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Nct as Youtubers

Request: Do you think that maybe you could do short headcannons of the members as youtubers please?? Like, you said in the makeup voiceovers that they were also on YouTube but didn’t really describe in depth what they’re like so maybe that could be a thing(??) sorry if it doesn’t make sense

A/N: i hope this is what you were looking for!! i’m sorry if it’s short or repetitive, this was so fun to write, i hope you enjoy reading!



  • started out his channel for fun
  • mostly makes song covers & also tag videos
  • didn’t thought his videos would blow up
  • when he realised he was shookt??
  • because he’s such an awkward bun, his videos usually consists of his friends
  • and they help him out a lot because when he’s on his own filming most of the time he doesn’t know what to do or say
  • tries his best to reply to comments
  • when people recognizes him irl he gets all blushy and shy
  • “i’m not that popular!! you’re all so sweet”
  • we all know you are taeil


  • that one youtuber who posts random videos at the weirdest timings
  • his videos range from dance covers, to vlogs, to gaming then to even unboxing videos
  • despite all that he still gains much attention?
  • hardly ever talks in his videos but when he does all his subscribers get heart palpitations because wow
  • dance covers gets the most views and likes because they’re always on point?
  • promotes his channel on his instagram
  • random posts with captions
  • “new video”
  • “✌✌ video?”
  • see what i did there hansol he needs to stop with his peace signs
  • another one who’s awkward when fans recognize him in real life
  • but if they ask for pictures he wouldn’t mind so!!


  • mostly reaction videos
  • and probably many vlogs too
  • gaming occasionally, but only when he’s with his friends
  • has the funniest and most dramatic reactions to videos ever
  • tries to make his subscribers by making puns and jokes
  • “i guess you could say… that video was pun-believable”
  • daily updates on social medias
  • “how are all of you doing today? the weather’s great so i hope you all are well!”
  • doesn’t reply to every comment but he likes them
  • treats his fans like family and tries to chat with them he can
  • which is why when one meets him in real life he’s super friendly and tries to start conversations
  • an angel tbh


  • cooking tutorial videos
  • alongside with song covers too
  • sometimes he writes his own songs and lyrics too
  • often goes live so that he’s able to chat with his fans
  • one of the most genuine and sweetest youtubers!!
  • would reply to every one of the comments, and he never forgets to thank them for their support
  • “I’m stressed & tired” captions on his social media websites always scare fans but turns out it’s only because of the other boys
  • gets all shy when people recognize him
  • even when he’s rushing for time he wouldn’t hesitate to take photos or chat with his fans
  • the youtuber you just want to protect with everything tbh


  • gamer
  • also makes prank videos occasionally
  • and probably also videos on current issues/problems
  • and he shows so many different sides his fans love it,
  • especially when he talks about current issues he gets all smart & serious and is so good with his words he leaves everyone shookt
  • but on prank videos he’s all giggly and immature laughing at his successful pranks
  • while his gamer side can sometimes can aggressive and competitive
  • but despite all that he’s super sweet to his fans
  • holds meetups often and treats each of them like angels
  • smile and laughter can brighten up anyone’s day


  • mainly vlogs
  • travelling & visiting ones to be exact, together with his friends
  • takes really good videography and editing is on point too
  • another one who’s smile could make anyone’s heart burst
  • always recommending new places for people to go to, be it cafes or countries to visit
  • kun’s recommendations are trustable™
  • loves hyping his friends up in videos
  • doesn’t hesitate in promoting their channels too
  • deserves so much more subscribers & views


  • versatile videos too
  • song covers, reaction videos, vlogs, challenges & tag videos
  • is really well known for his talking skills and his intelligence
  • and also his sweet voice who puts people to sleep
  • cherishes friendships and often shows it in videos where he vlogs about outings with them
  • updates daily for fans too and tells them how much he’s grateful for them
  • also asks them for suggestion for new videos
  • probably nags at and gets upset with his fans when they do something that isn’t too his liking
  • “you all waited in the rain for an hour because of me??? what if you all fell sick omg please don’t do that again”
  • but it’s because he cares and loves them so


