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Prompt Wishlist!

If you’d like to contribute to the blog, but you’re not sure where to start, then here’s some AU’s that people are always looking for, and some tags that need a little more love than others. 

Popular Tags: 

  • Monster AU (vampires, werewolves, demons, etc) 
  • OTP AU (Ch.A + Ch. B = OTP) 
  • [blank] shop AU (flower shop AU, coffee shop AU, tattoo parlor AU, etc.) 
  • Magical Universe AU (wizards and witches and magic, oh my!) 
  • Supernatural AU (ghosts, not demon fighting brothers) 
  • Royalty AU (knights and royalty are always a great combo) 
  • Pirate AU (ahoy!) 
  • Hero AU (superheroes + villains and all of that fun stuff) 
  • School AU (high school + college AU) 

Tags That Need Some Love: 

  • Time Travel AU (science-fiction and hero type AU’s) 
  • Gardening AU (blessing Character A with a green thumb) 
  • Artist AU (podcaster, writer, musician, etc.) 
  • Beauty AU (walk, walk, fashion baby) 
  • Hypnotist AU (Ch.B is beginning to feel very sleepy…) 
  • Family AU (+sibling AU, Twin AU, and Found Family AU) 
  • Road Trip AU (hitting the road! Group bonding!)

Tags That Are Popular, But Need Love 

  • Hospital AU (sick AU, death AU, doctor AU, etc.) 
  • Angel AU (with cool wings, or with terrible powers) 
  • Hanahaki AU (sickness caused by unrequited feelings) 
  • Dystopian AU (similar to Apocalypse and post-apocalypse AUs) 
  • Assassin AU (+hunter AU and killer AU) 
  • Immortal AU (perfect for some angst) 
  • Dragon AU (+anthropomorphic AU) 
  • Disabled AU (be careful and considerate with this one!)

Thank you, and good luck with your writing! 

-admins of auideas 


I was trying another painting style and decided to doodle my bbys and some of my fave designs by now ( i have a lot more www):

Here’s the oc’s names in order:

Souta and Annie- Mine

Katashi- @kkumri

Nanami- @minoux

Haze- @minibuddy

Nuno- @soranker

Namachi- @pormhub

hope it was ok to borrow your children for practice orz //flies away

BTW there’s captions with Souta’s and Annie’s opinions, click to have a Little of fun

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writing prompts question: sentence 1

wow, you and five(!) other anons requested that sentence, i’ve been mulling about that one a lot!

1 -  “I know you’re afraid but we can’t hide in this closet forever.”


“I know you’re afraid but we can’t hide in this closet forever.”

Ben looks at his best friend who’s hunched up next to him. Armitage has his face buried between his knees which are drawn to his chest and he’s shaking. Ben has no idea what to do. He’d found him in his closet after he couldn’t find him in his room. Ben’s mom had driven him here so they could do their homework together. Armie was very smart and Ben knew his mother liked that he made friends with the fourth grader. Ben often wishes he were two years older, so he could be in the same class with his best friend.

After he’d looked in Armie’s bathroom and under his bed, he’d found Armie hiding in his closet and had sat down next to him, closing the door. The only light came from the little death star lamp that Ben had gifted him for his last birthday. Armie had immediately put it into his closet because he likes to read in here. And do his homework. He retreats when his parents are fighting again. Or when he’s hiding from his dad. Which is whenever Brendol’s home for a few days.

Ben reaches out and touches Armie’s shoulder. Armitage winces and looks up from his knees. 

“I know,” he says. “I just want to be here a bit longer. When he can’t hear me, he forgets I exist. And then he’s much more tolerable.”

Ben frowns when he hears that because he too is afraid of Brendol Hux. Again, he wishes he were taller, stronger. If both of them were, they could go away from here. Leave Armitage’s father behind. 

“Okay,” Ben replies. He slides closer and places his arm around Armie’s shoulders. Armie sighs and leans against him. 

“Did you think of another story?” Armie asks, eyes closed. “Did the dragon find the wearer of the mask and the sword?” He likes it when Ben tells him the stories he thinks of. Tells him, it’s relaxing. he likes hearing Ben’s voice. He once told him that he’s sure that Ben will have a smooth and deep voice when they’re both adults. 

“Yes,” Ben says and kisses Armie’s red hair. 

