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Daryl’s lie - and Carol believing it

In all honestly, I believe that, because of the way he hesitated to answer, and because he then said twice that everyone was okay, as if he wanted to make himself believe it as well for as long as he’s there, Carol absolutely knew that Daryl wasn’t telling her everything, that he was holding back on something. Carol has known Daryl for two years now. She knows him well enough to gauge his reaction to her question, and to know that his answer was not truthful.

But she deliberately chose to take his answer at face value at the time, simply because she knew why he was holding back or lying - to protect her, and give her the time to heal that she had told him she needed (”I had to”), and come to terms with what you have to do in this new world to survive.

So she chooses to accept his answer without further questions because she realizes what it means to a man like Daryl, who says what he thinks, who has never lied to her until that moment, to lie about this, and she doesn’t want to throw this gift away that he is giving her - this gift of just a little more time in her bubble, a little more time away from it all to gather herself, to heal as far as possible, to arrive at the conclusion that, by staying away voluntarily, she has already lost the people she loves, and that she might keep them alive longer by joining the fight, and that keeping people she loves alive by killing those who have no other goal in life but exploiting, hurting, and killing them, does not make her a bad person.

It’s a gift of time that Daryl is giving her, and time, immaterial as it is, is the most precious thing we can give the people we love, and she appreciates this gift and accepts it from him, knowing how huge it is.

They are so perfect for each other.

Dark Harbor (1998) is one of his earlier movies and one of my favorites. It’s one of those movies in which you must pay close attention to appreciate all the carefully planted details.

There are only three actors in the whole movie. Besides Norman, it stars Alan Rickman and Polly Walker. Norman plays a mysterious young man who drifts into the life of a married couple.

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25 Things You May Not Know About Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus in ‘Ride With Norman Reedus’ (AMC)

Okay, if you’re one of the truly die-hard Norman Reedus fans, the ones who spend a good portion of their days plotting just how to get the chance to meet and lick the man so cool that The Walking Dead powers that be created a character just for him, you may be familiar with many of the following facts.

But for those who less obsessively appreciate his talents (not that we’re judging), read on for some fresh deets on the star of AMC’s charming new road trip reality series Ride with Norman Reedus, premiering Sunday.

1. His favorite episode of The Walking Dead is Season 4’s “Still,” a.k.a. the one where Daryl and Beth drink moonshine and bond after running away from the prison together following The Governor’s attack.

Reedus and Emily Kinney in ‘The Walking Dead’ (Gene Page/AMC)

2. Reedus’s parents weren’t together while he and his younger sister Leslie were growing up, and his businessman father was rarely in his life when he was a child. But the two reconciled before his father died in 2002 he has “Norman” tattooed on his chest in honor of his dad, Norman Sr. — and Reedus told that he used the memory of his father’s death to evoke Daryl’s emotional response to brother Merle’s death in Season 3’s “This Sorrowful Life” episode of TWD.

3. His mother, Marianne, was once a Playboy Bunny, who also taught kindergarten, high school, and ran an orphanage and school in Kurdistan. She’s also a Carol-and-Daryl shipper who, Reedus says, thinks actress Melissa McBride would make a nice real-life match for her son.

4. Fans of The Walking Dead present Reedus with so many Daryl-related gifts that he dedicates three rooms in his New York City apartment to collecting some of his favorite keepsakes. Among the most unusual items he’s been given: a breast implant, which he uses as a cell phone holder in his TWD trailer, and a bag of, well, he explains it best. “One girl handed me a bag of meat… it was sort of in this yellow oil, and she said it was squirrel,” Reedus told the Los Angeles Times. “She goes, ‘I hunted it down with a shovel.’ That was pretty weird."

5. He’s also a photographer and artist, and says he once sculpted a very anatomically detailed vagina out of pieces of a busted up rock.

6. Reedus was nearly killed in a 2005 accident in Berlin, when a car that was taking him back to his hotel after an REM concert was hit by a semi-truck. He spent four months in a Berlin hospital recuperating — and now sports a titanium eye socket as a result — but got so bored during his recovery that he agreed to leave the hospital to star in a friend’s short film, Meet Me in Berlin, about a man who misses a planned date with a woman because he gets into a car accident, in Berlin. 