  • king of dance covers
  • makes dance tutorials too
  • when people want to learn a dance, ten’s videos would always help because they’re so on point?
  • random videos of him in stores and supermarkets
  • with him being amazed by new things he sees or learns about
  • attempts to make cooking videos too but fails
  • almost burnt himself and was caught on tape, uploaded on youtube & viewed by morw than hundreds of people
  • his fans’ words give him energy and he’s always thanking them
  • a little shy when gets recognized but he doesn’t show it, only that cheeky smile on his face


  • hypebeast who makes videos of new clothes he got and hauls too
  • random late night videos where he answers fans’ questions and it’s just him chilling
  • food reviews too!!
  • his favourite videos because you can tell he gets all excited when he sees food
  • makes sure to update every week so his subscribers will be well fed
  • loves having live videos too because he’s able to interact with fans
  • holds giveaways for subscribers every time he reaches a milestone
  • acts all calm when people recognize him
  • but inside he’s super happy and excited because he feels extremely loved?
  • likes photos that fans uploaded together with him,
  • making them go even crazier


  • that one youtuber who’s always being complimented and praised by other youtubers
  • because he’s super sweet and soft?
  • pretty boy who shows off his face routines and tag videos
  • because he’s so shy he finds it hard filming videos alone too
  • which is why he calls his friends to join his videos
  • aka kun
  • they often go shopping together and you can tell he looks super happy and excited
  • vlogs about his daily life and has the cutest edits ever
  • even more shy in real life, he’d get super embarrassed and shy, cheeks flushed red if he notices people recognizing him
  • but he’d feel bad for rejecting them so he takes photos with them anyways
  • super cute


  • endless talents and seems to be able to do everything?
  • playing the guitar, song/rap covers, reaction videos, dance covers, gaming
  • he’s able to film quality videos
  • and at the same time he’s super humble and sweet it makes others love him more
  • has many collabs with other youtubers
  • his fans are blessed because they’ll always be a video related to him
  • a super shy ball in actual fact
  • when he does live videos he already gets all blushy and red when people compliment him
  • irl you can actually see him wanting to hide and run away because he’s super shy when it comes to compliments
  • but also tries to be friendly and talk to his fans when he can


  • mostly posts videos at night
  • so his subscribers can fall asleep soundly after watching his videos
  • mostly reviews
  • on clothes, food and other things
  • smile is the sweetest thing you’ll ever see
  • is also the softest when it comes to his fans
  • sometimes would also post short korean classes too
  • and his drawing videos
  • just really calm and satisfying videos honestly
  • super happy when he receives positive comments
  • still your no.1 moomin fan who has a big moomin plushie in his background of videos all the time


  • videos that are guaranteed to make you smile
  • like him playing with puppies and small fuffly animals
  • or even interacting with children at playgrounds in his vlogs
  • they’re guaranteed to make you s o f t
  • an angel who smiles and laughs at everything
  • super positive!!!
  • tries his best to reply to every comment and prove to fans that they’re noticed
  • mainly just vlogs of his daily life
  • but he’s always super cute in videos so!!
  • still the same angel irl because he’d be the one suggesting to take photos
  • and probably give you autographs too
  • sweetest little thing ever


  • games often
  • and always wins in games for some reason
  • also many prank videos too
  • and they’re always super creative and new
  • and you can see the look of satisfaction on his face whenever he succeeds in pranking his friends
  • really strong bond with his fans
  • they’d probably have inside jokes too
  • “thank you for always supporting your handsome donghyuck”
  • never runs out of ideas for videos
  • and loves it most when people leave positive comments
  • it makes him all happy and excited like a small child
  • and he’s ten times cuter irl like that because he’d have the biggest smile ever with his pink cheeks??


