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300 Followers Celebration!!

You guys, I finally made it to 300 followers!!! Granted it was last night and is now 304, but I decided to wait to post since it was so late that way people would have a better chance to see it. I can’t believe it honestly! This is just so amazing and I am just so thankful and appreciative of all of you lovelies!!! Seriously, thank you so so much, all of you. This really means a lot to me that all of you guys, in some form or another actually want to witness my nonsense.

So to celebrate this milestone, I’m doing another challenge. The catch is, that instead of like before where you got prompts for yourselves, you all get to choose prompts that you want me to write. I love writing, and I don’t post my works nearly enough, so this seems like a win-win for everybody! :)

Instructions/Rules below:

1. Choose a ship (I’ll list some ships, feel free to suggest a new one if you don’t like the options. Ask box is always open and working so there shouldn’t be any issues with that if so let me know.)

2. Choose a phrase or an item that must be included (I’ll list some phrases, feel free to suggest a different one if you don’t like the options. Also if you’d prefer an item instead of a phrase then go ahead and just choose what you want to be included, I’m not sure what kind of items to list so that’s why I’m leaving it up to you.)

3. Start and end dates (Obviously, the challenge starts today- 10/2/17 and will continue anywhere from 2 days - 2 weeks, depending on how many fic requests I get, so for a listed official end date lets say- 10/16/17)

4. Fandom (Yes, it’s set in the Supernatural fandom again. Apologies to all of my fellow Harry Potter peeps, I promise you, next time you will get your own challenge.)

5. Asks (For each request you can only choose 1 ship and 1 phrase/item. However, if you’d like to, you are allowed to send in more than one request.)

6. Timezones (Don’t worry about sending it in too late/early in the day, I will write and respond as soon as I see it and will post as soon as I can.)

You don’t necessarily have to be following me, but since it is a Follower Celebration after all, it would be much appreciated if you were!

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said i’ll always be a friend (31K)

Harry and Louis have been best friends for years. Harry’s bisexual and Louis knows, Louis likes girls and boys but doesn’t have a label and Harry doesn’t know. Harry asks Louis to watch lesbian porn and things go from there.

like we’re made of starlight (46k)

a self-indulgent au in which harry and louis live in flats next to one another.

all down your shoulders and back (5k)

Louis has known Harry for three years now, and she’s had plenty of practice avoiding thoughts like that, for her own sake and everyone else’s.

If she ever slips up, it’s because she’s drunk, or high, or Harry’s just threatened to cut off her hair.

(Non AU. Harry and Louis are cisgirls. Everything else is more or less the same.)

Lay Down, Decide Me (5k)

She sends off a last text reading, “I just really want Lou to pull my hair while I eat her out.
Is that too much to ask,” before burrowing herself under the blankets. When her phone
dings with a reply, she’s expecting Zayn to complain about overshare, but instead what she
gets is, “be there in 10.” From Louis. Which. Oh fuck.
(Basically; Harry and Louis meet and then they pine. Harry sends a mildly inappropriate
text to Louis on accident, and, well, things happen. Featuring Mr. Snuggles the cat.

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SnK Meta/Analysis Recs

Updated Jan 2017

The snk meta community is a revolving door. I try to keep up as best I can. These are the active meta writers that I know and follow. I’ve decided to post information about main ships as well, since there is some fandom sensitivity about that.


@snkception - my personal favorite. Her meta is smart, thoughtful and entertaining. She avoids wild speculation and theories and instead uses a more factual approach to her analysis. Her blog is 100% snk analysis and completely ship neutral. Occasionally takes asks. No anons.

@ghostmartyr​ - Ask anyone who enjoys snk analysis who they follow, and Ghostmartyr will almost certainly be on their list. She’s a long time favorite of mine and I look forward to each of her monthly chapter writeup posts. Ships yumikuri. Occasionally takes asks

@iamthewallrose- Funny, colorful and insightful. I have major writer envy whenever she posts. Not terribly active because of a full schedule but still around. Ships eruri. Occasionally takes asks

The above bloggers answer asks but do so rather infrequently. If you have a series asks, one of the meta bloggers below might be a better choice


Plenty of well thought out meta and theories and an active inbox. The warriors and the vets are a focus and thank goodness because those poor kids need all the support they can get . Not a huge fan of EMA.

Accepting asks? Yes! But please read her ask guidelines first

Very active, very thorough, very worth following. No obvious shipping. 

Accepting asks? Yes. Any.

Ditto to everything above. I love eto’s insights on the series. She active on reddit as well. If she ships anyone, she keeps it to herself. 