7. Reedus’s first TV role was a guest stint on Charmed, where he played Nate Parks, the boyfriend of Rose McGowan’s Paige… until she found out he was a married man and father of two.

8. He got his Screen Actors Guild card with the 1997 Guillermo del Toro sci-fi/horror flick Mimic, in which he gets eaten by a cockroach.

9. He dropped out of high school to move to Tokyo, then London, then Spain (where he supported himself by selling paintings of stray cats), then he followed a girlfriend to Los Angeles, where he would be “discovered” as an actor after being fired from his job at a motorcycle shop called Dr. Carl’s Hog Hospital. While drunk at a party with a friend, a producer asked him if he wanted to be in a play. The production, called Maps for Drowners, also starred a pre-Friends Lisa Kudrow. P.S. The girlfriend he followed to L.A. broke up with him to marry someone else.

10. He later modeled for Prada… in a tuxedo. Explaining his surprise at being asked to model for the company, he told an interviewer, “I mean, I’m short and fat and drink beer.”


11. The members of KISS are such fans of his that they once delayed an Atlanta concert until he could drive from the Walking Dead set to take a selfie with them before their trademark makeup wore off during the show.

12. Reedus once co-owned his own art gallery, Collective Hardware, in Manhattan.

13. He’s a self-described neat freak whose favorite household maintenance item is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

14. Reedus was considered for the role of George Clooney’s character’s father in Tomorrowland, but he had to reject the project, he says, when director Brad Bird insisted that he cut his hair. “It went down to the last minute, and everyone knew I couldn’t cut my hair,” Reedus told Details magazine. “Then, I think [Bird] threw a fit and was like, ‘If he’s not dedicated to this role and he can’t cut his hair, then it’s not going to work.’ I’m on a f–kin’ TV show! I can’t just shave my head!”

15. Reedus’s 16-year-old son, Mingus (his mother is supermodel and Reedus ex Helena Christensen), started a band called God Fart. Norman also had a band as a teenager: Vicious Prick. He says the group sang Black Flag songs… badly.

Reedus with son Mingus (Getty Images)

16. Some things about fatherhood terrify him. Like… "Have you ever sat in a parent-teacher meeting with a bunch of moms and you? That’s terrifying,” he told “I did that recently, where I was sitting in a room with all moms and me. And everyone’s talking about how we should structure this after-school program, and I’m just like 'Ah!’”

17. At age 12, Reedus briefly played on the junior tennis circuit that would help launch the career of Andre Agassi. 

18. Reedus ate Thanksgiving dinner with the Duck Dynasty cast, who are fans of The Walking Dead, in 2013. 

19. Reedus wanted to make a movie about New York City drag queen prostitute Margo Howard-Howard, author of the memoir I Was a White Slave in Harlem, but the project stalled when the friend who had agreed to star in the film —  Heath Ledger — died.

20. His third movie was 1997’s Six Ways to Sunday, in which his Harry Odum is an aspiring mobster with a Norman Bates-ish split personality and relationship with his controlling mother, played by rock legend Debbie Harry. Spoiler alert: Mother and son sleep together in the end, after which Mama Odum commits suicide.

Reedus with Debbie Harry in ‘Six Ways to Sunday’ (Scout Productions)

21. There are few comedy entries on Reedus’s lengthy resume, but he did make a cameo in last year’s Vacation reboot, playing a truck driver who does a good deed… but with suspect motives.

22. Reedus’s first experience as a producer came with the 2015 sci-fi thriller Air (also produced by TWD creator Robert Kirkman). But the film will probably live on in his memory as the one where he broke a toe by kicking co-star Djimon Hounsou’s foot. “I had him hold the bottom of his foot so I could start kicking [it],” Reedus told “But he’s so rock hard and made of muscle that I broke my toe when I was doing it. They had to take me to the emergency room in the middle of the night.” 

23. He thinks he owes his success to his scowl. "I’m still insecure, but when I first started acting, I was really insecure,” he’s said. “I glared at a lot of people. I assumed everyone hated me. Somehow that scowl has turned into an acting career. And I kill someone in everything I do, so… ."