  • does weird challenges
  • and probably being a meme in every video
  • with thousands of different expressions ready for his fans to screenshot and use
  • also does tutorial videos
  • and tag videos
  • he loves talking and discussing about popular topics and sharing his opinions
  • loves spreading positive vibes too
  • super flirty & sweet with his subscribers
  • calls them his babies??
  • would occasionally film vlogs so as to show his fans his life
  • which is usually just him being that same meme and having fun
  • i miss him dkdndn


  • super energetic and fun
  • when you watch his videos, they’d immediately cheer you up because he’s always so happy?
  • makes reaction videos a lot
  • which ends up in his fans mentioning how their ear drums ache everytime they watch them because his dolphin laughs and screams
  • loves taking videos of sceneries and views during vlogs
  • but other times vlogs would just consist of his face
  • “my handsome is enough for you all”
  • knows he’s popular but still gets shy when he’s noticed
  • he’d always give that same cheerful laughter and thank his fans for their support


  • dance covers
  • ten is his role model
  • would film freestyle dances and also dances he’d choreographed and ask fans for their opinions
  • occasionally, he’d also film tag and challenge videos so his fans are able to know him better
  • super shy at first but as time goes by he opens up and he’d joke around a lot
  • still a child who gets fascinated and amazed by new things
  • still learning and is trying his best for his channel
  • which is why he’s super happy when he sees the amount of support and love he gets
  • making him blush like mad all the time

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hello!! i was wondering if you could do those list (?) scenario thingies with jealous!pledis trainees? if would be nice if you did aron as well but if you don't it's fine!! thank you!!

hello!! thanks for requesting!! i just did jonghyun and dongho first!! and i’ll make a new post for minki and minhyun bc it got kinda long lol - i hope this is okay!! 

also its really late and im writing this so i apologize if anything doesn’t make sense jfkdnfjsldn

jonghyun :

- the type to trust you a lot and has a lot of faith in you, so making him jealous would be hard

- quieter than usual when he’s jealous, mainly because he starts to overthink a lot

- and it’ll become obvious tbh

- mainly because he’s not talking as much and he’s pouting??

- he doesn’t mean too lol but it just happens - especially if he catches u texting them

- ‘’why are they spamming you with 7373883 messages’’

- ‘’listen,,,i can explain’’

- ‘’tHEY should be practicing nOT SENDING U mEMES OR FOOLING OFF’’

- najkdnkf a mess really

- and because he over thinks, he likes to ask questions - which makes it v obvious that he’s jealous lol

- like ‘’why are they hanging out with seongwoo and daniel so much??”

- ‘’they asked me to hang out, and ik that you’re really busy lately!! and i didn’t want to disturb you…’’

- ‘’i know but,, you’ve been spending so much time with them…’’

- ‘’are you jealous?”

- ‘’hAHA me??? nO,,,’’

- after some arguing(??) he would eventually admit it and you’re just

- ‘’you know i love you right?”

- ‘’i know,,,but you’re spending so much time with them and i just,, really miss you?? like i know you guys are really good friends but i just don’t know fjkdnsfkdn’’

- and you would reassure him that yes, you loved him a lot and that you promised to spend more time w him

- and that u ended up climbing into his lap and pepper his face in kisses in order to make him smile again bc you loved him so much?? and you just wanted to see his beautiful smile hehe

(listen this wasn’t supposed to be this long but something happened please save me)


- honestly doesn’t get jealous easily bc once people see that you are his, they don’t wanna mess with him lol

- but if he does, it’s over a petty thing tbh LOL such as not giving him much attention or hanging out w someone else more than him if that makes sense

- he loves you a lot and he doesn’t want to dictate who you hang out with and such so he tries to think logically but sometimes,,it fails lol

- like jonghyun, he becomes quieter bc he tries to think logically about it, but sometimes he just doesn’t want to talk about it and admit he’s jealous lol

- also acts a bit pouty and a bit crabby when you talk about hanging out with daniel or something idk

- ‘’want to go to the store?”

- ‘’idk why don’t u ask daniel’’

- ‘’??? are you okay?”

- it wouldn’t take you long to figure it out tbh LOL bc dongho is such a fluffy and affectionate person to you and when he’s jealous, he would distance himself more in order to sort out his thoughts

- and because of that lol, it wouldn’t take you long before you confronted him

- ‘’is everything okay?”

