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even though i seem to disagree with you on a lot of things i just wanna thank you for being someone who actually has meaningful discussions on topics and keeping a level head you know

thanks :D

I'm sad about the comments section lately

The comments on YouTube in general have been pretty bad for, well forever, but in the past couple of months the comments on Jack’s channel in particular seem to have suddenly changed for the worse.

All of the sudden, I’m seeing way more:

“Jack, why aren’t you playing X?” /“Jack, play this.”

“Legend27” and those ‘keep reading’ or giant emoji copy-pastes


“Please check out my channel.”/“Anyone want to sub for sub?”

“Say hi to me.”

And even gift card or contest spam.

I don’t know why, but recently there’s far less meaningful discussion about the videos, far fewer suggestions or constructive criticism without name-calling and yelling, and just generally less 'real’ interactivity. Don’t get me wrong, those good types of comments are definitely still there, it just seems like they’re no longer the majority.

Idk if it’s because the channel is bigger, because the view structure is changing, or because there’s some other demographic change on the channel. Maybe a lot of the in-depth commenter s have migrated here or just given up on the YouTube comment system altogether.

No matter the cause, it still saddens me to see the JSE comments lose some of that community vibe, become a less valuable place for real conversation and review of videos, or just (as bad as this sounds) become like 'the rest’ of YouTube where comments are a junk pit and both viewers and creators end up leaving them. Jack has always made a big effort to interact as much as humanly possible on all platforms, so I can’t see him abandoning the comments section unless there’s some massive and dramatic reason he has to. Still, I don’t want us as a community to give up on it or see it die. I hope this is just a trend I’m seeing, but if not, I hope we can work to make it better.

i aways feel a little moved when i listen to isak talk to even about infinity and the immensity of universes and the endless possibilities they contain. there’s wonder and excitement and curiosity and innocence in the tone of his voice

and it makes you wonder, when was the last time he let himself express these thoughts so freely? did he ever? over time, isak had gotten very aware of the image he projected and he wanted to have control over that image and so he wouldn’t always express these thoughts he had, and he sometimes would express thoughts he didn’t agree with, but which fit with the image he wanted to project, so he’d express them as if they were his own. he said it to eva, he was fake. and i think he would also keep things simple, and wouldn’t insist on discussing matters that were actually meaningful. because it’s so much less risky to simply talk about trivial things, to limit yourself to subjects that aren’t worth remembering, that won’t challenge people’s perception of you, or rather the “you” you choose to present 

but this conversation he’s having with even is the type of conversation that requires you to let someone in the house of your thoughts. and it’s always a risk, to open the front door of that house, to let someone step in and to show them what it looks like on the inside, to show them the rooms. but isak not only sees even as a trustworthy guest, he actually wants him to come in. so you can see isak, with each of his words, unlocking that front door and presenting him some of the rooms, such as the one with the parallel universes, and also letting himself explore them alongside even. and the thing is that isak had been alone in that house for so long and it feels so nice, to finally have someone there, to finally allow himself to have some company

💙 💚 Gem Harvest 💚 💙

Although the episode hasn’t yet aired, there’s still plently of meaningful Lapidot content to be discussed in the extended Gem Harvest preview that was shown at NYCC.

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The preview shows us that Peridot and Lapis sure have been busy, growing an entire field of vegetables!  But they have clearly misunderstood how this works, and think that the vegetables will be like the Gems that Peridot is so accustomed to helping grow…

The language used here by Peridot is actually very noteworthy:

Peridot: I have to admit, I’ve really been starting to miss the pitter-patter of full-sized Gem soldiers.

This is most likely a reference to the expression “hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet”, which is used when talking about people who are imminently going to have a child.

When the pumpkin dog (“Veggie Head”, as Peridot calls it) is born, Lapis is immediately incredibly disappointed that it goes to Steven instead of to her and Peridot.

Lapis: It’s only just come into existence, and it already doesn’t like us.

Keyword: us.  They created this new life together, and Lapis is now fretting that they don’t have a bond with it.

Veggie Head does eventually go to Lapis and Peridot (thanks to Steven’s accidental brutality on another pumpkin), much to their delight.

Steven: It’s nice to have a new addition to the family!

Again, this wording is interesting to me - not only is it implying that Peridot and Lapis are a family unit, but to have a “new addition” is, once again, the kind of language that one would use when referring to a newborn child.

Beta arguably set Lapis and Peridot up as a married couple.  And what’s the next step for a lot of couples in marriages and other serious relationships?  Raising a child together.

