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Fighting With Daddy

Text: From Nina

Hey girl did you see what was on the news today?! It’s all over social media as well!!

I sigh and roll over in my bed trying to ignore my phone ringing. It’s Monday and thankfully I have a vacation from work this week. I don’t do shit anyway but model bra’s. A job that Namjoon hates but hey he raps and I pose. I hear my phone going off yet again and I finally decide to get up and check to see if something is up. I groan getting up from my bed and going down stairs to the front room sitting on my couch turning the TV on. My phone in my hand as I sit down on the couch. I pout combing my mess of hair out with my hands. I don’t see anything on the news that seems to be interesting so I go upstairs putting on a cut off black shirt and light blue short shorts that show my ass cheeks a bit. I put on long socks that are black and white and go up to over my knees. I go into the bathroom fixing my face. Namjoon is suppose to be over later today but we decided to stay in the house. But who says I can’t be sexy for him without going out? It’s been month’s since he’s last been to LA and I do miss him dearly. And the fact that he’s not staying long just makes my heart crumple.

I go back down stairs and sit back on the couch pulling my phone from the table calling my girl back.

“Hello?” She answers sounding a bit upset.

“What’s wrong Nina? You said that something was on the news and you kept blowing me up.” I say getting up to go into the kitchen fixing myself some cereal. I sit on the bar turning the TV on in there as well and she sighs.

“Well I know that you were excited to see Namjoon come home to you today. But I saw some photos of him at Warren G. studio. He had his arms around this girl’s waste —-.” She says and I laugh loudly eating some of my cereal.

“Yeah so what? Mmmmm good cereal. He hangs with girls and I am ok with that. And it’s jsut a picture.” I say stuffing my mouth with more captain crunch.

“No baby.. His hand is low like how he hugs you.. Now I’m not suggesting that you be mad at him or anything but maybe you want to talk to him? I have to go I’m at work right now. But I will send you the pictures ok?”

“Ok..” I say softly hanging up the phone.

She sends the pictures to me and my mouth drops open. I almost drop my bowl to the ground and I have to put it down looking at the picture with rage. I zoom in on his hand and I feel my anger rising more. Then I see more pictures of him and her and I growl putting my phone down. More like throwing it down. How dare he!? He barely takes pictures with me and when he does he tells me not to post them! But here she is and what? He can just take pictures now?!

I go upstairs and pace around in my bedroom. I look around at the walls that we painted together. The blue and black walls so pretty with our names and hand prints on them just for fun. I sigh and sit on my bed putting my head in my hands as I hear the door open. I get up and go down stairs peeking around at a Namjoon who has his back turned. I sneak into the kitchen and I wash out the bowl my hands shaking with rage as I dry it.

“— I’m home.” Monster says coming into the kitchen I brace my hands against the sink biting on my bottom lip trying not to blow up on him. He comes up behind me trying to hug me and I move from him taking his hands from away from me but I don’t look at him.

“Did you have fun today and yesterday?” I ask him going to the kitchen closet looking into it wanting to throw the rice at him.

“Yeah.. It was an amazing couple of days. I feel so lucky.” He says laughing softly.

“I bet you do. I bet it was.” I say bitterly holding onto the doorknob not realizing how tight I’m holding it.

“Jagiya.. Is everything ok??” He asks me with a worried tone grabbing at my shorts and I sigh slapping his hand from me.

“Whoa whoa what’s going on here. —.. —!” He yells my name and I jump turning around to look at him. His eyebrows are furrowed as his neck veins pop out a bit due to him having an frustrated look on his face.

“Why don’t you fucking tell me?!” I ask pushing him and he approaches me a bit his height shaking me to the core but I’ll be damned to tell him that.

“I don’t even know what the hell your talking about. I just got here and already you wanna pick a fucking fight? What did I do this time??” He asks and I cross my arms over my chest looking up at him.

“THIS TIME?!? THIS TIME?!?! AS IF ALL THE OTHER TIMES ARE MY FAULT?!” I yell at him and he backs up a bit anger rising in his smooth features. He takes his mask off as well as his glasses and I just realize what he’s wearing. A black tank top revealing those dangerous muscles and black skinny jeans that he is sagging in a bit. I look off that color on him having a effect on me but I’m not letting him off that easy. His black beanie hugs his head tightly. He licks his lips leaning against the counter looking down at me.

“No no. It’s not your fault ALL the time. BUT BUT YOU DO IN FACT START HALF OF THE ARGUMENTS! SO I’M FUCKING ASKING YOU SINCE YOUR YELLING WHAT DID I DO NOW?!?” He yells his face turning red.

“WHY DON’T YOU FUCKING GO ASK THE GIRL WHO YOU WAS CAUGHT HUGGING!” I scream turning around hitting the stove. I hear a scoff and a hand grabs my wrist turning me around looking down at me.

“THAT’S WHY YOUR YELLING?!? A FUCKING PICTURE?! A GODDAMN PICTURE?!” He asks and I try to walk away from him but he grabs me again turning me back around. He’s made it obvious he’s not letting this one go.




“IF YOU TRUSTED ME YOU WOULDLN’T FUCKING CARE HOW I HELD HER, HOW I LOOKED AT HER!” He says backing away from me turning around and throwing his beanie off revealing those perfect blonde locks.

“You don’t know how hard it is! I have to sit at home EVERYDAY! SEEING ALL THESE GIRLS AROUND YOU WANTING YOU CRAVING YOU AND HERE I AM THE WORLD KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT ME AND AND!” I say stopping myself as tears start to fill my eyes and he turns around looking as if I slapped him.

“DON’T YOU FUCKING CRY! YOU WERE THE ONE WHO SAID LETS WAIT TO GO PUBLIC! THAT WAS ALL YOU! I ASKED. I FUCKING BEGGED AND YOU REASONED WITH THE FANS. THOSE SAME DAMN FANS LIKE THE ONE I GAVE A HUG TO YESTERDAY! AND THEN YOU COME AT ME LIKE THIS?! I TRY TO GIVE YOU EVERYTHING! I’M IN KOREA BUSTING MY ASS FOR YOU! GRINDING FOR YOU. FOR US! HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL!? WHEN YOU DO TAKE PICS WITH GUYS OR GIRLS IN JUST THEIR UNDERWEAR NOT SHOWING ANYTHING WITH THEIR HANDS ALL OVER YOU?!? ONLY I SHOULD BE ALOUD TO TOUCH YOU LIKE THAT! AND YET. YOU GET MAD ME BECAUSE I GRABBED HER like this?!” He ask resting his hand on the small of my back. I didn’t even notice him approaching me until he had his hand on me. I look up at him my heart beating fast from the way he’s staring at me. I can’t even look at him in the eyes. He sighs heavily wrapping both arms around my waist and grabbing my ass. I moan putting my hands on his chest trying to act like I’m not all that affected by what he’s doing to me. He raises his hand up to grab my chin making me look at him in his eyes. He rubs his thumb over my bottom lip and I part them for him.

“Daddy is so disappointed in you baby girl.” He says. I open my mouth to say I was sorry since guilt washed in that he was indeed right. But as soon as I try to say something he puts his finger to my lips silencing me.

