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Broken Ribs- Andre Burakovsky

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Ok so this is pointless fluff I guess XD It’s a little short as well because I didn’t know where to go with it. Anyway… this week’s info session is on the Toronto Maple Leafs so send me information! Enjoy this guys!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Hey i would love if you did one with Andre where he has broken some ribs in a game and he has trouble sleeping cause he can’t find a good position where they don’t hurt. And the when he lays somehow on top of you he finds a really good spot ?


              You were going to kill him if he didn’t stop moving soon.

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Okay… I planned to do this earlier, but so much have been going on since the past few days.

First off, I really want to thank every single one of you, Friends, followers, fans for all the birthday wishes, they honestly made me smile all day every time I received an ask about it… I have been surprised about how much love I have been receiving this year and I’m honestly thankful about it. You guys gave me strength to keep going and not give up despite how hard life have been lately.

My birthday (Despite being emotionally confusing and exhausting) have been absolutely amazing and we celebrated it with some delicious pancakes and ice cream in the evening before relaxing and playing some video games.

I wish I could thank every single one of you personally but the truth is that I’ve received over one hundred wishes coming from you guys and I don’t want to spam you much so I prefer to do that single post to express how thankful I am. 

I’ve woke up home for the first time in many weeks and it kinda still feel weird so I will spend the day cleaning up my place and spend time with my girlfriend to relax. I hope that you have a wonderful day and once again.

Thank you.


The Mind Challenge

I got challenged yesterday. No, not to a fight outside the bar or to defend the honor of my dojo, but I received a challenge for my mind. A big one.

After yesterday’s morning practice I went to get a (healthy) drink with some of my fellow karate practitioners. Mind you, they’re all further in their karate journey than I am. 

And one of them asked me: so why do you like karate?

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“Uh, I just.. do? I love the aspect of conditioning mind and body, learning a skill?”
“You could do any sport then. Take up football or hockey or something!”
“Hmm no.. those are more like games and I like the self-defense aspect of karate, fighting!”
“So, take up kick-boxing or mma or something. That’s even more of a fighting experience than karate.”
“But I love the Budo feeling. The respect and courtesy that goes with Karate (or any other MA).”
“So? Join a tea ceremony or something. Why do you really like karate? Would you take up any other martial arts, like judo?”
“Yeah, I think I would. I would love to take up something else like jiu jitsu, judo or kobudo.”
“But why?

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I was stumped.
The conversation shifted to my plans for achieving the next DAN degree and I guess I never really answered the question.



I couldn’t answer his question.

Which baffled me. To non-karate practitioners it’s easy, you never really have to answer that core-question. You are not required to give one true answer. But I got cornered and I had no idea what my mind was thinking.

So why do (really) I like karate?

I started as a small girl, ten years of age in a local dojo in my hometown. I went along with my best friend. I watched his training a few times and, overcoming my heavy shyness, tried out. I was sold.

But WHY was I sold?

There is nothing remarkable to my story of starting karate.

I think that when I started doing karate, it was the first time in my (young) life that I felt I was growing as a person. I played football before, even tried out some instruments, but I never got that excitement as I got trying out karate for the first time. It made me feel powerful. Like I ascended over my own being.

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You know, like a transformation.

When I was 10 years old, the Pokémon hype was at its biggest and anime(DBZ, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing) and Superhero comics (/cartoons) were E-VE-RY-WHERE. 

I am a dreamer, and I loved letting myself sink into that world (you know, like a proper tiny geek). I wanted to be a part of it, even though I knew I could never be. Learning how to fight, learning about respect and honor, was a way for me to get closer to the ideals that were so deeply rooted in the series I were a fan of.

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It made me feel bigger than myself. I used to always be frail and sick, a weird tomboy who only played with boys, I used to be awkward, overweight and slow. I was, and I still feel a little different than the big masses. And that’s fine, but it took me a while before I was fine with that.

Karate helped me cope with being different. Karate made me feel equal. No matter who or what you were outside of the dojo, inside, you were just a human being trying to improve the same set of skills as everyone else. It helps me stay out of my own head and feel alive.

But I’m not quite there yet.

Why do I like Karate? For real.

Honestly, all the things above are completely true.

But there’s nothing like the adrenaline rush you get when you get it right and land a painful blow to your opponent. Or the knowledge of how a kata functions in kaisetsu or bunkai form, knowing you can completely shatter someone if needed.

Maybe I’m just a masochist. Maybe I’m a scarred woman who uses karate to cope with her painful past. Maybe I’m just stubborn and want to fight against the stereotype that women can’t fight, or are weak, and this is my way of doing it.

Maybe I like it, because I became good at it. 

Maybe the reason for liking your martial art changes constantly, just like you as a human being do.

So, why do you love your martial arts? And don’t beat around the bush like I did yesterday. Dig DEEP and answer the question yourself.

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You know, I just realised what Persona 5 was missing for me. In all the previous games, there’s always been an antagonistic potential love interest who’s connected to the bad guy somehow, if unwittingly, but who ultimately comes around and helps the good guys in the end. You know, like Maki, Jun, Ryoji and Marie.


Just a heads up - I’m taking a break from simblr. Lately I’ve felt like I’m playing the game for the wrong reasons and I’m getting caught up in comparing my content to others….and that’s not what this is meant to be about. So for the sake of my enjoyment and sanity I’m calling it now. I’m sure I’ll be back at some point, I’m just not sure when.

I love you all - hope you guys have a really great week!!

