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The adorable @rinef tagged me to list 10 songs I’m obsessed with recently and then tag 10 people! Thank you so much 💓

1- Sea - Golden Child

2- Before The Sunset - Eric Nam

3- Liar - CLC

4- Critical Beauty - PENTAGON

5- New Day - Microdot

6- Young & Free - Xiumin & Mark

7- I Found Love - Oh My Girl

8- Never - PRODUCE 101 - 35 boys 5 concepts

9- White T-Shirt - Jonghyun

10- Planet Coaster - House Rulez 

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colour(s) i’m currently wearing: blue/grey and several shades of green (it’s just my ugly mismatched pyjamas don’t judge me)
last band t-shirt i bought: g-dragon
last band i saw live: g-dragon (does that count? otherwise 5 seconds of summer)
last song i listened to: fall out boy - the last of the real ones
lipstick or chapstick: chapstick
last movie i watched: dunkirk
last tv-shows i watched: strong woman do bong soon

last 3 characters i identified with: wow this is so hard um ??? claire novak, jo harvelle, park ban ryu (not really the last ones probably but these were the first ones that came to mind)
book i’m currently reading: the dream thieves by maggie stiefvater

on this 4/20, let’s think about how bob marley has been reduced to a stereotype around weed and “one love” instead of the revolutionary figure he really was. he advocated for revolution and change against a racist political system in jamaica. he was also a staunch anti imperialist, and criticized white imperialism. he didn’t just smoke weed all day and sing catchy songs. i truly hate the liberal cleansing of revolutionary figures because it turns them into a caricature which erases their political stances and beliefs from the public mind completely

S A P P H I C  S O N G S

jessie’s girl // mary lambert | whatever you like // anya marina | can’t help falling in love // hayley reinhart | girls like girls // hayley kiyoko | midway // bad bad hats | night go slow // catey shaw | i do adore// mindy gledhill | jenny // studio killers | you picked me // a fine frenzy | nobody love // tori kelly | sing to me // mary lambert | she keeps me warm // kat robichaud | sum of our parts // mary lambert | i love you // beatrice eli | she // jen foster | skinny love // birdy | everyone is gay // a great big world | explosion // zolita | i didn’t just kiss her // jen foster | only a girl // gia | boyfriend // tegan and sara | ghost // halsey | girlfriend // icona pop | tee shirt // birdy

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So here is finally a new full masterlist for all of our scenarios and reactions. These is all the reactions and scenarios we wrote till this day

you can keep us with our masterlist ↠ here

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⥸  Reactions and Scenarios


Rap Monster:








  • A - Based on the song A by GOT7
















Other Boyfriends:
















➽  meeting the girl of his dreams

➽ seeing you walk around the kitchen like a zombie with bed hair while wearing only his shirt

accidentally falling for a very young fan


➽  meeting the girl of his dreams


➽  meeting the girl of his dreams

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types of boys - music edition

folk boy: flowers tucked behind his ear. loves whichever season it is currently but is always wishing for the next. favorite time of day is golden hour when everything is shining and orange. always humming or whistling. goes barefoot just to build up calluses. writes you letters.

punk boy: hand-poked tattoos and ripped jeans. flash photography and laughter in a dark room. his smile looks like how it feels when you’re at a show and the music is so loud you can feel it in your chest. mesmerized by streetlights and how quiet everything gets at night. 

pop music boy: light washed jeans with a t-shirt tucked in. sings along to the radio at full blast. every song is ‘his jam’. glitter under his eyes that shines when the light hits it. a sucker for love songs. wants to hold hands and kiss you on the cheek but is too nervous and doesn’t know how to make the first move.

classical boy: carries a journal everywhere he goes to take notes of whatever inspires him. thrives on rainy days and would watch the clouds drift by for hours if he could. runs his fingers through his hair a lot. the shy kid. writes love poems to the universe (and to you).

listens-to-everything-boy: indecisive but not picky. has twenty different playlists and is always making more. star-gazing. always has a song stuck in his head and gets it stuck in everybody else’s just by mentioning it. loves to dance and isn’t ashamed of it. spontaneous kisses.

I feel a bit narcissistic in posting these xD but I just had to. I bought some of my own shirts from my Redbubble and I’ll say that the quality is unmatched!! They came so quickly and the prints are beautiful, they almost look like they’re sewn into the fabric!! I feel very in-tune with my love of The Song of Achilles now~ 

lazy days in w the boys would include:


