this is a neckalace


Summary: Kili surprises you with a gift

Pairings: Kili x Reader

Word Count: 796

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A/n: Okay so like as I was writing this story, everything just started going wrong for some reason. The internet has slowed down considerably which is why there is no Kili gif, my lower back is starting to ache, a lot, and my lack of sleep had finally caught up so it kind of shows in the this work so don’t mind it. A better one will be up tomorrow, I promise.

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It was a nice day. The sun was finally out after a few days of rain and the city of Dale was bustling with people, including you and Fili.

Thorin had finally gave Fili a day of and your future, hopefully, brother-in-law decided to drag you to Dale with him.

“Fee, why are we here?” you ask as you walk the center square. “No idea,” He shrugs and you groan, shoving him. He just laughs.

You look around and you get excited as you see a familiar dwarf. He said he was supposed to work on something his uncle gave him to do.

You jog over and jump on his back. Kili’s hands instantly go to your thighs to catch you.

“If I didn’t know that you were going to be here, I would’ve probably stabbed you,” Kili says and you kiss his cheek. You get off and he faces you with a smile on his face.

“And you would’ve regretted it for the rest of your life,” you say as he wraps his arms around your waist and pulling you close.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” he says, kissing your jaw and moving to kiss your neck. “Oh knock it off you two. You already do enough of that alone. You don’t need to do it in public,” Fili scolds and the two of you break apart.

“You’re just jealous that I’ve got my one,” Kili says as you rest your hand on his lower back and lean into his side.

“Sure I am,” Fili says sarcastically, rolling his eyes, “did you find what you were looking for?”

You look up at Kili confused.

“Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be with Thorin?” you ask him.

“Well, I lied, obviously,” Kili says breaking away from you and reaching into his coat, ”Fili was supposed to keep you in Erebor until I came back, but he obviously failed.”

Fili shrugs nonchalantly, looking at the stall that Kili was occupied with earlier.

“I thought you said keep her there till you left,” he says, picking up a nice, royal blue scarf that he thinks his amad would like.

“I hate you,” Kili mumbles before finally finding what he was looking for.  It was a beautiful emerald necklace that you were looking at a few weeks ago. You and Kili had come out to Dale one day and you had seen it and instantly fell in love with it. That’s saying something given the fact that you weren’t not a jewlrey person. The only jewelry you wore was the courting beads that Kili had braided into your hair.

“I was going to go back to erebor and wrap it, but I guess I should give it to you now,” He says, glaring at Fili who was no longer paying attention to the both of you, but shopping for Dis.

“Kee, you shouldn’t have,” you tell him, reaching for the hand that wasn’t holding the necklace.

He frowns and shuffles a bit.

“Do you not like it? I just thought-. I guess I should’ve-. I’ll return it,” Kili stutters out before turning to talk away from you.

You tighten your grip on his hand to pull him back.

“No, Kee, I love it. I honestly do,” you tell him, giving him a small smile.

“You’re such a loser,” Fili calls out and you glare at him as Kili frowns again.

“Don’t listen to him, love. You are anything but. He’s just jealous that-,”

“No, dearest sister in law, I am not jealous that you have each other. I am happy being a free man. Now, do you think amad would like this?” Fili asks, holding up a red scarf.

You send him a glare and he holds his hands up in defense.

“Alright, alright. I’m leaving,” he says, paying for whatever he grabbed before taking off, not wanting to face your wrath.

You turn back to face Kili and he’s looking at you with a smile on his face.

“What?” you ask, the smile infectious.

“He called you his sister in law,” Kili says and you giggle. “Does have a nice ring to it doesn’t it?” you ask him.

“It does. Anyway, do you want me to put it on?” Kili asks, gesturing to the necklace and you nod turning around. You brush your hair out of the way and you watch was the neckalace comes over your head and is clasped behind your neck. Kili kisses the back of your neck bfore you turn to face him.

“How does it look?” you ask, twisting for him.

“Gorgeous,” he says, looking at everything but the necklace. You smile at him and peck him on his cheek.

“I love it and you,” you say. “I love you too, ghivashel.”

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The outsiders most prized possessions headcanons

It’s was like 2 am when I originally wrote this but it didn’t save so now I’m rewriting it. :((( but it’ll still be my best and this may turn out longer than expected I guess.

Darry: Darry’s most prized possession was an old football. Darry was really good at football in high school so he had to pick up that skill from someone, right? His dad gave him that football when his 6 just before ponyboy was born. His dad and him would toss it in backyard everyday and he soon learned how to play the game. The only reason Darry kept the slightly deflated football was because of the memories it kept along with it and what his dad said to him. His dad told him that he needed to teach soda and ponyboy how to play just as he would teach his future children one day just in case he was not around to do so. Darry promised he would but since his parent’s death he’s been too busy to so and the old football is just collecting dust under his bed.

