this is a mess ims orry

it’s been months now and i can’t believe people still try to act as if the total loss of quality in ref: agent carter had any other reason than this heterosexual mess they tried to pull

season two was the personification of No Homo™. they literally replaced the “most important character” in peggy’s private life with a married woman so there could be no other interpretation other than a platonic relationship. they queer-coded the antagonist even more than s1 by leveling-up dottie’s obsession with peggy. OUT OF NOWHERE peggy was supposedly having feelings for souza??? even though all of season 1 proved that she didn’t??? and even if she were to develop feeling for him within the 6 months after s1 he supposedly gave up on her then?? when she finally returned his feelings?? and in case you forgot how straight peggy is, they gave her not one but TWO MALE LOVE INTERESTS. heterosexual margaret elizabeth “peggy” carter tf is.
on top of that we don’t want to associate this Feminist Icon™ with any other woman ever so ofc her entire backstory, most of her personal relationships, literally every source for her strength and self-worth is connected to a guy bc why tf not

what incredible heteronormative drama bullshit is this. they completely reduced peggy’s character and jeopardized so many of her greatest qualities just to keep everything Heterostraight™