a cavern. Warm. Inviting. It was impossible to be sullen around him. Or so you had thought. Despite the joviality amongst every other person present, Loki seemed insistent on sulking. You were worried about him. It was one thing to be upset, but this had been going on all day. It felt out of character, even for him.

“So, how did yous two meet?” Brynjolf asked before shovelling hot mashed potato into his mouth. The pair of you been out hunting that afternoon so you could be sure there was enough food to go around; he was exceedingly pleased to see how you handled Duchess, agreeing with himself that she’d been left in the right hands. He’d even taught you a few more tricks! Over the course of one afternoon, your aim, speed, and balance had all improved.  

Fenrien looked at you with a mischievous grin; you laughed nervously. Loki gripped his fork a little harder – at which Brynjolf narrowed his eyes. He could at least act a little less like a green-blooded fool!
“I, uh, I don’t know where to begin,” you admitted. “I imagine you’ll find it rather funny given how we met.”
“A story I am also most eager to hear,” Fenrien interjected.

“Fenrien and I met in a jail cell,” you sighed, biting your lip after and examining Brynjolf’s expression. His eyes twinkled with delight.
“Now what, might I ask, was you doin’ in a jail cell, lady?” Fenrien was holding back a wide grin.
“I, uh, might’ve been causing mischief with Duchess. Fenrien was roped into the whole thing quite accidentally and in trying to rescue him, I got us both locked up.”

Brynjolf erupted into gloriously loud laughter, clutching his belly and throwing his head back. Loki shielded the top of his bowl from the small droplets of spittle and chewed food that flew from the man’s mouth, disgust evident on his face. You hid a smile with your hand but Loki caught you looking at him anyway and smirked. Pleased, though you were, to see the little grin, it promptly disappeared when the conversation continued.

“Of course that’s what happened,” Brynjolf chortled, wiping a tear from under his right eye. “You just can’t seem to avoid trouble, can ye’?”
“And what is that supposed to mean?” You asked with mock offense.

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Late Night Cuddles

Summary: Late night cuddles with sweet, sexy Billy.

Words: 838

Paring: Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Warnings: Barf inducing fluff. Mentions of sexy times. Hard core kissing. I give this a solid PG-13.

I need some cuddles with Billy now. I had a lot of fun thinking about this one. Tags and requests are open :)

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anonymous asked:

I know you stay 90% out of ships so you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to. If Keith and Lance were to, sometime in the future, pursue a romantic relationship, under what circumstances could you see Lance being optimistic and Keith being pessimistic about whether it will work and vice versa?

….This is kind of an interesting question.

I think it’d depend a lot on the nature of their situation and what they went through. Mentalities are pretty fluid things, and Keith and Lance are both growing and changing individually as people.

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She Moved Through the Fair

So I have so many Mama Jones and Daddy Killian feels after last night.  This was just begging to be written.  The muse would not let me be until I got it down.  Enjoy…and don’t cry too much.  I’ve probably cried enough for all of us.

Rating: A for angst.  So much angst

Word Count: 1181


Tagging a few who may be interested: @kmomof4 @laschatzi @spartanguard @hollyethecurious @snowbellewells @bethacaciakay @linda8084 @thesschesthair @queen-mabs-revenge @killian-whump

Alice Jones heard his cry in the night and got quickly to her feet.  A wave of dizziness passed over her, and she took a moment to steady herself, to get her breath.  It was getting harder and harder to breathe as the days wore on, and she felt more of her strength leaving her with every passing minute.

A lump came to Alice’s throat as she passed from the bedroom she shared with her husband, Brennan and into the lads’ rooms, where four-year-old Killian sat up in his bed, fat tears rolling down his cheeks.  She sat down on her little boy’s bed and gathered him into her arms, rocking him gently.  “Hush now, my lamb.  You’re safe in mother’s arms.”

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i’ll be holding on to you [stenbrough]

pairing; bill denbrough & stan uris

fandom; it (2017)

word count; 4776

prompt; The losers are dying to see just how long it will take two of their closest friends to crack and finally admit that they’re dying to be together. All it takes is a little meddling and a bet to make things interesting.

the losers are 17.

(Hi!! This is my first fic for this fandom and as you can see, I went a little overboard. This is the longest one shot I have ever written and I am really proud of it! If the characters are a little out of character at some points I apologize but I’m learning and hopefully I can get them right eventually. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!)

The last day of their junior year came with many conclusions. The losers would soon have to start thinking about the more important aspects of their futures like college and finally moving away from the fucked up town they called home.

They had mutually decided that the best way to kick off their summer vacation would be to relax and kick back at the quarry. Their boisterous laughter could be heard from a hundred yards away, but they didn’t care. They had been free of the darkness for a little less than two years and they would be damned if they couldn’t have a little bit of fun over their summer break.

Mike, Ben, Beverly, Richie, and Eddie sat up on the cliff of the quarry, four of the teens carefully observing the two boys relaxing in the water. Bill threw his head back in laughter as Stan splashed him, the water hitting him square in the face. Smiles graced the faces of the two teens splashing about in the warm water of the quarry. Richie sighed dramatically in the silence on the cliff.

“What?” Ben asked from his place beneath a nearby tree, a book lying flat in his lap.

“It’s so sad.” Richie said as he leaned against a boulder nestled deep in the soil, Eddie settled next to him with Richie’s arm thrown around his shoulders. Bev looks over from her spot where she’s sun bathing, catching the glare of the sun in the lenses of her sunglasses.

