this is a mess

Me: thinks about seungbae
Also me: FROWNS
ALSO ALSO ME: seungbae did everything wrong even though he had a heart of gold and just wants to catch the killer and stop all this crazy shit from happening but he’s ruined all chances of pointing the crimes to Sangwoo by bringing both Sangwoo and Yoon Bum to the police department without a warrant and breaking and entering. At this point he’s gonna fucking die or be fired from his job or both and I don’t want to watch that happen to him
Also also also me: damn sangwoo gonna throw a brother under the bus by telling everyone that he’s gay and causing some serious problems for his credibility already


Morning routines in the bathroom aka: sometimes you’ve just gotta tell your bro that he’s pretty  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


BONUS bonus:

That Fake AH Crew AU where no one in the crew knows what Ryan looks under his mask. And he’s a model. And Gavin just found his portfolio.

But also he admitted that he’s dating the guy in the pictures and it went on for months before the crew finally called him out on it.

Hi do you ever think about the fact that Merle highchurch the cleric who stayed on a dying world to give people faith and hope, Merle who made sure the history of another soon to be destroyed world was recorded so that its people wouldn’t be forgotten, who supported Lucretia and encouraged her. Merle who was kind and gentle and tried his best even if he was clumsy about it, became Merle the bitter cleric with little faith in his god, in himself, hell even in others? Do you think about what it must have been like for Lucretia who remembered Merle the kind man who supported her and wanted to spread peace and hope to meet a Merle who was nothing like she remembered. Do you think about that? Cause I do.