Lapis and Peridot wanted to create new life together, and they got Veggie Head.  Judging from the language used throughout this scene, and the fact that they’re very keen to have a bond with the new life that is now a part of their family, it’s fair to say that Veggie Head isn’t just a pet… Lapis and Peridot are effectively married, and now they also have a child.


i have nothing meaningful to contribute to current discussions but i promise you it’s been too long since you saw this

I just think its funny that trans women say ‘women’s movements should not be centered around vaginas’ and everyone else turns it in to this ‘well u have no say because you’ve never had a vagina before’ bs like you can have very meaningful discussions of reproductive rights without equating vaginas to being a woman lmao… vaginas and reproductive rights of those who have vaginas is not inherently a woman’s issue.

Honestly what I love about Star Trek (right now DS9) is that one time you have an episode that’s deep and meaningful and thoughtprovoking and it discusses serious issues and all that, like Far Beyond the Stars…

and in the very next episode, you fall off your chair laughing because they shrinked a shuttle and Miles, Julian and Jadzia inside of it and it’s just so hilarious

like what even is this show?

Why “alt pride”?


  • This blog supports obscure, harmless identities;
  • This blog supports the creation of new terminology, flags, and symbols, while assimilonists and straight people want us to express ourselves as little as possible;
  • This blog supports people with every kind of identity. If you want to have no labels for yourself, go on! If you want 10, that’s ok too!
  • This blog is also for people to request/submit alternative flags for their identities, in case they think their flags don’t represent them for any reason.
  • This blog is also for meaningful posts and discussions about gender, attraction, and so on.
If people could please signal boost this, I’d appreciate it!

“You just want Emma and Regina to fuck on screen”


I want Emma and Regina to get the goofy look on their faces when they enthusiastically discuss Henry.

I want them to have (more) meaningful eye contact where they have conversations without words crossing their lips.

I want their pinkie fingers brushing when they walk side by side.

I want Emma to instinctively stand in front of Regina (like she often already does) when she’s sensing threat.

I want Regina to do the same.

I want Regina to cook all the food and her cheeks to flush with pleasure when Emma pats her full belly.

I want family dinners, and The Charmings to come once in a while.

I want Regina and Snow to roll their eyes as Emma and Charming get competitive over something silly.

I want them to sleepily laze on the couch together (Regina’s feet in Emma’s lap) after some glasses of wine.

I want them waking up in bed together, Regina kissing Emma’s shoulder before making breakfast for everyone.

I want Emma being grumpy af before her first cup of coffee.

Sure, i want them to kiss, just like any other romantic relationship on the show… (have you seen the way they look at each other?)

I don’t need to see Regina desperately kissing Emma whilst having three fingers inside her (well that would nice but i have fanfic for that lbr). I am not here for the sexualization of SwanQueen on the show, I am here fore Emma and Regina realizing they love each other, and for all the little moments i’ve already mentioned… a lot of which already happen. 

It wouldn’t take much for SQ to be explicitly canon romantic, which is why i get the rage when people say there is nothing between them. Open your eyes.

so ready for the holt/kevin wedding ep like just imagine:
- jake and amy dressed up
- significant stares across the room
- meaningful speeches
- a slow dance where they not-so-subtly discuss marriage

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I would love to understand what policy positions and reasons the No side have for maintaining their position, but I can't find anything. I went to some of their facebook pages and all I could find is, "We already voted in 2014!" and lots of abusive comments about Nicola Sturgeon. Could someone PLEASE explain how Scotland is better off staying in the Union? Like, how am I supposed to have a meaningful discussion about this when they don't seem to even know why they are voting the way they are?

The positive case for the union?

I’ve only ever heard of its existence. No one has actually ever seen it.

“lets ignore these very real and pressing facts about the social and political climate of russia and many other nations around the world regarding the very existence of gay people!!!! because why hold meaningful discussions about the implications of certain things in the show because i only want happy gays!!!! lets ignore all that bad stuff in favor of my hot yaoi”


Drunk types

Konoe: i’m-not-drunk drunk. he’ll argue for hours long about how “resistant” he is to alcohol, all the while drinking more and getting even more drunk in the process.

Asato: emotional drunk. he’ll go from wholehearted laughter to sobbing in a heartbeat. the reasons for this stay unknown, for he can’t talk clarly while drunk.

Rai: philosophical drunk. anyone sitting beside him will get dragged into a deep and meaningful discussion about the meaning of the universe.

Bardo: karaoke drunk. he’ll sing literally anything: screamo, pop, oldies… hell, he’ll even compose songs on the spot then forget about them 15 minutes later.

Shui: cuddly drunk. he’ll cuddle anyone at arm’s length, and for some reason Leaks is always within his reach…

Leaks: never gets drunk. he’s the responsible adult who takes care of everyone, and he always curses the gods for having such a messy group of drunkards under his watch.