“What is?”

“They’re so in love but they don’t even see it.” He dramatically places a hand over his heart and observes as Stan turns to start swimming back to the shore, Bill immediately taking this as an opportunity to dunk the smaller boy underneath the water.

“Yeah. They’re practically Romeo and Juliet, Richie.” Eddie retorts, turning his head to glare up at Richie who only smiles in return.

“Eds, look at them! You can’t fake that kind of chemistry!” They sit in wonder, watching as Stan shoves Bill backward when he resurfaces, making his way toward the shore again. Their joyous laughter can be heard from up on the cliff and a smile is now found on the rest of the loser’s faces.

“First, don’t call me that, you know I hate it. Second, let’s assume you’re right. Let them figure it out for themselves.” Richie shushed him, placing his free hand over Eddie’s mouth. The younger boy wriggled next to him and desperately pried his hand away from his face, screeching about the germs Richie must have on them.

“Sh. Guys listen. We’ve known Bill and Stan for a while, right? We all—well, most of us—can see how in love these two are with each other! Someone has to crack eventually, right? So what I am proposing here is that we place a little bet to see just how long it takes them to crack. Who’s with me?” Richie had shot up onto his feet whilst giving this over dramatic speech, the rest of the losers watching him with an eyebrow raised.

“How is this supposed to help?” Mike inquired from next to Ben beneath the tree.

“Mikey, my man, listen; no one said it was supposed to help. It’s a classic bet. We all choose when we think they’ll finally give in and whoever’s closest wins. Losers pay up five bucks each.” He could hear the other two getting closer and he was running out of time. “The clock’s a-ticking, people. What’ll it be? In or out?”

The rest of the losers all shared a glance, mutually deciding what the hell, might as well see where this goes. The nodding he gets in return causes Richie to triumphantly pump his fist through the air. “Place your bets, losers. I’m gonna go ahead and say… two months.”

“One month.” Bev said.

“Two weeks from today.” Mike.

“By next Friday.” Ben.

“Tomorrow!” Eddie exclaimed, caught up in the excitement, four pairs of eyes falling on him. “Damn.”

“Alright, and there will be no meddling allowed. May the best loser win!” Richie finished just as Stan and Bill could be seen hiking up the path the reach them again, hair drenched from the salty water of the quarry.

“Wh-what are you guys t-talking about?” Bill asked, shaking his hair out much like a wet dog would, Stan right behind him. Stan let out a shriek, shoving Bill away from him, grinning all the while. Beverly shook her head at her ex-boyfriend and the pair decided to shrug it off.

“So in love.” Richie whispered to Eddie, nudging him in the side with his elbow.

“What?” Stan and Bill asked in unison, identical expressions of confusion etched onto their faces.

“What?” Richie shrugged, turning away from them and returning to his place next to Eddie in front of the boulder.

The first of the losers to break the only rule was, no surprise, Eddie. He supposed he was desperate, having estimated the first and only time frame he could think of, so he assumed desperation would be his best friend for the time being. It was Saturday, the day immediately following the placing of the bet, and Eddie was running out of time fast. He could easily envision that tiny hourglass in his mind, slowly but surely, draining itself of the golden traces of sand. Tick tock goes the clock, Eds.

Eddie Kaspbrak was a lot of things; a hypochondriac, a loser, an asthmatic, nervous, but a quitter he was not. Which is why when Stanley offered for him to join him while he went bird watching the day before, he agreed ecstatically, but he had a plan brewing.

Eddie had showed up on Bill’s doorstep at noon the following day, knocking with newfound pride. “HHey, Eddie, wh-what’s up?” The stutterer asked, stepping outside and gently closing the door behind him.

“Oh, you know, the sky. Listen I need a favor. Yesterday at the quarry, Stan asked me to go bird watching with him and I agreed but shoot! I forgot I have an appointment today!” Eddie chuckled, sitting on the porch steps and looking back at the taller boy with his chin resting in his hand.

“A-An appointment?” Bill asked in disbelief, Eddie nodded. “What for?”

“Well, you know me, hypochondriac and all. It’s something new every day. What do ya say?” He slapped his palms down on his shorts and stood abruptly, turning to face Bill fully, leaning against one of the wooden beams coming down from the roof.

“Yeah, I-I-I can do th-that.” Bill’s cheek seemed to heat up at the realization of what he’s agreed to and Eddie saw it, smirking slightly.

“Thank you, and give my regards to Stanley, please!” Eddie shouted, already running back down the path and toward where he threw his bike on the ground. He waved back at Bill who still stood on his porch, watching the smaller teen pedal away, nearly crashing into a wooden post as he did so.

An hour or so later, Eddie could be spotted crouched behind various trees and bushes, spying on two of his best friends. He rested his chin in the palm of his hand, watching the two so called ‘lovebirds’ from a distance. He observed the grin that would stretch across Stanley’s face as he leaned against a tree trunk, pointing out various winged beauties and describing them to Bill. That was when Eddie saw what Richie had been talking about for himself.

Each time Stan looked away to watch the trees again, Bill’s eyes trained on his face. Even at first glance, anyone could tell just how much adoration Bill held for the other teen. A soft smile played at his lips and each time Stan looked back at him, he would turn away fast enough to snap his own neck, cheeks burning. It was then, when he looked away, that Stan’s eyes would glisten in the midday sun, a small smile resting on his face.

