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Actor AU Masterlist

Say You Love Me -  Yuuri Katsuki is an upcoming actor, cast in the role of Christine Daaé, even though he’s a guy. He thinks that this won’t be too hard, aside from those killer high notes. But, oh, was he wrong. He didn’t think that his castmates would be so… interesting. Especially the actor portraying Raoul, Viktor Nikiforov. Yuuri finds himself head over heels for Viktor. But castmate relationships are unprofessional. Right?

it’s like you’re photoshopped - Not-So-Local Ex-Dancer Upsets Coworkers by Failing to Communicate with Celebrity Castmate, details at eleven.//Yuuri just wants to retire already.

Scripted - Viktor Nikiforov is a wildly successful theater-turned-Hollywood actor who fears he’s plateaued.Yuuri Katsuki, on the other hand, is an up-and-coming thespian who struggles with jumpstarting his career. All the while dealing with his anxiety. Clearly, going to the same school as his Russian idol didn’t help much.Both out of ideas, they decide to pursue graduate studies in their alma mater. They work on a play together and, along the way, maybe even pursue something more with each other.

& Action!!! -  Viktor Nikiforov five tine Oscar winning actor from Russia and now employed on the biggest acting company in Asia and collaborates with its newest and ‘Rising Asian Action Star’ from Hasetsu together. Will he be able to cope with the new genre that he chose or will he be having trouble with his co-star?

Oops, baby I love you -  Viktor Nikiforov won another Oscars this 2016 and Yuri’s a budding fashion designer. As much as they do love each other, their work and the almost non-existent time they have for each other led for them to break up. Everything was okay, or so they thought until Phichit’s birthday came up and then suddenly, their hearts yearn for each other once more, but complications rear its ugly head towards their get-together again.

Opposites Attract - Katsuki Yuuri is a ill adjusted pop singer with a lot anxiety, hiding from the world of music. He’s probably not doing a good job, because when he wakes up with a hangover, he found himself starring in a viral video, pole dancing and singing Paula Abdul’s part of Opposites Attract.Oh, and he gets an offer from his favourite actor, Victor Nikiforov to be the romantic lead of his last movie, some musical about 2 people falling in love.

Endless Summer Hydrangea - Victor is a well-known actor while Yuri is an established director.
They chanced upon one another once before meeting on set of the filming of a tragic love story.Rumors say that it came from the director’s personal experience. That it was his way of documenting his life and presenting his story to the world. A story on his love; his first love, his one and only love. One that didn’t include Victor.Victor who has fallen head over heels with Yuri decides to make the latter fall for him. Will he succeed in melting the frozen heart or will his love story too end up as tragic as the one he is filming?

Lights, Camera, Action -  Or Yuri On Ice is a show like usual, but Yuuri, Victor, and Yurio are all actors, and they’re not quite like their characters in the show

Live, Laugh, Love -  Yuuri Katsuki, a 23-year-old Japanese actor, was a veteran top star. He has been in various popular movies as both main and supporting actors, creating a massive fan base. Nonetheless, he never lost his composure and always worked hard to give back the love he received every day. One fateful day, he got a script; a story about a young man who lost faith within himself but found his way back to the world’s stage with the love of his coach. Something clicked within Yuuri and even though his manager told him that the project might ruin his reputation, he insisted. What could possibly go wrong? And then, he met the Viktor Nikiforov.

soft hearts, electric souls - “One day, I want to see your name on the Walk of Fame.”Yuuri Katsuki is a rising star, landing a starring role in a Hollywood film for the first time. Turns out he’s going to be starring alongside his long-time idol and the biggest star in Hollywood, Viktor Nikiforov.It begins to get difficult to differentiate their characters feelings from their own.

Putting On A Show - Viktor Nikiforov is a famous Russian actor, and it seems that he has all a man could want.Which is why no-one expects him to pack up and move to Detroit.However, this surprise move lands him very near the young IT man Yuuri Katsuki, who wants to find more from life than working his 8-5 and coming home to his roommate slaving away for college.An amateur theater group seems to grant everyone’s wishes.

Santa, Yuri -  Yuri is finally on the set of a huge film with his favourite actor, Viktor Nikiforov. Unfortunately, he’s rather nervous. So, with Christmas coming up, Phichit decides Yuri needs his help, despite Yuri’s protests.

Once Upon A Dream -  In which Victor Nikiforov is your above average salaryman and Yuuri Katsuki just made his leading male role debut as an Alternate actor for Prince Philip in the play ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Victor knows he’s fucked.