“I don’t wanna hear you speak right now. Daddy is here now and it’s time for me to put you back in your place.” He says deeply. I groan as he backs from me grabbing my hand pulling me behind him upstairs. Each step is slow and I feel my heart hammer harder in my chest almost drumming in my ears.

When we get upstairs we go into my room and he shuts the door locking it. He lets my hand go and looks down at me. His eyes rake over my body and he licks his lips slowly. He walks behind me wrapping his arms around my waist pressing himself flush against me. He sweeps my hair to the side kissing my ear before he whispers in my ear.

“What does daddy expect from you when he gets home?” He asks sucking at my weak spot on my neck. I moan and he pinches my thigh hard bruising the skin.

“O-on the bed. On my hands and knees.” I say and he lets me go. I look up at him and he nods his head slowly. I walk over to the bed about to get on it but Namjoon stops me.

“As much as I like that outfit I want you to take off the shirt and shorts. Leave your socks on.” He says. I nod my head turning around to him looking down as I reach for my shirt my skin heating.

“Look at me when I do it. No my eyes jagiya.” He says softly but I can hear his dominance in the tone as well.

I sigh and I look at him holding eye contact my heart beating triplets as I take my shirt off still staring at him. I trail my hands down to the button on my shorts as he releases a deep sigh and I can see him poking through his pants. I try to keep his eye contact but my hands keep slipping because I’m already sweating so much. I look down at my shorts and I whine when he says my name in a threatening tone. I look up at him shaking my head.

“I-I can’t do it daddy. Please help me.” I say and he gives me a tiny smirk before he comes up to me. He pulls me to him roughly his hands hook around the front of my shorts.

He undoes my button as his brown eyes stare deep into my soul and he unzips it slowly making me release a gasp as he fingers brush over my panties. He drops to his knees slowly still keeping eye contact with me as he pulls my shorts all the way off and takes my feet out of them placing them beside us next to my shirt. He kisses up my body kissing my pussy through my panties and I finally have to break eye contact to keep myself from cumming.

“Do you know what you do to daddy?” He asks me licking my bottom lip but before I can even try to kiss him he moves back shaking his head and I whine.

“You were so mean to daddy. I don’t think I should have mercy on you. What do you think?” He asks me grabbing hard on my lace black panties. I squeal softly looking up at him.

“No mercy daddy.” I say softly.

He throws me on the bed hoovering over me grabbing my lips in a rough heated kiss. He pushes his hand against my throat choking me a bit as the kiss depends. He makes me drop my jaw with his thumb and he slips his tongue into my mouth quickly stating dominance. He grinds down into me, my legs wrapping around his waist as I grind back up. He sucks at my tongue slow and deliberately trying to make it to where I need breath. He flicks his tongue over the rough off my mouth tracing the ridges. He licks over my teeth and bites my tongue before he pulls back our spit connecting our lips still.

He releases my throat looking down at me as he takes off his tank top throwing it to the ground revealing those nice smooth abs that every girl wants to see. He sits on the bed and pats his knee. I groan climbing to him and he places me over his left knee his hand groping and grabbing my ass. I bite into the covers with anticipation.

He brings his hand down roughly against my skin spanking me repeatedly. I feel the multiple stings on my ass cheeks as he continues to whoop me. He stops after a few minutes sliding my panties to the side pushing a finger deep inside of me.

“Don’t you dare moan yet or I will stop.” He says brushing his finger against my spot. I jerk forward a cry leaving my lips and he smacks my ass slamming me on my back looking at me.

“H-How can I not m-moan and your fucking with my spot!” I yell and he softens up a bit pulling me to his lap. I straddle his waist as I look down at him.

He pushes his finger into my mouth and I moan around the digit tasting myself. He unclips my bra with one hand pulling it from me and throwing it on the ground. He fixes me to where I’m on his knee and he removes his finger as he sucks at my neck again leaving more hickeys.

“Ride my knee baby.” He says softly.

I nod my head starting to grind my pussy against his knee as he cups my breast with his hands kissing and licking on them. I throw my head back in pleasure moans leaving my lips back to back as he closes his mouth around my left nipple first flicking that skilled tongue against the bud. He pulls on it with his teeth as well as nibble on it as his other hand plays and teases my free nipple. I grind harder against his knee feeling my wetness leak out but I don’t care at this point I just want him to fuck me. He releases my left nipple trailing kisses to my right one and repeating the same process. One of his hands slide up and down my spine as he sucks harder on my breast making me release more moans and shake under him.

He lets my nipple go placing me back on my back as he kisses down my body. He spreads my legs wide his eyes looking at the socks that reach up to my knees.

“Your so fucking sexy like this. I think it’s my turn to take my own photo’s of you for my collection.” I watch in horror as he pulls his touch screen out taking pictures of my naked body. I try to cover my breast and he looks down at me with warning. I whine raising my arms above my head letting him take more pics of me. He rolls me over placing my head down and my ass in the air taking more pictures of me as he slaps and kneads my ass.

He slides me back on my back placing his phone besides me as he shreds the panties off my body. I watch him lean down his head inches from my pussy as he looks up at me. He slides his tongue up and down my slit slowly and I grab the sheets looking down at him. He flicks his tongue against my clit repeatedly sucking on it. He nibbles on it and I hear him taking off his own pants and boxers. He slides his tongue inside my pussy and I moan his name loudly my hands finding themselves threading in his soft hair. He moans sticking his tongue deeper inside of me making my eyes roll back as he touches my spot softly with his tongue.

“D-daddy! H-haa! I-I’m so s-sorry!” I whine my eyes rolling back as he continues to eat out at my insides. He hums using his thumb to play with my clit as the other hand holds my waist down to keep me from squirming. He pulls back looking down at me a wicked grin on his lips as he leans over kissing me more. He pulls back after a bit his hands slowly drawing patterns on my thighs.

“If your sorry prove it. Use your mouth.” He says standing up and I see his angry red member. I sigh and he laughs at my expression beckoning me with his hand.

“All of it can fit in your mouth if you breathe through your nose.” I roll my eyes at him crawling over to face his leaking member.

I dart my tongue out licking away the precum. I look up at him and he’s biting his lips hard. I slide my mouth over his tip sucking harshly on it flicking my tongue though his slit. He throws his head back in pleasure as I take more of him in my mouth breathing through my nose. He hits the back of my throat and I let him rest there taking him in fully once before I pull back. He shivers as the cold air hits his flesh making me smirk a bit before I go back to sucking him off.

He laces his fingers in my hair snapping his hips into my mouth. He starts fucking my throat and I let him as I hollow my cheeks flicking my tongue against his veins. He goes faster fucking my throat raw. I groan humming around his length sending vibrations through him making him moan my name slowly. I feel him pulsate in my mouth repeatedly. I look up at him and he smirks down at me pushing himself back down my throat and it takes everything I have not to gag or choke. I swallow around him once and he cums in my mouth shooting his load down my throat. I groan swallowing it all as I pull off of his length slowly making sure I get up everything.

