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Hey! Tomorrow is the MET Gala!

And the theme is China: Through the Looking Glass.  So I’m expecting some stunning WOC to come out and slay everyone dead, some stupid White celebrities to come out and make me facepalm so hard my eyes fall out, and Chinese investors to be fully sucked up to.

I’m excited because the subject of Chinese fashion could be super duper cool if you do it right.  And it’s hard to deny the growing influence of China on the global fashion scale: Guo Pei is everyone’s favorite opulent avant-garde designer, models like Xiao Wen Ju, Liu Wen, and Ming Xi are stomping down every major runway, and actresses like Gong Li and Fan Bing Bing are cementing their status as true grand dames.  Add that to China’s massive and rapidly growing luxury market, a Chinese-themed show at the MET is definitely a lucrative way to cash in.

But if you’ve ever paid any attention to anything I’ve blogged over the years, Chinese influence over Western fashion is something that goes back for hundreds of years.  How far back, you say?