this is a little surprise for him

Carry Your Throne

Requested: Yes

Based off a prompt list linked here

#29 “You said my name in your sleep.” #26 “Help me I’m stuck.” and #86 “Why are you walking around naked?”

I also recommend listening to the song Carry Your Throne by: Jon Bellion

The song is also what influenced the title of this imagine.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: You had found out Peter’s secret, to say you were outraged he had kept it from you so long would be an understatement. He tried to tell you he did it out of protecting you, but you weren’t buying it. You spent the night that night, waking when you heard him say your name. He didn’t remember that though, so it was your own secret. Weeks passed and you and Peter got even closer, a little bit too close.

Warnings: Light swearing

Word Count: 2,483

A/N: Surprise! I combined all of those prompts into one imagine. I think overall it turned out pretty well. I think this imagine is super dorky honestly but I love it so much. Anyways I hope you enjoy! :)

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You stormed back and forth in Peter’s room, his eyes wide watching you try to process what you had just witnessed.

You didn’t expect to encounter what you did that Friday night, you had decided to surprise Peter with a movie night, but ended up finding something else a bit more interesting.

May had let you in, saying that Peter would be right back, so you had decided to wait in his room.

Needless to say seeing Spider-Man crawl through his window on his ceiling did a few numbers on you.

He took his mask off, revealing Peter, who didn’t once notice you sitting on his bed.

Until that is he turned around, meeting your bewildered expression on your face.

“Y/N! What they hell are you doing here!” He whisper shouted at you, making you blink rapidly.

“I uh..I came by to surprise you with movie night.. May let me in..” You trailed off, your eyes starting to squint at the brunette in front of you.

You slowly stood up, pointing at Peter.

“You’re the Spider-Man from YouTube aren’t you!” You started putting the pieces together, making Peter’s eyes widen.

“No, what no.” He tried to play it off, putting on a gray shirt and throwing his suit into the closet.

“Yes you are! Oh my god.” You covered your face with your hands, not able to believe this was actually happening.

Peter just stared at you, not knowing what to say, this isn’t how he planned on telling you.

“Wait, hold on.. How long have you been keeping this from me?” You crossed your arms, making him shift awkwardly.

“A few months..” He bit his lip nervously, as your eyes widened.

“I’m sorry, a FEW MONTHS?” You shouted at him, your arms failing everywhere.

“Y/N! Quiet! Aunt May could hear you!” He rushed over to you, holding your shoulders.

“Trust me, I wanted to tell you, but I only didn’t because I wanted to protect you.” He sighed, stepping away and running his fingers through his hair.

You let out a laugh, unable to hide your feelings at the moment.

“Like I’m supposed to believe that?” You huffed, rolling your eyes.

“Yes! You are! It’s the truth Y/N, I deal with some bad people out there and if they figured out who you were they would hurt you, and I couldn’t let that happen.” He rushed out, making your heart melt a bit.

“Does anyone else know?” You questioned, sitting down on his bed.

Peter sighed, walking over and sitting down next to you.

“Just Ned, and well Mr. Stark obviously."  He let out a small laugh, making you smile slightly.

"Wait- Ned- He’s known this whole time!” You smacked his shoulder, annoyance in your voice.

“Ow! And yes, it actually happened like this.. Man, I really need to work on being more stealthy.” He muttered, rubbing his shoulder.

“I still can’t believe this..” You groaned, looking down at the floor.

“I know it’s a lot, but I will protect you okay?” He wrapped an arm around you, making you lean into his side.

You blinked a few times, before sitting back up.

“I know you will Peter.” You smiled slightly, playing with your sleeves.

Peter gave a reassuring smile, but that immediately changed when you started smacking him.

“How could you do this to me! Now I’m always going to be worrying about you!” You smacked his chest, making him try to fight you back, but he only grabbed your wrists and pulled you close to him.

You were exhausted, no doubt, so when Peter made you go to sleep, you did.

You didn’t know how long you were out, but you awoke to the sound of Peter talking in his sleep.

“Y/N.. I told you..” He mumbled, making your eyes widen.

He was dreaming about you?

You sat up, making sure you heard him correctly.

“Y/N, we’ve been over this.. You can’t wear the suit..” He mumbled again, making you roll your eyes playfully.

“Dork.” You muttered, laying back down next to him and drifting back off to sleep.

After that night you never did tell Peter he was sleep talking, you decided to have a secret of your own, something you could hold over him if ever need be.

However, ever since that day you found out his true identity you two got closer.

You started to hangout more and more over the weeks passing, Ned even mentioned to Peter how close you two were getting.

Peter brushed it off, not believing him, but he would be lying if Ned didn’t get into his head a bit.

That week was a lot of mind games for Peter, every time he saw you Ned got into his head, making him see a different side of you.

A side that he secretly loved about you.

The way you’d call him a dork, or how you’d hit his shoulder if he’d made you mad, even when you laughed and your nose did a cute little crinkle that Peter loved.

Everything was making him feel different, and it scared him.

So, Peter decided he was going to test his true feelings out one night. 

Peter had invited you over to do a study session one night for your Biology exam.

Peter figured he had enough time to shower before you arrived, but that quickly changed when he felt someone in the need of saving.

He didn’t have much time, so he slipped on his suit and was out the window in seconds.

Two crowns and a gold cup,

And they’re coming for the throne, love.

Aunt may had let you in, you made your way to Peter’s room, your textbook in your hand, all ready to go.

You knocked on the door, only to hear Peter swearing.

“Of all the times I put a lock on this damn window.” He muttered, trying to squeeze through the tight space.

“Well look what the spider brought in.” You smirked, making him roll his eyes at you.

“Y/N, help me I’m stuck, please.” He begged, making you smile.