Namjoon walks into the closet and comes back with a clear butt plug. I whine and look off not wanting that thing no where near me. He sucks on it climbing on the bed pushing me on my back. He spreads my legs wide sliding it out of his mouth and pushing it slowly into my ass. I claw at the sheets looking up at him as he pushes it inch by inch inside of me. He holds my legs open for a bit just admiring the thing inside of me before he pulls on it making me whine softly.

He hooks his arms under my legs sliding his length up and down my slit biting my jaw. He groans softly poking at my entrance. He pushes in a bit. And pulls out. Pushes in a bit and pulls out getting me just the right amount of frustrated. He finally kisses me as he pushes all off his length inside my tight pussy one hand back at my throat as the other one holds my waist steady. He buries himself fully inside of me nibbling on my bottom lip before he lets go looking down at me. He pulls out and pushes his length slowly back into me. I place my legs around his waist trapping him close to my body. He groans grabbing my neck tighter before he starts to slowly thrust into me repeatedly. He slides me up until my head is hanging over the side of the bed he places both hands on opposites sides of my head holding the sides of the mattress burying his face in my neck as he pounds deeper and harder into my dripping pussy.

“GOD NAMJOON!” I cry digging my nails into his back tracing them up and down his back as he continues to slowly pound into me. My legs spread wide pressed against the mattress as he slides deeper into my pussy and I bite into his shoulder my voice shaking with pleasure. He moans my name deeply and that makes my stomach churn more as he continues thrusting into me.

I look up at him my hands grabbing at his locks as he continues to rock his hips into me. He grinds deep into me and he raises one leg above his shoulder pushing deeper and harder into me. He bites into my inside thigh pounding harder into me rolling his hips to hit my spot dead on.

“FUCK!” I scream out and he grabs one of my breast pounding harder into me. I grab onto his biceps dragging my nails down him and he groans placing both of my knees against my chest. He pulls out and slams back in hitting my spot and all I can think to do is cry out his name. He drives into me hard and fast making sure I feel every thrust every stroke of his dick inside of my pussy. The noise of skin slapping against skin sounds off in the room and I grab my ankles not knowing what else to hold onto. He leans over kissing me as he pinches my clit.

He picks me up holding me in his arms as he pounds up into me and I lock my hands around his neck. He drives into my spot harder and harder every thrust bringing me closer to my release.

“Are you going to cum for daddy?” He asks and I nod my head biting his bottom lip and he groans smirking a bit.

“Good girl.” He says softly. He places me against a wall one leg around his neck as the other goes back around his waist and my body slides up and down the wall as he fucks me like a rag doll.

“AHH! I’M C-CLOSE DADDY!” I cry out tangling my hands back in his hair as he continues to fuck me into oblivion.

“That’s right you little slut. Come all over daddy’s dick.” I groan as he says other little nasty nothings into my ear. i feel myself squeeze my pussy around his dick. He rubs my clit hard before he pulls it between his fingers.

“NAMJOONNN!” I cry out my eyes rolling into the back of my head as I cum. My orgasm hitting me hard and fast. He moans biting my bottom lip as his thrusts become erratic and sloppy.

“—-!” He shouts my name filling me to the brim and holding me against the wall as he makes sure to fill me up. He pants a bit both of our hearts racing and he carries me to the bed laying on his back as he lets me get on top. He stays buried inside of me and I look down at him. I reach around trying to take the plug out and he stops me.

“Don’t you dare.” He warns. I pout trying again and he flips me on my back.

He pulls out of me and slams back into me slapping my ass.

“Nonononono!” I whine feeling sore turned on and much much tired.

“Yes.” He says leaning down to bite my nipple.

“Rub your clit.” He demands.

I do as told rubbing my clit with my hand my toes curling up as I rub in time with his thrust. He circles his hips deep inside of me grinding against me his hips connecting to mine each time he pounds into me. His balls slap my ass as he thrusts harder into me. I try to take my hand from my clit and he grabs the back of my wrist making me keep it there as he looks down at me. My leg slides back up his chest resting on his shoulder and he bites my ankle making me moan.

“I’M GOING TO FUCKING CUM!” I shout my body starting to convulse and squirm under this man as I feel my second orgasm approaching.

“Daddy wants to wreck his little girl.” He says adding his hand on top of mine making me rub my clit harder. He groans as he throbs and gets close to his second orgasm as well.

“DADDY!!” I cry out my eyes watering from my second orgasm being so powerful and stinging a bit.

“FUCK baby!” Namjoon moans filling me up again. I feel the warm liquid sliding back into me and some spilling out into the sheets. He thrusts into me a bit more before he pulls out. He finally slides the butt plug out of me and he places it on the bed. He sighs going to the bathroom getting me a clean towel cleaning me off as he kisses my face and cheeks. After he cleans me up he places the sheets in the washer and as soon as I try to help I feel the burn from my pussy and my ass. He sighs picking me up and placing me on the night stand until he finishes cleaning up. He smirks at me coming back to get me and we lay under the covers together as he plays in my hair pulling me to lay on his chest.

“You got to stop with that attitude. You know I only love you.” Namjoon says kissing my forehead.

“Blame Nina.” I whine my ass still feeling abused in a good way.

“Didn’t Nina also want to date me? But I choose you. And YOU decided to stay friends with that thing.” He says and I pinch his nipple.

“She keeps me company!” I try to reason looking down at him both of us yawning.

“Well this week I’m keeping you company.” He says kissing my lips.

“But I’m sore!”

“And every time you piss daddy off you will be sore.” He says silencing my once again with those pretty pink lips.

The Snowball part 20

Yo I finished an essay so here have another chapter :)

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Feyre’s head was throbbing like there was still loud music playing nearby. Her head felt so disconnected from her body she wondered if it was even still attached to her. That was until she tried moving an arm to cover her face from the faint light of morning and found that she was stiff and sore.

Feyre could have lied down, tucked into warm, clean sheets all morning if her mouth wasn’t as dry as a desert, and her tongue as rough as sandpaper.

Her hand blindly reached out searching for her bedside table where she normally kept a glass of water, and instead hit something soft and fleshy, and very much alive.

Feyre yelped and jolted upright. She relaxed when she saw Rhysand sprawled across her mattress, mouth open and eyes shut, clearly dreaming.

He was still fully clothed and had half kicked off the blanket he had taken from the end of her bed.

Feyre registered she was wearing a baggy, oversized t-shirt that was definitely not her own.

When Feyre tried to remember the bar last night, all that came up was her and Rhys playing their game with Amren, and Nesta beating Cassian at drinking. Much of whatever happened afterwards was a blur.

A rising sense of nausea and a sickly heat had Feyre scrambling from the bed and running to the bathroom as her stomach punished her for all the alcohol she had consumed.

Feyre sat huddled over the toilet bowl as her sweat slicked hands gripped the bowl until her vomiting subsided.

She thought she had been quiet until a soft padding of footsteps told her otherwise. A warm hand pulled back her hair while the other rubbed her back and shoulders soothingly.

“Morning.” Rhys said sleepily, while quickly planting a kiss on the top of Feyre’s head.

Feyre groaned back in response which made Rhys chuckle.

“If it’s any consolation, I think Cassian is having an even worse time than you.” Rhys laughed.

