this is a new coloring


Oh, this was something else. He damn near destroyed the man.

All that was missing was the mic drop.

Countdown makes me even more convinced that Tim needs a better identity of his own. 

Jason as Red Robin: *has a meaningful reason for taking it up, it being designed by the Bruce Wayne of Earth-51 for his Jason, actual character development when taking up a ‘Robin’ identity for the first time since his resurrection* 

Tim as Red Robin: *picks it out of the dumpster after Jason was done with it and wears it because it belonged to the bad Robin and he was feeling edgy* 


Phil checking Dan out.


the happiest boy when surrounded by dogs ♡

New Moon in Scorpio

Date: November 18th, 2017

Rulers: Pluto/Mars, Water, Fixed

Affects: drastic changes, transformation, rebirth, inheritances, heightened intimacy and awareness, sensitivity, hidden truths, mysteries, psychological observation, sexual energies, increased intuition

What It’s Good For: manifestation spells/rituals, healing yourself and others, searching for the truth, investigating, letting go of your past and your hurt, embracing your sexuality, mourning your lost loved ones, learning more about yourself, discovering hidden motives, pursuing your passions, dealing with issues involving betrayal and secrets

Crystals: clear quartz, opal, unikite, celestite, obsidian, moonstone, labradorite, blue goldstone

Herbs: basil, sage, catnip, nettle, lavender

Incense / Oils: lemon, peppermint, vanilla, dragon’s blood

Colors: black, gray, silver, red, brown