- and dongho isn’t the one to beat around the bush tbh even though he hates to admit it, he rather the two of you sort it out than dragging it out

- ‘’im jealous’’

- ‘’’andjksndsf whAT wdym??”

- and dongho would only go on about how he’s jealous that you’re hanging out with daniel so much

- ‘’i miss u a lot okay!! and i don’t want to dictate who you hang out with bc it’s your friends and i have no right to choose who you hang out with,,but i miss you?? njdofnf its like i never see you anymore…’’

- and you would be like “??? i didn’t know you felt that way’’

- and then try to resolve things LOL mainly just cutting down time with daniel to spend time w your bf bc how could you ignore him? you felt so bad that you just hugged him right then and there

- ‘’im sorry!! i didn’t know u felt like that :(( i promise to spend more time with you, okay?’’

- i have no idea what to put besides that you two went on date after making up after promising to spend more time together hehe

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None of these strong amazing boys actually needs protecting but is that gonna stop me from trying? Is it?? (the answer is no)

Anon said: Hi! If you haven’t already answered this, would you mind listing the tags/ships you aren’t comfortable with people tagging your art with?

Ohhhhhh what an interesting ask, I’ve been thinking about how to answer since I got it and?? I’m not sure, so let’s put it like this: generally, if the art is obviously meant as platonic I’d prefer it if you didn’t use the ship tag on it, but as a general rule I don’t actually mind people tagging ships anyway? I know how this site works so if I’m really uncomfortable with the idea of it being misinterpreted as romantic I’m just not gonna post anything with those characters in it from the start

That said, sometimes people tagging ships confuses me a lot??? For example the majority of people who’ve reblogged my latest bnha comic have tagged it with the bkdk tag and? There’s nothing romantic about it?? Bakugou is literally off to kill Deku why is that romantic we just don’t know, bkdk shippers seem to have an understanding of romance completely different from mine haha

Ah, also I’ve been having people tagging my bokuro and akaken arts with the ot4 tag, even if I rarely ever draw all of them in the same place. Please don’t do that. Like. Seriously.

As for the general tags, there’s a lot of tags I don’t understand, but from there to saying I’m uncomfortable with them is a bit of a huge step… the one thing that comes to mind is people trigger-tagging Bakugou’s mom. That’s. Hm. I happen to really like that woman and my drawings depict her in a positive light always, so if people could stop that it would be very nice? That’s about it tho~

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These past two months have been wild but a complete blessing.
To my followers, new and old. Thank you so much for continuing to support my art! <3 You guys are the reason I’m motivated to keep drawing everyday ^_^
Thank you to the skk discord server, for making me laugh and filling my days with such warmth and kindness. I love you all so, so much. 
I will continue to work hard for you guys!  がんばります~

(Individual shoutouts below the cut)

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Can you do like a ft art blogs rec thing? Like how you do the fic lists but like add in summaries of what you think of their blogs and just stuff like that? I just think it'd be a good start for new people in the fandom.

LOL yeah why not?? cough its 2am and I yeah typos

@nanakoblaze; omg nanako kills me every damn time she posts her art. I mean LOOK AT THAT THEY GORGFEOUS AF I freakin LOVE how u doing their eyes and how everything shines?? also she killed me with nalu x mm 
DEFINITELY FOLLOW HEr yuuto & zervis ahh

@illustraice; *thuumbs uupp* OML iCE ur art is memerizing I SWEAR. I just love the way you draw I cant DESCRIBE IT. its uniquuuee~ and ur bubblegum series was just *holdes breath* *stars crying* im a proud mama. DEFINITELY FOLLOW HEr also meme-queen