Cassian’s room was near Feyre’s and they shared the same bathroom wall, which meant that Cassian could probably hear her throwing up right now, if Cassian was even conscious.

Feyre wiped her face with some toilet paper that Rhys handed her.

“You did this to me.” Feyre said groaning, as she rested her forehead on the cool outside of the toilet bowl.

“I never did anything to you, this is your own fault.”

Feyre went silent before asking, “Did you change me?”

“As fun as that would have been, no. You insisted you could do it yourself and I had to leave the room. It took you three times to finally get it on the right way, and not inside out.”

“Is this your shirt?” Feyre asked, eyeing the gray material.

“Maybe.” Rhys shrugged.


“You asked to wear it, and I obviously didn’t mind.” Rhys said, glancing down at her exposed legs.

Feyre groaned at how embarrassing her drunk self was. “Sorry, I guess I must have been a handful last night, huh?”

Rhys just smiled at her softly, “It’s repayment, for you looking after me the other night and making sure I didn’t do anything stupid.”

“Did I do anything else… stupid?”

“You were fine. Perfectly well behaved.”

“Really?” Feyre asked surprised.

“No.” Rhys laughed. “When I got you home you refused to go to bed until I’d made you pancakes. You then dropped the entire bag of flour and decided to paint with it. You also kept touching my hair and saying how much you liked it.”

Feyre curled into a small ball on the floor and hid her face from Rhys. “You can just kill me now. It’s okay I’m ready.”

Rhys instead pulled her to her feet and convinced her to go to the kitchen and try to eat some food.

In the kitchen Feyre was surprised and a little afraid to see Amren and Nesta sitting together and talking easily.

Amren offered them a small wave when they entered but otherwise ignored them for her conversation. Nesta however, looked up and locked eyes with Feyre before her eyes flitted to the shirt she was wearing and how it was so obviously not her own.

Feyre tugged at the hum of the shirt self consciously and wished that she had changed into something else before coming down but it was too late now.

“How’s Cassian?” Rhys asked.

“He wakes from a coma long enough to hurl his guts up before slipping back under.” Nesta grinned at them.

“I’m glad someone taught him a lesson for once.” Amren muttered.

“Maybe I should go ask if he wants a coffee or something?” Feyre asked.

Behind the counter, and out of view of Nesta and Amren, Rhys wrapped an arm around Feyre’s waist and tugged her closer.

“He’ll be fine, he just needs to sleep it off.” Rhys said into her ear.

Feyre blushed as she felt Nesta’s eyes lock on them again.

“What happened to you two last night?” Nesta asked suspiciously.

Amren cut a glare at the two of them. “Well I know what they were doing before  they disappeared.”

“No hard feelings Amren?” Rhys said winking, which Amren pointedly ignored.

“I didn’t see you leaving the club.” Nesta tried again.

“That’s because you were too busy drinking flammable liquids.” Feyre quipped back.

“Feyre was a bit tipsy so I brought her back home to sleep.” Rhys added when Nesta looked like she would question further.

“I suppose she also doesn’t own her own pyjamas, so you brought her some of yours too?” Nesta asked with a sardonic grin.

At that Rhys sputtered and Nesta turned to Amren who grinned back at her.

“Are Mor and Az home?” Feyre asked quickly.

“Yeah, they came back just before dawn.” Amren answered.

Just then a news report came on the television that had everyone racing to get closer.

A headline was flashing across the screen as well as a photo of Tamlin which read, “Tamlin claims abuse rumours made up”.

“This ought to be good.” Amren rolled her eyes.

Feyre’s eyes were glued to the screen as Tamlin appeared on camera being interviewed by a reporter.

“Were you and Feyre in a relationship?” The reporter asked.

“Yes, we’d been together for several months.” Was Tamlin’s monotone response.

“And did you attack her?”

“Absolutely not. I loved her.” Tamlin’s response was adamant.

“Then why would she spread these accusations?” The reporter pushed.

“Because she was using me for my money. I was supporting her family who lived in another town and I recently stopped, she must have gotten mad and decided to get revenge.”

Feyre’s blood was boiling as she witnessed Tamlin lying on national television. She reached out to take Rhys’s hand for support which he squeezed back.

“She also mentioned that you were backing a deal which could potentially destroy a whole community?” The reporter asked.

“That’s ridiculous, why would I take part in anything like that knowingly?”

Feyre was disgusted and made to turn off the tv when it switched to footage captured on a cell phone of her and Rhys leaving Rita’s. She watched in horror as she was clearly drunk and unable to walk, with Rhys swinging her into his arms before they disappeared from view.

A voice over from a reporter cut in, “Clearly Feyre Archeron attracts the attention of very wealthy and influential men, seen here leaving a night club last night with Rhysand. Can we really trust her word?”

“What just happened?” Feyre asked in shock when a new segment started.

Amren quickly shut off the tv, leaving them in silence.

“He’ll pay for this.” Rhys growled, still staring at the tv as if he could see Tamlin.

“No. Getting into another fight isn’t going to help anyone.” Feyre said rubbing her temples.

Quick footsteps from the hallway alerted them to Mor and Azriel entering.

“We just saw the news!” Mor said horrified. “Feyre I’m so sorry this has happened.”

“It’s fine. We knew this could happen.” Feyre said trying to remain calm, but her voice broke on the word fine.

“We just need to discredit him further.” Azriel suggested.

“Yeah, find someone, a witness maybe?” Mor agreed.

Feyre listened to them all argue it out while she retreated into her own thoughts. The reporters didn’t have to use the words that everyone would now associate her with. Gold digger. Man eater. Slut.

She sat down on the couch and stared numbly at the ground trying to sort out how she felt.

Rhys continued to talk to the others, shooting her worried glances, but giving her some space to think.

When the doorbell rang everyone jumped.

“I’ll get it.” Azriel said.

They all listened quietly as Azriel answered the door. He spoke so quietly that Feyre couldn’t hear what he was saying but she thought she heard him dangerously growl “Get out”.

Eventually two sets of footsteps echoed down the hallway and Azriel reappeared looking angry but wary.

When Azriel stepped out of the way Feyre saw why. Standing behind him was Hybern.

Rhys was immediately in front of Hybern, standing face to face with him as he did everything but outright snarl and bare his teeth.

“You are not welcome here.” Rhys said growling.

Hybern simply smiled slowly. “How nice it is to see you again Rhysand. Shame about your house, but I am actually not here to see you.” Then Hybern turned his dark eyes to look directly at Feyre.

Rhys noticed the look and took an impossible step closer to Hybern, practically nose to nose.

“Leave her out of this.” He said dangerously.

“I just want to talk to the lovely Feyre.” Hybern smiled sweetly.

The compliment only angered Rhys further who looked like he was one word away from throwing a punch.

“Rhys it’s okay. I want to hear what he has to say.” Feyre interrupted.

Rhys whipped his head to look at Feyre and the moment he saw her, his eyes softened and he stiffly nodded, moving away to stand back by her side.

“Impressive.” Hybern whistled. “Do you know how many years I have tried to train that mutt?”

“It isn’t too late for me throw you out of here. Say whatever it is that you want, and then leave.” Rhys warned.