  • he’s really cuddly, like you can just tell
  • he’d want to hold you all day, he’d complain when you got up to do anything
  • “no,” he’d whine, trying to grab onto you and pull you back onto him, “don’t leave me” he’d pout.
  • you’d give into him but if you had to pee he’d have to suffer being lonely for a lil bit
  • you’d wear pajamas all day 
  • you’d lay on top of him, your hands in his hair, or holding either side of his face, his arms around your waist, grabbing your ass
  • lazy makeout sessions
  • or he’d lay in between your legs, his head on your chest, while you played with his hair
  • sometimes it’d be a problem tho if he was horny
  • you’d be pulling on his hair every once in a while, a littler harder each time
  • he’d ask you stop, you’d ask why and he wouldn’t answer so you continued, then soon enough he’d let out a soft moan, you’d be distracted so you wouldn’t notice
  • you’d still be pulling on his hair so he lifts his head and holds your hand so you stop, you finally look up at him, confused until you see the look of lust and need in his eyes
  • if you’re too lazy then you just makeout and grind on each other lol
  • if not then slow and passionate you k n o w
  • you’d stay in and watch movies, do live streams, makeout some more
  • you just enjoy each others company :)
  • you would fall asleep in each other’s arms

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  • you’d chill on the couch
  • make pANcAkes together
  • watch tv
  • harrison would get handsy tho and he’d probably end up fingering u tho while you lay underneath him
  • i feel like he’d wanna hook up a lot
  • he’d spoon you and trace random figures on your exposed waist/stomach
  • if you’re ticklish, he’d do it on purpose just to see you laugh
  • tickle fights
  • while his hand was on your waist it’d slip a little lower.. making you turn slightly, “harrison …”
  • he’d just shush you and whisper to “relax and watch the movie, darling.”
  • he’d be a tease tbh
  • tom would call in the middle of all that and instead of declining he fuckin answers and you’re like ??
  • and he tells you to be quiet or else he’ll stop and you’ll get caught
  • so that happens and he has like a full conversation w tom
  • but he’d cuddle you after and praise you for being so good

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~ well harry is a photographer so you would have small photoshoots

~ either in lingerie, naked or in normal clothes when he just wanted to capture your natural beauty when you’re being yourself

~ you’d both be on the couch, your legs on his lap, while you watch something you’ve watched a million times before

~ you’d listen to music together, you’d help him edit his photos, suggest things

~ you’d have long deep chats about anything and everything

~ you’d order takeout

~ and probably take a shower together after you ate

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+ you’d sit on him for the majority of the day tbh

+ if not he’d have to be touching/holding you in some way cause he loved it so much

+ you’d listen to music, sing together, he’d play the piano for you as you held him from behind and kissed him, distracting him

+ “love, i won’t be able to get through the song if you keep doing that”

+ “do you want me to stop?”

+ “you know i don’t”

+ you’d makeout btw … on the piano jkjkjk maybe not

+ asdfghjkl

+ you’d cook together

+ you’d lay on top of him on the couch, tracing every curve on his face, he’d just be staring at you, wondering how he got so lucky

+ you’d talk for a long time

+ he always wants to know how your day was and you the same for him

+ a day in w sam would be so cute and cozy

+ you’d wear his sweaters or his shirts, he’d love it so m u c h

+ you’d have a lot of lazy days in

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Hogwarts House Aesthetics


Coffee stains on their work, messy handwriting squeezed into the corners of pages, curling up in front of the fire place, laying outside in the sun with the wind in their hair, chipped nail polish, scuffed shoes, hot chocolate with a sprinkling of cinnamon, earphones tied in a knot, whistling along the corridors, being breathless, wide grins and messy hair, feet hitting hard on the ground as they run, falling asleep in the oddest positions


Grass stains on knees, wrinkled sheets of paper falling out of their notebooks, a strand of hair always is out of place, squeaking of their shoes on the floors, always reminding their friends they love them, taking in deep breaths of fresh air, laughing until their stomachs hurt, singing or humming songs under their breaths, notes to themselves written in the borders of the pages of their books, blankets wrapped around them


Ink stains on their hands, wrinkled shirts, sitting by the Black Lake studying, fixing their hair, hair ties on their wrists, calm music, long showers, doodles in the corners of pages of their notebooks, stretching after sitting in the same position for hours, sleeves rolled up, wide yawns and sleepy voices after staying up way too late, piles of books they promise to read, picking at their nail polish when in class bored


Make up stains on their clothes, drinking glasses or hands, shirts tucked into trousers/skirts, drinking tea/coffee in the mornings to wake up, looking at the stars at night, ice cold water, heels on wood/marble flooring, secrets glances at their crushes across the room, loud music blasting through headphones, songs that get the adrenaline pumping, fingers skimming over water before throwing stones in, slinking into the background because they don’t want undeserved attention

Dating Dan would include:

A/N: I tried something different. I enjoy these kind of things a lot so I wrote my own. I know it’s not a full story, but it’s something. I’m pretty busy today since tonight is my prom! 