Ptichye Moloko -  Viktor is a two time Academy Award winner actor who, while shooting a movie in Japan accidentally found a small cake shop Agape & Eros and instantly fell in love with the stunning desserts on display. He, however, did not expect to fall in love with the gorgeous but shy man who ran the shop.

i wanna lock in your love - Viktor has been planning this for months and somehow, in the span of about 5 minutes, it all goes to shit.Or: In which Viktor Nikiforov, award winning singer-songwriter, actor, certified musical genius, and occasional model, tries and fails to propose to his boyfriend (but it all works out in the end anyways).

Cherry Blossoms - “What would you like today?” A gentle, smooth voice interrupted his reading. Viktor closed his phone and opened his mouth to order as he looked up.

The words died in his throat and he felt like he was just punched in the gut when all the air in his lungs suddenly deserted him.

There was a goddamn angel in front of him.

yumeyumepastel  asked:

Royal boys. Perhaps this summer might be nice for a friendlier type of combat as not only a test of skills but a way to cool each other off. A good ol fashioned water fight! *Gives them multiple super soakers to water balloons to choose from, even some water variations of splattershots and soaker traps that look like Lilith and water pokemon are in the mix*

Takumi: Heh this would fun

Leo: I may have to learn ice or mater magic for this one

Xander: There’s even one that looks like Lilith… Interesting…

Ryoma: This is a fun thing to do together, thank you Anon

Class Ring

The ring didn’t fit.

It was meant for a hand just a hair slimmer than his. Just a slight difference, but one that makes it impossible for him to wear the ring. Not unless he wanted to have the ring re-fitted, but he didn’t. He didn’t want to make it impossible for it’s original owner to wear it.

Hal being a graduate of the Air Force Academy was something Bruce had known, had understood in an almost abstract fashion. It was the school for the Air Force, Martin Jordan’s alma mater, and where Hal had strived for most of his teenage years to go. People frequently made the mistake of thinking Hal was dumb, but no one dumb ever made it to one to Air Force Academy, and especially, no one dumb made it to fighter pilot.

Bruce rolls the ring between his hands. It was a heavy ring, 14k gold with a green stone, solid in a way that Hal’s Green Lantern ring wasn’t. That was an almost ephemeral ring, the duties of the ring more solid than its physicality. This was a ring of the past, of a part of Hal’s history that he rarely spoke about.

For Bruce, it had taken him years to realize just how little about Hal Jordan he knew. He knew the early tragedies, his father’s death, and his mother’s disownment. He’d known that Hal was perpetually out of a job, down on luck financially and rarely on Earth. He’d known that Hal had been an Air Force fighter pilot, that he’d made captain and had an honorable discharge, though there’d been a rumor of Hal punching out a superior officer.

But he’d realized, for all that information, he knew almost nothing in depth. What, exactly Hal had done during his military service (he’d never realized Hal had been AFSOC, or that he’d flown in Operation Deliberate Force). If Hal was still in contact with any of his old Air Force friends, or if he’d had friends in other branches (yes to both; Mara (also AFSOC) was vaguely terrifying and Marc (Army) and Tanja (Marine) almost reminded him of Ollie and Dinah). It had never occurred to him to really look. For him the most important aspect of Hal had been his present, him being a Green Lantern, and the relationships there.

When Hal had handed him this ring earlier tonight, he’d been stunned. Hal’s Academy ring was something he’d almost never worn. Something precious and private to Hal since he left the Air Force, something he never showed anyone.

And Hal had given it to him. Asked him one simple question, and given it to him.

Bruce wonders how a May wedding would be.

The last thunderstorm of summer has passed, but the floodwaters of mystery haven’t gone down just yet. The students of Mater Dolorosa College start their weekend with a lot of unanswered questions, mostly relating to each other. Jessamine and Pennyworth make plans and fashion mistakes together, Bishop gets some fatherly advice, and Mark has his most harrowing experience yet.

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age: twenty eight
relationship status: unmarried
resides in: Los Angeles
living arrangements: Studio City Mansion, with a Malibu beach house
alma mater: New York University (NYU)
occupation: Acts and Models, following her parents
offspring: Her ten year old daughter she had soon after graduating high school
pets: None
accomplishments: Graduated with a degree in Fashion Design, but ended up pursued modeling when on a set, and blew up as an actress and model very quickly. 