Hybern held up two hands in surrender. “Alright. I simply wanted to ask Feyre to drop her ridiculous allegations.”

Amren scoffed. “And why would she do that?”

“Because I asked her very nicely.” Hybern smiled sweetly at Feyre, but Feyre could see the rottenness underneath, and the threat that was thinly veiled.

“…And if I don’t?” Feyre challenged.

“Well. I’d lose a lot of money if Tamlin was unable to fulfil his part of our deal due to… unforeseen circumstances. It would be quite terrible for my staff. Some you may even know.” At this, Hybern smiled wickedly and Feyre had an uneasy feeling in her gut.

“Either tell us what you mean, or get out.” Rhys snarled.

“Manners Rhysand. I know your mother taught you, what would she say if she could see you now?” Hybern taunted, and it broke Feyre’s heart to see Rhys’s composure break a little.

“Enough. Tell me whatever it is you came here to do or I’ll call the police.” Feyre asked angrily.

Hybern sighed dramatically. “If you kept a closer eye on your own family members Feyre, you would already know.”

Feyre’s heart plummeted. She glanced at Nesta confused. Nesta had her brow furrowed and looked like she was furiously trying to solve something.

“Just tell me already!” Feyre practically shouted.

“Tamlin was so very kind to give me some details when I mentioned I needed a new receptionist. Elain is a very diligent worker.” Hybern bragged.

Feyre started shaking in anger but it was Nesta who spoke to Hybern.

“If you hurt her-”

“I would never hurt an innocent girl. Neither would any of my business partners. But, as I said, bad things happen when I lose money. So many workers lost.” Hybern said sadly, and turned on his heel to stride back out the front door.

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I live like 10-15 minutes away from Ted Bundy's murder house up Emigration Canyon, and I know several people in my town who have met him personally. One had a boyfriend who worked closely with him at the University of Utah Law School, and one got asked on a date by him but declined. My parents even knew one of his victims, she was the sister of a mutual friend. Bundy's like this weird hidden in plain sight part of my town's history, so thanks for sharing those photos from his execution.

Oh yeah? I bet when the friend who declined a date with him was aghast when she first saw him on the news!

So the story is, I buy too much notebooks and always have an empty notebook because i’m too scared to tarnish its purity so here are some ideas to help me with my notebook problem and all of you guys who might have a new notebook with them and don’t know what to do with it. It’s a bit long and i’m sorry so if you’re up to the challenge, go right ahead.

  • Write down overheard conversations
    • It’s not creepy. It can help in stories. Inspirations and all that. It’s also interesting to know what other people talk about and how different or similar they are to you. This is getting creepy, moving on.
  • Make a playlist
    • Whether it be for studying or for when you want to dramatically cry looking out the window. Making a playlist is pretty cool. I mean yeah you can make playlists on your phone instead but like notebooks right?
  • For language learning
    • It’s like a habit tracker but instead of habits, it’s for language. It’s like making your own dictionary. (or something i’m not sure, exactly)
  • Books, Movies, Shows
    • Another tracker. Wow. But this time it’s for your books, movies, and shows. I already said that. Right. It shows which episode you last watched or maybe a schedule when to read/watch. It can help when you’re always busy. You can just look and “oh right, this episode.”
  • Wishlist
    • This is a great idea because you can just give the notebook to someone who’s like “what do you want for your birthday?” and you’re like “here’s a notebook. choose one.”
  • Aesthetics
    • This is more creative and artsy. You can draw, paste photos, or paint. You can do literally anthing here because it’s your aesthetic. It’s anything and everything you love. It can be a scrapbook or a sketchbook or both. This is something I might try out in the future. Protip: you can use magazines for photos.
  • List of things you love
    • It’s a bit like the Aesthetics but less with the scrapbooking idea. You list down everything you love, person or thing. It could be like all the things you’re grateful for or just something you can flip at when you feel down. It’s like a reminder book that there is hope in the world.
  • Journal
    • This isn’t a new thing, a lot of people do journaling, including me. But if i’m honest I don’t know anyone irl who does so if you don’t journal here’s some things you can do in a journal. It can be like telling someone about your day but there’s no limitations. You can let it all out. It’s a journal for yourself and no one else. It can be your outlet of emotions. You write down rants or just your mind process. You can also did what I tried last night, I wrote down a letter for someone. I know the person will never read it so I have nothing holding me back. I let my emotions out. So yes, you can write love letters and all that. An just because your journal is for yourself that doesn’t mean you can’t share it (of course with your permission).
  • Random Artefacts you collect
    • I don’t mean rocks or shells. It might not fit in the notebook. I mean like random doodles or tickets. Maybe it can be like a journal but no words are needed. It can be like telling someone about your day through artefacts.
  • Poetry
    • I’m going to be honest with you all. I’m not good in poetry. But i’m trying. So it can be like another creative outlet. Here I come future rapping skills
  • Mind Maps
    • It can be about your emotions. It could be your own therapist. Finding out why you feel like that and all that. Or just for fun because mind maps could be fun.
  • No Pressure, No Shame, Sketchbook
    • I’m going to be honest, here. Yes I am quite artsy. And a lot of people know that in my schooland also my parents and I feel pressured to be really good at it, which maked me feel stressed about something I used to do for fun. So I want to finally have a sketchbook where I can draw anything I want in any style I want. No shame and no pressure.
  • Bucket List
    • It’s basically a list of everything you want to do in life. It can be like a goal book. Although it shouldn’t be all about school and career, it can be about something as simple as going on a roadtrip with all your best friends.
  • Review book
    • Your reviews on anything. Movies? Sure. New food? Sure. Politics? Sure. Let your inner opinionated self out.
  • Inspiration/Moodboard Scrapbook
    • It’s like if you’re running out of ideas. Writer’s block, Creativity block, blocks in general. Here’s something that can inspire you, give you ideas, and destroys those blocks. It can also be a whatever scrapbook. Like things you currently like in that day/week/month. It can all be like a dream board, place all photos and all that that inspire you on your goals in life.
  • Rants
    • It’s hard to express yourself without anyone arguing with you. So with this notebook idea, you can let everything out. Whether it be about your friend or about recent news. In some way it can be like journaling but this one is more on ranting and anger and all that.

I hope this helps someone. I know some of the ideas seem alike and i’m sorry about that but yeah here are some ideas I have. I wish more people can see how wonderful a notebook is and isn’t just used for school.This is also my first list thing so yeah I hope I did a great job. Also sorry, I had a mistake in the list but I fixed it so i’m sorry if you already saw this but yeah. :))

Picture Perfect Christmas (reader x Bucky)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Clint.

Prompt: “cards”

Summary: Reader and Bucky want to make new traditions for their first Christmas together with unexpected results. 

Warnings: Fluff mostly, implied smut? Maybe? I dunno. :D

Word Count: 1654

A/N: This was written for @themercurialmadhatter (previously murialweathers I hope? That’s the name I received originally) or do you prefer @buckysplumfondler ? I’ll just tag both. :) I’m your Secret Santa!! I know you requested Bucky fluff/smut but I’m not a smut writer. This does have a little bit of heat in it, though! I really hope you like this. 

