this is a picture of my spirit animal btw

Selfie Sunday! Went down to Disneyland today and had a great time. Some of the cast members are just the greatest! Walking in to the park, the guy scanned my pass, looks at my picture (still a boy picture 😒), then looks back at me for a second. “Have a magical day princess, you look beautiful today!” Not gonna lie, my heart melted!!! 💙 met my girlfriend there and took plenty more pics but since porn blogs love to reblog my content, I’ll be keeping her out of this blog entirely 😞. Btw, stitch is totally my spirit animal 💙Anyways, I hope all you other princesses out there also had a magical day ❤️💛💚💙💜

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Starfruit? Love the blog, btw! ♥

(I’m on my computer and free to do this now, so better quality! Yay!)

Star Fruit, Favorite sea creature?- Squid! I love squid so much, I think they’re the cutest thing ever. If I had a house crest, it would be a squid. My spirit animal would be a squid. Any sea creature question I answer with squid. Seriously, have you seen those lil dudes? 

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Tumblr has no good pictures of actual squid, so here’s this.

Thank you for the ask! And I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog! <3

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What made you use Kevinah Sargan as your profile pic?I love it btw!

she’s my spirit animal whenever i think about how much i hate dance or how my feet are killing me during drills i think of her and this picture of her like “wassup bitches i’ve got a globe and french fries” (that is exactly how she talks in my head) so i think she’s totally adorable and relatable and i aspire to win a globe one day too and if i can eat french fries on my journey to that podium then hell yeah count me in