Crimes Against Fashion or; Five Times Adolin Insulted Kaladin’s Wardrobe and One Time He Didn’t (Sort Of)

I was terrified I wouldn’t finish this before I left for trip but I managed it! Hooray! Many of the things here are based extremely loosely on my university experiences (faculty formals and polo shirts). Actually the setting is quite obviously the town my Alma Mater is located in. 

This is barely edited sadly, I don’t think I caught everything in my quick read through but I am pressed for time. I will fix any mistakes in the near future. Thanks to dm-mo and greywatch for being my sounding boards and putting up with my stress for the past two days. 

Title: Crimes Against Fashion or; Five Times Adolin Insulted Kaladin’s Wardrobe and One Time He Didn’t (Sort Of)
Word Count: 3528
Paring: Kadolin, with some pale Shadolin and Shalladin on the side.
Notes: AU

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She has been a remarkable woman. She would remain a remarkable woman even in a century which produced many of great note. There were few others who rose from such beginnings to a crown, and none contributed to a revolution as far-reaching as the English Reformation. To use a description no longer in fashion, Anne Boleyn was one of the ‘makers of history’. Yet historians see through a glass darkly; they know in part and they pronounce in part. What Anne really was, as distinct from what Anne did, comes over very much less clearly. To us she appears inconsistent – religious yet aggressive, calculating yet emotional, with the light touch of the courtier yet the strong grip of the politician – but is this what she was, or merely what we strain to see through the opacity of the evidence? As for her inner life, short of miraculous chace of new material, we shall never really know. Yet what does come to us across the centuries is the impression of a person who is strangely appealing to the early twenty-first century. A woman in her own right – taken on her own tears in a man’s world; a woman who mobilized her education, her style and her presence to outweigh the disadvantages of her sex; of only moderate good looks, but taking a court and a king by storm. Perhaps, in the end, it is Thomas Cromwell’s assessment that comes nearest: intelligence, spirit and courage.
—  Eric Ives on Anne Boleyn.

Brad and I went to Hever Castle today and it was brilliant. And we saw Howard Brenton’s play about her, which was fantastic (my second time seeing it).


My biggest questions when I looked at the new cover were

how does she put it on?

Is she wearing a mankini?

does she stab herself when she puts on those shoulder things?

what happens if she really needs to go to the bathroom? Imagine taking those pants off while wearing those gloves.

or maybe Blackfire is the new Witchblade?

but my biggest question

how does that top stay on


i need to know your secrets, Blackfire. 

5.10 Extended Summary + Credits

OVERVIEW: Glee - 05 - Trio (04-Mar-2014 (T))


AIR DATE: 04-Mar-2014 (T)

RUNNING TIME: 60 Minutes

CONCEPT: Graduating seniors Blaine, Tina and Sam get more than they bargained for when they try to create an epic, lasting memory of McKinley High. In NYC, the continuing diva battle between Rachel and Santana hits a tipping point, leading to big changes for them and their circle of friends. Will and Emma are anxious about being unable to conceive a child.

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A Matter Of Trust: Suicidal Tendencies Arrow 3x17 Review

Yeah. That’s right Marc. I’m stealing your Billy Joel song title spoiler for my review title. I have no shame. Deal with it. I am pleased to say my analysis of Marc’s spoiler for this episode was pretty dead on.


I think I may be alone in that sentiment, but I don’t care. Listen up my wonderful fandom family. I am a Whedon girl. Born and raised in the fires of shipper hell. Whedonites love us some PAIN and this episode was chalk full of all that goodness. I’m talking BANGEL level goodness. We aren’t at sword in chest level thank god, but I’m thinking good old fashioned sewer talk was about where Arrow tapped out tonight. Love me some sewer talk. The key to Whedon writing is understanding what is underneath the pain…TRUTH. It’s really important to understand that because the Arrow writers’ alma mater is Whedon University. The college of Fuck You Over But Make You Love It. That’s their slogan. I promise. There are pamphlets and everything.

I want you to remember one very important key phrase. Baby Steps. Let’s dig in…

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Knee High Socks & Skirts

A trend that we’ve seen taking over tumblr and instagram these last few months is definitely the knee high socks and skirt trend, something that used to be reserved for manga and anime. Like always when a new trend comes about we all have our doubts on how to wear it and adopt it into our personal style. Being such a fun and versatile trend this should come easily but to make it even simpler I took the liberty of putting together a guide on how to style this trend for all occasions.

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