Eddie would admit to feeling a little odd about spying on his friends to no one but himself. Although, his only prayer at that moment was that somebody would break the tension between them. Then, he could rub it in the other loser’s faces when they met up again, but only if the pair in question were the ones to bring up the news. He wouldn’t dare let anyone know he was cheating.

His hopes burn out when he notices Stan and Bill walking in his direction. “Shit.” He hissed, standing abruptly and jogging back up the way he had came, hopping on his bike. It’s a good thing he already knew what being a loser felt like.

The second of the losers to break the one rule Richie had set in place was Mike. He waited the appropriate amount of time, he thinks, to devise his plan. Delivering meat doesn’t offer much in terms of a social life but occasionally, he’ll hear certain things that catch his attention. This particular piece of information he had overheard had been about a party on the other side of town. He decided it was the perfect time to set his plan in motion.

“Do I have to go?” Eddie asked, leaning his head on Richie’s shoulder as he pouted. Mike smirked from across the room, arms coming up to fold over his chest.

“Yes, we’re all going. It’s just a party and it’s summer, live a lil’.” He sat down on the loveseat next to Bill.

“Fine. Who has a party two weeks after school gets out, anyway? And on a Thursday? What kind of world do we live in?”

“Come on, Eds. I think it’ll be fun.” Richie grinned, leaning down to press his lips against Eddie’s cheek. The teen smiled softly and glanced up at Richie.

“Don’t call me that, Tozier.” Eddie said, tucking his legs under his chin as they sat on the sofa immediately adjacent to the loveseat, Stanley at Richie’s other side, rolling his eyes.

“I’m with Trashmouth on this one,” Beverly spoke up from her place in front of Ben. “When was the last time any of us were invited to a party?”

“Stan’s Bar Mitzvah.” Eddie said.

“That was definitely not a party.” Richie chuckled, wincing when Stan punched him in the arm.

“You didn’t have to go, Richie!” Stan replied defensively as he crossed his arms, huffed and turned away from the pair.

“That’s exactly what I mean.” Bev pointed out, sighing dramatically. “I’m just saying, I think it might be nice to go out and have a little bit of fun. It’s summer, let loose.” The group collectively shared glances with each other, coming to a somewhat mutual decision.

“Wh-When do we leave?”

The seven teens arrived at the unfamiliar house later that night, Mike and Beverly practically skipping up the sidewalk from the truck they had arrived in. They had their arms locked, joy in their eyes as they watched the lights that flickered from inside the house. The group had been anticipating this moment ever since Mike had brought it up earlier that day, and some of the antics a few members showed had been mistaken for excitement. All except for Eddie’s, he had made his opinion on the get-together known numerous times.

“I still say this is stupid.” Eddie said as he walked beside Stanley who he knew had mutual feelings about the situation. “I mean, who knows. Somebody in there could be sick and they could sneeze on me and I’m very prone to that shit, you know? … I think maybe I’ll stay out here. In the nice, fresh, clean air.” The large house was overflowing with people, a vast amount of them gathered outside in the front and backyards.

The immortal words of Eye of the Tiger flowed out to where Stan had been standing, feet planted on the ground. He assumed he was frozen out of fear and anxiety. This party was his biggest fear come true. He hadn’t realized he’d stopped moving until something touched his shoulder.

“A-Are you okay?” Bill asked, smiling sweetly at him and Stan felt his cheeks grow hot.

“Y-Yeah, yeah. I’m okay. I’m fine. Great, even. How are you?” Stan asked, turning his body to face the other teen, pushing a few curls away from his eyes for better vision. Bill’s hand fell from his shoulder, sliding down his arm until he reached the other boy’s hand, lightly grazing it.

“I’m good.” Bill chuckled, a soft smile on his face. Stan smiled back and lowered his head, staring at his shoes. “I-I’m gonna head inside, wanna c-come?” Stan nodded, following the slightly shorter boy up the lawn, shaking his head as if to rid himself of the thoughts swirling in his head.

As Stan and Bill travelled up the span of grass and into the house, the other five standing off to the side, observing the interaction. “I think tonight’s the night, fellas.” Mike said from his place propped against the side of the house. “Might as well pay up now.”

“Not so fast, Micycle.” Ben spoke up, pointing an accusing finger at the older teen. “Bet’s not over until someone makes a move or they tell us they’re together. You haven’t won shit yet.”

“Yeah, we all have to see it.” Richie informed as if it weren’t obvious enough at that point, throwing his arm around Eddie’s waist and pulling him closer, pressing a lingering kiss to his cheek, jawline, and neck making the smaller boy blush noticeably.

“Get a room, you two.” Beverly snickered at the pair and began making her way up the porch steps, squeezing through the crowd of people with Ben at her side.

“She’s just jealous she’s not as happy as we are, Edward Spaghedward.” Richie grinned, moving in to mold their lips together only to have Eddie dodge his lips, arm dropping from his waist.

“You’re revolting.” Eddie snarked, trying his best to portray annoyance but the smile on his face gave him away. Mike rolled his eyes at the couple, watching Richie follow Eddie around the side of the house, and then making his way into the house to seek out the other four losers.

“Mike!” Beverly shouted to him when he was able to track her down, her voice barely audible over the music. “I was wondering if you were ever going to make it inside! This was your brilliant idea after all!” She said, nudging him with her elbow as she took a swig from the beer she was clutching. Ben came walking through a doorway a few seconds after that, a beer matching Beverly’s in his right hand.

