this is a moon

  • Morrison: Hey babe, how are-
  • Reyes: Hey, how are you, you were mouth breathing into my face last night, so I did not get a ton of sleep, I’m actually pretty exhausted. When you said good morning to me, it was neither of those things. It was neither good or morning, because my brain thinks it’s night because of your hot fucking breath for the majority of it. Are you a dragon? Why is your breath so hot? Are you guarding a treasure in here I don’t know about? You should’ve told me, that sounds important. Your breath is so hot and the air in here is so cold, how does your body do that? And it wasn’t like, a dry heat, oh no, it was a wet shitty, moist-I woke up with curly hair because of the humidity in this area! At one point, you were breathing INTO MY MOUTH, and you kno-guess wha-FUCK YOU! That is ASSAULT! because you’re breathing Carbon-Dioxide into my oxygen hole and that’s not how my body works. Am I a plant? Am I a tree? Do I have a root system? No, to all three of those things! Get your goddamn carbon-dioxide away from my oxygen hole. How did you even get close enough to breath into my mouth? We bought a king sized bed FOR THIS REASON! And not only do I sleep on my side, but I sleep OVER THE EDGE, like a cat on top of a sofa, and you somehow ROMAN SOLDIERED your way over, leaving nothing but wrinkled sheets and DEATH in your wake, to hot breath into my mouth. At one point, I almost fell asleep because you’re hot breathing became rhythmic, like waves crashing onto a beach. Only for your restless leg syndrome to kick me in the thigh three times. And not back, to back, to back like you would think, you kicked me, waited for it to swell, then kicked me in the swelling like an asshole. You. Suck. Shit.
  • Morrison: ...
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This is the best thing i’ve seen in my life

detriment & fall

this post only covers inner planets. planets in detriment relate to the mind, planets in fall relate to physicality. planets in fall are considered the “most difficult” placement to have.

key: detriment / fall

the sun is about self-expression & self-identity. mentally, sun in aquarius worries about expressing itself without including the entire community. unlike leo, who thrives in the spotlight, aquarius needs to share it, and the sun does not want to share. the sun in air signs is the least happy because the air signs are double signs- the least likely to focus on oneself. sun in libra physically lacks the passion and fire. it conforms to everyone and everything around it. it leads by agreeing with its followers.

the moon is the least logical planet, our inner core and deepest, purest side of ourselves. moon in capricorn is mentally on another level. emotions are foreign because it finds that expressing their powerful emotions appropriately is a challenge, it forces itself to think and reason before it feels, opposite of what the moon is comfortable with. the moon is also very fluid- and capricorn, ruled by saturn, the planet of structure, finds it hard to go with the flow. moon in scorpio is arguably the most powerful/intense placement. many layers of the unconscious, feelings built up waiting to erupt. it is very prone to fear, and then physically putting a shield over it so no one can tell. the moon, ruled by cancer, wants to nurture and give life. she holds on to what she has in fear of losing it. scorpio (the sign of death) will transform to grow itself.

mercury is the planet of the mind- including logic, education, and all exterior thoughts. mercury in sagittarius is mentally uncomfortable. ruled by jupiter, the planet of expansion and the bigger picture, mercury struggles to discover the finer details it needs to find to be fulfilled. this is true for mercury in pisces as well, this placement is in detriment & fall. mercury is a young student, who learns with visuals in a classroom, jupiter is a wise old scholar, who learns from experience. both sagittarius and pisces are too imaginative for mercury- they think of general possibilities while gemini and virgo pinpoint the specific facts.

venus, the planet of beauty, possessions, and love. venus in scorpio doesn’t understand love the way taurus does. it mentally tries to gain power in a relationship to prevent vulnerability, while being clingy itself. venus is light and free. scorpio is too dark and intense. venus also emphasizes trust, scorpio is non-trusting. venus is traditional and holds high morals like taurus, scorpio dislikes this. scorpio is all-or-nothing- it can’t reach compromise for comfort. venus in aries doesn’t know how to balance love like libra. it wants to lead instead of understanding the importance of two heads are better than one. aries is the most self-centered sign being exalted in the sun. aries does not work with others as equals. scorpio and aries are ruled by mars, a masculine planet, and is uncomfortable in the femininity of venus. venus in virgo is physically too cautious and builds up many walls. venus in pisces naturally loves being vulnerable, sweet, & emotional- something that virgo would have to learn. venus glosses over the flaws and pisces puts on rose-colored glasses to adhere to this. virgo is too analytical, picky, and critical. virgo is also the sign of health, and venus loves indulgences and guilty pleasures. 

mars, the planet of action and aggression. mars in libra doesn’t understand displays of anger. they want justice and equality, leading them to avoid confrontation and directing their energy inwards, making it umcomfortable for mars. mars runs on passion, emotion, and power. libra shies away from all three. mars in taurus is too slow for mars. mars needs things done NOW and it doesn’t need to think things over. it doesn’t need a voice of reason. as mentioned above, libra & taurus, ruled by feminine venus, can’t keep up with masculine mars.  mars also wants to enforce punishment, something venus would never do. mars in cancer is physically away from home. mars is a warrior, fighting on the battlefield. it does not live with its mother nor does it need nurturing- it has its own discipline from capricorn. mars needs to focus on itself to succeed- and cancer is far too sensitive to the people and environment around itself.