Accepting asks? Yes! Prefers questions about plot mysteries, character analysis, and theories over shipping related asks.

I don’t even know how to describe Nick so I’ll just use his official blog description: Nick | SnK Addict | Meta&Theory Writer | Comedian | Aspiring Image&Video Editor. His site is the Ultimate Meme Shrine of Zeke Yeager.

Accepting asks? Yes. According to him, anything and everything :D 

Meta, speculation and theories, some of which are admittedly rather wild. Plenty of humor as well. An acker-focused blog 

Accepting asks? Yes! Prefers stuff about the Ackermans and the East Sea Clan plus thoughts regarding the world outsides the Walls and possible plots in the future

My adopted tumblr son is doing very well in the meta world :) I’m especially proud of how he handles challenging asks. He’s totally hyped about season two, so go scream at him.

Accepting asks? Yes. 

@egrigore (meta blog of @enochmandus​ )
Focuses on the mythos of the snk world and the religious themes as well as general series thoughts. Answers meta related asks on both the meta and personal blog.

Accepting asks? Asks are always open! Any series related asks are good. Be sure to send Grisha asks this way - he’s her favorite character to discuss

@kyojinofbraveos - My brand new baby meta writer who’s currently doing an insightful readthrough of the series!

Accepting asks? Yes! Theories, predictions, general series and character asks are preferred. 

@erensjaegerbombs​ - Not currently writing but plans to return to the meta community with season 2. Multi shipper.

Accepting asks? Yes! Will entertain general series, snk season two, and asks relating to shipping. 

Inactive Meta Writers but might answer an ask if you’re lucky …

@teetanjaeger - Amazing meta. Her background in theatre, psychology and communication analysis gives her a definite edge. She doesn’t blog snk anymore but I still use her old posts as reference. I believe she’s still current with the series

@julystorms - Wonderful analysis with a focus on the more obscure characters. Her blog is no longer snk focused but she’s still current with the series and entertains asks. Fair warning - she can be critical of the series as a whole.

@gnipswanderlust​ - Mostly inactive but tends to pop up once a month to share chapter thoughts. I appreciate that she speaks several languages and compares translation. She also reblogs meta she’s enjoyed and add useful commentary and thoughts.

Helpful resources

@fuku-shuu  - doesn’t write meta or theories, but she gets a special place on the list because of her immeasurably assistance to the fandom. Many of us rely on her fast and accurate translations and snk news.

@suniuz - another of our wonderful translators, current maintaining the monthly Q&A from Bessatsu Shonen

@yusenki​ - Wonderful and helpful translator but possible inactive. 

The Dearly Departed

These folks have left the fandom but their blogs contain posts, thoughts and translations that are still useful as resources.


@leviskinnyjeans​ (I’m still crying about this)



i’ve been thinking lately on how the idea of trust (and distrust) plays out in winter soldier. the child development theorist erik erikson framed the stages of life according to a series of conflicts which must be resolved or else disrupt an individual’s functioning, and his first conflict – the foundational one – is trust vs. mistrust. of course an infant (or child, or–to a significant degree–adolescent) can’t “resolve” anything on their own; the determining factor is the child’s environment – the presence or lack of stability, consistent provision for their needs, reliable caretakers, and so on. the development of trust or mistrust can then be framed as a matter of pattern recognition: the world teaches you what to expect of it, whether it is a safe place for you or not.

i think about this a lot, for reasons personal and related to the work i’ve spent most of my professional life doing with kids. i don’t think infancy is the only time the world can prove itself unsafe in a way that permanently – or for a very very long time – changes one’s orientation towards it on this axis; there are any number of things which can flip that switch later in life. switching it the other way, in my experience and observation, is considerably more difficult. (this is part of why i care a lot about how iron man 3 explores the trauma of what happened in new york.)

back to crying about superheroes: one of the hysterical texts i sent tumblr user fourpatch during my first viewing of winter soldier was about nick fury reflecting on pierce’s deception: “this [actual thing that happened in the world] is the kind of thing that gives me trust issues.” (the others were “TOUGH WAY TO LIVE/GOOD WAY NOT TO DIE” and “I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS MOCKINGJAY SHIT.”) i care a lot about nick fury’s grandfather; i care a lot about the fact that when nick fury catches police officers eyeing him, his kneejerk response is a resigned wariness. i care a lot about “the last time i trusted someone, i lost an eye.” the world has primed nick fury for certain expectations by treating nick fury a certain way – and i appreciate the story of his grandfather as a (mild but relevant) gesture towards the fact that these expectations are also a matter of historical and familial inheritance related (implicitly but IMO obviously) to race. i like that – to me at least – the movie does not rule out a place for his (or natasha’s) mistrust, even as the balance ultimately tips in another direction. a tough way to live can keep you alive; without that, nick and natasha both literally might not have survived long enough to reach a point when other options presented themselves as achievable, much less (in natasha’s case at least) potentially preferable.