24. He doesn’t memorize TWD scripts until the day his scenes are filmed.

25. When he wants to roam through Comic-Con in San Diego undetected, his disguise of choice is often a panda bear head.


Ride with Norman Reedus premieres June 12 at 10 p.m. on AMC.

Norman Reedus Interview for So It Goes by James Wright

It has been a long time coming, but Norman Reedus is at peace. In 1991, the actor was earning seven dollars and fifty cents an hour working in a busted Harley repair shop in Venice Beach, California. He’d followed a girl from Japan over to LA, but it didn’t work out. Neither did the job. One night he found himself angry and drunk at a party in the Hills and - Hollywood being Hollywood - his abusive tirade won him a part in a play. Fast-forward twenty years and a career’s worth of roles in dark, violent and barely seen independent films, Reedus was a man in he shadows, flirting with photography, art and the idea of giving up acting for good. And then it all changed. AMC’s The Walking Dead - the critically acclaimed show about survival in post-apocalyptic, zombie-ridden Georgia - has transformed Reedus, at forty-six into one of the most recognisable faces on American television. His poncho-wearing, crossbow-toting hillbilly with a heart, Daryl Dixon, looks like it could be just the start.

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What Beth and Daryl have in common:

But first, let me address that I’m so tired of this bullshit people are spewing in the anti-Bethyl tags that they could never relate to one another because she had a “privileged” life, especially because the entire point of Still and Alone was to show them bonding with one another through their ability to deeply relate:

  • First of all, what fucking part of a zombie apocalypse is privileged to you?
  • Ok, so let’s interpret her past, now. Look at Hershel’s home when they first arrive on the farm.  Look at Beth’s hand-me-down clothes, worn cowboy boots, old furniture and largely un-decorated bedroom.  They had nice things, but they did not have especially nice things.  They did not struggle, but they weren’t pretentious like you imply they were when you say “privileged.” They were hard-working. They were blessed by their family’s homesteading.  They had a home and cattle property and family heirlooms, not a mansion and Pottery Barn items and benz’s. They were not in poverty, but they still led relatively modest lifestyles.
  • They had the kind of living I like to think Daryl would have longed for if he’d grown up in an encouraging environment, and Daryl doesn’t tend to expect very grand things to come his way, so you know he’d consider this a modest enough aspiration.
  • No, she wasn’t as destitute as we can assume Daryl was, but even Daryl had a house.  They specify that his mother died in a house fire, a house in a neighborhood where children all got bikes,as opposed to a trailer park fire.  Perhaps he grew up in a trailer after the fire– his dad probably couldn’t afford a new house, maybe didn’t have home owner’s insurance.  But just because Beth lived on a really nice farm does not support this notion that she was some uppity, spoiled rich kid, which is what you imply when you describe her with the word “privileged.”
  • In fact, weren’t you paying attention in Still? THAT IS AN EXACT COPY OF DARYL’S HOUSE. HE SAYS SO. Those are the conditions he grew up in! That’s it. Yeah, it’s ugly. It’s nowhere near the size or aesthetic loveliness of the farm. It has gross things inside.  It has anger and sadness permeating the walls.  But it’s a house, and what makes it junkier is more to do with how his parents hurt him than the physical setting and items. And Beth also experiences sadness clinging to her farm home after her mother and brother were bitten.  Beth also experiences living with a strict father who is becoming changed by the loss of his wife.
  • No, Hershel didn’t abuse her.  No, I’m not saying that she can relate to Daryl’s abuses and ever understand that specific and horrendous level of cruelty and that pain coming from a parent.  But, she can, in a small way, understand aspects of the oppression and the drunkenness; Her father suffered with alcohol as his addiction, to the point of being punished by his wife by having him constantly sleeping on the couch.  I can’t remember for certain if that occurred while Beth was present in the house, and not before Beth’s birth and childhood, but I would think that it really did occur during her childhood, or at the very least, it came up or threatened to come up again once in a while.
  • Just because a father doesn’t hit you doesn’t mean his actions don’t harm you. Let that sink in. 
  • Even if Hershel was not drunk during Beth’s childhood, and she was protected from that, it is still something there and part of their family. It is still a part of Hershel and it always will be, and then it was confirmed as still within him when he slipped after the barn walker massacre.  That always being within him, a part of him, most definitely became something she had to deal with, learn about, know about, see manifest in his other behaviors, and it is most definitely something she would have to put in at least a little effort to work to accept and understand while growing up under his roof.
  • Speaking of under his roof– she was constantly relegated to his very strict expectations for his daughters’ conduct and their moral fiber.  I do not believe Hershel was especially unreasonable or mean– totally wasn’t. But when we met him, he was very stubborn and demanding, very much set in his ways, very authoritative, and laid down the law. And he also constantly hounded Maggie about her accepting the Atlanta group, and he explicitly disagreed with his family learning what the Atlanta group could show them.  But we know that Beth wanted to learn– she asked to be taught to fire a weapon.  She asked to be prepared and to change along with this world.  Beth was ready to move on and grow up and Hershel was still holding her back.  Beth can relate to Daryl’s inability to truly become strong and come into his real identity because of how a father holds one back on this small level, but small doesn’t mean non-existent.

