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Closer (Help Me Become Somebody Else)

Title: Closer (Help Me Become Somebody Else)

Rating: NC 17

Warning: kind of dom/sub themes, power bottom Dan, depression, self-hate, mentions of self-harm, dirty talk, age gap, edging and orgasm denial, rimming, angst but with a fluff end

Summary: Phi’s new friend has a hot younger brother who is hiding a lot behind pretty brown eyes.

A/N: Holy crap this is long! 6,732 words long! I really enjoyed writing it so I hope you guys like it! Also sorry if it isn’t edited as well as it should be, this is very long and I am very lazy….ooop

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Morning Singing

Rebellion had woken up, and to his knowledge nobody else was up. His earbuds were placed in his ears, his jacket left upstairs as he walked downstairs jacketless. He looked around, seeing the front office empty at the moment. He looked down at his music player, changing the song to listen to something different. To his surprise one of his favorite songs came on, a song he loved to sing along to even though the lyrics didn’t really seem that appropriate.

He glanced around, hearing complete silence as he took slow steps towards the kitchen. Before he took one step in the kitchen he looked around at the other rooms where his Master and fellow Devil Arms were sleeping. He smirked, walking into the kitchen and beginning to sing his favorite part of this song:

“I’m gonna chase this whiskey with patron,
I want a girl in my lap and a Jager bomb,
I’m comin’ in hot you heard me, and I'ma make it rain on the girl who serves me
I’ll drink a fifth of vodka till its gone and make her feel so good that it can’t be wrong
I’m comin’ in hot you heard me
And we’ll be taking shots and if not you’re nerdy" 

He wasn’t singing loud, but just loud enough that his voice wouldn’t really leave the kitchen as he danced around slightly. He opened the fridge door, digging in and grabbing out a bottle of Tobasco sauce and a small jar of jalapenos. He kicked the door shut with his foot, continuing to sing along and dance a bit in the kitchen. He had a nice singing voice though.

He still had no clue why he loved this song or Hollywood Undead, but he did. And he wasn’t complaining in anyway. He was just hoping that nobody would hear him singing a song like this.

So Small
Carrie Underwood
So Small

So Small - Carrie Underwood

I know it’s hard on a rainy day / You wanna shut the world out / And just be left alone / But don’t run out on your faith

‘Cause sometimes that mountain you’ve been climbing / Is just a grain of sand / And what you’ve been out there searching for forever / Is in your hands

And when you figure out / Love is all that matters after all /It sure makes everything else / Seem so small


Lucky Ones - Faber Drive

It gets harder every time I go,
But it feels so good when I come home

We are the lucky ones,
Going strong and it’s getting better
You’re still the one I’m dreaming of

Every night, when we sleep together
I always know,
When I come home,
We’ll make up for the nights alone
When we end up making love
We’re the lucky ones

They say that absence makes,
A heart grow fonder, and I know,
It’s always worth the wait
But it’s lonely on the road
We are the lucky ones
We’ve been through feast and famine, yeah
We have lived on love
And we’d do it again