“Of course, but first I need to ask you something.” You grinned, making him groan in annoyance.

“Can’t you after you get me out of this window?” He muttered, making you laugh quietly.

“No way, because then you won’t answer my question.” You crossed your arms, making him motion for you to continue.

“The night that I stayed over here, I woke up during the middle of the night to find out you said my name in your sleep.” You raised your eyebrow at him, his cheeks instantly becoming flushed.

“I think you misheard things Y/N.” He tried to blow it off, but that only made you laugh more.

“No, I didn’t actually because I had to hear it for myself, and sure enough, it was my name.” You teased, making him groan in embarrassment.

“Okay, fine, maybe I did, maybe I didn’t, can you let me out now?” He glared at you playfully, making you smile and release him from the window.

“You’re mean you know that.” He teased, poking your side.

You swatted his hands away, making him laugh.

“I know, but you love it.” You smiled, walking around his room.

“I uh.. I was actually about to shower before you got here.. do you mind if I..” He motioned towards the bathroom, making your heart beat a bit faster.

“N-No, I mean, go ahead.” You smiled, biting your lip slightly.

He smiled, going into the bathroom while shutting the door.

You didn’t understand what was happening, you’ve never felt this way before.

They try to break inside the walls with,

These lies but I’m pulling up the draw bridge.

In that moment it was as if all your emotions flowed through you like water.

It was also that moment you decided to go get water, you needed to think.

You stood in the kitchen the entire time he was in the shower, your mind on warp speed.

You heard the shower shut off, which to you meant he was out of the shower.

You walked back to his room, opening the door, only to reveal a naked Peter.

You spit out water from shock and embarrassment.

“Y/N! Oh my god!” Peter exclaimed, grabbing clothes off his bed and quickly putting them on.

“Peter! What the hell! Why are you walking around naked?” You screeched, your cheeks red with embarrassment.

“I just got out of the shower! I didn’t exactly expect you to walk in on me like that!” He rambled, his cheeks flushed with embarrassment, you saw all of him.

But at the same time you wouldn’t be lying if you didn’t admit that you checked him out.

Peter was attractive you weren’t going to lie, and now that you saw him fully naked you couldn’t get that image out of your head.

Peter quickly put on clothes, his cheeks still flushed red, he couldn’t believe that just happened to him.

You blinked rapidly, unsure of what to do, you hadn’t prepared yourself for that.

Hell, nobody could have prepared themselves for that.

You snapped out of your thoughts, hearing Peter speak up.

“Well, should we.. uh.. study?” Peter swallowed awkwardly, motioning towards the books on his bead.

“Yes. Yes that’s a good idea.” You nodded, giving a thumbs up, avoiding eye contact with him.

Peter slowly sat down on his bead, you nervously sitting beside him.

You two studied for what felt like hours, but turned out to actually be just a few minutes, this was driving Peter crazy, he had to do something, so he cleared his voice, grabbing your attention.

She looked back, said, baby this is your kingdom.

“Y/N, I need to tell you something, and I’m not sure how you’re going to react, but after everything today I’m not really sure of anything anymore.” He laughed slightly, looking at you.

You smiled, laughing with him, but motioned for him to continue.

“Over the past few weeks Ned brought something to my attention, and the more time we spent together the more I realized it was true.” He rambled, making you smile at how dorky he was.

“Basically what I’m trying to say is Y/N I really like you.” He blurted out, making your heart stop for a moment.

We rose this love from the dirt now.

You couldn’t believe it, Peter actually liked you back.

“I like you too Peter, I actually figured that out in your kitchen, not going to lie.” You laughed slightly embarrassed.

“Oh wow, before you walked in on me.” He grinned, wiggling his eyebrows at you.

You playfully shoved him, muttering how much of a dork he was which only made him smile more.

After that night Peter and you were inseparable, Ned and Michelle said they ‘called it’ when you two officially got together.

This only made you all laugh, you were so lucky to have such uplifting friends and a wonderful boyfriend who was always there to protect you and love you.

It was moments like those that you realized you couldn’t imagine a life without him in it.

He was there for your darkest times and you were there for his, you two treated each other like royalty, everyone could see you two were the perfect couple.

And hell if there wasn’t one time you didn’t carry your throne around school, being the couple everyone was jealous of, you loved it, just like you loved Peter and he loved you.

You got nothing but my crown on.

BTS Reaction | Transparent clothings

Anonymous asked: Can you make bts 💜 reaction? To comeback from practice/studio and find there GF or S/O in transparent shirt with only panties and bra? Please???

A/A: Of course. 

Kim Seokjin

Jin would be surprised to find his S/O in such demeanor, he’d forget how tired he was from practicing and go straight for a kiss. He’d hope that the kiss would become something more and he’d his needs checked. 

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Min Yoongi

“ Are you trying to kill me?”  would be the first thing that came out of Yoongi’s mouth when he saw his S/O like that.

He’d drop on the couch and demand that they straddle him this instant. 

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Jung Hoseok

Hosek would get a little shy to approach them but once he did he’d want a piece of them . 

“ You look sexy baby.”

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Park Jimin

When Jimin entered his and his S/O’s apartment and find them in only a Bra and some panty….he’d give them the Lusty Jimin smile, then he’d walk over for a kiss. 

“ You were prepared for me huh?” He’d say.

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 Kim Namjoon

Joon wouldn’t be able to hide his excitement seeing his S/O like this. He’d want to have a piece of them as soon as possible. 

“Take it off baby.” He’d say kissing on their  neck. 

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Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook would smile instantly. He didn’t expect to find them in that position. He wouldn’t complain. He’d make his way to them and start kissing them. 

“ You know me so well.”