“Where’d you get those?” Mike asked and followed Ben’s hand as he pointed toward the doorway he had just come from.

“Through the doorway, down the hallway, last room on the left. In the kitchen.” He informed the other teen, sending Mike to trek in the direction he carefully laid out. As he made his way down the hallway, the music seemed to grow softer and softer until it was a gentle hush, the beat humming through the floors. An obnoxiously loud ‘ha-ha’ erupted from the room to his left and he peered in.

Bill had positioned himself on the counter, a hand slapped over his mouth as he tried to suppress the cackle threatening to rip through him. Stan sat at the table, a shit-eating grin covering his face as he rearranged the flowers in the vase. “St-stop, o-oh my God!”

“What?” He asked innocently with a smile, eyes twinkling and stood up, walking toward the fridge. He fidgeted for a moment before deciding to organize the magnets plastered on the surface.

“Don’t play so innocent, St-Stanley,” Bill remarked, pointing an accusing finger in Stan’s direction. “You know wh-what you did.” And he did but he was slowly forgetting it by the second, the light buzz clouding his thoughts. Bill slid off the counter, walking toward the table and grabbing another beer out of the cooler that had been set there.

Stan finished rearranging the alphabetical magnets back in the order that they belonged and turned around, a fond expression on his face as he stood in front of the fridge and watched Bill dig through the ice for a bottle of beer. Mike still leaned against the wall, peering in slightly from the doorway, careful to go unnoticed by two of his closest friends. He felt a bit odd watching his friends from behind a wall, peering into their love life like this, but in his eyes it seemed to be a necessary evil.

“I think they’re all o-out over here, are there any i-in the fridge?” Bill turned around, locking eyes with Stanley. Stan lowered his head, gaze dropping down to stare at his feet, the lip between his teeth now his main source of concern as he chewed it nervously.

“I-I don’t know.” Stan stammered with his feet still planted firmly on the floor. It wasn’t until Bill had come to stand in front of him that he finally rose his gaze. Bill was smiling at him now and Stan felt as if he could collapse against the cool metal of the fridge to bring him back to reality. He thought he might be dreaming with the way Bill dropped his gaze down to his lips for a split second. It happened so fast Stan briefly thought he may have imagined it, but then he did it again and seemed to lean closer to him.

Suddenly, Bill’s hands are on either side of Stan’s face and their lips are being pressed together gently. Stan concludes with this that he is either dreaming or dead because there was absolutely no way that this was real life. Bill’s lips are warm in his and just as soft as he’d imagined but Bill had been drinking, the proof lingering on his baby-soft lips and leaving a disturbing taste in Stanley’s mouth.

Stan is the one to break the kiss, using his better judgement to decide for the both of them that this was just the alcohol, leaving Bill standing in the middle of the kitchen as he walked from the kitchen to the hallway. Mike had taken it upon himself to move to another room so as to not get caught spying. Given the way the events played out before him just moments ago, he decided that this shouldn’t be taken as a victory.

They all come to a mutual decision to leave the party within the hour.

Beverly decided that the best way to meddle was to not meddle at all, but to tell them straight away to 'cut the shit and work it out’. It was notable that the pair hadn’t been seen hanging out since the party two weeks earlier. Whenever one of them entered the room, the other would make an excuse to leave it. 'I just remembered that my dad said he needed to talk to me about something’, 'I should probably get home not it my parents will worry’, 'I forgot to feed my hamster’ or something along those lines.

The new development was beginning to put a strain on their group and Beverly was slowly starting to get annoyed because why couldn’t they just act like normal human beings for one minute? Why can’t they be civil and stay in the same room or vicinity for longer than three seconds? She finally decided that enough was enough and teamed up with Eddie to set a plan in motion.

“Hey, Stanny.” She chirped one afternoon at the quarry while they sat up on the cliff above the water. Neither one of them wanted to swim that day, and after a while the others had come up to join them.

“Hey, Bev.” He replied from his place on the boulder that he was sitting atop of. Beverly kept a close eye on the clearing, waiting for a certain stuttering 17 year old to make an appearance. Beverly decided that it would be Eddie’s job to convince Bill to come to the quarry with them (on the condition that Stan wouldn’t be there, which was an obvious lie), and he felt proud that he was successful in his task.

The unmistakable grinding of Silver’s chain as Bill came to a stop brought Beverly away from her thoughts as she smiled at the boy who was hopping off his bike. He wore a bright smile on his face as well as a pair of khaki shorts and the pale blue shirt that Stan had once said brought out his eyes, it was his favorite. The smile on his face had dropped noticeably as he approached his friends, Stan’s mouth hanging open as he slid off of the rock.

An awkward silence fell over the seven teenagers immediately, all conversations coming to a halt. As Richie had once remarked: “It’s almost like a terrible car crash. It’s awful and you know you should look away, but you just can’t.”

“I should rea—” Stan began just as Beverly threw her hands up and cutting Stan’s sentence off even though it was no surprise where it was headed.

“No!” Bev shouted causing the other six teens to jump slightly. “I don’t know what the hell is going on between the two of you. You were friends two weeks ago and then you just stop? Shit like this doesn’t just happen for no reason, so what is it?” She demanded, her gaze shooting from Bill to Stan, her hands planted firmly on her hips. Bill shoved his hands deep into the pockets, staring down at his feet, glancing up at Stanley. Beverly’s patience was beginning to wear thin in the silence that surrounded them.