@acnologias-ass; hER fairy tail art is so daammn cutee I just ahhh I fall in love with her art! she loves the dragonslayer as much as I do and thats a BIG BONUS++ and her art is ahh cute where the character look kinda chibi but arent ahh I cant describe sryyy. acnologiahohohoDEFINITELY FOLLOW HEr

okaay imagine a basket full of puppiees, kawaii stuff & chocolate - thats their art wow what an example. its EXTREMELY CUTE! how can someone be so talented with a pen pls tellll meeey. their art is just: hella cute~ DEFINITELY FOLLOW ThEM wow I used cute a lot

@jellalsexualll; so. freakin’. hot. don let me start with her jerza arts *drool* SO TALENTED GOSH. how do you do the coloring??? Im like 1000% jelly. jerza body language. Her art is a mix of beautifullnesss and hotness AT ONCE. and jellal’s and gray’s muscleses heheheheh on poiint DEFINITELY FOLLOW hER

@keiid; HeR ART GIVES ME LIFE. I get freakin excited every time she uploads something like??? is that even normal??? her natsu and zeref art OMG both hella sexy cutee and AHHH I CAHNT. her series! DRAGNEEL-FAMILY YES.YES.YES??! natsu jawline omg I DIED DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@smaliorsha; NALU ART. NALU EVERYWHERE- her art is one word: beautiful above beyondness. her art is just ahhh nalu-fangirl-material™ everytime something new u wouldnt accept. *pause* inner-fangirl awaken. lucy in so many different roles I love it DEFINITELY FOllOW HER 

@semi-o; did you every saw her art? ITS LEGENDARY. I mean it its PERFECT I LOVE IT OMG. their anatomy is just perfect and how?? tell meeee. indescribably beautiful. sometimes drawing silly chibis and then sometimes art that takes time and BOTH INCREDIBLE DEFINITELY FOLLOW THEM

@zippi44  you need to be dead to not know zippi  I mean her art is everywhere and AHHH FANGIRLING™ she’s senpai duh. first of all how can a person draw so perfectly? with both hands? AND GOSH UR NALU- ich sag lieber nichts mehr +16 muhaha german-power & your luna posts ahh DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@xdrawings-x; I think she has good stuff? LOL JUST KIDDING BAE; her art is just breathtaking. everytime I see a new nalu drawing of you I think u already know my reactions already LMAO. She has just a beautiful way drawing nalu<3 abs natsu cough cough DEFINITELY FOLLOW HEEER dani dani du machen mich noch crazy 

@shadoouge; I adore her nalu art its just so cute omg! You should visit her store and her streams!! her art is a mix of cute-chibi art and even cuter nalu and ahhhh dreaam!~ Everytime something new and her nalu-week-art *dying all over again* DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER!

@jiyu-koya; ellieeee your scetches and art are AMAZING! they darky & kinda sexual me liking it hehebe and their eyes omg how?? AND UR NATSU IS JUST HOT AND THE FLAMES THEY LOOK DELICIOUS -wait what?? personaly my fave are ur natsu & erza scetches<3 DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER! 

@mslead; HER ART. HER COMICS. IM DEAD BYE. She has so many fanfic ideas and she DRAWS HER IDEAS INTO COMICS OR ONE PIECES AND IM IN LOVE OKK; her art has a dark-adult aura sometimes sexual and her natsu w/ long her is perfect  DEFINITELY FOLLOW HEr

@rboz; OMG HER ART IS SO DAMN CUTE and sexy cough cough if you a big gajevy fan visit her blog its alllll around! So many cute gajevy art and ahh everything what pleases your little gajevy hurt! warning kiddos nsfw-stuff here. AND DAMN UR GAJEEL W/ SHORT HAIR HUHU DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@phoenixx305; her nalu arts are so MAJESTIC OHMY I have no words to describe the beauty of your art??? Just breathtaking. & I ADORED her nalu-fluff-week omg the idea of them always taking a picture of their activities BRILLIANT AND DAMN CUTEW. and now zervis week? *DEAD* DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER! btw congrats oin 1K

@arikafd​; your end x lucy // Endlu art made me actually cry? Like wtf. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL AND AHH LIKE ALL YOUR NALU ARTS wqjsbjqwsd & your zervis is so cute omg why do I use cute so often? its just cute and  mesmerizing <3  DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER 

@m-d-tr1​; THEIR  NALU & GAJEVY DOUJI IS THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER READ?? their nalu douji was my first nalu-fangirl-material AND I DONT REGRET IT CAUSE ITS BEAUTIFUL! Lucy x dragonboi natsu YES YES & Levy x dragonboi gajeel AGAIN YESSSS. DEFINITELY FOLLOW THEM!

