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Drowning is Too Late to Learn by @accio-ambition​; rated T 
A Deadliest Catch AU with camera operator!Emma & fisherman!Killian.
CSBB 2017 [read here: tumblr  |  |  AO3]



the lost photos of steve rogers and bucky barnes 1/?
original [x]

It’s October! This means it’s time to sign up for the FFXV Small Secret Santa 2017! 

Secret Santa?
If you are not familiar with Secret Santa. It’s a fun gift exchange where you get matched up with a random person and you will work on a gift while someone else works on your gift. Around Christmas the gifts are exchanged and the Secret Santa’s reveal themselves!

And this is a Small Secret Santa which means:
- Drabbles/Flash fiction with a minimum of 100 to circa 500 words.
- A doodle, a sketch, multiple doodles are ok too.
- A simple graphic/gif/manip.
- A combination of the above 3 options.

Anything that can be done within a short amount of time. No stress~

October 1            Signups open
October 28          Signups close
November 4        Santa’s send out
December 23      Post your gifts!
This means you have a month and a half to prepare your gift. 

I will message the participants around November 4. So if you have your ask turned off enable your ask on that day or you can message me instead :)

This Secret Santa is open to both Twitter and Tumblr users. Further information will be given after everyone has a Santa!


Let’s make this into a fun little gift exchange!