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I wanna see more super mutant main characters. Not like a companion who really brings nothing to the story, or one just standing there doing nothing, then becoming human through bullshit science. I mean something where you need to get some kind of resource, and the only one who has it is like, this super mutant who somehow has a beard, had a business suit custom built for himself, and is in charge of a vault casino.

yeah, i like marcus, hes my favorite in fnv, even though he doesnt do much in fnv. but i liked how he had a really calm voice and seemed pretty chill. i love lily but her and raul had very disconnected and simple arcs that revolved more around lore and backstory versus being interactive with the games world building. there was neil too, the guy at black mt that helps you get past the nightkin if your speech is high enough, at least he was helpful. theres like, one random super mututant in far harbor thats intelligent and sells dogs, and even gives dogmeat a bandana which my sole survivor wears everywhere now because i was so attached to that sentiment. i wouldve loved him waaaaaaay more as a companion then strong, but mostly because i just like animal friendly people probably haha

So… @blindbae and my Kohai, @mini-moogle-queen gave me the confidence to post this very, very, VERY rough concept sketch of my Final Fantasy XV OC- Meet Kelfina! Kelly for short. I decided to go with a more realistic style to be more true to the art style of the game. Hopefully I’ll have a more cohesive/finished piece to show you guys later. I might host a livestream while I work on her.

So.. yeah! Feel free to ask me things about her if you like, I love talking about her now that I’ve got a clear picture of her in my mind!

@fuckyeahtos‘s Favorite Character Poll
Question #2: Favorite NPC

Oh man, this was the question where we really got to see people’s creativity and love for the game shine! This was an open-ended question due to the wide variety of answers, and while we had a clear top three, we received over 30 different characters. You guys really know your NPCs! Click the read-more to see some honorable mentions and some of the more creative answers we received.

Mod Answers:
Sheena: Yuan Ka-Fai

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PART 2 OF BABY EGOS! And they love dress up!

Part 1:

Ed Edgar is all cowboyed up!

Bim Trimmer wants the rest to play his game
“Guys, come pway (play) my game…” 
(Also the suit’s too big for him)

Silver Shepherd and King of the Squirrels both want the cape

Dr. Iplier thinks bandaids can cure The Host’s eyes. Some say Iplier’s first words were “you’re dying”…
“Sowwy (sorry), you'we (you’re) dying… I hewp (help)!

One thing I think about sometimes is what ocelot’s motivation was at any given time in the series like the only single pinprick of loyalty or consistency I can see besides him liking cowboy shit is him loving big boss, which in turn stems from him projecting on John while also trying to bring him down to his level in addition to what I do believe is genuine attraction and appreciation. However deep that genuineness is. I feel like Ocelot is an extremely complex character but the character development we get out of any mgs game gives us like nothing to work with. Like who tf was this guy. He’s one of those characters I know alot about but simultaneously know nothing about lol

Just a little thought...

I’m currently thinking of starting a real sims story next to my Game of Thrones posts. It doesn’t mean I abandon that stuff! This will always continue on a regular basis. But I’m currently in love with something else. I want to do a Sims 3 version of


I want to use a medieval, real historical setting and give some backstory to minor characters as parents or Benvolio and Mercutio.

I can’t decide on a way to post, yet. I don’t want this blog which is mainly A Song of Ice and Fire/ Game of Thrones to be confusing because of another story. Maybe a sideblog will do? But will you guys also read it there? 

I have no experience with continuous storytelling. Some tips are welcome.

What do you think of my plan? Any recommendations, help, criticism or thoughts?


Thank you so much to everyone who gave me suggestions for sims to invite to Cynthia’s baby shower.  I’ve taken a lot of your suggestions and added a whopping 24 sims to my game!  They’re all living downtown.  I probably won’t play with all of them in regular rotation, but they’ll be running around town and showing up in the background, as well as in the regular story. 

I loved trying to recreate some of the sims from other games (although I don’t know how well I did) and I loved adding the amazing ones other people have created to my game.  I honestly don’t add a lot of other people’s sims to my game, but I’m glad I’ve added these guys! 

Thanks again to @greenfooddog, @landgraab, @didilysims, and @dunne-ias for your fabulous suggestions. You guys rock!

I was tagged by @tuuzmorado (thanks!) to do my top 10 of most listened songs recently, so here ya go. ^_^

1. Hitchhiking - SHINee
2. You’re the Best - Mamamoo
3. Run - EXO
4. Say Wow/Dance Dance - Day6
5. Happiness - Red Velvet
6. Don’t Recall - K.A.R.D
7. Call Me Baby - EXO
8. Lifted - CL
9. Mr. Right Guy - SHINee this song is the death of me
10. Rookie - Red Velvet

I’m tagging: @nilysam@minhosbowties @dramaticalminho @petitshinee @minho-dabs @choimings @dibix2dis @minhoswhitehair @minhos-ace (only if you want to :D)

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Headcanon of 2d having s/o who is a gaming geek? (Also it's like 2 am and I have to get up early and I've been staying up reading your entire blog is that healthy)

sorry i kept you up, i hope that this makes up for it.


  • When he walks in on you playing SSB4, he decides to join. Video games are pretty fun anyways, yeah?
  • When you beat him mercilessly 5 times in a row, he thinks otherwise.
  • When he realizes that games like this are your expertise, he gulps.
  • How are you so good? And to think that Stu thought he was the best one in the house (besides Noodle, of course)! For shame!
  • The two of you love playing together, especially co op, since you’re the best +1 a man could ever have! You kick ass and make competitors eat grass, after all.
  • Lazy Friday nights are the two of your guys’s favorite nights to kick back and relax with a controller in hand, feet possibly intertwined as well.

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What's your favorite sonic intro? Mine's Sonic Adventure DX, It always gets me so hyped no matter when I watch it!

Ahh man! I love the atmosphere of that opening so much, it’s really intense and unique. For me it’s a tie between that one, the animated opening to the first Riders game, and the cinematic that opens Unleashed. Oh and Sonic CD!!

How about you guys?

- Mod Omo