Stan turned sharp on his heel, gathering the books he had brought along with him. He stood straight up and stared directly in front of him at Bill who now had his bottom lip between his teeth, gnawing on it. “Look, you have been pining after one another for months now and frankly I’m tired of waiting for someone to make the first move. So would you please just cut the shit and figure it out?” Bev asked, exasperated. Stan had his eyes fixed on her, surprised by the sudden burst from the girl and that she and all of his friends knew how he felt about the stuttering boy standing just ten feet in front of him.

Stan regained his composure seconds later, explaining that he needed to leave due to an obligation he had made to his father early on, which Beverly knew was crap but she rolled her eyes and waved him off. Eddie and Richie soon resumed their conversation, smiling awkwardly at each other while they did so since Beverly’s outburst had set an awkward tone, the same went for Mike and Ben.

As Stan marched past Bill he felt their shoulders brush together and tried to ignore the fluttering that enveloped his heart, shoving his books back into his bag and zipping the bag closed. He threw the straps over his shoulders and got on his bike, starting to head down the path they had come up. Bill hesitated for a moment before heading back over to his back and following Stanley.

Stan braked hard when they reached a clearing far enough from the rest of the losers, Bill pulling up next to him, getting back off of his bike and he watched Stan do seconds before him, letting his bike fall to the ground next to Stanley’s which was propped up on its stand. “What do you want from me?”

“Wh-what do you mean?” Bill asked innocently as Stan paced across the dirt floor of the woods, the white sides of his shoes becoming noticeably caked in the dirt he was mixing beneath his feet, ruining the cleanliness of his outfit.

“Oh, cut the bullshit, Bill! First you kiss me and then it’s like you can’t stand to be near me!” Stan asked and turned to face Bill fully, fists clenched at his sides. Bill could see the frustration burning behind his eyes, begging to be let free. “Just, help me understand, Bill. What is going on?” Stan was breathing heavily, the heat mixing with the fire that already sparked beneath his bones, his curls beginning to stick to his skin. It’s silent for a few moments before Bill speaks again.

“I-I was scared.” He begins, digging the toe of his shoe in the dirt, hands shoved back into his pockets as Stanley’s eyes burned holes into his head. “You pulled away, I thought I had ruined o-our friendship, I’m still not completely sure that I ha-hav-haven’t.” Bill said, stumbling slightly over his words. Stan’s eyes soften with this confession, taking a small step forward. Bill doesn’t seem to notice this new development, though, since his eyes are glued to his feet yet again. “I guess it was just the beer making me think you liked me back.”

“You’re joking, right?” Stan asks in astonishment. He takes another brave step forward, the tips of his shoes hitting Bill’s. “Are you seriously this dense?” Bill lifts his gaze at this, his face suddenly very close to Stanley’s. “I’m absolutely crazy about you.” Bill is smiling softly at the boy in front of him, the gentleness he displays is causing his heart to soar higher than he’s ever know before. Stan has a hand at the base of Bill’s neck, his thumb brushing lightly across the cheekbone on the left of Bill’s face, gulping visibly as he leaned closer to bring their lips together.

It’s a gentle brush of their lips at first and Bill feels his heart stop momentarily, limbs going numb before Stan pulls back slightly and the movement is enough to send a jolt through Bill’s body. He then has both of his hands on either side of Stan’s face and he’s pulling back in for a proper kiss, lips slotting together perfectly and meshing together as they move backward, Bill’s back hitting a tree and Stan swears he’s never felt more alive in his seventeen years of living.

Bill’s hands are cupping Stan’s cheeks while the latter’s hand make their way into Bill’s hair and he’s curving into him slightly and Bill swears he must have died at that moment. A gasp escapes him and he reluctantly pulls away from Stanley, resting their foreheads together. Stan has his eyes shut, brows furrowed slightly and Bill swears it’s one of the cutest things he has seen in a while. They stand there, pressed against the harsh bark of the tree for a minute or so before Stan breaks the silence.

“We should probably head back, and definitely do that again. Soon.” He grins and Bill nods, pressing another quick kiss to his lips.

A month later, the losers are sitting in Bill’s living room discussing their mutual hatred of the next school year that was rapidly approaching (well, all except Ben), and the only thing that had changed since before was the development between Stan and Bill. Stan still sits next to Bill only now their hands are linked together and the smiles on their faces are brighter than before.

They’ll share the occasional kiss and Richie can be heard gagging from across the room. “I won’t lie, I liked it better when you two were miserable and pining. At least then none had to suffer through watching you eat each other’s faces.” Richie had also won the bet by default. Beverly lost since the rest of the losers had mutually decided that what she (and Eddie) did was meddling at its finest.

“Like it’s any better when you and Eddie do it.” Bill defended, pulling his boyfriend closer with an arm around his shoulders and pressing lips to his hairline.

“Eddie and I save our face eating for the bedroom, thank you very much.” Richie explained and Eddie didn’t hesitate to punch his arm and scoot away from him, although he did my complain when Richie was wrapping his arms around Eddie’s waist and pulling him back into him, peppering kisses down Eddie’s neck and causing the smaller boy to squirm. Stan scrunched up his nose at the other couple, turning his attention back to Bill.

When all was  said and done, though, their friends were happy that the two teens no longer needed to wait for one another. They were content in living their lives just the way they were right then.