Sodapop: Soda was different as compared to a lot of people. That said you would think he wouldn’t have a simple little keep sake, right? Wrong! Soda’s possession that he keeps close to his heart was a blanket. It was a small baby blue blanket that his mother had knitted for him while she was pregnant. Even though his brother’s had similar blankets as well, soda was glued to his since he was a baby. He didn’t carry it around anymore like he did when he was a toddler but that changed when his parents died. He became more scared and uneasy when they passed so he cut off a piece of his blanket to carry around in his back pocket. It reminded of when his mother or father couldn’t comfort him because they were at work so he would use the blanket as a substitute but now it has been a permanent replacement.

Ponyboy: Nobody in the gang valued books the way ponyboy did. His special keep sake was an old tattered down book. It has been passed down generations in his family to read at night to their children. His mother and father took turns reading it to him every night because he wouldn’t want to hear any other story. Even after his parents death he still read the book to himself every night before bed to keep the nightmares away. But sometimes when they still came back soda or even Darry would read it to him again to soothe him back to sleep. That book meant everything to pony and was going to pass it down to his future children. As for now though pony only reads the book to himself, his parent’s graves, and to johnny when he crashes on the couch after a long night with his parents.
Johnny: Johnny’s most prized possession was his jean jacket. The gang pitched in to get him the jacket for his 16th birthday. His whole face lit up and his smile was as brighter than they had ever seen. He’s worn the jacket everyday since, even during the hot summers. His nickname, johnny cakes, is even written on the inside of the jacket so he never loses it. Johnny never received any love or affection at home so the gang was his family and they were his everything. Even if I didn’t fit in the future he would still hold it close to his heart.

Steve: Steve never got a whole lot of love at home either especially with his dad kicking him out every other night. His keep sake was a cheap comb that his dad gave to him. When Steve started middle school and began using hair gel. He told about how even though his mother left them that he would never leave Steve like that. And after everything he says to him isn’t always true and he regrets treating him the way he does.

Two-Bit: Two can relate to Steve a little bit. He understands what it’s like to have a parent walk out on you and make you seem like you’re a failure, almost like you’re not good enough for them. When two-bit’s father walked out on his family their mother had to pick up a job to support her two children. At the time two-bit was going through a serious Mickey Mouse phase because watching this cartoons distracted him from his dad’s absence. Their mother worked a lot and she could never guarantee she’d be home for dinner or even when she’d be home because of the extensive night shifts she worked. She wanted to thank him for taking care of his sister and waiting so patiently every night for her. She had bought him a Mickey Mouse watch so she could give two-bit a time that he could set on his watch before she left work so he’d know what time she’d be home. He doesn’t wear it anymore but he keeps it in his night stand and still sets the time of when his mother will be home every night.

Dallas: Dallas Winston didn’t process his emotions and was so cold and mean to the touch that anyone would believe that he was made if stone. When he came to Oklahoma from New York he only brought with him what he could carry. His only valuable keep sake to him was his Saint Christopher chain given to him by his mother just moments after he was born. His mother died when he was at a young age and his father never cared for him so he grew tough and mean while in New York. The necklace meant so much as it had a story behind it that he could never get sick of hearing from his mother. It was her’s when she was a baby and before that it was her father’s given to him as a baby and so on. So now, Dallas Winston, even as mean and cold as he was he had a soft side that all centered around that Saint Christopher neckalace.

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  • Shinsou became awfully devastated that his s/o become blind after the villain invasion. He feels like he’s the ones who’s responsible and should of been by their side when that was happening.
  • He would visit his blind s/o in the hospital, he knows that they cant see anything that he brings anymore but still brings some flowers, neckalace, rings, etc for them. He lets them know that he is always with hem regardless.
  • He secretly cries about it in his room after visiting his blind s/o, and it gives him more reason not to sleep at night. He’s always look so tired, so that adds onto him. The next day, he tries to be happy for his s/o. Being sad would always makes his s/o sad, so he keeps hat to himself.
  • After their discharge, Shinsou is mostly the one who takes care of his blind s/o. It does stresses him out, but he wouldn’t want anything else than his s/o. Always makes sure he’s with them, there’s no reason for him to leave her alone again.
  • He either holds their hands to guide them through or sticks by their side whenever they’re doing something. If they trip, he will curse himself out for being so stupid and help them. His s/o would have to tell him he shouldn’t be overworking and blame himself for them, they do have others to help too. But, he blames himself. It took awhile for him to accept the fate and be content with life.

queenoflomein-deactivated201401  asked:

So when I was little I collected a lot of rocks, crystals, seashells, and sand dollars and now I'm overwhelmed with the buckets full of them. Got any crafty ideas of what to do with them? Thanks!

As for as the rocks and crystals you can always polish them (or keep as is) and superglue them to ring bases to make some cute rings. I can post a picture of this later as my boyfriend recently gave me a pretty rock to make a ring with. You can also get plain neckalace pendants such as these and glue the rocks onto it.

As far as shells go, I would just use them for decoration. Get pretty glass vases or containers (tip: dollar tree has a bunch of cool ones for $1) and fill them with shells. You can even fill 1/3 of the container with sand and then add the shells on the top. Mason jars work for this too.

other than that, you can use them to make shell art or cover random things with them (such as small containers, lamps, etc). You can drill small holes into the shells (be careful) and make a string of shells by tying a knot after every shell.