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Kim Taehyung

After a long day of practicing, Tae would enter the room and basically just walk to them and started kissing them and eventually….Basically…Surprised sex. 

“ I need this.” He’d say. 

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Hey, are head cannon reques open. If so what would Thomas do if thw readee was pregnant. (The sugar daddy au)

  • you’re trying to keep it a secret from him and surprise him in a cute way but he knows something’s up
    • you’re not eating the same stuff you used to
    • what does it is when you order a water at a restaurant when you usually have wine
    • he knows it’s a bit of a stretch but he’s like “darling, are you pregnant?” 
    • you’re like “it was supposed to be a surprise!!!”
  • on the outside, he’s really excited/supportive but he’s actually terrified
    • kids have always made him a little nervous
    • he’s got nieces and nephews and they’re great but he’s just never seen himself as a parent
  • he doesn’t want you to know though bc he knows you’ll get upset
  • his nervousness comes out in different ways 
    • mostly in the form of fussing over you
    • he starts reading a ton of baby books, bookmarks a ton of websites, etc. 
    • he’ll start looking for things that you need (a stroller, a crib, etc.) even though you’re like 8 weeks
  • he’ll be there for all of your doctor’s appointments–work can wait
  • you take all the little classes together–especially ones about cpr and infant safety
    • the classes make thomas feel a little more at ease
  • tells you how beautiful you are (regardless of what you say/how awful you’re feeling)
  • you’re forgetful when you’re pregnant but thomas thinks it’s really cute
  • you’re also trying all these different things and thomas can’t help but smile as you talk about aromatherapy for the baby or some new breathing exercise
    • you: “so i was thinking about getting one of those machines once the baby’s here and we can put it in the nursery” 
    • thomas: “mhmm” 
    • you: “i’m boring you aren’t i?” 
    • thomas: “not at all. keep going, darling”
  • your sleep schedule is whack
    • one time thomas found you in the kitchen at 2 am just sitting in the kitchen drinking from a gallon of water
    • for whatever reason you didn’t pour your water it in a glass?? you just stuck a straw in the thing and started drinking
    • he helps you back upstairs and makes a note to ask you about it in the morning
  • gushes to james about you all the time at work
    • thomas: “i have pictures from (y/n)’s ultrasound, do you want to see?” 
  • he asks you what you want to do once the baby comes–if you’ll keep working or stay at home
    • thomas: “i know you worked really hard to get through college and find this job so i don’t want you to feel like you have to give it up” 
    • he personally wants you to stay at home for a bit, but if you want to work right away he’s supportive
  • he sends baby names to you all the time
    • thomas: “what about zara for a girl”
    • you: “maybe” 
    • thomas: “or hailey” 
    • you: “not hailey” 
    • you: “i knew a hailey in high school and there’s no way i’m naming my kid after that bitch” 
    • thomas: “okay moving on”
    • you: “you know what let’s just name the kid after me if it’s a girl and if it’s a boy we’ll name it after you” 
    • you: “better yet let’s just take our ship name and name the kid that” 
    • thomas: “…” 
    • thomas: “what about diana?” 
  • once your kid comes though and he holds them for the first time, he’s just so overwhelmed but he’s so excited
    • he’s just so in love with the baby and even more in love with you
Evie and Dizzy headcanons

+ The moment Dizzy sets foot in Auradon, she’s attached to Evie’s hip. She cries and thanks her, knowing Evie is the one who got her off the Island.

+ At first Evie doesn’t let Dizzy out of her sight, convincing Ben to add a third bed to the room she shares with Mal.

+ Dizzy becomes Evie’s assistant, helping with all her dress orders. She also helps with styling hair. Dizzy starts her own accessory line that goes hand in hand with Evie’s 4 Hearts.

+ Once Evie learns how Harry treated Dizzy, she has a few choice words for the reforming pirate. Dizzy, bless her little soul, forgives him with a hug and a kiss to the cheek that surprises the older teenagers. Dizzy personally helps with making sure Harry stays on the straight and narrow.

+ Evie provides Dizzy with daily singing lessons, even allowing Carlos and Jay to show her some of their more extreme dance moves.

+ When Dizzy asks about Cinderella and her descendants, Evie is very reluctant to introduce her to Chad.

+ Evie only does so because she can’t say no to Dizzy. Evie’s surprised to see just how kind Chad is to Dizzy after a few meetings.

+ That doesn’t mean she leaves Dizzy alone with Chad. Evie is there for every meeting to make sure Chad behaves.

+ Dizzy notices the way Evie and Harry begin to dance around each other once Harry shows improvement. She takes it upon herself to make sure they see the Light and get their Happily Ever After.

+ Everyone loves Dizzy. So it’s not surprise that they all want her attention, causing Evie to get a bit jealous. Dizzy assures her that Evie will always be her favorite. No matter what.


Prompt: Hello could you please do a peter quill imagine where he gets jealous? Thanks!

Characters: Peter Quill x Reader

Words: 500+

Your parents were beyond happy to see you again, many years ago you had run away with Peter after one of his visits on earth, you were head over heels for him and couldn’t bear for him to leave you so soon. 

You were happy with him and loved living in the galaxy, but being away from you family could be hard from time to time. 

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Hello! What would the allies do if their s/o is an artist and they want to start a new project but lack of inspiration? Would they try to help? If yes how? thanks for answering my question!


“How about we go some place? Maybe you’ll get inspiration?”

  • His tactic is to distract them for awhile, he thinks that taking their mind off it for a bit might help!
  • He’ll take them to wherever they wish to go. Hell, He’ll take them on a plane to France if they want! (Art in France is lit)
  • If they would allow him, he’ll set up a little…surprise for them. What is this surprise? well…
  • Paintball art. He will take them to a paintball ring and get a massive canvas for them to shot at.
  • He is praying that this will get them inspired, as odd as his tactic may be he really hopes it will get them inspired.
  • When they get back home and back to the arting he’ll ask if it’s all going well. He tried if not.