Grounded (Winchesters + sister!reader)

Anon asked: Hey Can I please get a sisfic where she’s like late teens (idc) and she sneaks a hellhound she rescued into the bunker and the boys are pissed when they finally discover it? Maybe they want to throw it out but she insists on going if the dogs going, so she waits outside in the rain or something until they agree to let her keep it? Idk I’m horrible at these hahaha :)

Word count: 1.5k

Warnings: none? Teen angst? Sass?

A/N: Thank you for the request! I don’t know if this is what you wanted though

Crowley had been on your brothers’ asses lately about keeping their noses out of his business, but all you were able to think about was whether or not you could keep your big fat mouth shut about him getting involved in their business; and yours. You were waist deep in his business with your smuggled pet if you could even call it that.

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anonymous asked:

Hear me out— McCree and his (future and preferably female) s/o as college roommates? Like person A made an ad online saying they require a roommate to help with rent and person B is the only person who shows up. They were originally worried about it since they seem different but they actually go together VERY well and end up falling in love! :) Too specific? I love your writing!!

This is so cute! I had a lot of fun with this one and actually it would make a good fic. I may write it in the future if that’s okay with you!

  • You were the one who put the ad out
  • You had moved out of your parents’ place after high school and wanted to strike out on your own but severely underestimated how much an apartment would actually cost
  • In the end you had to get a crappy little two bedroom (specifically so you could get a roomie) that probably charged more than it was worth
  • But it was your first taste of independence so you sorta loved it
  • The ad had been up for weeks and you were running out of hope and options
  • If someone didn’t show up soon you would have to pack up and run home with your tail between your legs
  • And then Jesse showed up like Prince Charming on a white steed
  • If Prince Charming had a smooth southern drawl and it wasn’t actually a horse it was a motor cycle
  • He looked like a perfect example of the type of guy people tell you to watch out for
  • But you were desperate
  • “You’re not gonna like…kill me in my sleep or anything, right?”
  • He laughed at that and promised he wouldn’t “Scout’s honor” and all
  • Was he really a boy scout? You had a hard time picturing that
  • In the end you decided to accept him because a) he was the only applicant and b) you did NOT want to go back to your parents and have them say “I told you so”
  • You were wary at first because the two of you looked…so different
  • I mean the guy literally dresses like a cowboy
  • But he’s actually really sweet??
  • And he’s a morning person so he always makes you breakfast 
  • He says he’s like…a reporter or a writer or something
  • Whatever he pays his rent on time
  • “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you drink anything but coffee and like..bourbon.”
  • He shrugs “It’s probably replaced my blood by now.”
  • He’s really smart so he helps you study for finals and midterms and such
  • Proofreads all of your papers and gives excellent constructive criticism
  • Basically becomes your best friend
  • Everyone thinks you’re dating though
  • When your friends from school find out he’s just your roommate they’re all like “Whaaaaaat?!”
  • When you do get together it’s like…not even a conscious thing
  • You’re huddled up, watching a movie and you’re falling asleep on him and he kisses your forehead and you’re just like “Love you.”
  • And he freezes
  • And you don’t notice because you’re alseep
  • But he’s freaking out
  • Not because it’s a bad thing but he hadn’t even noticed he was falling in love with you
  • And he’s like “Oh shit. I’m in love with her.” 
  • Lowkey acts all nervous around you the next day and you’re just like ???? What happened
  • It’s actually really cute though because Jesse as you know him is calm and cool and collected but now he’s like tripping over his own feet and blushing every five seconds
  • You actually start to think he’s gotten sick
  • And he’s freaking out even more because You Don’t Remember and yet his whole world has changed
  • He’s losing his mind all day and you finally corner him and ask him what’s going on
  • When he tells you what you said last night as you were falling asleep you’re pretty sure your face was on fire
  • But then he goes “And I sorta realized that I…well I love you too, darlin’”
  • Oh
  • OH
  • And it’s just so stupid that neither of you realized it sooner
  • So you grab him by the front of his shirt and kiss him
  • And everything after that is the same and yet slightly different
  • You wake up in your best friend’s arms
  • You help him cook breakfast and he asks for a “reward” every time he successfully flips something
  • Spoiler alert: the reward is a kiss
  • You go out for dinner and eat off of each other’s plates
  • It’s domestic and gooey romantic shit
  • And you’ve never been happier
  • (Highkey marriage proposal via a newspaper add to mirror how you met)
Camp Velaris ~ Epilogue

This is for @queen-archeron! Anna, I promised you this epilogue months ago, and now it’s finally here! Happy birthday, and I hope your day is amazing and wonderful (just like you!)

You can find previous chapters here

I had been waiting a long time for this.

Well, I had been waiting three months, two weeks and four days for this.

Not that I was counting.

