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Do you (or vets in general) get annoyed with the people who bring in their pet for every little thing? Like, I know the little weird spot on my cats paw is probably just a keratin growth and not cancer but I still want to take him in to have it looked at. Am I being a helicopter pet-mom?

Broadly speaking I would prefer owners that bring their pet in for ‘very little thing’ over those that don’t bring them in until it’s too late. As I often tell people in the wee hours of the night at the emergency clinic…

…I would always rather see you for paranoia than for regret.

There are different sorts of people who bring their pets in ‘for every little thing’, and to be honest they vary in how annoying they are.

  • Owners that come in with any little concern, listen to our recommendations and follow instructions. Welcome any time.
  • Owners that come in with any little concern, but don’t listen and don’t follow instructions and then complain that concern is not addressed hours/days/weeks later when they have not done what we suggested they do.
  • Owners that come in with mystery conditions with vague symptoms, eg not wagging tail as much, but decline all diagnostic tests and complain when we haven’t diagnosed the problem.
  • Owners that call all the time, but refuse to bring the pet in for us to look at it.

So anxious pet parents don’t bother me at all, if they actually listen and aren’t just wanting to have their own thoughts validated. They’re not a waste of time. There have been scenarios where a worried owner with a gut feeling has brought pets in early enough to have medical conditions detected before the pet became critically ill, so it’s always worth checking is something seems to be amiss. I wont ever tell someone not to get their pet checked if they’re concerned.

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Okay so there's been a LOT....LOT of comparision going on that Cas and Mary are not that different with regards to their recent betrayal(s). *cough* Cas Haters mostly *cough* I wanted to get your opinion on this....

Hello Anon!

I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to reply - I’m striving to get better, you guys! I love hearing from you! Now focus on you, Anon, and your question.

Let me open with: who are these *cough* CasHaters *cough* and where can I find one to stroke across the cheek while softly whispering words of comfort so as to convince them to not stray so far from the righteous path? *I’ll find you.* *I’ll find all of you.*

Moving on.

I take it these h8trs mean Mary betrayed her sons when she  went behind their backs to work with the BMoL.

And they mean Cas betrayed them when he went behind their backs to work with Heaven.

Well, you know, for me these betrayals, especially now with the whole season splayed open before me, were part of the character growth necessary for both Mary and Cas, so I can’t see any negative connotation in them at all. 

Like, at all.

The very deeply emotional parallel between Mary and Cas - which ran through the entire season and made me feel as though their relationship was the healthiest one on the show - is rooted in them feeling misplaced, like they don’t belong, both of them struggling to find themselves, to figure out who they are and, perhaps even more importantly, who they want to be. 

So let’s take a closer look at the motivation for each character in their betrayals:


  • Good: We know now that Mary betrayed her sons to, ultimately, protect them, to save them from a world of chaos and death and mayhem. 
  • Bad: She wanted to save them from having to live their life as hunters, thinking she was working with the Good Guys to create a world without monsters, without unnecessary suffering. 
  • Bad: She didn’t consult her sons about whether this was what they actually wanted, she made this choice for them.
  • Bad: She got Sam to believe it was the right way, but he quickly came to his senses - and we all know what Dean’s stance was: the BMoL is a threat and cannot be trusted. This was bad for Mary, however, as it shook her sons’ trust in her to the core.
  • Bad: She was brainwashed as character punishment for her folly.
  • Good: She finally realised her errors, her arc this season reaching its apex in 12x22 when Dean confronted her, and the whole reason for her being brought back in the first place was finally laid bare: Dean’s deep, deep need to come to the realisation that he could forgive her for everything, allowing him to let go of that hatred he’s carried around, and let all that love he feels for her take over.
  • Bad: But she’s not done cooking as she also created a distance between her and her boys, because she is a hunter first and foremost and this has left her riddled with a guilt she still needs to deal with as well as a growing need to truly see herself and accept herself as a mother and a hunter: hence her ending up in the AU dimension. She still needs to work through her own, deeper issues with her past choices - Dean’s forgiveness was the starting point for this.