Thanks for setting this up @marvel-ash and @oneshot-shit. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Tags are at the bottom.


Originally posted by heartsnmagic

“Let’s see,” you recalled, counting on your fingers as you spoke, “Tree lighting ceremony? Check. Ice skating at Rockefeller Center? Check. Window shopping at Macy’s? Check. Walk through Central Park as the snow falls? Now we can check that one off!”

“Yeah, but was it worth it, doll?” asked your favorite Super Soldier, settling down next to you on the couch in the common room.

You sniffled, snuggled up in a blanket as your attentive boyfriend handed you a mug of hot chocolate to warm you. The park, while beautiful and romantic as you strolled arm in arm with Bucky, it had also been absurdly freezing and now you could not get warm enough.

“Yes, it was!!” you assured him, curling into his side to steal his heat as well.

He let you pick the movie and slowly your body temperature rose to normal, empty mug of cocoa resting on the coffee table. Halfway through the movie, Clint came waltzing in to the room with something in his hands.

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The prompt for day 2 was AU/friends, so I decided to combine the two and write an AU where Marinette and Adrien both share the miraculous with a close friend so there’s someone else to share the responsibility. The two Ladybugs don’t know who the two Cat Noirs are and vice-versa. This is just a quick interaction between them.

Plus a bonus reveal, because seriously I love writing them so much.

“Geez, another akuma?” Adrien grumbled, pulling out his phone, “That’s the fifth one this week.” Plagg shared his frustration, muttering unpleasantly from Adrien’s bag. Adrien quickly dialed a number and waited for the person on the other end to answer, “Nino, can you come by the park? I’m in the middle of a photo shoot, and there’s an akuma across town. I just saw it on the news.”

Nino smiled, “Yeah, I’ll be there in a sec. Is Plagg okay or do I need to pick up some cheese?”

“I have some if he needs it. See you soon.”

A minute or two later, Nino was rushing to meet him, and Adrien slipped him the ring as Plagg jumped into Nino’s bag. Exchanging a nod, Adrien and Nino parted ways, Nino headed towards the akuma as Adrien headed back to the photo shoot.

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Soooooo, we have very happy and incredible news for you guys! We placed 2nd in Popcult’s cosplay contest. I’m still kind of stunned and just wrapping my brain around it, but yeah, this actually happened. Here are our finished The Clone Wars cosplays and I’m so proud to finally show them to you guys. These are our probably best costumes yet as far as I can say. :) This gorgeous photo of us above was snapped by talented Kyuu Eturautti. 

Here’s our tired (me) and smirking (Alex) faces after the competition. We want to thank every single one of our friends and followers who came to see the competition and cheer for us! ♥ Now we’re tired and happy and probably taking a couple weeks break from anything cosplay-related before we’re going to dig few old Kingdom Hearts costumes from the closet and see how to fix them up a bit.   

I’m going to spam ALL the pictures from the convention on here later on, so stay tuned for that! ;)

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can I just say how happy I am that TOP is literally everywhere in the news and even trended who does hiatus like that?? HE'S A KING! I hope we can get to see him more like this and looks like he's back from vacation and already on post on gangnam so we will not get an insta update again. :(

What do you mean on post? That samcheon just posted, deleted, and even liked a photo few days ago 😂 he tried to be a ninja but failed. I think he’s basically allowed to be seen on public now that he’s over with the mandatory training. Maybe he just preferred not to draw unnecessary attention because other people might take it the wrong way. (Y'know kcelebs who went the army were always on hot talks there were only few who actually went without being on the news).

But yeah who does hiatus like that? It doesn’t seem like it. Their solo tours are huge, now we just have to wait for double Seunghyun’s turn 😄🖖🏻
My collection grows!!

Welp, I just placed my 5th order with CDJapan. I have 5 packages coming in from Japan. I’m going to try my hardest to cut back, but it’s so hard when your idol groups are on magazines. Here is what I’ll be getting in. I hope you all look forward to seeing my pics.

All three editions of Kame to YamaP’s single
QLAP! magazine with Arioka Daiki on cover magazine with Kame to YamaP on cover
NEWS Coupling photo book
J-Generation with Hey! Say! JUMP on cover
J-Generation with NEWS on cover

Yeah…..lots and lots of idol goodies! It’s going to be like Christmas! YAY!! LOL As they come in, I will take pics to share. There’s a couple more things I want, like another NEWS photo book coming out soon, which is about their Neverland tour. But, I really need to be saving money. Saving money just isn’t a strong aspect of mine.

anonymous asked:

My question is how has she ensured she wouldn't be seen or have a single photo taken of her? Like is it actually just a coincidence that she hasn't been seeking out the spotlight & also she's never been in a store or a restaurant where anyone recognized her & took a photo/tweeted about it?

yeah i’ve said a million times i literally don’t think she’s going anywhere or doing anything where she would be seen like there’s no other explanation. that’s why i kind of half believe the e news article because it implied she has been 100% focused on work. BUT I DONT KNOW I DONT KNOW A GODAMN THING IM SO FUCKING STUPID.

anonymous asked:

I'm mainly surprised cause there are somethings we've all seen kaisoo do that just, you don't see friends doing? Those fucking stares???! Like is that just admiration? I'm mostly surprised cause there is a plethora of kaisoo evidence and then boom kaistal shoots out every now and then and now blam they're dating. It also looks super staged, like the baekyeon thing, with making Kai do photo shoots and such with Krystal. Idk really but this is all fishy, but I mainly wanna hear it from Kai.

Well, I won’t say that I’m not surprised myself. One day everyone was following their usual lives and, yeah, but the next second the news get everyone by surprise. 

Honestly, I thought if it was a good idea sharing these thoughts or not (it isn’t), but I’m gonna do it anyway, since you asked. But, I’m warning you:

  1. It’s a theory;
  2. It’s an EXTREMELY delusional theory;
  3. It’s probably (99,9%) wrong, so don’t be serious about this;
  4. I don’t want to invalidate Ka***al relationship or anything that’s going on around them;

Well, do you remember that rumor thar began to surface in middle March about a media report of a same sex idol couple being revealed? 

One news media outlet has an exclusive report on evidence they’ve collected of a same sex couple within an idol group. It has been customary for reports on celebrities coming out of the closet to be banned from being reported but after  waiting on the piece of news for months, the outlet has decided to break that custom. 

The same sex couple that they will be revealing are two members in the same group and are trending idols that are expected to cause a ripple in the industry.

Honestly, this is vague as fuck. Could be any rising group nowadays (I won’t tell any names, but can think for a minute). Could be inside a boy group OR a girl group. This could be a rumor as well. But, since this theory is extremely delusional, I’m gonna presume that piece of information is real.

Two days later I was talking to a friend about this and we started to discuss, if it was a couple inside EXO. It would be a possible choice, since they’re trending and, if it was revealed, it would cause a ripple in the industry. She wondered if, it was Kaisoo, SM would use this in their favor. I disagreed, and I answered that, for SM at the moment, it would be better fake a couple with one of them. Why? 

Because a fake couple involving two people of the same company is easier to control. It’s easier for them to tell the ppl involved how they must feel, what they must say and their limits.