“hmm…Maybe we can go for a walk for scenery?”

  • In his mind a nice walk through the woods might give them some inspiration, might give them both some fresh air too!
  • He’ll bring a picnic with them too, just in case they get hungry at any point. He’s just prepared for these things.
  • As they are walking through the woods, he will try to comment on the how all the trees have different shades and tones.
  • When they sit down to eat he will let them pic and choose whatever they want to eat, he’ll eat the remains he doesn’t mind at all.
  • Walking back the sun will be setting, he will try to point it out through the trees, it’s very pretty!
  • Once they get back home he’ll leave them be until its time to sleep. He thinks giving them some quite time to draw is best.


“Nothing a good meal can’t fix, dig in!”

  • When in doubt, eat. You can’t think on an empty stomach after all~ He will spoon fed his S/o if he must.
  • If his S/o wants his help getting inspired he’ll tell them some myths and legends that he knows of; that could help right?
  • He’ll go through his box(es) of old stuff to see if he has anything. Maybe if he digs deep enough he’ll find some of his old stuff!
  • After leaving his S/o for a little while trying to find some stuff, he’ll sit them down and show them how art has changed.
  • If they want to he’ll make some art with them! He’ll even model for them if they really want him too!
  • However he can help, he will. He knows starting off is hard but with effort and passion he’s sure they can make a masterpiece!


“Well, the art gallery hasn’t closed yet. How about a quick look around?”

  • His method? Show them other peoples art so that they can be inspired! Sometimes when he’s stuck it takes someone else to pull him up after all!
  • He’ll drive them down to a nearby art gallery and let them wonder around for as long as the wish.
  • England on the other hand, will be having a nice cup of tea and shortbread in the cafe downstairs, his S/o can meet him there.
  • Once he is done with his tea or his S/o has finished looking around he’ll drive them home and recommend them a bath to think.
  • Leaving them be his another part of his tactic. To him, time by yourself to think can really help!
  • The next day he’ll go into the room that they do art in, he’ll grab a piece of paper and draw a heart with a little note inside of it saying how much he loves them. 


“Hmm…Perhaps some pampering will get you in the right mindset, Non?”

  • His tactic for helping his S/o is pampering and letting them have some relax time, no harm in doing so after all~
  • He will not let them lift a finger, he wants them to be completely relaxed before worrying about their next project! 
  • Once they are completely relaxed he will only then talked to them about what their next project.
  • What he’ll do to help them is show them his old art. Somehow it’s all amazing, not a line of paint is out of place. 
  • Depending on the weather, he might go outside and pick some flowers for his S/o to draw till they know what they want to do.
  • If all else fails he’ll draw an outline of something for them to practice with. Hopefully this will help them out.


“You could draw some sunflowers? I can take you to a place that has many!”

  • Maybe taking them to a field of flowers would get them inspired, no? Are they sure? Okay he tried.
  • He will think of randoms things for them to draw, some of them are pretty good! Others are slightly concerning.
  • A hug and some TV might help them come up with some new ideas for a project, Maybe this show will inspire them.
  • What about a nap? Napping can open up the mind and some cuddling wouldn’t hurt either~
  • He’s got nothing, he tried his best but he’s not really an arty person. Maybe calling one of his sisters could help?
  • He’ll call every arty person he knows to help his S/o. Even if he can’t help them himself he’ll try is best to get someone that can!

Do you all remember that Au I did a while ago with Taehyung having the power to control fire and make it come from his body while Yoongi was the same with ice?? Because now that it’s summer I’m just picturing Taehyung, who is naturally already really warm thanks to his power, laying in bed in as little clothes as possible and sweating like crazy as he tries not to overheat until Yoongi comes bursting through his bedroom door already knowing his boy needs him.

The heavy loud bang of his bedroom door meeting the wall doesn’t even surprise Taehyung anymore. It’s something that happens on the regular during summer. The younger is just too hot, too out of it, to even notice the way Yoongi is panting and the way the elder left his own bedroom without his normal hoodie or gloves to cover his black colored fingertips.

“Tae babe, hyung is here now!”

Yoongi would be slightly panicking because yeah sure Taehyung can control fire and make literal flames burst out of his body but the younger still cannot be that over heated and he doesn’t even think before pressing his freezing hands against Taehyung’s cheeks. He nearly flinches when a sting builds on his skin where they touch.

“You idiot, why didn’t you call me when you started feeling this hot.”

The elder’s eyes are slightly wide as he takes in the steam that leaves where his hands are locked on Taehyung’s face and without even thinking he leans down to press his lips against Taehyung’s own, creating more steam.

Thankfully, with more slightly painful body contact, Taehyung manages to cool down enough to fall asleep. When they wake up later with Yoongi fully on top of Taehyung, keeping him cool, the younger smiles and kisses Yoongi’s forehead.

“Hyung, I’m really hot… get it!”

(hahaha puns)

anonymous asked:

So you said it would be okay to send you questions about the red velvet. And you've mentioned reader's first time with Thomas and now it's bugging me. How would that go?

here is a sneak peek!

For your second date, Thomas brought you out to this secret little speakeasy. You’d entered a restaurant and to your surprise, Thomas headed straight to the back. You went up a set of stairs just behind a green leather door only to find a hostess that led you to a bar. The interior was gorgeous, nothing short of lavish, yet it still had a sort of charm to it. Thomas held your hand tightly and you let him lead the way. 