@jxlight; She threw two of my fave things together into one masterpiece. NALU AND GAME OF THRONES THANK U OMG did I mention I love you because of your FANTASTIC nalu arts? how can a person draw so perfect and choose THE RIGHT COLORS?? #beautiful af DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER!

@ayumichi-me; IM IN LOVE OKAY NOW ITS OUT. her natsu badboy x nerdy lucy hit me right in the hurt its huuurts. and her smut side hehehe she is hella cute and hella talented ohmy how??? nalu-fangirl-material-art. DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER!

@lapoin; her art. her art. HER ART jdkjdkjdd. she draws so beautiful I cant even describe it?? SO MUCH NALU YES THANK YOU. you should visit her store and BUY SOMETHING. its worth it. not only her nalu is beautiful EVERYTHING SHE DRAWS IS AMAZING DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER! 

@ccrispy; her art is more than cute- its nalucious omg what a verb I fangirled so many times just by seeing her nalu artwork omg. Its just tooo cuteee~~ and her nashi is so cute lemme huge her! JUST AHHH DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@kenjocatze; LMAO every time I go to your tumblr I think of: meme, ultra meme, oh endlu meme, ENDLU, curious end & cute nalu haha XD super-duper stuff their! Their nalu is on top and I just love their end omg Im obssesed with him. DEFINITALY FOLLOW THEM!

meme + crackshipping is my shit and her art gives me all omg I LOVE IT! LOL and their art is so damn funny and so freaking well-drawn?? how?? me being jelly again uh its not all about shipping and all but more about ft character fighting and just meme? yes. DEFINITELY FOLLOW THEM

@giupear; I LOVE your natsu and nalu omg my fave. how do you do the eyes?? they..they.. mesmerizing unforgettable. and natsus hair is my fave ohmy how?? so much nalu-fangirl-material u wouldnt believe me *cough* visit her blog *cough* DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@wendychuu; HINAAA MY SUNSHINE <3 1. cutiepie of the year 2. wendy  enthusiast 3. talented artist! She draws in such a cute way omg I LOVE YOUR ART AHHHH If you love nalu and wendy as much as she does DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@flamedork; see her tumblr header? self drawn. ISNT IT BEAUTIFUL??! Her nalu art is omg undescribale;  mix of talent cuteness & sparkle. ALSO WRITER! daaamn this girl is talented af! visit her tumblr to see her amazing creations! DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER!

>> I know I know there are many more artist in the FT fandom but im kinda lazy and yeah bye ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
hope my rec could help you?