SM always wanted to show Jongin as a ladies man. Like, back in 2013 where he made a VCR with a girl during a concert or he kissed another in the cheek during Wolf’s Drama. But, at the time, fans were crazy and didn’t accept that, so he didn’t show himself in such position for a while.

Until Choko Bank. 

In my opinion, this drama wasn’t only made to present Jongin to the public as an actor, but to make the company (SM) see the fans reaction of him with a romantic interest. He didn’t kiss her in the end, but he almost did. But, fans weren’t screaming or revolted like they were in the past. So, maybe it was a sign that, if he appeared with a date in real life. 

In March, those rumors came out (the same sex couple). And, now, twenty days later, we’re seeing Kai and Kr**** as a couple (i’m trying not to talk her name for it not appear in her tag, but I think it will appear on it anyway).

If you analyze it coldly, the news release wasn’t too close to make it suspicious or too far to give time to the “media source” reveal the couple it wanted to. Probably they’ll never will, but whatever. That’s not the point.

Now, taking about the pictures. They were taken in February 17th, when EXO went to LA because of the concert. Okay. Now, think. Dispatch had those pictures since February 17. Why didn’t they release them right away? Why did they wait for so long? What were they waiting for? I mean, they don’t have much more “evidence” than those pictures to show. 

Second: SM confirmed Ka***** relationship less than an hour from Dispatch’s announcement. It’s quite fast, if you allow me to say. When you compare it to Baekhyun/Taeyeon’s case, SM took some hours to confirm it. If you think about it, it’s almost like they were expecting it to happen. 

So, that’s what I think: if they are dating for real, SM knew of this pictures and, after a small talk with Dispatch ($$$), they requested them to hold them for a little longer? Why? Because of Exoluxion.

The timing was too perfect to be true. The tour ended, and the Epilogue SM prepared ended as well. The fans didn’t see that coming. NO ONE saw that coming until it was too late. Because, if it was, at least urgent, Dispatch would have released it right away or they would wait more to show more pictures of more dates or more proof. But they didn’t do it. 

So, independent of if they are dating or not, one thing is right: SM had the control of this information for sure, and just to know this, means that something is fishy, like you, anon, said. 

Even if it doesn’t involve Kaisoo at all or how their relationship works, it IS fishy. And what I learned from all those years inside Kpop, is that you can’t trust SM at all.

But, if it’s 100% true, I’ll support Jongin’s happiness, it doesn’t matter who he is with. Kyungsoo makes Jongin happy, and even if it’s not in a romantic way, I have the feeling that they’ll still be connected somehow, and I hope that a romantic relationship doesn’t change how beautiful Kaisoo’s dynamic is.

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ever since 61days ago which was eric's bday, ive been following this whole fandom. every videos that i watched, songs that i listened, gifset/quotes/news/photos/fanfics/stories from shcjs that i saw&read mostly here on tumblr left me huge impact like a mental breakdown. from eric dating news till his wedding news, ofc it stings so bad. but i want to stay here&see it by myself when 1 day, shinhwa really do make shinhwa concert hall/stadium come true. so yep i try to cope all good&bad things :)

Glad to hear that :)) always keep the faith :)
Shinhwa still have goals to achieve, & with our support, those goals & dreams will come true inshaAllah ^^ 

[translation] Norway Character Song: My house is… Quiet. ~With the Trolls~

[AUDIO LINK] from hetalia-music
sung by Iwasaki Masami



手紙 お願いな。

お土産はこれな トロール人形
Vær så god

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Lucky Part 34

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Yelling

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10,
Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21, Part 22, Part 23, Part 24, Part 25, Part 26, Part 27, Part 28, Part 29, Part 30, Part 31, Part 32, Part 33

Okay guys….I’m sorry about the heartbreaking last part. But the wait is finally over. Love you all! Enjoy!

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Daddy!Harry Blurb #7: Announcement

You’re and engaged to Harry, you’re also famous and you both go onto a talk show to announce you’re pregnant with your first baby


It had been a long time coming. After weeks of speculation from newspapers and internet articles and prying eyes, you and Harry were finally coming clean about the secret you had been keeping for the past four months. Your close friends and family already knew, of course, but you had wanted to keep the news from the public as long as possible. It had been nice being able to enjoy the first few months without pressure from outside influences to make an announcement or do a photo shoot or something silly like that.

James was your venue of choice. Both of you were close with him and were excited to share your news with him and his audience first. It felt the most comfortable and at home you could get with a talk show.

“So, how are you doing?” James asked.

Harry smiled, looking over at you. “We’re doing well. Enjoying bein’ married and…yeah, just livin’ our lives together. S’been great.”

“And (Y/N), I must say that you are looking absolutely radiant these days.” James continued, turning to you. “Married life is definitely treating you well.”

“Thank you.” You blushed, squeezing Harry’s knee beside you. “It doesn’t hurt to have a husband like Harry to come home to.”

“Now, I hear that the two of you may have something else to share with us. The producers haven’t told me what it is, so I’m just as clueless as this audience is, but would you like to go ahead and tell us?”

You and Harry exchanged a glance and smirked at each other.

“Well,” Harry began, “big news is…we’re havin’ a baby!”

The audience burst into cheers and applause while James sat there, stunned and surprised. He stood up to hug both of you as the crowd continued to cheer on.

When the studio quieted down and everyone was seated again, James went right into his questions.

“This is amazing, congratulations! (Y/N), how are you feeling?”

“I feel great. Had a bit of morning sickness in the beginning, but it’s pretty much gone now.”

“How far along?”

“Four months.” You grinned, and the audience gasped.

“Four months!” James exclaimed. “You’ve been keeping this from me for four months?”

Harry grinned. “Didn’t want to ruin the surprise; wouldn’t have gotten your reaction on camera if we had.”

“Well, I am very, very happy for you both. I think you’ll be amazing parents and this had better be the first talk show that kid comes on when he or she is famous because, with parents like the two of you, I can only imagine the amount of talent that child is being born into.”

You noticed that Harry spent the rest of the interview with his hand very close to your belly. Now that the news was public, he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off it at all. But you didn’t mind.

anonymous asked:

I just read your pregnancy embarrassment headcannon and IT WAS SO AMAZING. Can I please request a continuation? Like maybe how they comfort/celebrate?

Ahh you’re so sweet! Alrighty, let’s do part two!

“I’m never moving from this bed.” you grunt, hiding under the covers.
“…but I booked us an appointment with the local pregnancy centre?” Ren says, making it sound like a question. The pregnancy had been tiring you out so much, you just never wanted to get out of bed.
Ren tries to tug the covers away, but you grip them tighter. “Try that again, and I’ll put broccoli in your gratin tonight!” You threaten, and grin in victory when you feel his hands loosen on their tug.
“Fine.” Ren says sulkily, and in that moment you think you won another day in bed.
Suddenly, you are lifted from the bed, with nothing but air beneath you. The blankets fall down easily to the floor. You squeal and wrap your arms around Ren, who easily carries you in his strong arms.
“Ren!” You squeak. “Put me down!”
“I won’t drop you…” Ren says, pushing the front door open.”Besides, I technically didn’t try and grab the covers away from you.” Your husband points out, a smug look on his face, You glare at him.
“I’ll still feed you broccoli.” You mutter. Ren frowns in disgust as he carries you down the stairs.
“That’s cruel.” Ren accuses you.
“Can you put me down now?’ You ask, but you can’t help but secretly enjoy his fond embrace.
“Soon, I won’t be able to carry you like this,” Ren reminds you, smiling fondly at the small bump on your stomach. “I’m making up for time.”
“You’re such an idiot sometimes.” You grumble, but rest your head on his shoulder. Ren kisses the top of your head. “I guess I still love you,” You tease him, watching him blush a deep red.
“I love you too…” Ren whispers, his ears also turning red. The he gives you an impish smile. “Does this mean no broccoli?”