Now I’ll get into the commonalities:

  • Everyone in the world has been failed by their parents in some way–whether or not a parent is an ultimately complete failure or they just make mistakes, it happens.  Feeling let down by your parents in some form happens. Everyone in the group could relate to Daryl being failed by his parents, and Beth is not exempt from that.
  • Beth and Daryl are both the youngest child/youngest sibling, and sibling positioning within a family is factually important to the basis of your development, because each “level” (first-born, second-born, so on), no matter how unique your family is, carries with it certain dynamics and patterns of character building that are generally consistent across all families.  That positioning guarantees commonalities with each other, and guarantees their ability to relate.  This is even addressed in Still when they are discussing missing Merle, Maggie, and Shawn.  Beth says she misses being bossed around and protected, and while Daryl won’t admit he misses it, he is alluding to it being an incredibly real and familiar experience to be bossed around by Merle.  He tells stories of getting into things just because Merle said so.  He summarizes his entire identity as “Merle’s little brother” just as Beth no doubt summarized her identity (particularly in school, I would imagine) as “Maggie’s little sister” and “Shawn’s little sister.”
  • They have both been incredibly and consistently underestimated, even by each other.
  • They have both been made to feel useless and like they can’t contribute to worthwhile pursuits.
  • They’ve both been told they need to grow up and be stronger. They are both naïve in similar (as well as dissimilar) ways.
  • They’ve both done a ton of growing up.  They have both become not only physically strong and capable of surviving, but they are each consistently asserted as two of the characters that most need to have emotional strength, too.  That there is too much to their identity that’s not about the physicality and the bare-minimum requirements to stay alive– that they are too socially and emotionally-oriented for breathing to be enough; they are too deep thinking for “survival of the fittest” and “kill or be killed.”  They’ve both grown into characters that need to keep their humanity while also reconciling what you have to do in this world to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, and doing that through upholding a moral code that everyone else largely tries to expel from their being.
  • They both want to see beauty in the world and to protect that beauty.  Daryl has an appreciation of beauty that Beth nurtures because it practically defines who she is. Beth teaches Daryl to understand that beauty doesn’t have to look traditionally beautiful to be worthwhile– like him, like his life. That’s why he looks at her, so stunned, feeling so many feelings, when she asks him to consider the dressed corpses in the funeral home as beautiful. (In my opinion, this is probably the number one reason Norman Reedus, who is a studio artist, would ship Bethyl.  Because he knows how important it is for people to appreciate beauty– beauty in all its forms, in artistic and conceptual matters, beauty in meaning and in perseverance and in its “not beauty,” not just a regurgitated, easy sense of beauty based on aesthetically socialized understandings.)  Beth thought something that gruesome was beautiful? He wasn’t thinking, “No, I think you’re beautiful.” He was thinking, “Maybe she could think I’m beautiful, too.” (oh god I’m giving myself intense feelings alsjdfklasfd)
  • They are both nurturers. They are both providers.  I’m working on another examination of them (when am I not examining Bethyl, let’s be real) from the aspect of femininity vs. masculinity in their identity expressions, and part of that helped me come to this beautiful understanding of how they are both innately highly oriented toward supporting and caring for other people.  We learn throughout the ZA that you need people to survive, so yes, everyone in our Team Family becomes likely to help each other out.  But Daryl and Beth take it on (as well as Rick, but Rick bucks up against it for a while) as their birthright and primary responsibility to take care of others, particularly in the area of encouraging others to not give up so easily and giving them hope and asserting that they’re going to be good.  And that’s even more fascinating when juxtaposed with the fact that they are the youngest siblings, yet they’re constantly comforting, providing for, teaching, and being voices of accountability to others.
  • They have both served as moral consciences and sources of encouragement for other characters.  Beth for Maggie, Hershel, Carl, Michonne, Rick, and then most profoundly, Daryl.  And then Daryl for Rick, Bob, Merle, Carol, Michonne and then most profoundly consumedbyangst!Carol, and most profoundly with Beth.
  • They have both suffered abuse (Beth moreso post-ZA) and experienced PTSD-causing trauma. (The fact that Beth has experienced abuse and trauma post-ZA and Daryl has experienced a majority of it pre-ZA does not make his trauma more valid.  You can’t compare and qualify trauma on a spectrum of validity. Fucking don’t do that.)