  • Good: We know that Cas betrayed the brothers while working with Heaven in order to protect them, to keep them from having to kill an innocent woman and her unborn child.
  • Good&Bad: When the nephilim showed Cas the vision of what the baby Nephi deemed “paradise” - a world without pain and suffering, a world at peace - this appealed to Cas for all the right, but very wrong, reasons and he accepted it without question.
  • Good&Bad: Cas tried to allow for the brothers to aid him, but when they clearly couldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt, he left them behind without further ado.
  • Good&Bad: Cas was never brainwashed - the parallel stops there - but Cas is incapable of questioning his own choices, he has not learned to look at things objectively, and once he believes something is right there is no stopping him from pursuing that mission to its completion–
  • Good&Bad: –this blinds him from making those level-headed decisions that would have kept him alive at the end of 12x23 (aka listening to Dean crying out for him, not leaving the bloody angel blade with Lucifer) - and this is why Castiel the angel of the Lord had to die.
  • Good: This death was the apex of Cas’ arc this season. It will give him the answer to the questions he’s been dragging around with him for a long time: Do I belong here? Can I belong here? Will I ever belong here? And that answer is yes, Cas, you can and you will: as a human being.

Originally posted by thedauntlesshufflepuff

If I’m right about Cas’ arc, if I’m right about what I can see in the choices he’s made since the beautiful 12x19 narrative focused this arc and pushed it to take a leap forward, then I believe very firmly that the reason there is Good in every single beat of this Betrayal Outline is because he was right in his choices regarding the nephilim needing to be born with all his powers. 

Once Jack has been brought up right - as I have been rather convinced of for months now, because it just makes such narrative sense to me - Jack will bring balance between Heaven, Hell and Earth.

So to conclude Cas’ Betrayal Outline I give you the following:

Cas was punished with death for his inability to learn his lesson and stop charging in guns blazing.

The fact that he was right in all his choices, all that Good will lead to his reward, and that reward will be rebirth.

Because human!Cas will learn the lesson once and for all.

But more meta on that to be posted asap! 

Have I told you lately that I love this narrative? Have I also added lately that I know I might be 100% wrong about all this? No. I could be 100% wrong about all of it. All of it. But if I’m even a little right…

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Important things to take note of that happen in The Rise of Bangtan in Japan Epilogue:

  • the lit intro
  • Namjoon looking fine af
  • Yoongi’s random screeches of “ahs”
  • that shoulder move Jimin was doing???
  • Jin being perfect
  • Jimin’s vocals slaying us all
  • that hip move, you know what I mean
  • Jungkook being late to that said hip dance move and Taehyung beating him up for it
  • everyone hyping Jungkook up
  • everyone hyping Yoongi up and pretending he was literally on fire
  • Hoseok’s dance moves
  • Jungkook’s solo that all made us cry a little
  • taehyung’s line in falsetto voice
  • Jimin laughing literally on the floor because of it
  • whatever dance move Tae does immediately after???
  • Jimin still laughing on the floor and laughs instead of singing his line
  • Rap line slaying us
  • that harmonizing
  • literally everything

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Stepping by to tell you I'm so glad I followed you and had a chance to get to know you! I appreciate all the work you put in your stories and girl you have them skills! You're very talented person and I love every detail of your blog and YOU. 🙌😙

Wow. Thank You!! The feeling is wholly mutual! Well, you know how I feel about Calla and your Sims so I don’t really need to say anything else about your blog! Lovely message that really cheered me up!

(Also, I know I’m a little on the light side lately with Tumblr, but I will be back here more once I get this STUPID MOVIE DONE!!!) :D  

Don’t Forget about the Dangers of Conjuring Sometimes

One thing Tumblr is famous for is making stuff out to be totally okay without thinking about the consequences of actions. This is especially true among a lot of spirit keeping peeps, and I just want to make a bit of a blog about some of the risks. I think this sort of thing is not talked about as much as it should be here. I know I’ve been posting a lot lately, but these are all blogs I wanted to do this past week that I didn’t get to, what with Pandora’s grandfather’s funeral and all that. I might get a little hate for this, but I feel it’s necessary.