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staying up late almost every night

really late like Dan asking you ‘Hey, did you know that cows have best friends? at 5am

lots of cuddling 

Dan is mister super squish and his cuddles are the best

‘omg you are so short’

‘no, you’re just a giant’

‘i love you so much’ sex

watching movies and eating popcorn with Phil 

holding hands on the tube 

holding hands all the time 

‘stop editing and get into bed with me’ 

‘no, honestly Dan the video is perfect already’

being best friends with Phil and other youtubers

deep conversations 24/7 

‘stop saying that! i love your hobbit hair’

phil catching you two having sex 

him writing a song on the piano for you 

‘no the leather t-shirt can’t come back from the dead’ 

‘omg have you seen that baby!’ 

listening to him waffle all the time 

getting in the shower together 

phil banging against the wall because you are too loud in bed 

‘you are such a dork, but i love you.’

traveling the world with him

being slightly irritated by his haru pillow that stares back at you during the night

going to award shows with him

him calling you sweetheart, darling or baby

‘no i won’t watch that anime with you. you’ve got Phil for that’

you giving him lots of stupid nicknames

having big plans for the future together like buying a house and getting a dog

understanding each other without words

‘baby, I need your help. are those two different shades of black?’

‘nah it’s fine. you always look good anyway’

popular text posts + ask memes

❛ i don’t know what i’m doing with my life, but i know i’m doing it wrong ❜
❛ i am so cute and bitter ❜
❛ my life is one part ‘wait’ and another part ‘what’ ❜
❛ my #1 talent is saying stupid things to people and immediately regretting it ❜
❛ i love sleeping to avoid problems ❜
❛ i hate myself a lot but i get offended when other people do ❜
❛ i’m hungrier than the neopet i neglected for nine years ❜
❛ hit me up if you wanna date a piece of shit ❜
❛ we need some new and more powerful swears ❜
❛ i get progressively uglier throughout the day ❜
❛ i’m so miserable, but i laugh at everything ❜
❛ i need something that is more than coffee, but less than cocaine ❜
❛ just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. it’s called garbage can, not garbage cannot. ❜
❛ 90 out of 10 people agree that math is fucking lame ❜
❛ if you think i’m ugly now, you should have seen me in 2009 ❜
❛ 2010 me would literally be terrified of 2016 me and i love it ❜
❛ i have a rare skin condition called close the fucking blinds ❜
❛ hey babe, i made you this mixtape for valentines day. i don’t know many love songs, so it’s just uptown funk 18 times in a row. ❜
❛ there are people who know me in real life who think i’m straight and that’s really funny to me ❜
❛ i was cursed with expensive taste and a low budget ❜
❛ yo dude i trusted you wtf the fuck? what the fuck?? what the fuck what the ❜
❛ open flannel shirts and lingerie are the hottest thing and nobody can convince me otherwise ❜
❛ i’m the weird dad, wine mom, vodka aunt, and gay emo cousin all in one person ❜
❛ that awful moment when you wake up ❜
❛ damn haha i’m going to have to deal with that sooner or later ❜
❛ are we gonna fucking hold hands tonight or what bitch ❜
❛ people our age have children what the hell i am a children ❜
❛ i don’t like your clothes. take them off. ❜
❛ why am i only motivated to sort my life out at 4 am? ❜
❛ after i die, i’ll probably still complain ❜
❛ people are so petty and then here i am, me, an angel ❜
❛ if i don’t insult you daily, it means i don’t like you ❜
❛ do something with your life that would make a 1950s straight white man angry ❜
❛ i need to get laid… to rest. put me in a coffin. let my soul ascend. ❜
❛ i’m trying to be a better person, but some people are testing me ❜
❛ i’m overstressed and underfucked ❜
❛ i can’t wait to be a piece of shit with a bachelors degree ❜
❛ my emo phase never went away, it just aged like fine wine ❜
❛ my whole life consists of wondering whether or not to make the bitchy comment ❜
❛ i don’t have time for people who don’t believe in aliens ❜
❛ the lack of cuddling i am experiencing right now is upsetting ❜
❛ why do good concert tickets happen to bad people ❜
❛ i can’t play hard to get i’m already hard to want ❜
❛ i’m still pissed off about growing up ❜
❛ if you listen carefully, you can hear me whisper ‘shut the fuck up’ at least once every five minutes ❜
❛ when i die i want my heart donated to NASA so they can finally see what a black hole looks like up close ❜

❛ single and ready to take a 20 hour nap ❜
❛ write ‘nothing is set in stone’ on my grave as both a witty joke and a subtle warning that i will be back ❜
❛ how do people even put up with me like i can’t even put up with me ❜
❛ the opening riff to mr. brightside could literally raise me from the dead ❜
❛ stale cinnamon roll, been in this world too long, too cynical  ❜
❛ sorry, i’m poor. i can’t afford to pay attention ❜
❛ aziz ansari’s voice in the back of my head faintly telling me to treat myself is going to be my downfall ❜
❛ is it too late to wrap myself up like a baby and drop myself off on a billionaire’s doorstep? ❜
❛ my neutral expression makes me look like i’m always in a bad mood which is convenient because it’s usually true ❜
❛ i never run voluntarily so if you ever see me running you should start running too because something is coming ❜

Masterlist // 1

This is a masterlist for BTS!