  • They’re both sweet souls that know how to make meaningful gestures toward others. Ex. Daryl giving Carol the cherokee rose and the hope tied into that, and Beth getting Maggie and Michonne to hold Judith after they were both internalizing guilt and shame. Another ex. Daryl putting flowers on the grave marked “father" for Beth’s sake.
  • They both mother others in practical actions and verbal affirmation.  Ex. Daryl giving Rick the bandana to wipe the blood from his face not just for Rick’s sake, but for Carl’s and him mothering Carol even though she resists admitting she is injured in Consumed.  Beth dropping soothing wisdom all over the place for so many characters to grasp onto, including Maggie, Michonne, and Carl, and Daryl, and then her sweet empathy for patients in the hospital, like Joan.
  • They are surrogate parents to Rick’s children.  They are the most consistently asserted as the main surrogate parents throughout season 3 and part of 4, until Michonne comes into play, and Michonne actually takes up the void their separation from the group leaves behind– so if they hadn’t been separated from Judith and Carl, I’d argue that they’d still be emphasized as the surrogate parents, though perhaps a bit less, again, because of Michonne’s introduction and her bonding with Rick and Carl, but also because I believe Beth would start taking on more tasks such as hunting, runs, etc.
  • They are both physically affectionate yet understand boundaries and the contextual cues needed to indicate when it’s ok to invade another’s personal space.  Both of them can overstep these boundaries just as anyone else can, especially when angered, but on the whole, they are generally very intuitive and deliberate and respectful in regards to physical touch, specifically as using physical touch as a form of comfort.  Ex. There were many times Beth and Daryl could have put a hand on Michonne’s shoulder to comfort her in the scenes they were speaking to Michonne, but they did not because they read Michonne/their relationship with Michonne. But they also know when to give small physical affection to others, like Rick or Carol.  This is an important similarity between them and I’ve seen haters say that both Beth and Daryl are out of line in their physical actions toward one another, and they ultimately are not. There was man-handling that I disapprove of, and shoving, and yes, generally a small glimpse into unhealthiness, but it is completely unraveled when they have their breakthrough hug, and the physical affection between them consistently affirms that they are not that argument and they are capable of better, and that they feel differently and more positively about touches. I just really think you’re blind and we’re watching completely different shows if you think their physical touches can be summarized as inappropriate, and you’re very narrow-minded if you’ll use physical boundaries as a way to bat down Bethyl as healthy when you’ll use small moments in Still as evidence, but you completely disregard every. single. time. they touched affectionately and positively in Alone.
  • They are both models of hope and strength.
  • They are both looked up to by children.  bundyshoes brilliantly pointed out to me that Mika wears braids like Beth’s.  And we see Patrick shake Daryl’s hand, and we’ve watched Carl’s wardrobe grow to be similar to Daryl’s (his style’s like a hybrid of Rick and Daryl, it’s so precious).
  • They are both naturally inclined to care about the children and prioritize their well-being, and to offer comfort to them when they are having a hard time. Beth and Daryl are two of the characters that consistently support Carl and are there for him during very, very difficult struggles. They don’t emphasize Hershel, Maggie, Glenn, or Carol consistently being there for Carl. No, they emphasize Beth and Daryl. 
  • They both like dry humor/little playful barbs directed to loved ones as jokes. The one that I’m thinking of now is Beth saying, "Yeah. Some people can be real jerks when they drink.” And Daryl’s, “There ain’t no juke box, so…[I guess I’ll subject myself to your singin’ is the subtextual message there]”
  • They are both incredibly headstrong, resilient, persistent, and can access righteous indignation and flare up in defense of themselves/their loved ones.
  • They are both heroes.
  • They both jump at the chance to help others. They both even jumped together to go save Maggie and Glenn. They both jump at the chance to help people who are/were strangers to them. Ex. Daryl helps the hispanic family at Yellow Jacket Creek. Beth helps Noah escape and does her best to help others there, like offering Joan emotional comfort.
  • They both care about not leaving others behind even if there’s only a tiny chance they’re alive.  Daryl loses sight of this hope and this resolute strength of his character after the fall of the prison, and Beth has to remind him that’s not who they are. They are both people who will go to the ends of the earth to search for loved ones even if everyone else is whispering to give up.

