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I just reached 1,000 followers!!

I want to thank each and every one of you. I created this blog months ago in an attempt to satisfy the Rick and Morty-shaped hole in my heart after that season 2 finale, and I found a wonderful online community of fellow fans who love Rick and Morty just as much as I do. 

To thank you guys, I performed a Rick and Morty medley, covering the main title theme, Goodbye Moonmen, and Hurt–AND a surprise song at the end, seeing as how many of us have another closely-related fandom in our hearts! 

I want to give ALL credit for the main title theme and Goodbye Moonmen to ThePandaTooth on Youtube. For those two songs, I am covering his covers of the main title theme and Goodbye Moonmen. 

I also want to give shoutouts to @ehmorty, @mortyslaptop, @setaflow, @rickmeupinside, @fricksquanchez, @dailymortysmith, @sulfuric-pessimist, @fuckyeahsummersmith, @officialrickandmorty, @rickandmortycomics, @rickandmortyforeverahundredyears and @meeseeksbox for being just all-around amazing blogs. If you aren’t already following them, then get your squanch over to their blogs and FOLLOW THEM!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy–stay schwifty!!

i found shinya

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i looked cute 2day but i needa get my eyebrows done slkdfjslkdf i keep procrastinating !! nyways i was tagged in the selfie tag by the lovly nd beautiful @okayhobi @inthemoodforjimin @j-iminpark @blondejeon @imjungkooksgf @yonggkuk @smh-jimin u guys r so gorgeous oh ma gosh !! (i hope i didn’t forget anyone if i did im so sorr y)

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AAHH! Love your drabbles and all your stories! Any chance that you could write #38 from the ficlet prompts? “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” Thank you so much for all your writing!

Ugh, so sorry this took me forever. Also, I have no idea what the freak I just wrote. Honestly. I threw this together today and it’s not betad. But I kinda likes it. Hope you do too, Anon! Also, the smut was unplanned…it just sorta…happened. *Shrug* Oh well! Smut happens. <3

REAPING DAY - 76th Hunger Games

We’re assembled in the square nearly a full hour before the broadcast is scheduled to start. It’s a warm summer day, almost pleasant in the cheerful atmosphere. For the hundredth time, I search the crowds ringing the square until I find them again, a pair of blonds in pale green dresses, white flowers woven into their hair in a semblance of a laurel wreath. The mark of a potential Tribute’s family.

My family couldn’t afford the expensive store-bought laurel wreaths that most of the other families are wearing, although my mother did finger the leaves of one as we spent yesterday morning shopping in the town square. Instead, I woke early this morning and hiked further into the mountains, to the meadow, and gathered armfuls of the white blossoms flourishing there to fashion wreaths for my family. My mother. My sister. The only two people in this world that I truly care about. If I win, I’ll be able to buy them real ones, the leaves preserved in gold foil.

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              soooo i’m gonna try to keep this short despite all my feelings.
blog after blog, move after move, trend after trend, hiatus after hiatus, change after change, one character has stood the test of time & surived my flaky ass blog etiquette… the one & only jordan miller. april 30th marks the day i decided to make a separate modern verse based blog for a completely different (space sci-fi based) character. april 30th marks the day that character decided to spiral into one of it’s own. & april 30th marks the day i made, probably, the most important character i’ve ever had. & it’s been four whole years folks. i’ve laughed, i’ve cried, i’ve raged, & dare i say even LEARNED things from jordan miller. & none of this would have been possible without the rad people that have dealt with both of us through these years. whether it was one thread or thirty & counting or just showing your support by following i just wanna give the most sincere thanks that my black salty shriveled up little heart will allow for allowing this monster to run havoc among your dashes. you’re the real MVPs.

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the other night i had a w e i r d as fuck dream where I went to a school that accepted human, animal, and plant students

this was the principal. this weird little potato thing, who i believe their name was principal hydrangea???

The worst part is that i never saw them in person (apparently none of the students have idk where i got that impression tho?), i only got the chance to see them on a poster,,, which they were in the pose in the bottom left drawing 8′| wtf brain

don’t let anyone guilt-trip you into liking whitewashed characters because they’re otherwise representation

you don’t have to force yourself to like a whitewashed female character just because it’s one of the few women in the franchise

you are not doing a disservice to female characters by criticizing whitewashed ones


it’s my first time wearing makeup…