You eventually got comfortable in a booth. You were draped under Thomas’ arm, listening as the performer for the night sang out to the crowd. You tapped your foot along to the beat, knowing the song would be stuck in your head for the rest of the night. Thomas took a sip of his drink as you laced your hand in his. 

“Your place, yeah?” You kissed his jaw, looking up at him through your lashes. 

He smiled, rubbing his thumb along the back of your hand. “You sure about that?” 

You frowned, sitting up a little. “You have to get your money’s worth, don’t you, Mr. Jefferson?” You set your free hand on his thigh, teasing him a little.

He felt unsettled in the words that you chose. The way you made yourself sound like some sort of product, some sort of toy he’d purchased made him feel sick. He quickly brushed the thought away, forced himself not to let his mind drift. He couldn’t get carried away with the thought of you. 

“Just want to make sure you can handle it.” He countered. “You’re such a sweet little thing,” He grinned as you rolled your eyes. “Hate to ruin your good girl image.”

“I can be bad.” You insisted. You curled up closer to him, biting your lip a little. “I’d do it just for you.” 

Thomas licked his lips, feeling his lips curl into a smile. Your eyes were watching him, calculating yet inviting, warm yet cold underneath the low lighting. Most of all, they were curious. He couldn’t help but feel the same way.

What would the rest of the night hold if he gave into you? The possibilities were endless. 

He pulled you out of the booth, pressing a soft kiss to your neck as you headed out of the bar. The little smile on your face told him that he had made the right choice. 

Yuuri is never good with words.

I love you, he thinks when he sees the black and silver blur on the crappy 2003 R&M television screen. Takeshi, who was a few feet away, sees his awed expression. Being the little shit he used to be, Takeshi deliberately steps in front of Yuuri’s view.

With surprising force, Yuuri shoves him out of the way.

I love you, he thinks when his knees scrape the ice, his palms kiss the shards of cold flying throughout reality. He cries, hisses, until he grits his teeth and stands up only to fall all over again.

I love you, he thinks when he sees Viktor Nikiforov with the sun on his chest, the stars forming constellations and into the ribbon that rested around his neck. He was beautiful, blinding, Yuuri was burning.

I love you, he thinks when he walks away.

I love you, he thinks as he skates. His blades hiss and scrape, but the only sound Yuuri could hear was the sound of Stammi Vicino playing throughout the rink. Yuuko, her children, and unfortunately, six different cameras watch.

I love you, he thinks as he stares at his bedroom wall. Usually at a poster, but it wasn’t needed, because Viktor Nikiforov was in the next room. And not even a few hours ago, Viktor Nikiforov had appeared in their family onsen, naked and shining and Yuuri was burning.

I love you, he thinks when Viktor stands next to him on the podium, arm around him, his touch sending bouts of comfort as the seconds pass by. Yurio was gone, Viktor chose him. Viktor would stay with him. He had won.

I love you, he thinks when Viktor massages his feet, tending the bruises until they no longer sing in pain. Yuuri would never have guessed that Viktor Nikiforov would be helping him up, tending his feet, carrying him into the onsen even when Yuuri had screeched that he could walk perfectly fine.

 I love you, he thinks before his back hits the ice, but Viktor has his head cradled in his hand. Soft, protective, fiery, the remnants of Viktor’s lipgloss is on Yuuri’s lips. He is burning.

I love you, he thinks when Viktor hops onto his plane, back to Hasetsu to see if his beloved dog will ever see the light of day again. Yuuri remembers the fragile shards of his broken heart, shattered by life, and he knows that Viktor didn’t have that much to lose. 

Yuuri made sure that he didn’t.

I love you, he thinks as he buries his face into Viktor’s shoulder, the arms around him far too longing to be anything but platonic. I love you, he thinks, but he says please be my coach until I retire! instead. It wasn’t much, but it was enough.

I hope you’ll never retire.

That was enough too.

I love you, he thinks as he holds Viktor’s hand through out Barcelona. I love you, he thinks as Viktor laughs and smiles and it does things to Yuuri. I love you, he thinks as he slides the ring onto Viktor’s finger.

I love you, he thinks.

Thank you for everything, up to now, he says, the idiot that he is.

I love you, he thinks.

After the final, let’s end this, he says instead.

I love you, he thinks.

He doesn’t say anything, but he does do a Quad Flip.

I love you, he thinks.

Stay close to me, he says, and Viktor does.

“I love you.”

Yuuri nearly falls off the bed, dropping his phone as it lands against their apartment floor with a thunk. Viktor just smiles, eyes fond and longing and doting, the afternoon light gleaming against their curtains and tracing his bare torso with fairy dust. Yuuri was burning.

“W-What?” Yuuri sputters out an attempt to cool down the fluttering of his traitorous heart. Viktor just chuckles, resting his chin on his arm as he lies stomach down on their bed, buried under the covers.

“I love you.” Viktor says, as if he wasn’t shaking down every wall Yuuri has built in his lifetime. “I was… I was a little doubtful, at first, and nervous. Since… you’re not really that vocal.”

I love you. I love you. I love you.

“But… I realized that you’ve told me. Many times, already, just… not through words. And…” Viktor just smiles, eyes happy. Happy. “I-”

“I love you too.”

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Can you do wanna one reactions when their crush call them oppa for the first time (from always calling him xxx-shi) ?

Yoon Jisung - he would be thrilled, honestly he would be like a little kid in a candy store. “Ahh that was so cute, I might die because you’re so adorable, Y/N.” He would blush a little everytime he hears you calling him oppa and be all giggly.

Ha Sungwoon - I think he won’t even notice at first, like he would be helping you with chores and when he hears calling “oppa” from the living room he won’t respong you thinking you are calling for somebody else. After he hears you calling “Sungwoon oppa” for the second time, his mouth would be wide open and he won’t be able to stop smiling for the rest of the day.