When Wonho is your boss

Originally posted by anda-flan

  • okay lbr ceo!wonho looks fly 24/7
  • wonho in a suit is the ultimate wonho
  • anyways he’s the type of boss who’s really nice to all his employees but is like lowkey savage??
  • like he’ll pull pranks and stuff thanks to the encouragement (and dumb ideas) from his secretary minhyuk
  • tries to be smooth with the ladies but actually uses internet memes/pick up lines. like honestly if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s hot af everyone would probably ignore him (ppl only laugh at his jokes cuz they don’t wanna be fired lol)
  • but he’s still genuinely nice tho and a real softie at heart
  • so you’re the administrative assistant that was transferred from another branch, and so far you’ve only heard rumors about your new ceo
  • on your first day here you were LOST right off the bat like wtf the building is a maze
  • and since you came a little early people weren’t there yet so you can’t ask for directions
  • then you wandered into a big office and WOW SO PRETTY it’s got fancy curtains. and a comfy couch
  • but then you saw a name plate on the desk and walked closer and then you saw ‘Shin Hoseok’ engraved on it
  • before you could even think holy shiiiz someone behind you is like:
  • “Can I help you?”
  • you froze 100% but then still manage to turn around and guess what, it’s your boss wonho. you just trespassed knock knock into his office lol good job
  • but inside you were like OMG the rumors were true. he’s hot.
  • however you didn’t know wonho was also like OMG the rumors were true. you’re hot.
  • you bowed and apologized, and explained yourself as professional as possible
  • wonho was really chill and friendly about it, much to your surprise and insist on walking you to your own office
  • but not before trying pick up lines on you
  • but being rather pure-minded you were like ?????que?
  • and hes like ha..ha nvm…i’ll try again later
  • from them on he calls you to his office a lot, but it’s more like he’ll come to your office and escort you to his because “you might get lost again.”
  • you’ve told him a million times like “Thank you sir, but I know my way around now so please just call next time, you don’t have to do this.”
  • but he’s like “But what if I’m the one who gets lost…in your eyes ;)”
  • and you’re just ?????????????
  • (cue minhyuk gagging in the distance while hyungwon is like wtf u creepy mf)
  • but on a srs note wonho is a hard worker like he’s serious when he has to. like when you’re explaining reports to him he LISTENS 
  • you also notice how he doesn’t get angry at his employee’s mistakes but rather gives advice and try to help so they don’t make the same mistake next time
  • dem qualities made your heart flutter and you realize he’s basically perfect (except the jokes which are kinda stupid??)
  • he inspired you to work even harder and from that point on business kept getting better!
  • one day he calls you to his office, like actually called this time, and you see him looking a little more serious than usual
  • while you sat in front of his desk you got a little nervous like omg is he gonna fire me cuz I never laughed at his jokes
  • but then it turns out he needs a big favor
  • there’s a big business event going on next weekend (aka those rich people parties) but it’s important he goes cuz he gotta represent
  • but he also needs a partner who knows about his company just as well as he does
  • “And nobody fits that position better than you” - Wonho
  • BUT LETS BE REAL he’s only just trying to make this a date with you!
  • because you is a cutie
  • but he obviously leaves this part out so you were like wow this is seriousss and agree
  • he then takes you shopping? at really expensive places?? and buys you this really nice dress???? like whoa you were being pampered outta nowhere
  • but he claims this is all for “business matters” so you were like aight okay then(???)
  • so at the night of the event he picks you up and yall go to this crazy fancy hotel and there’s like rich ppl everywhere but for some reason people kept staring at you two
  • “It’s because you look extra beautiful today.” he’d smile at you 
  • you’d say the same thing about him if it weren’t for the fact that you just became a blushing mess
  • so at the event you were expecting people to ask you questions and talk business matters but it’s just rich people drinking wine and laughing?
  • and wonho basically took you sightseeing cuz the hotel has a really nice garden
  • food was EXCELLENT tho and probs cost $100 a bite
  • and when people did come up to greet wonho and ask if you were the girlfriend HE DOESN’T EVEN DENY IT
  • you’d look surprised but wonho would just whisper “it’s for business” in your ear
  • but after a while you question him and is like aren’t we supposed to talk to people about our company
  • wonho then confesses that he was just trying to take you out here to relax because you’ve worked hard and he wanted to thank you somehow
  • but you were like WHAT i don’t deserve this pls take hyungwon next time
  • wonho just laughs then says he really enjoys being around you and he appreciates all that you’ve done for the company so far
  • afterwards he drove you home, and to be courteous you offered if he’d like to come in
  • he obviously agrees
  • you made tea and started chatting and it was really comfortable like it felt old friends instead of boss and employee
  • wonho tries his pick up lines again
  • this time he actually used a funny one and you busted out laughing
  • and you laughing made him laugh
  • but then OOPS he spilled the tea on himself 
  • his (probably expensive af) white polo is now stained 
  • wonho was like ehh but you panicked and is like OMG wait I know how to remove tea stains! and insist on cleaning it
  • but you didn’t register that cleaning his shirt would require him taking the shirt off
  • and so you see his body holy coOWWASDKFJHSFG GOD DAMN
  • that straight up fired up parts of your body that really should not be fired up right now
  • and so the REAL test begins and you’re trying to clean the stain in the sink but wonho’s just casually leaning against the counter right next to you
  • like daaamn you didn’t realize you were thirsty to just touch him wtf might was well just drink some water from this faucet asap
  • but fukin wonho he’s not even trying to hide the fact that he’s wants to distract you
  • “Hoseok you’re distracting me.” -you being straightforward as always
  • but then he reaches over and shuts the faucet off and is like “That’s the point.”
  • you looked at him weird for a sec but then he moves closer and then WHOA his lips are on yours
  • his hand instantly finds your hips but you were frozen 300%
  • oh god his lips are so soft
  • he pulls back and you could see he’s blushing but he’s still looking right into your eyes
  • “Sorry, that was rude of me…I couldn’t help it.” he says with this ultra shy grin. “I just…really like you.”
  • r.i.p. your heart
  • “But you can push me away if you want.” he’d smile at you
  • and you know he said this cuz he doesn’t want his status as your boss to pressure you into doing something you’re not comfortable with gosh what a sweetie pie
  • but who are you kidding you totally like him back
  • so instead of responding verbally (it’s not like you even can at this point), you wrap your arms above his shoulders and kiss him back
  • and that’s the best response he could have asked for