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o.verwatch inspired starters

❛   feels like i’m falling apart.   ❜
❛   —-   except for the part where you became a homicidal maniac.   ❜
❛   first you listen, then i kill.   ❜
❛   ha, i’ve come back from worse.   ❜
❛   i knew there was a reason i kept you around! and it wasn’t the sparkling conversation.   ❜
❛   brings a tear to my eye.   ❜
❛   well, i had to come back. i was worried you’d get bored not being able to stick your nose in my business.   ❜
❛   life is pain. so is death.   ❜
❛   it takes a woman to know it.   ❜
❛   never see the world for what it appears to be. dare to see it for what it could be.  ❜
❛   come at the king, best not miss.   ❜
❛   i sometimes wonder if all that armor slows your brain down.   ❜
❛   never liked going to the doctor.   ❜
❛   least number of kills buys post-mission drinks.   ❜
❛   need someone to tuck you in?   ❜
❛   those who fall will be forgotten. those who rise up… their names will be remembered.   ❜
❛   someone has to be ready when all your careful planning doesn’t pan out.   ❜
❛   still trying to play hero?   ❜
❛   someone has to do something! we have to do something!   ❜
❛   the true enemy of humanity is disorder.   ❜
❛   i shouldn’t overstay my welcome; i’m probably still on the watchlist here.   ❜
❛   i don’t even think children are afraid of you.   ❜
❛   you kids today with this techno music. you should listen to the classics, like hasselhoff.   ❜
❛   try not to get yourself killed out there.   ❜
❛   you’re looking quite well. this life must agree with you.   ❜
❛   this will only hurt for a minute.   ❜
❛   conflict and war is the crucible through which we evolve.   ❜
❛   you believe that? i don’t even know what to tell you.   ❜
❛   you are trapped in your own mind.   ❜
❛   knock me down, and i’ll keep getting back up.   ❜
❛   hm, pretty place. be a shame to kill someone here.   ❜
❛   i had a poster of you on my wall when i was younger.   ❜
❛   you having trouble keeping up?   ❜
❛   just tell me one thing: where’d you learn to shoot like that?   ❜
❛   things may change, but you never do.   ❜
❛   you sure take to this bad guy thing easily, don’t ya?   ❜
❛   you really should take better care of yourself.   ❜
❛   now this is my kind of city! everyone’s free to live as they choose.   ❜
❛   i am the angel of death.   ❜
❛   never leave a teammate behind.   ❜
❛   you look like a guy who needs someone blown up.   ❜
❛   one of these day’s someone’s gonna put an end to you.   ❜
❛   nice to see you doing your job for once.   ❜
❛   are you trying to impress me?   ❜     
❛   don’t think i’d forget about you.   ❜
❛   what are you going to do when the fighting’s over?   ❜
❛   i’ll see you in hell.   ❜
❛   you haven’t aged a day. what’s your secret?   ❜
❛   it’s a good thing i have you to watch my back.   ❜
❛   i’m not a young man anymore.   ❜
❛   that’s ‘sir’ to you.   ❜
❛   ____ in the flesh, woo! can i get your autograph?   ❜
❛   awwwwww, you’re trying so hard.   ❜
❛   you should consider joining us. i think we’d see eye to eye.   ❜
❛   now where’s my hero’s welcome?   ❜
❛   just setting foot here sets my soul at ease.   ❜
❛   true strength is hard work and dedication — not augmentation!    ❜
❛   you need to slow down; think about your actions.   ❜
❛   i make this look good… real good.   ❜
❛   those who think they are all-knowing, know nothing of what they do not.   ❜
❛   revenge is not justice.   ❜
❛   i know the doubts that plague you.   ❜
❛   peculiar choice of headwear…   ❜
❛   pain is an excellent teacher.   ❜
❛   i want to hug you like big, fuzzy siberian bear.   ❜
❛   i’m sure there’s a reasonable scientific explanation for this.   ❜
❛   sometimes i’m not sure why i even bother.   ❜
❛   i hope you learned your lesson.   ❜
❛   sorry, sorry. i’m sorry. sorry.   ❜
❛   you know, smoking’s bad for your health.   ❜
❛   the suffering of my people rests heavily on your shoulders.   ❜
❛   lose the battle, win the war.   ❜
❛   get down; give me twenty!   ❜
❛   they used to believe that witches lived in these woods.   ❜
❛   i’m not a miracle worker. well… not always.   ❜
❛   you always did have a high opinion of yourself.   ❜
❛   a warrior’s greatest weapon… is patience.   ❜
❛   ouch! are you okay?   ❜
❛   are you sure life isn’t a game?   ❜
❛   look at the snow! we should make snow angels!   ❜
❛   you might not want to tell your friends about that.   ❜
❛   i heard there’s a nice reward for bring you in.   ❜
❛   i lost many good soldiers here.   ❜
❛   a moment to enjoy some peace and quiet. probably just a moment.   ❜
❛   must violence always be the solution?   ❜
❛   i am a different man now. i am whole.   ❜
❛   you’re just a no-good bully. how can you look at yourself in the mirror?   ❜
❛   and they said i was the mad one.   ❜
❛   don’t like shooting a lady. but for you, i’ll make an exception.   ❜
❛   i thought you were dead… why didn’t you tell me?   ❜
❛   this is no place for children.   ❜
❛   i wouldn’t drink the coffee; always tasted like boiled dirt.   ❜
❛   the destruction here… it reminds me of home.   ❜
❛   remind me to stay out of your bad side.   ❜
❛   i didn’t start this war; but i’m damn well gonna finish it.   ❜
❛   i still love you.   ❜
❛   i’m a man on a mission; stay out of me way.   ❜
❛   you hear me baby? just hold together!   ❜
❛   this is much better than a cabana on the beach.   ❜
❛   i get the feeling you’re not taking me seriously…   ❜
❛   you were not meant for greatness.   ❜
❛   you know, i still owe you for saving my life.   ❜
❛   what are you looking at?   ❜
❛   got your aim from your mum, i see.   ❜
❛   you ain’t seen me angry.   ❜
❛   actions have consequences.   ❜
❛   you sure know how to play boy scout.   ❜
❛   i’m not your father.   ❜
❛   bones heal, pain is temporary; scars look good.   ❜
❛   i’m the one that does their job. i’m thinking you’re the other one.   ❜
❛   where’s your holiday spirit?   ❜
❛   i can do this with my eyes closed.   ❜
❛   god save the king.   ❜
❛   destroy the enemy, take no prisoners.   ❜
❛   it’s hard to say who ___ would be more disappointed by.   ❜
❛   save the medals. i’ve had my fill.   ❜
❛   my enemies fall like cherry blossoms.   ❜
❛   i have some chocolates for you… not swiss.   ❜
❛   lot of memories of this place. they weren’t all bad.   ❜
❛   i didn’t teach you all my tricks.   ❜
❛   now this place? ugh. makes me an atheist.   ❜
❛   let’s say we forget all about this and go to the beach instead.   ❜
❛   treasure? sure, i don’t know what you’re talking about!   ❜
❛   this was my home. no longer…   ❜
❛   you are mistaken. i am beyond redemption.   ❜
❛   mock death are your own peril.   ❜
❛   i always liked working with you. no awkward small talk.   ❜     
❛   old soldiers never die… and they don’t fade away.   ❜
❛   looked in a mirror lately?   ❜
❛   we could have built an empire together.   ❜
❛   big mouth, big target.   ❜
❛   if you sit by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will pass by.   ❜
❛   can’t stop, won’t stop.   ❜
❛   you said you would arm wrestle me. nervous?   ❜
❛   the heart of a man still beats inside me.   ❜
❛   our paths cross for now. as for the future… we shall see.   ❜
❛   you were once a legend, but what are you now? just a shell of a woman.   ❜
❛   i’m not in it for the glory.   ❜
❛   like mother, like daughter.   ❜
❛   now those are some fireworks.   ❜
❛   you chose your side.   ❜
❛   guess we’ll do this the old fashioned way.   ❜
❛   would have been better to let this all go…   ❜
❛   i don’t tolerate defeat.   ❜
❛   from here it looks so orderly and peaceful…   ❜
❛   if it lives, i can kill it.   ❜
❛   make a lot threats and someone’s going to shut you up.   ❜
❛   you look like you’ve seen a ghost.   ❜
❛   won’t be a problem if you just disappeared forever.   ❜
❛   ‘sic transit gloria’.  ❜
❛   i will fight to my last breath.   ❜
❛   i don’t feel. that’s the point, isn’t it?   ❜
❛   over my dead body.   ❜
❛   and here i thought we had a plan…   ❜
❛   it’s not too late to change your course.   ❜
❛   last one there’s a rotten egg!   ❜
❛   last i checked, i didn’t ask for your opinion.   ❜
❛   why are you so angry?   ❜
❛   what’s wrong? don’t you recognize me?   ❜
❛   such beauty is wasted upon the soul of a killer.   ❜
❛   you can be my wingman, anytime!   ❜
❛   let us rid ourselves of these unwanted guests.   ❜
❛   i’m too young to die.   ❜
❛   alright. gameface: on.   ❜
❛   i tried being reasonable. didn’t take to it.   ❜
❛   the world could always use more heroes.   ❜
❛   this is not my kind of weather! have an extra jacket?   ❜
❛   ever get that feeling of de ja vu?   ❜
❛   i’m not bad. not good. but i sure as hell ain’t ugly.   ❜
❛   it is beautiful here… i could never appreciate it before.   ❜
❛   freedom is an illusion that does more harm than good.   ❜
❛   this is gonna make you feel better.   ❜
❛   let’s get this party started!   ❜
❛   is it hot in here? or is it just me?   ❜
❛   uh-oh, sniper, keep moving.   ❜
❛   when the music hits, you feel no pain.   ❜
❛   stupidity isn’t a right.   ❜
❛   oh man, i hope you didn’t work too hard on that.   ❜
❛   i think i’ve made improvements. to your face.   ❜