Hwang Minhyun - surprised at first because he got used to you only speaking formally to him, so Minhyun oppa is definitely something new. He would smile softly and pat your head. He won’t show much, but inside he is dying because you calling him oppa is the cutest thing in the world to him.

Ong Seongwoo - would smirk and his ego would boost a little when he hears you caling him “Seongwoo oppa”; he kept on asking you to call him that before, but you always refused so hearing you say it now will make him feel proud and incredibly confident. “Can you say it again, but slower? I wanna hear you calling me oppa again.”

Kim Jaehwan - just like Minhyun, he would smile widely and nod his head along to the sweet tunes of your voice as you’re telling him a story. It would be new to hear you calling him oppa, but he enjoys it a lot. It will make him feel more close and affectionate towards you. He thinks of this as a step further in your relationship.

Kang Daniel - “Oppa, Rooney doesn’t want to get down from the tree.” His mouth was open when he heard it, but brushed it off as first thinking he was just hearing things. “Daniel oppa, help me!” His smile would grow so big and he will start giggling like a little school girl. He won’t be able to control his smile and his cheeks will go a little pink everytime he hears you calling him “oppa”.

Park Jihoon - a huge grin on his face; you always used to call him cute and adorable, so being called “oppa” for the first time will make him feel more bold and confident in himself. I think he will probably confess to you afterwards because he would take that as a sign that you like him back.

Park Woojin - completely surprised and even though at first he won’t show much of an expression, his face is started to get red by the second. He will turn shy and probably change the subject cause he doesn’t want you to see him getting nervous. He will enjoy it a lot and it would make him fall for you more each time he hears you calling him “Woojin oppa”.

Bae Jinyoung - shocked at first and would go very shy. Will only smile softly as he looks at the ground because he can’t face you; more like he just doesn’t want you to see his pink cheeks. From then on he will try to do all sorts of things to hear you calling him “oppa” again.

Lee Daehwi - would gasp and then start laughing. “Say it again, say it again!” When you refuse because you’re shy he would pout and act all upset; so you finally give in and say it again. But this boy, he actually recorded you and put it as his ringtone because “it sounds beautiful, what do you mean you want me to delete it?!”

Lai Guan Lin - I don’t think he would neccessarily care, I mean he is not very used to the Korean culture yet, so being called “oppa” may not be really important to him. But hearing you say it, will definitely make him feel more manly and dependable; he will feel probably find you extremely adorable, but won’t say much about it.

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i'm surprised there are ppl who thought lb's "you're the bravest out of both of us" line was a jab at their power dynamics? like she's joking about him being braver but that doesn't mean she thinks SHE'S braver? or "i'll direct it and you shoot"/"and why not the other way around?" i never took as her snapping at him either

To be honest, it’s not that surprising to me that there are some people who took her words that way.

Fans tend to be pretty protective over Chat, so a lot of the teasing Ladybug does to him can get overblown a lot (and inversely the teasing that Chat does to Ladybug aren’t viewed in the same way).

Anyways, yeah I agree with what you’ve said.

Ladybug saying that was clearly meant to be just playful with her little wink and that’s more obvious when you see how Chat responds it by rolling his eyes at her (which is something that Ladybug often does when Chat says similar stuff to her).  If it was supposed to be a jab at their power dynamics he’d look much more affronted/annoyed/unhappy.

In this scene, it’s less of snapping and more of childish protesting. Ladybug and Chat love Mecha Strike III and having the opportunity to actually play it in real life, of course they’re both going to jump at the chance to drive the giant cat/bug robot (and yes they’re superheroes, but they’re also middle school video gaming nerds).

The beauty of Ladynoir is how these two really are partners. They banter, they tease, they flirt, and sometimes they have disagreements, but they’re always on equal ground. Even with Ladybug being leader, she listens to Chat’s input just as much as he does her’s.

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headcanons where ur dating rich but ur taller than him. please and thank u

i was legit thinking about this a lot whenever i was writing my rich x reader

also ft. me: a short bean trying to write tall reader headcanons

  • rich picks u up. like, the height difference doesn’t matter - he can and will pick u up if ur cool with it
  • ur the little spoon. rich likes being the big spoon and for some reason ur friends (not the squip squad btw, because u have friends outside of them) are a little surprised that ur short bf is the big spoon because it usually ends up being the tol holds the smol but no
  • squip squad aint surpirsed. 
  • since they all know rich
  • they’d be more surprised if u were big spoon
  • which u are sometimes whenever u comfort rich over things.
  • lots!!! of!!! forehead smooches!!! from u to rich usually if that wasnt clear
  • sometimes teasing rich a lil for being shorter than u tho??? just rly playful
  • he just kind of wraps an arm around ur waist tbh since thats more comfortable than him trying to up an arm around ur shoulders
  • ok but rich having to kind of get on his tip toes to kiss u a few times???
  • eventually it just becomes him pulling u down to his level but it was still a fucking adorable sight
  • thats all i have
  • im short
  • thank u for ur time
Luna Lovegood, Where Are They Now?

By Squish (Slytherin Mod)

Art by rachwmson

After the war, Luna Lovegood had found comfort in Neville Longbottom. They dated for years, started living together even. Her father liked him very much, and when Neville came to him one day and requested if he could ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage, it did’t surprise Mr. Lovegood one bit. 

The Quibbler had stopped selling, so they had stopped writing. That didn’t cease the Lovegoods from adventuring and scribbling down little things they noticed. When one looked at their notes, they saw the names of things they had never heard of before and sometimes they included a description or a sketch. Mostly of bugs or animals that may or may not have existed. 