“Tell me how he flies away. What does he see? What does freedom taste like?” Armie asks him and Ben makes sure to describe everything in perfect detail. One day, he’ll write all of this down, with Armie’s help, and they’ll make enough money to go away from here. Ben will be the dragon to carry Armie away.


first sentence prompts

i’ve never talked abt this on my blog before but ppl who are really close with me know that i am SO PASSIONATE about my non-binary pete headcanon?!?!?! and i want to start posting about it SO BADLY

nb pete is so special and so important to me, for soooo many reasons, and i, personally, would die for them. they’re hot and tattooed and they don’t shave their beard and they dress pretty typical to how irl pete dresses, but they exclusively use they/them pronouns, sometimes they paint their nails, sometimes they’ll wear frilly socks or sometimes they’ll wear panties underneath their suits and ties and pete just CRUSHES gender norms without even trying. nb pete? an icon. they cannot be stopped. they can wear skirts if they want, or they can run around in ripped jeans and muscle tanks, and the fact that they’re non-binary changes NOTHING!! idk i’m so passionate PLEASE someone send me some headcanons

adding onto this, a huge reason they’re so important is because this hasn’t really been done or talked about before. we see trans patrick fairly often, and i’ve seen nb patrick quite a few times. but patrick is soft. patrick has soft features, he’s small, patrick is easier to write and to portray and to envision as gender variant. pete, however, esp current pete, is very traditionally masculine, and there’s not many people wanting or willing to break that stereotype of a manly man with pete. it needs 2 happen!!! give nb pete to me 2k17

Bias Tag

I was tagged by @kyungiil and @choerryblsm (I’m going to do this in this blog if that’s ok) for 15 tags about my bias! I already did one for Yongguk so I’m going to do for Kim Daesung a.k.a A.C.E from Masc. 

  • hes just so fineeeeee
  • my sun
  • but can he not ??? 
  • he’s still a troublemaker
  • those veins damn
  • he just wrecked my bias list (he really did no joke)
  • he looks so soft i want to hold him 
  • i have such a big crush on him
  • my troublemaker 
  • he seriously has some nice bf pics (bring the black hair back plz)
  • I JUST WOKE UP TO THIS !!! (him being rude af)
  • the one and only that wrecked me like no one before
  • i’ve never fell so fast in my life like ???
  • such a cutie
  • i don’t know what to do with this kid

I tag @cuzyourehotshot @captain-busan @jeupstan @hyunukhan @junhyoongs @daehw1 @softsnuper @astroboyband @wocsung @benji-bae @fluffyzelo @monstaex @binsmoon

I’m just back from Sziget. It was amazing. I don’t have words for it. I’ve never felt happier, I think. I was in the second row. In the SECOND motherfucking row!! It’s basically the first!!! I saw everything, all their expressions and smiles. I yelled, and I screamed, and I jumped, and trembled, and threw my arms in the air. The crowd was insane (or was it only the front rows? I don’t know what was happening in the back). I could barely hear Paul’s voice cause so many people were singing together with him. I’m not even sure that the sound was that good technically. It wasn’t that important. What was important is pure happiness of seeing them enjoying their music and people’s reactions. I saw them closing their eyes during some particularly beautiful passages and it was unforgettable. All of them are wonderful human beings. The most bizarre moment was when Paul addressed the corner I was standing in at the end of the gig. He said something like “you guys were fucking amazing, especially those people right here” and looked at us. It was this breaking the 4th wall moment, the moment of reciprocation, gratification. It was as if Paul personally admitted our existence. We are people who love their music with all our hearts and he gave us his little appreciation and our lives are now complete. Thank you, Interpol. You are everything. 

Btw, there was the guy literally crying after the gig and we talked a little and he was such a sweet soul. Sending you hugs, pal, congrats on your first Interpol concert yet again. 

I know it already says that I am accepting requests for prompts on my page, but I decided to make this post anyway in hopes that this will be more visible and welcoming to you!

I already gave myself some stories to work on, but I would still love to write for other people. I find it very beneficial because it helps with my motivation and creativity. If you don’t know my style of writing or have not read any of my work, you are more than welcome to check them out below!

Afraid 2jae, 3.1k
Kisses 2jae, 1.4k
Like Before jj project, 2k

I did receive a request a few months back, and this was how it turned out. You can most definitely use this as a guide. You just need to include a prompt and a pairing you want the story to be about. I don’t expect you to think of a prompt on the spot and feel pressured to send me any. If you do want to send one or two prompts, you can take a look at these lists I found. It is much easier and hopefully it is useful to you if you are having trouble thinking of one!

high school romance
former lovers meet again
adorable things to do together
still in love even after breakup

I am stronger at writing angst, but it is totally okay if you want me to write fluff too because it would allow me to practice my writing for other genres. I hope you enjoy reading my stories and look forward to my mini projects coming soon! I want to thank you in advance if you send me any prompts too!

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