And of course the two most important things in common:

  • Hair porn.
  • Arm porn.
  • </facetious joke>
  • <the joke was that these are the most important similarities>

(There’s probably more. Feel free to piggyback this meta and add on more comparisons my fellow Beth fans and Bethyl family members!)

[SUMMARY: You and Norman are coworkers on the walking dead set and have just broken up. He catches you kissing another guy. ]

Norman and Molly

Going to work everyday was awkward and uncomfortable. Norman and you had just broken up after a 2 year relationship but you were still forced to see him everyday. You knew you should’ve listened to your mother when she said to never get involved with your coworkers. Norman and you had broken up due to the fact that he mostly drank and partied. The only time you actually saw each other was on set for The Walking Dead. It was devastating, you truly loved him, but you couldn’t take it anymore. Now here you are two months later, Norman and you barely talk although you are the make up artist. He stares at you a lot but never knows what to say while you simply try your best to avoid eye contact. He still loves you and misses you, but he knows he screwed up big time.

One month ago you began to date a new guy on set named Henry. Although you had just gone through a tough experience with a coworker, that didn’t mean you learned your lesson. It was tough and still is considering you still loved Norman, but you were tired of moping around. You actually liked Henry, he was sweet and attentive…something Norman once was. Nobody knew about you and Henry and you wanted to keep it that way.

One day while you were alone in the makeup trailer Henry sneaked in to be with you.
“Are you crazy!” You shoved him back as he made his way to kiss you.
“Nobody’ll know, everyone’s at lunch.” He laughed picking you up against the wall as he continued kissing you. Everyone but Norman was out for lunch. And little did you both know he was on his way to the make up trailer. The two of you so lost in each others touch you didn’t pay attention to the sound of the door knob turning. That was when Norman saw you. Both of your eyes closed as Henry kissed you and touched you. Normans heart dropped and rage arose in him. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. You suddenly heard the sound of a familiar hiss when you opened your eyes to see Norman standing at the door furious. He walked off quickly and angrily as you pushed Henry back instantly.
“Who was it?” Henry asked.
“Norman.” You gasped fixing your hair.
“So, he left.” Henry tried kissing you again not knowing the fact that you were once with him.
“No.” You pushed him back.
“Just go for now. Okay?…I’ll call you later.” Henry looked at you confused for a moment then ended up leaving your trailer.

When he walked out he didn’t see but Norman was standing behind a wall. Fists at his side as his nose flared from the anger and jealousy that went through him. Norman stood still as he saw Henry walk off. What he really wanted to do was grab him and beat the shit out of him.

You stood nervously hoping Henry and Norman had both left the area. You were embarrassed, you were not ready at all for Norman to see you with someone else because you yourself weren’t ready.