Neville had Luna meet him in the woods, on a picnic. It was quite, you could only hear birds and conversation echoing. They sat on a white and red checkered blanket and ate sandwiches and little snacks out of a giant picnic basket. He asked her to follow her to a river nearby where a modest gazebo was situated right at the side of the clear, slow moving water. He got down on one knee and brought out a small velvet box to open to a shiny diamond ring that might’ve cost fortunes. Luna didn’t gasp nor do anything to imply that she was surprised. “I’m sorry Neville,” she responded in a sweet tone, “I’m just not ready to settle down.” 

They walked back to the basket and finished off the food. I would’ve been lying if I said it wasn’t awkward. They still keep in touch, though as friends. When Luna told her father about what she had said, he only smiled and hugged her because he trusted her to make the right decisions. 

About a year later she got an invitation to a Quidditch game where all of her friends would be attending. Ginny Weasley was now a famous, traveling chaser and wanted the people she hung out with in Hogwarts to come and see her while she was in the area. Luna accepted and went to it, happily. It was a close match and once it was finished, the redhead came to see them all. She talked with a few people before speaking with Luna. 

“You really are an amazing chaser.”

“Thank you!”

“You said you were traveling? I’ve been meaning to travel more myself, though have never gotten around to it.”

“Well why don’t you come with me? Could cost a lot less.”

So that’s what she did. Ginny was quite right when she said it costed a lot less. Eventually, Luna got tired and decided that now was a good time to settle down. She asked Ginny if maybe she would join her, though she said she wasn’t quite done yet.

She got a flat to fit her needs and decided to live among muggles. She even found a black and white cat that loved to be pet and would scamper around in search of any rodents. It was a quiet life, she talked with her dad regularly and visited him often. She even still hung out with the Golden Trio when they had time. 

One day she got a letter by owl. It looked very fancy and turned out to be from the female Weasley:


I’ve decided to rest about now and thought that maybe your invitation was still open? I understand if you don’t have the space for me, but I could carry my own weight. Thank you, and hope to see you soon.

-Ginerva Molly Weasley

Luna scribbled out a response right away and Ginny arrived only the day after that. She quickly moved in and still live together to this day. If you come to their flat you will most likely see either Luna tending to her small herb garden and Ginny pestering her about going to a muggle soccer match or inviting someone over, or them both sitting on green couch, talking about anything and everything. 

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41 Faking It

41 Faking It

Star stared across the parking lot to Oskar, her forever long crush. He was playing on his keytar like usual and paying not attention to the walking world.

The girl frowned. She had been staring around this corner for an hour, wondering when it was a good time to talk to him.

But he never looked up from his music. His hair was covered by his eyes, a smile gracing his lips. Little fangs hung under his top lip.

Star gave a loving sigh, feeling her pupils change into blue hearts

“You should get back to class.”

Star let out a surprised screech as she jumped 3 feet off the ground. She then fell to the rough school floor before looking up to see a sly smiling Marco Diaz.

He reached his hand toward her which she accepted gratefully, only to squeeze the living life out of it.

“Ahhhhh ah ah ah… You can let go now…” Marco whimpered, trying to free his hand only for Star to squeeze tighter.

“Don’t sneak up on me!” She hissed, freeing Marco’s now usually purple hand from her death grip.

Marco began rubbing his hand, pain singing in his eyes. “Okay. Noted.”

Star then looked back at Oskar, before swinging around to look at Marco. “How are you here? It’s the middle of class!”

“I could be asking you the same thing.” Marco stopped rubbing his hand to look at her with chocolaty eyes. “But I have a hall pass. You don’t.”

Star rolled her eyes before turning back to Oskar. He was still playing his keytar, his hair now whipping back and forth with his head.

Star gave a small sigh before turning to Marco. “He doesn’t see me. He doesn’t see anyone…”

Marco looked at Star sympathetically. Her blue eyes were disappointed and sad. He didn’t like the fact Oskar made Star feel this way.

While he would have loved to give Oskar a piece of his mind for not noticing Star, he knew the girl would greatly disapprove.

Marco suddenly lit up, Star noticing how is poster was now straighter than usual.

“Make him jealous!”

Star stared at Marco with wide eyes. She then looked at Oskar. He heard nothing.

“What?! No! I like to play fair!” She began to twiddle her thumbs in front of her narwhal dress. “I want him to notice me on his own.”

“I like to play fair too, Star,” Marco whispered. “But him making you this way is unacceptable. He will notice you on his own. But… There would be a little help. Just fake having a boyfriend.”

Star stared at Marco, surprised. Then thought about it. It was a pretty good idea. But with all the boys in the school that liked her, who out of those would actually want to fake being her boyfriend?

Then, with a red twinge to her face, she smiled up at Marco.

Marco just looked at her face before catching on to the idea.

“No. No no no no no! No Star!” But it was too late. Star had already grabbed his hand and was dragging him back to class.

“We have to be… You know, believable,” Star said, her face growing a deep shade of scarlet. “Give me a piggyback ride to class.”

Marco gave her a look of disbelief. “Uh, no! Just no!” But then Star gave him her signature puppy dog eyes. He sighed. “Fine…”



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May I request headcanons for Todoroki and s/o going out on an ice cream date? Sorry if that's a little too cliché and such- (´▽`;;;)

IT’S SO FLUFFY~!!!!! Soft boi~
I hope you enjoy it ^_^-Mod Milk


  • Would use his quirk to keep s/o’s ice cream from melting 
  • Tries to share ice cream with s/o but gets ice cream on s/o’s face
  • Doesn’t know where to take s/o so he lets himself be taken around by s/o 
  • Secretly wants everyone to know the s/o belongs to him so holds s/o’s and for as long as possible
  • Tries to surprise s/o as they’re walking around so buy’s s/o small trinkets and flowers 
  • As the sun goes down gives s/o his jacket
  • Wraps arm around s/o and uses quirk to make sure s/o doesn’t get cold 

Does everyone else here agree that Draco Malfoy is the biggest sap of all time and probably has Mr. Draco Potter written all over his textbooks? And he surrounds them in little love hearts that he has enchanted to animate so they pulse like mini beating hearts. And he thinks nobody knows, because just the thought of him and Potter is utterly ridiculous. Who would think such a thing? But it’s so OBVIOUS. Because we’re talking every second page of EVERY textbook he owns.