Here are the other masterlist:

EXO, Seventeen


VIXX, WINNER, NCT, Jay Park, SuJu, BigBang



-When you’re best friends with them and they have a crush on you

-When you ask them to buy you pads

-When you’re fangirling over someone else

-When you had a bad day and they cheer you up

-When they’re on tour and they miss you

-Other boys tease you for having a crush on Yoongi

-Other boys tease you for having a crush on Taehyung

-Other boys tease you for having a crush on Hobi

-Other boys tease you for having a crush on Jungkook

-Random late night conversations

-They accidentally text you something dirty

-You surprise them after their concert

-Others telling you that Yoongi likes you

-You’re sending him photos of the wedding dresses you tried (Jimin)

-Lost stars (Jungkook) -part 2 -part 3 -part 4 -part 5

-Others teasing Yoongi about Woozi and him looking the same

-1000 days with BTS

-When you’re wearing their shirt

-Alien!Jungkook text series

-They find your old tumblr

-They have a crush on a trainee who refuses to call them oppa

-When you’re fangirling over Yoongi’s mixtape and he gets a little bit jealous that you didn’t act that way when his was released (Rap Monster)

-Time traveler!Tae and an emergency

-Texting each other while he’s at practice and annoying Yoongi with your constant love confessions (J-Hope)

-“You can’t drive if you’re tired! I’ll come and get you! // Yoongi

-They found your song covers on YouTube

-They think you’re ignoring them but you just fell asleep (Maknae line)

-When you want to shower together

-When you’re sleeping over at the dorms

-They find your shirt in their room (hyung line)

-They find your shirt in their room (maknae line)

-They accidentally confess to you

-Everyday couple text

-When he’s dropping hints that he likes you (Jin)

-Everyday boyfriend texts (Hoseok)


-Christmas Miracle ( Yoongi fluff)

-Truth or Dare (Jimin)

-Midnight kiss (Namjoon)

-Blurry Morning (Namjoon)

-Not rebellious, just in love (Taehyung)


-What dating Taehyung would be like

-What dating Jimin would be like

-What dating Namjoon would be like

-What dating Yoongi would be like

-What dating Jin would be like

-What dating Jungkook would be like

-What dating Hobi would be like

-Married life with Yoongi

-Married life with Jungkook

-Jungkook as a Hogwarts student

-Little things Hoseok does to make you happy

-Little things Yoongi does that make you happy

-Shopping for baby things with Jungkook

-How would Jungkook confess

-Hogwarts AU


-Jimin being excited for the first date with a girl he’s been crushing on


-Reaction to you wearing a small top with a big cleavage and all the other guys staring at you

-Reaction to you sending them a hot pic of you while he’s with the other members

-Reaction to their adopted sister not feeling well because she’s stressed

-Reaction to finding you cooking for them while singing/rapping on your native language

-Reaction to you saying sleep talking and saying “I love you” for the first time

-Reaction to their crush touching their neck/back/legs with their cold hands/feet

-Reaction to seeing you cry because of iKON’s ‘Apology’ after a fight

-Reaction to you having an extremely handsome best friend and them becoming jealous and insecure

-Reaction to your guy friend who is in love with you asking if he can still be friends with you

-Reaction to you staring at their hands for a while and then suddenly starting to play with them 

-Reaction to you not being afraid to kiss them in public

-Reaction to being needy when you’re busy

-Reaction to finding out they’re dating a sister of a SHINee member

-Reaction to you asking them to give you one of their shirts to wear

-Reaction to being dared to kiss you during a game

-Reaction to you getting into the bed with them

Conversation reactions:

-Reaction to you kissing him for the first time without a warning (Yoongi)

-Members’ reaction to finding out that maknae told you that one of the hyungs (Namjoon) likes you

-Reaction to you talking on the phone with a guy friend and ignoring him (Taehyung)

-Reaction to you not coming home after you two had a fight (Rap Monster)

-Reaction to going shopping with him and ending up at a lingerie store (Rap Monster)

-Reaction to finding out you like having debated and philosophical discussions (Rap Monster)

-Reaction to you accidentally hitting his private parts (Rap Monster)

-Reaction to you accidentally touching him with your boobs (Yoongi)

-Reaction to you randomly coming to cuddle him (Hoseok)


-Who’s the most jealous/overprotective?

-Who would say “I love you” to their girlfirends first?

-Who would prefer “the best friend” girlfriend type

-Who would be most excited if you surprise him on Valentine’s Day

Outfit imagines:

-Movie night with Jin

-Coffee date with Namjoon