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ahHAHA AM I TOO LATE,, @billdip-week​ rip i completely forgot and i did this all today

this is day one: love letters

so! everything i’m doing for this bd week is taking place in soulbond’verse, the first valentine’s day these two spend together. bill’s been a person for almost a year and he still is. a huge idiot. who doesn’t give enough of a shit to rhyme. it’ll all culminate in a valentine’s day oneshot that’ll incorporate all of my doodles. i’m excited, this is gonna be fun! ❤️

Best viewed if listening to this, and imagining these little nippers parading around to the song. XD 

I told you, hybrid baby fever.

Here you have @myrling-art ‘s  Irrilia leading the parade (She was here first after all), poor @arishynya ‘s little Leorai baby getting dragged along by my own Ramona child.

Meet Ig’thyb, or Iggy, for short. c: He looks more Salamandrian than some of his cousins or AU counterparts (siblings? AU siblings, is that a thing?) but I simply couldn’t resist a little bit of an 80′s reference in his design with that neckerchief. It’s no small guess who he got that souvenir from. c;
You can’t see it here, but Iggy has duel scutes down his spine, almost like a reverse plastron. I should draw him a proper turn about one day, but for now, enjoy the cute.

whatisyourlefteyebrowdoingdavid flash promo results

Thankyou to all of you who joined me in celebrating my 2 year blog anniversary.

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tagged by @cloud-howell - ahhh tysm <33

rules: answer in a new post and tag twenty followers you want to get to know better.

name: catriona

nickname: cat 

star sign: scorpio

 gender: female 

height: five ft two (or three idk)

favourite colour: any shade of purple (i also rly like gold)

time right now: 4.10 pm

average hours of sleep: during the week probs like six but at the weeked i’d sat like four 

last thing i googled: baby wookie (lmao fight me)

number of blankets i sleep with: just one duvet

favourite fictional charater: chris miles (from skins) or han 

favourite books: order of the phoenix + the people you are

 favourite bands: fob, the 1975

job: admin trainee at a care home

what i’m wearing right now: b+w butterfly top, black cardigan, black shoes, black jeans (wow i’m a rainbow)

current amount of followers: 436

when did you create your blog: at the start of 2013 but i didn’t use it until like summer 2014 and i was on infrequently for ages

 have you got any other blogs? ya @eternalspoby + @spaceconquest (get dat promo)

what do you post about: d+p, occasional aesthetic and space (memes too oops)

when did your blog hit it’s peak: it hasn’t yet (i hope lmao)

who is your most active follower: @dodieclarkk yo bri has a lovely blog go follow her!!

what made you join tumblr: originally my friend was on it (i don’t really speak to her any more but what can ya do) but this blog was just bc of d+p

do you get asks daily: lol no i never get asks

why did you choose your url: topax bc that’s my birthstone and lesters bc they are my favourite family ever

i tag: @dodieclarkk @delighthowell @lesterchild @i-make-doodles-lol (i still can’t believe you follow me i am truly blessed) @philtrash @phansdick @bishibashihowell @howeltr @sixfeetundersunday @sheldie @anime-phan @huskyhowell @outlawassassin @ladylasereyes @swagphil @easehowell @squishyphl @sexualdan @danyphil @it-gets-lester

wow that’s a lot of people omg, thank you chloe <33

have a good day everyone!

I watched the leaked legends of tomorrow episode yesterday, I have to say Martin and Jax’s relationship has grown to be one of my favorites for the show. Their acting legit made me tear up(shocked myself). Kudos to both actors for playing so well off one another. *applauds* They made me feel genuine emotions with their scenes, and I hope it continues in the future episodes.

waggermama asked:

Hi, I'm asking to see if anyone has a complete non response to dental anaesthesia (the local kind, in the mouth)? If so, what alternatives were explored for dental work, such as extractions? Many thanks. M

I’ve never had local anaesthesia, they’ve always gassed me (nitrous oxide) for dental work and that’s worked well for me including getting several teeth pulled at once when I was younger.

Other kittens, suggestions?

-Brother Cat

As for me, I recently had to have some dental work done, and they usually needed two shots to numb my mouth instead of one for it to work. They also used another technique, that was to anesthetize the tooth they had to work on directly, but I could still feel everything around it. (And they had to dig in to know for certain if the anesthesia worked, so not a good idea if you’re sensitive to pain.)

And well, sometimes extractions are completely anesthesia-less ? I hope that won’t be the case for you, though.

- Sister Cat

pepperyy asked:

Your da character inspo blog is so beautiful i want to reblog everything on there. I swear it takes all the self-control not to. Do you mind sharing how you find such beauties? I have an inspo blog for a story that has a very similar feel and need some new, exciting stuff on there. Thank yoouuu!

:oooo well thank u pal!! 

tbh i just do the same thing…. i find an inspo blog i like and go to the archive and just reblog everything that fits the Character Aesthetic™

here are some recs for you ; )

@higheversknight @tevinterrrose @tenebriums @ostvvick @virmire

but yea i recommend nailing an aesthetic/colour scheme per character/place if you want it to look reallyyyyyy pretty :ooo i think consistency just makes it look nicer

have fun dude!! 

okay so I was tagged by @soulcoda to do the 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandom’s and then tagging 10 people so here I go
in no particular order:

1. haruka nanase - free!
2. shinji ikari - neon genesis evangelion
3. rukia kuchiki - bleach
4. lucy heartfilia - fairy tail
5. nine - zankyou no terror
6. saeko busujima - high school of the dead
7. adlet mayer - rokka no yuusha
8. kamina - gurren lagann
9. uta - tokyo ghoul
10. wally - pokemon

um I tag @bi-sha-mon @freealltitans @markofthefairies @darisu-chan @nosezomi @flowercrowntrash @elric-broz @yashado @chrollovll @alienbunnybot u ain’t gotta do this tho


Eva @nothanksweregood had the super cute idea to tag people to post their favorite pics of the boys with fans, so here are mine! This was so hard because there were so many good ones. Also, I don’t have a consistent fan tag, so it was hard to find things for certain boys (Niall/Liam) if I didn’t have a specific idea. But I’m happy with these!

 I tag @craicthatniall, @zaynsfreepalestinetweet, @pointlessdonothing, and @upforitlouis if you’d like to do it