this is a mess but i'm too tired to care

Last night at around 10pm I got this brilliant idea to map out all the (platonic) relationships that we’ve either seen or that I want to see in the show. But then I realized that I was completely disorganized and that any diagram would be a total mess, so I decided to make something that was somewhat organized but mostly just really nice to look at.

I never fully can comprehend what goes through peoples’ minds when they spread hate and not kindness. I sometimes ask, what is the point? Especially when it is aimed in the comment section of a very lovely person’s insta/twitter/whatever.
Lili Reinhart is very human with human emotions and I am sure she never wants to see something like that surrounding her. Who would?

Telling someone to kill themselves was never, and will never be a joke. It is not funny. It’s a very childish and immature thing to tell someone, and it can be very serious when the person may actually try to do it.

I want to spread love, not hate.

Lili Reinhart has been my biggest inspiration for a very long time now. There is no telling where I would be right now if it wasn’t for her.
She has helped me through a lot of rough things in my life without even knowing it. She’s  been able to make me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry.
She’s been able to be the light I have so desperately needed at times.

I want to be that for her right now. With all the bad things she been going through lately, she needs all the love we can give her.
Everyone is fighting a battle you know noting about. Be kind. Always.

Fear spreads, but fortunately love does too.

Will you choose to spread fear, or will you choose to spread love? I’m hoping you choose love. I hope you continue to choose love.

I love Lili Reinhart so much and I want her to feel that love from not only me, but from everyone.

And, stop spreading/believing rumors about someone you know nothing about and stop making someone’s life miserable.

What’s the point?

Ships, in the grand scheme of things, does not matter. I couldn’t care less if you ship beronica, camili, barchie, bughead, sprousehart- WHATEVER. 
Just don’t bring the actors into this mess. 

late night tv watching jercicobeth doodles to try and coax my motivation back to life. I think it’s working! I know I’m never going to finish this but I like the look of it too much not to post it.

I feel Nico though, trying to sleep with the tv on is hard /:

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i'm too tired to start shit because frankly i don't care that much but when you said in your post that steve put so many people in danger by his actions ( in civil war), do you think it was responsible from tony to drag a 15-year-old to the mess?

I don’t think it was responsible in fact I have an old post about things Tony did wrong in Civil war here. However Tony did tell Peter to stay out of the way, and he wasn’t expecting a fight. He may have considered that Steve would attack him, but these are people he considers his friends, he didn’t truly believe they would actually try and hurt each other.

Steve and Squad escalated the situation, and Tony told Peter to stay out of the way and not to get into the center of the fight. 

Despite all of that, you are right he shouldn’t have involved Peter, but that isn’t relevant in a post about all the things Steve did wrong if this is the post you’re talking about. 

Seriously considering leaving tumblr because some of the people here are just really irritating.

I mean fine, I get it. I’m a cishet white girl with no mental problems. I’ve got the easy life. I don’t call myself depressed or anything because I get how that could be annoying and insulting and stuff.

But I got scolded for using the word “insane.” I mean, really? Has tumblr come to this? Freedom of expression? Sure. You can do porn, triggering pictures. But you can’t use the gosh darn English language as you please, nope.

I’ll admit it. Some of the feminist posts bug me. A lot of people here bug me. I see a lot of hate, considering how much people condemn it. Some of it is hate in disguise. Most of the people in minorities don’t even have to hide it.

It bugs me that I have to choose between speaking and expressing myself how I best can and not getting hate. Is that messed up or what?

TL;DR: tumblr has become a breeding ground for overly sensitive idiots.

That’s probably ableist too, but I’m too ticked off and tired to care.

Even though I'm kinda in remission, this stupid disease still affects every day of my life...

I still take at least 8 pills per day, including immunosuppressants.

I still have to be super careful to avoid my trigger foods (mine are cream, corn, too many veges, grainy bread…)

I still have messed up bowels every time I get my period.

I still worry about where bathrooms are, even though I won’t poop my pants if I don’t find one in time.

I still feel tired, ALL the time.

I still worry about seeing blood every time I poop.

I still have to have blood tests and medical appointments.

I still feel people’s judgmental stares when I eat (or don’t eat) certain things - like “ooh she didn’t eat her side salad, no wonder she’s so fat.”

I still wonder if people think I have bulimia because I visit the bathroom right after every meal. I don’t. I just find eating triggers pooping for me. It’s awkward.

I still carry a spare pair of underpants in nearly every bag I own.

I still don’t feel normal, whatever that is.

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Could you do some daddy ash that simultaneously breaks my heart and kills me whilst also giving me life? Idk your writing is da bomb and I'm tired plz send help luv u lots 😘

luv u too :-) 

daddy ash would be so involved, he’d absolutely love his daughter to death and although he couldn’t always be with her, he’d always make sure she was happy and taken care of. But one night when he was off on tour, you’d find your daughter crying her room, curly hair in a mess and she’d crawl into you lap and mumble “i miss daddy. Why is he never here like everybody else’s daddies?” into your tear stained shirt. You’d promised ash you would always tell him what was going on with her, and the night after you’d told him, you’d find two plane tickets to the next country he was going to be in in your email. After a few days of preparing, you’d get on a plane and fly out to see your husband, who met you in the airport at 2am with flowers for you and a new stuffed animal for her, dropping to his knees and letting his little girl tackle him onto the airport carpet as he hugged her close and kissed her cheeks, and you’d never seen her any happier.