[RvB] In Hope’s Shadow

Title: In Hope’s Shadow

Rating: PG-13

Characters: Wash, Tucker, Junior, Epsilon

Notes: Written for the RvB Reverse Big Bang, run by @rvbficwars​. There is some absolutely incredible artwork which inspired and was created for this fic by the amazingly talented @adobewanphotobi​ who I worked with on this challenge, which can be found here.

It’s a Star Wars AU! :D

Summary: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Lavernius Tucker packs up his life and flees his home planet with his son to escape the lengthening shadow of the Empire’s influence. Along the way, he finds a bit more than he bargained for.

“There you go buddy,” Tucker say as he tugs Junior’s hood up to cover as much of his face as he can. “You got all your things?”

Junior holds up a his stuffed toy and gives a questioning noise. It’s a ragged thing that he’s had since he was a baby, and the original acid blue colour has faded to a sort of grey-green by now. It’s shaped like one of the local species; six spindly limbs, a long tail, and a green furry ruff around the neck that almost obscures the button eyes. It’s ugly as sin in Tucker’s opinion, but Junior loves it.

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Notes to the girl whose house I live in

by reddit user JJX2525

It took me a week to find where you keep your wifi password. A whole week! I was really worried you’d thrown it away, but lo and behold, there it was in the cutlery drawer of all places. Everything about the way you organize things confuses me. I guess because you live on your own now you just put things any old place. I know there was someone else before, I heard you talking about him on the phone. Johnny, I think? Jimmy? Anyway, I know because you said it was tough being alone. But you’re not alone, of course. You have me!

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