And Pansy has to take him aside one day and be like, “You need to calm the fuck down on the hearts or at least cast a disillusionment charm on them before a Gryffindor sees and tells your lover boy.” And Draco, blushing like a motherfucking fire engine, gets so embarrassed that he throws all his books down the toilet (because a vanishing spell just isn’t dramatic enough for Draco My father will hear about this Malfoy). But he forgets his old friend Myrtle lives in the s bend, and isn’t so fond of being hit in the head by heavy textbooks.

So, she gets her revenge by delivering all of Draco Malfoy’s wet textbooks to the very person he never ever wanted to see them: Harry fucking Potter. At first Harry’s a little skeptical of the pile of dripping books left on his bedside table, but being the curious fool he is (and Hermione not being around to remind him the books could easily be cursed), he opens the first one to find Mr. Draco Potter written in elegant, cursive hand surrounded by a tacky (but adorable) beating heart. And the same thing in the next book. And the book after that. And every book there after.

Draco is minding his own business in Potions the next day when none other than Harry Potter sits down next to him. Which is surprising but nothing compared to what he does next. “I think you misplaced this,” he says and hands over a Potions book. Draco looks at it and horror and then up at Harry Potter’s face. Which is smiling. And not in the way that could be construed as teasing. But perhaps a genuine smile. Which is not possible.

But Draco is too embarrassed to look at Potter any more so he diverts his attention to the textbook in front of him. It’s his, alright. And looking pretty worse for wear after its trip down the s bend. His only hope is that perhaps this book isn’t as bad as the rest. Perhaps Potter didn’t even see any love hearts. Perhaps…well, Draco doesn’t really believe it but he’s desperate. He has to remind himself how bad the damage really is, so he opens the first page.

And there, underneath Draco’s neat scrawl, in the most hideous handwriting Draco Malfoy has ever seen, is Mr. Harry Malfoy.


“Excuse me,” you knew that voice, “may I talk to the manager?” His tone was serious and probably caused the poor sales associate he was talking too a slight panic attack. You saw him walk in, dressed in his normal attire of a vacation dad shirt and skinny jeans and his worn out brown boots. You weren’t expecting him to stop by today, he had informed you earlier that morning at breakfast that he was swamped with meetings.

“I’m the manager,” you couldn’t help but smile as you made your way over to him and your newest employee. “What seems to be your issue sir?” Your voice was sweet and professional and the poor girl he was talking to before looked relieved when you stood next to her.

“Well ya see my lovely girlfriend wondered out tha house this mornin without giving me my goodbye kiss.” You couldn’t even stop yourself from rolling your eyes as he spoke. The sales associate standing next to you went wide eyed as she looked from him too you.

“Well sir, I’m sorry what is your name?” His face went into a smirk as you went on to act as if you didn’t know him.

“Harry, my name is Harry.” He couldn’t help but laugh a little as you extended you hand and when he reached out you expect him to shake it, instead he just grabbed it and brought it to his lips for a kiss.

“Well Harry,” you snatched your hand from his hold and turned to face your employee that was now in total shock. “Thank you Erica I will take care of Mr. Harry here, you can go on break.” She looked relived as she quickly turned and walked away from the two of you.

“Oh so ya gonna take care of me yeah?” You felt his arms slide around your waist as he spoke. You just shook your head as you turned and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“This is a surprise,” you told him before you pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. “A very pleasant surprise.” You added causing him to smile and show off his dimple.

“I do love ta surprise ya every now and then petal,” his voice was soft and sweet in your ear causing you to just smile. “Got ta keep ya on your toes.” You felt him give your waist a squeeze.

You unwrapped your arms from around his neck as he reluctantly removed his from your waist. You grabbed his hand and lead him towards a corner of the store that was a little more private.

“Ah look mugs! We need more mugs don’t we love?” You laughed as you watched Harry look at the shelves lined with rows of tea cups and mugs, “they got ones with cats on em, we need those.” He reached for a mug that had two cats sleeping on it and you just rolled your eyes.

“Came all this way for a cat mug Harry?” You teased and he shot you a playful glare as he put the mug back on the shelf.

“Came all the way cos someone,” his voice was low and deep as he stood in front of you. “Didn’t give me my goodbye kiss this mornin.” His voice was now a whisper as he leaned in closer to you. You just placed your arms loosely around his neck as his nose started to touch yours.

“Oh silly me,” you teased as you felt him place his hands on your hips. “How could I forget your goodbye kiss?” With that you pulled him closer to you so you could place a sweet kiss to his lips. You felt him smile into the kiss before he pulled away.

“Now that we got that outta tha way,” he gave you a smile as he looked up at the shelf above your head. “We really do need these cat mugs lovey.” You just laughed at him causing him to laugh as well. You kissed his cheek quickly before letting go of him.

You loved when he would come and see you at work, most of the time it was a scheduled visit that mainly involved him brining you lunch. But it was the surprise visits like this that made your heart burst because you knew he was a busy man, and the fact he would squeeze in time to come by a ceramic shop all the way on the opposite side of town from the house you two shared meant the world to you. It was just another little thing that made you love Harry even more.