[a/n: I’m so sorry for dying like I always do, but I certainly do hope this was a enjoyable/lighthearted addition to your reading.
I dedicate this to all the wonho stans and also to senpai @infinitum-imaginaerum for commencing my descent into wonho hell (thank you but at the same time WHY U GOTTA play with my wonho feels like that jk I hope you’re doing well at university! :))]

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Hello, hello~ Hope you don't mind, but my self esteem is feeling a bit down lately. Can you tell me how your cos (and also our favorite parasite Kii) how they might make someone feel better about themselves **coughmaybeitcanbedirtyifyouwant** Please? Thank you!

Oh no!!! I hope I can cheer you up love! I’ll put it under the cut because this is going to be REALLY REALLY long~ I’m also kinda shy writing these types of things aHHHHH But anyway, if anyone else is having a bad day, feel free to read this as well! But yeah, as I said, it’s LONG lmaoo

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Can you hear that? That’s the sound of me grossly sobbing in the distance wondering what the heck I did to deserve all you beautiful starlings! Really, I have no idea what brought all of you here but I am thankful for each and every one of you and so delighted to have you here! Shiro has honestly been a long overdue blessing for me && I couldn’t be more happy to be able to play him as much as I am able to write with all of you. I know I’m an angsty S.o.b straight from the pits of hell like 90% of the time, but just know, the pain I bring is only to make you feel~! I absolutely adore all of you and I am always so proud of each and every one of you. You all do so much and I am always delighted to read everything!

So THANK YOU!! For giving me the HONOUR of being allowed to read your writing && interact with you!

Special shout out to all the personal bagels that follow me but actually adhere to unspoken rules of not rebagelling my IC threads. <3 You guys so rad!

And absolute love to my non-mutuals! You guys are fantastic! <3

Now onto some special starlings that have made this experience truly wonderful. If you’re not listed here, please don’t fret! I love you guys so much alright!

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Thank You So Much:

Hi, hello, good morning,good evening. so today is the 26th of August which marks my 18th birthday and as much as I would like to bask in that glory I have to sit and reflect on my past year(s)

 I would never have come this far if it wasn’t for the people I follow and the mutuals that I have.  

 So in honor of my birthday a thank you to all of you. As I wish you luck with your blogs and your lives.

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We did it.. we made it to the big four digits. I never thought I’d get here, honestly. When I made this blog in May, I never thought I’d get to here. Maybe 2 or 300 followers, at the most?? Never this. 

 Here’s some sappy words to some people, I’ll cut this off because it’s going to be very long. 

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Chapter Twenty-Seven:

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