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Summer Anime 2016

This summer we have so many anime with an all-male cast, I was so happy I decided to to a rec/ranking/review/summary. Note: I only watch anime with mostly males I’m sorry it’s just what I like lol so this list may not match yours. (I cannot stand female leads - except maybe Gintama? - because they will escalate into romantic relationships and they annoy me to no end. It’s like the only purpose of females is romance and I hate that.) And a warning is that I’m kind of shallow so I normally look at the guys’ looks and then their character. But good character and relationship developments are definitely essential to me too.

1. Fukigen na Mononokean

I’ve rec it so many times I feel like I’m part of the official publicity comm but it’s really good :) My favourite character is Abeno cause he’s really adorable and tsundere (?) haha. If you like youkai, friendship and touching moments, do try this out!! It’s a little similar to Natsume Yuujinchou too.

2. Servamp

It looks really interesting so I watched it and when I saw the OP I screamed cause all-male cast! Compared to Spring 2016 this season does look more appealing to me. And I’ve ran out of anime with all bromance (other than sports anime) and no romance. So anyway for Servamp, Kuro was a really cute cat, and the setting seems interesting enough for me to chase. I feel like I might not like the main character as much though but we’ll see. 

3. Fudanshi Kokou Seikatsu

Ahh this is really cute I can relate so much to the main character as a Fujoshi myself :D and I can hardly find friends who can fangirl with me. It’s really sad to be embarrassed for liking gay ships ;n; The only bad thing about the series is that it’s too short each episode haha.

4. D.Gray-man Hallow

I’ve read the manga but didn’t understand most of it. Still, it’s likeable and I like Allen and Kanda. I felt like this season they beautified all the characters and Kanda definitely looks better with his new hairstyle/fringe :DD I hope they can animate most of the manga and I hope we can finally understand what is going on with the 14th.

5. Handa-kun

I just watched the 1st episode today and all I can is that it’s really good and hilarious omg. Only it’s too short with the first 9min trying to break the fourth wall and I couldn’t understand the humor at all. Still, the rest of the episode was worth it! Can’t wait for the rest!

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Simpliciaty Divine Mash Up Retextured by Julie J

Last creation for a while - Going to go on a bit of a hiatus and enjoy the summer. Unless the new Parenthood EP has some nice new meshes to chop up  :)

You need the mesh by @simpliciaty-cc - HERE Thanks for this lovely hair


  • Simpliciaty - Original Mesh Up
  • Pooklet - Naturals/Textures
  • Julie J - Retexture - Un-naturals


My last presentation is due in 24h and then I can return. Send good vibes into the universe for me. I have slept so little I need to make sure I don’t die, haha! 

I cannot WAIT to come back for Fitzsimmons and Rebelcaptain. I’m experiencing serious withdrawal.

Anyway, I’m so closeeeeee

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I thought that they were ruder than me, and more reckless than I am. I thought they wouldn’t care. I was being arrogant. Others are just like me. Other people are people, just like I am. They feel as uncomfortable as I do, and hesitate, just like I do. There are plenty of people just as nice as I am.


I’m waiting Shonda, I’m waiting…

reading-writing-dying  asked:

Do you have any thoughts on Pike's secret crush and the speculation that it may be a girl because of Ashely's use of they pronouns when talking about it???

I think I recall Ashley saying Pike’s crush wasn’t one of the players but a NPC?? Or something? Either way, if this wasn’t on my mind at all times, I’d say Vex definitely. So many hints and cute moments (that one time in Whitestone castle when a naked Vex hugged her and she legit straight up blushed is ingrained in my brain forever). But because of the last few eps I dived head-first into the Pike x Sarenrae pit and I regret nothing.

So basically the answer is: I don’t know, but I’ve always thought it was a girl too because of how Pike is ALWAYS using neutral pronouns when talking about other people’s potential interests when she doesn’t already know, and ALWAYS saying things like “whoever you decide to be with”, “you will find a nice girl, or boy” etc when talking about romance to other people… and ASHLEY BETTER SPILL SOON BECAUSE THE SUSPENS HAS BEEN KILLING ME FOR MONTHS

modern-cryptid  asked:

So I want to get into clipping. but idk how I'd go at it. Is there a certain order I should to the songs in or something you'd recommend?

GOOD ASK!! it really depends on what kind of stuff you’re into, but I think their latest album Splendor & Misery is a good place to start (its my fave album by them so far). Here’s the synopsis:

like…………..i love them

OK SO u should listen to these songs in the order they appear on the album bc its a narrative (u should do that for all of their albums tbh.. im not like a Music Purist but if the band puts their tracks in a certain order they did it for a reason….also use headphones) here is the full album on youtube, tracklist in the description, which is nice bc it preserves the smooth transitions between the songs unlike spotify or bandcamp

If you like Splendor & Misery they have 3 other albums u can listen to:

Wriggle came out last summer, its.. it sounds like the album cover, basically. like a few of these songs legit fluster me to the point where i get embarrassed listening to them around other people LMAO.. anyway its a great lil EP that gets bonus points in my brain bc Cakes da Killa and Antwon have verses on it and i love them both

CLPPNG is from 2014, its the first album i heard by them & it is very close to my heart. I think Get Up is the song that made me a clipping fan, but tbh i like every track on this album save one. Fun Fact the title doesnt have i’s bc daveed didnt write any of it in first person which is pretty cool

Midcity is their first album its rad as shit and harsher/more ear-bleedy than their other ones and i just remembered as i typed that that THIS is actually the first album i heard by them, i listened to it when it first came out and didnt like it because my music taste in 2013 was like, sad indie men in the woods. anyway, get money