“I smell sushi!” You yell happily, rushing to the kitchens. Those damn cravings hadn’t stopped yet, and the mere thought of sushi brought an excited grin to your face.
AS you skid to a stop in the kitchen, Yamato gives you a long look. “Do you just need food to make you happy?”
“You try being pregnant!” You smirk, sticking your tongue out at him.
“You’re childish enough sometimes…” Yamato sighs, turning his attention to the cutting board in front of him.
“I’m not childish! You’re just grumpy. And mean.” You frown at him.
“Don’t be pouty, Pouty.” Yamato grins, kissing your cheek and setting down a plate of assorted sushi rolls on the dinner table.
“He probably doesn’t think that I’m pouty or childish…” you grumble, rubbing your pregnant stomach. Yamato’s eyes grow wide when you refer to the baby as “him”.
“It’s a he? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!” Yamato demands, a whine to his voice. You laugh.
 “I actually don’t know,” you confess. “I’ve always just imagined that our baby would be a ‘him’, that’s all.” You duck your head, feeling embarrassed.
“Y/N, I hope you realize that I don’t care what the gender is. As long as you’re happy.” Yamato sighs, giving you a rough smile,

“We’re not naming it Honey-Junior!” you yell at Saeki. He gives you his famous smirk.
“That would be a sexy name. It would remind me of you everyday I heard it.” Saeki grins at you.
“For a script-writer, you might have the most idiotic, uncreative mind ever.” You frown.
“’Uncreative’ really isn’t a real word.” Saeki points out.
“Yeah? Well, Honey-Junior isn’t a real name!” You bicker with him.
Suddenly, he pulls you into a tight embrace. “Takamasa, what’re you…?” You mumble into his shoulder, feeling your heartbeat quicken.
“Maybe I’ll have to convince you…” Saeki whispers, and you can hear the suggestive tone in his voice.
“Stop it!” You reprimand him, pushing away. “We’re not naming our child Honey-Junior, and that’s final!”
“take away all my fun, why don’t you?” Saeki mumbles quietly to himself. He laughs and pats your head. You swat his hand away.
“You’re so annoying.” You complain lightly, flopping down on the couch.
“So I guess that’s a final ‘no’ on Honey-Junior?”
“Definite no.” You say firmly. He lets out a sigh, and hands you a book. Glancing at the cover, you read it out loud. “;100 Names For Your Baby’?” You say the name of the book. Saeki blushes a little.
“If we’re gonna have a kid, then it has to have the best name. “ Saeki mumbles, “Besides, you did say no to Honey-Junior, Honey.”

Takao places an oddly, bubbling green liquid in front of you. Trying your best to hold back your vomit, you politely ask your husband, “Takao, what is this?”
“It’s a veggie smoothie.” Takao says proudly. You watch in horror as it bubbles.
“Is it suppose to be moving?” You ask in fear, as a bubble pops.
“It’s not moving,” Takao laughs. “I read that this special blend is suppose to help women who are pregnant.”
“Where did you read that?”
“On the Internet.”
“Takao, not everything you rad on the Internet is true!” You exclaim, laughing. Takao blushes and takes the cup.
“I’ll prove that it’s good.” Takao says determinedly, and takes a swig of the green smoothie. He immediately gags, and spits it back into the cup. You can’t help but laugh at your gullible husband who’ll believe anything he hears.
“Does it taste good?” You ask innocently, rubbing your stomach.
Takao lets out a huge sigh. “I can’t even make smoothies anymore!”
“Takao, your other smoothies are good,” you assure him. “Even if this one wasn’t. And besides, you went through all the trouble to make me a special smoothie. So thank you.” You beam at him. Takao turns his face away, but you can see his neck turn red.

“I can’t think of any good jokes for babies.” Yuta grumbles, crumpling up another piece of paper and throwing in the trash bin.
“It’s a baby,” you remind him. “I don’t think it’ll be doing a lot of laughing in his or her first few months.”
“How do you know? Babies laugh.” Yuta argues.
“I don’t think it’ll understand any of your jokes anyways.” You reply. 
Yuta then gives you an empty photo album.
“What’s this?” You ask.
“Well, I want to make sure our baby grows up smiling and laughing. What better way to ensure it than to document it?” Yuta suggests happily, and you smile endearingly at his excited grin. He points to a photo that has been put in it. The photo is the one your mom took a few weeks ago when Yuta first found out about your pregnancy. You blush when you realize that he kept the silly photo, especially how he documented it in a photo album.
“You’re gonna be a great dad, you know.” You blurt out, staring at the nearly-empty photo album. Yuta blushes at first, but then hugs you tightly.
“Don’t be so modest. You’re gonna be a great mom too!” Yuta exclaims happily in your ear. The two of you spend the rest of the afternoon decorating your future family photo album, holding each other in blissful happiness.

“I think yellow is a great choice.” Kuni says one afternoon. The two of you celebrate the news of your pregnancy by putting together a nursery.
“Yeah, I like the yellow. But it kinda feels like I’m drowning in lemon.” You joke, looking at the freshly painted walls. 
“But we already agreed on this!” Kuni laughs, flicking some of the yellow paint onto you. You yell in shock as the yellow paint splatters across your cheek.
“Kuni!” You nag, and flick your paint-soaked paintbrush at him.
For the next few minutes, all you can hear are sounds of shrieks, laughter, and paint being sprayed everywhere. Soon, the sun sets, and the two of you collapse onto the ground. Each of you is covered from head to toe in yellow paint, but you are both grinning madly.
“I think we got more paint on ourselves than on the walls,” you say breathlessly, grabbing your husbands hand.
“I think I get what you meant about drowning in lemon,” Kuni chuckles. “You kinda look like a lemon. A cute lemon, but still.”
“I’m a fabulous lemon, aren’t I?” You giggle childishly, rubbing your stomach in content. Kuni beams at you, then he beams at the small bump on your stomach.
“I think our child will be the cutest lemon ever!” You declare happily.
Kuni smiles endearingly at you. “Yeah, I think they will.”

Aghhhh this is my crappiest headcanon yet 

Visiting Past

Part 1

By: dinrovachaos

Author Notes: I had a plan to pre-write this whole thing but I finished part 1 today so I’m just going to post it anyway. I’m going to try for one a week but I have motivation/procrastination issues so don’t be too concerned if I miss a week. Hope y’all like something a little longer.

Warnings: Death and drugs mention. That’s it. This one is kinda tame.

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