Soon you figured you’d just leave the trailer and get some air. As you walked out quickly you heard Normans voice loud and clear.
“Henry huh?” He yelled out making you stop in your tracks. He began to make his way to you.
“Norman I didn’t mean-” before you could finish he suddenly grabbed you for a hard kiss making you squeal.
“Norman!” You gasped.
“I still love you, and I know you love me too.” He whispered looking down at you. As much as you wanted it to be as simple as he made it sound, it couldn’t be. His drinking and partying had taken over what your relationship once was and you didn’t want it, not like that.
“Norman I can’t..I can’t do this again.” You began to shake your head holding back tears.
“Molly I know I put you through a lot, but I promise you I don’t want any of that anymore. I’ll trade it all in if it means being with you.” You were left at a loss for words. Here was Henry who had done no wrong to you and things were actually going good, and here was Norman, who screwed up now wanting to make it better. But most of all, here was the man you loved.
“If I screw up again, you could do whatever you want. Just give me this one chance to show you I’m for real.” He pulled you close staring you down. You wanted him, you both knew you did, but that didn’t mean you weren’t afraid.
“I love you Norman….” You whispered to him.
“I want to be with you..but I really can’t have that all happening again, it hurt to much.”
“It won’t.” He assured you. You felt yourself begin to smile, you couldn’t help it. You had longed to be in his arms again and feeling his love. Henry was a sweet man and all but it had nothing on being with the man who you loved and loved you in return. It didn’t stop you from feeling bad though.
“But Henry-”
“Fuck Henry.” Norman interrupted before you could even finish. Wether Norman liked it or not, you felt like you owed the man an explanation, you worked with him for Gods sake.

Later that day when you went back to Normans penthouse, you called Henry up in front of him.
“Put him on speaker, I wanna hear what he has to say.” Norman said as he sat next to you.
“Just don’t say anything..please?” He looked at you for a moment before nodding. Slightly nervous you called him up and he picked up right away.
“Molly? What’s been up with you, what happened today?” Henry immediately said, the sound of his voice already making Norman sick. You hesitated looking at Norman before beginning to speak.
“About Norman..-”
“Yeah I heard you were with that guy, I figured that’s why he acted the way he did today. But who cares he’s the past.” Norman jumped to say something but you quickly hushed him.
“Henry….he’s not the past.”
“What?” He responded confused.
“Henry I’m sorry…but I love him. I always have.”
“Your really gonna continue your relationship with that guy?” He asked emphasizing on the that making Norman cringe.
“I don’t have anything else to explain to you Henry. I’m sorry.”
“Oh don’t be, I feel sorry for you. Having to deal with the way he is, never there for you-”
“Hey man better watch your mouth.” Norman cut in.
“Norman!” You said as Henry began to yell in the background before you quickly hung up.
“I told you not to say anything.”
“Never could stand the guy.” Norman rolled his eyes.
“Did you sleep with him?” He suddenly asked staring you dead in the eye.
“No!” You yelled.
“Of course not.”
“Better not have.” He began to smirk at you nibbling your neck before suddenly stopping and staring up at you seriously.
“He’s not right about me you know.”
“If I for one second thought he was, I wouldn’t be giving you this chance.” You answered to him. He smiled.
“I’m sorry I didn’t appreciate you and got caught up in that life style. From now on its Molly over everything.” He cheesed pulling you close to him. And he kept his word, from then on he wasn’t drinking, he wasn’t partying, and if he was you were his date. Always by his side.


As far as the relationship and what kind of a relationship it is, I will not say that it is a mother-son relationship by any means. However I would say that together they are very nurturing for one another and they are very supportive of one another, and that they give each other a lot of permission just to be themselves. Because they both understand how it feels to be surpressed, to have that right just to be yourself and to have that freedom to explore who you are just squashed, taken away. I think that now they respect that in one another and allow that for each other. And I think that’s beautiful in any relationship.

- Melissa McBride

The Walking Dead season finale

-This is my personal opinion-

So, the season finale is coming. And seriously the 5x14 and 5x15 was really intense. I know what haters think about the team delusional, but at this point if Beth is really dead all of this (Slabtown, The Grady memorial, coda, the music box…) have no sense.  Also, my baby Beth is dead to save Noah, and now he is dead (an horrible death!!!!) just because Nicholas the asshole is a fuckin coward. And after that ..what? it’s over?!

Remember my post “coda ending”?

509 = 5x09 = Tyreese’s death (fake burial of Beth)


Now we know:

514 = 5x14 = Noah’s death. !!!!