steve is hard to talk about in part because of the weirdness i keep mentioning about the first avenger: the position suggested by the circumstances we are given about fictional character steve rogers’s life is not the position in which the movie situates him. meaning: i love fandom constructions around steve’s poverty and first generation immigrant status and so on, but in the world of the first avenger, informed IMO by its decision to style itself after movies made during the war it’s set in which means movies made during a time in which pop cultural orientation towards the concept of America was pretty sunshiney partly as a result of that war – anyway: in that world, steve’s idealism gets translated uncomplicatedly into a trust in the united states government.

winter soldier traces among other things the dissolution of that particular trust, and the thing is, the hydra infiltration plays out differently for steve than it does for nick and natasha. he’s disappointed, and to some extent betrayed, but his trust in people generally persists. for nick and natasha, it lands more profoundly, i think: it’s a lesson that no matter how low you think you have set your expectations, the rug can still be swept out from under you.

which brings me to the other way i have of thinking about trust, which i think is perhaps also a vision of it offered by the movie: trust as a choice about the kind of life you want to live; as a decision about which trade-offs you are willing to make. we get some of this i think with sam’s implication that a reason to go on is a thing you find and build with deep and sustained effort, as well as in his trust in steve. but i think the movie’s focus by the third act is obviously on steve.

i do think – and i cannot make myself objective enough to figure out how much the movie is conscious of this, lol @ me – this is a decision easier for steve (as others have pointed out, the only white man on The Final Team) to make than for the others, not because he tends towards blind faith but because the odds he uses, from accumulated experience, are different, weighted more in favor of believing in SHIELD agents to stand up to hydra, in favor of believing in the possibility of salvation for bucky. (i think on the helicarrier the choice not to fight is not quite giving up and not quite a show of faith; i think it’s the gamble he has decided to live with.) in a way you could say the things that make steve trustworthy, averse to nick and natasha’s compartmentalizing M. O., are the things which make trust feel like a better option. and like–i feel weird about how significant the trust which is easiest for steve in particular to throw himself behind (the orientation favored by that one white guy on The Final Team) is framed in a significant light by the movie.

but i also find it kind of depressingly apt. it rings very true to me that a necessary kind of faith which will often run counter to the reality of the world – necessary on a societal level, necessary in the long run on a personal level (“you would have done the same thing”/“i know. that’s the problem”) – is more accessible for people towards whom the world is less hostile. it’s brutally unfair. i think the movie doesn’t suggest otherwise. i think the movie makes room for the legitimate place of mistrust, the times when you need it. i like that keeping the circle small keeps nick fury alive, and that in a movie about a superhero whose weapon is a shield, a loaded .22 kept nick fury’s grandfather’s money in his bag.

and i like also – and here i think i am largely handwaving but it’s my blog and i’ll latch on to accidental pearls of wisdom in these ridiculous movies if i want to – i like that through this lens it becomes evident how much natasha’s decisions – to trust steve, to release information that includes her past, to decide to look for a new way of living even before she knows what it will be – are the bravest acts in the movie, because her life has made those choices so much harder.

SENRAN KAGURA Estival Versus - Localization Blog #1

The world of SENRAN KAGURA keeps on expanding. Estival Versus is our fifth SENRAN KAGURA title here at XSEED, and my fourth as the main localizer. (I started here right around the time Burst wrapped up.) In that time, the franchise has introduced about 20 new characters, provided detailed lore around (almost) all of them, and – perhaps surprisingly – let the characters grow, in more ways than one, from game to game.

On the one hand, the girls are still in the same school year they were when they started in Burst. On the other hand, it’s been an incredibly eventful year for them – even with the Versus games being on a slightly different timeline than the numbered series – and their experiences throughout that year have, in most cases, refined their personalities and strengthened their bonds with each other. That adds an extra layer of challenge to the localization process, in ways I’ll get into shortly, but it also helps enrich the end result.

With Estival Versus being a direct sequel to Shinovi Versus – and there’ll be some spoilers for the latter below – the first question I had to ask was, “Which story from Shinovi Versus?” Veteran SK players know that the girls’ first Vita outing had four different plotlines, one for each faction, and that no two of them were anywhere near the same. Characters who survived one story didn’t necessarily live through the others, and the stories’ tones ranged from bouncy and carefree to grim and bloody. So which one really happened?

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