… DUH! If it’s over…. what’s the point?

I saw the “spoilers” for the season finale and ..seriously? No dead in Rick’s group: thanks god, Aaron and Daryl find Morgan: obviously, the wolves are coming: yeaah of course ..and what? 90 minutes just for that? seriously?
I mean okay it’s good but where’s the surprise? All of this things are so obvious.
But, I really hope more

Norman Reedus said we’re going to cry and scream at our tv, but for what? Morgan? The Wolves? *laugh* are you seriiiious?

Alexandria’s people? Cry for them?

(my personal feelings) I don’t care about them!!!!! Deanna, Jessie, Pete or their stupid kid Sam.

I only care about Rick’s team (of course without Father Gabriel the traitor). A lot of people don’t appreciate the reaction of Rick in “Try” but I totally understand his reaction, these people have no idea what the real life is in this world, they’re weak and dangerous. (The only thing I find weird it’s the Rick/Jessie relation. )

After the death of Noah I really don’t care about Alexandria’s people.

At this point the only thing who can make me scream or cry at my tv is the return of Beth.

I'm working on discourse (1 out of 2 current drafts) about Beth and Daryl having a lot in common, and this just leapt out to me and is making my heart do cartwheels:
  • They both want to see beauty in the world and to protect that beauty.  Daryl has an appreciation of beauty that Beth nurtures because it practically defines who she is. Beth teaches Daryl to understand that beauty doesn’t have to look traditionally beautiful to be worthwhile— like him, like his life. That’s why he looks at her, so stunned, feeling so many feelings, when she asks him to consider the dressed corpses in the funeral home as beautiful.
  • In my opinion, this is probably the number one reason Norman Reedus, who is a studio artist, would ship Bethyl.  Because he knows how important it is for people to appreciate beauty— beauty in all its forms, in artistic and conceptual matters, beauty in meaning and in perseverance and in its “not beauty,” not just a regurgitated, easy sense of beauty based on aesthetically socialized understandings.  
  • Beth thought something that gruesome was beautiful? He wasn’t thinking, “No, I think you’re beautiful.” He was thinking, “Maybe she could think I’m beautiful, too.”

2014 EWwy Awards - Turning Down The Emmys Upside Down

The Emmys might have overlooked the TWD and the great talent that is Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus but the EW is trying to make us feel a tiny bit better about that colossal misstep by nominating our McReedus for the Best Supporting Actress and Actor in the Drama Category.
We know they deserve all the accolades and awards imaginable and for once we have a way to make an impact in the award circuit and get both Melissa and Norman recognized the way we know they should be.

Best Supporting Actress
Melissa McBride, The Walking Dead
Carol should have been zombie food before season 2 arrived. Instead, she has evolved from a two-dimensional abused wife to one of The Walking Dead’s most compelling characters. And Melissa McBride’s performance is no small part of that evolution, tapping into unexpected reserves of strength and compassion. Most notably, the gut-punching scene from ”The Grove” when Carol—a nurturer, even at her most pragmatic—had to make the hardest decision of her life and turn a gun on her mentally unstable adopted daughter Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino).
Lanford Beard (X


Best Supporting Actor
Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead
A man of few words and (thanks to his handy crossbow) a straight shooter, Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon has been a lone-wolf character—a badass you envy rather than empathize with—for most of The Walking Dead’s run. Several episodes in the back half of season 4 finally filled in details about Daryl’s past while setting a course for his future on the show. With Daryl emerging as a leader, we also saw Reedus’ formidable acting skills on display. We knew about his hard-shelled physicality before, but now Reedus proved that Daryl’s moral code is just as solid.
Lanford Beard (X) 


This is a great opportunity to let Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus know just how much their fans support, recognize and appreciate all the hard work they do to bringing TWD stories to life.

It is also an excellent way to remind TPTB just how much we want to continue seeing Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon both ALIVE and TOGETHER again on our TV Screens!

If that means more (cough, cough) CARYL then I am sure you won’t hear US complaining (Eeeek!!!) about it and seeing how the Carol and Daryl dynamic has shown it’s amazing chemistry and mesmerizing power before - there just might be even more awards on TWD mantle..

Just saying….

CARYL On My Lovelies - You Know What To Do!