Let me tell you a little bit about the rocky road I took to get into spirit keeping. (Stomach-knotting trigger warning)

Imagine little Lu, 15-16 years old growing up in a rural house way out in the boonies with one best friend–Pandora. Ten years ago, Pandora and I were very close. Uncomfortably so for our parents. We spent days and nights together locked up in a bedroom, but not doing what you might think we were. No, we did like each other, but it was different back then. I was fighting off a nasty demon that was latched onto her. I tend to tell this story a lot, but I don’t go into depth. This time I want to talk about what exactly happened–how I ended up getting down the road of conjuring in order to banish the demon.

I met a spirit whom I’ll simply call AJ. She informed me that the only way to understand how to remove the demon from Pandora was to learn how to be possessed. It was my job to transfer the demon from her to myself, because I had a steadier mind and could get rid of him that way. It seemed like bogus to me at the time, but I learned. I spent night after night learning how to channel spirits and banish demons. I stayed up until 5am on school nights just so I could safely rescue my best friend. This demon tortured us during this time. He would send me sideways glances and pass me notes in school and at church telling me about how he was going to kill Pandora when we got home, and that he wouldn’t let me stop him this time. I was beyond traumatized. I stopped Pandora twice from suicide, but failed twice as well. She got close while I was away with my family, and at one point even ended up in the hospital. I didn’t know what to feel. I was grief-stricken and sick to my stomach every night. We hadn’t conjured this demon to begin with–he’d been there for a long time. But he tortured us. There wasn’t a day that didn’t pass by that we were unharmed. I went without eating for a time, too caught up trying to stop him from driving a knife into one of us, or downing a bottle of pills. I was slapped, beaten on, pushed into shelves and walls every night, bitten, and molested. Both Pandora and I were.

Originally posted by torturezone

It was a victory for me when I finally gained his favor. I spent nights with him after that, allowing him to have his way with me and grow attached to me instead. He wanted attention, and I gave it to him. I finally allowed him entrance into my mind, and with AJ’s help, we banished the hell out of him.

Now jump forward several months after. Pandora purchased a ouija board because she felt it would help us get more in touch with our spirit friends we met along the road. I thought it was all fun and games. We conjured a few spooks and had some good laughs, especially when the board would literally tell us to “f**k off,” or we’d ask the spirit to talk to us, and they’d immediately move the planchette to “no.” Things got worse for us, though. We thought it was all over. We were just having fun, but we weren’t shielding. We didn’t know how to, and didn’t even know what shielding was back then.

Originally posted by real-bad-day

A few weeks later, Pandora and I got in trouble for having the ouija board in the house, and so we moved it to her car. On the way home to my parents’ place, Pandora was suddenly washed over with this gaunt, hollow energy. She stared out the windshield and simply said, “I’m going to ram this car into that pole up there.” I was filled with dread, because I understood that particular tone of voice. It wasn’t the demon from before, but it was another influencing spirit. One who wanted mayhem and wanted to hurt. I screamed at her to slow down. My heart was pounding in my chest as she took violent turns. Finally by the time we made it to the last mile near the house, she slammed on the breaks, and I forced her out. I circled around so I could drive home, but just as I touched the car door, the whole vehicle jerked out of my way and revved, crashing into a fence about thirty yards away. No one had been in it to drive it.

By the time Pandora and I had stopped shrieking in terror, we went over to inspect the damage. The car was fine, but I’ll bet you can guess what had pushed its way out of the trunk and somehow made it up near the back driver’s seat. That’s right–the ouija board.

Think that’s all? Oh no, not even close. Pandora and I have had some frightening encounters from other spirits years after that, but that incident has always stuck with me. It damaged me. It terrorized me. I couldn’t sleep that night, or the next. I was petrified and wanted nothing to do with conjuration after that.

Of course, if I would have dropped conjuring right there, I wouldn’t be a co-owner of a spirit conjuring shop today. We’ve met some big nasties before–human-eaters, serial killers, nightmarish poltergeists… but this blog isn’t to scare you. Please don’t think it is. Just be careful. Use wards. Use shields.

Spirit conjuring isn’t a game. In mine and Pandora’s lives, it’s a service. Be aware that many legitimate shops have had years worth of experience before they offer beings. They’ve gone through pain and terror like we have, and they know what to watch out for. There are still some beings that I have been offered to conjure, but I won’t because they frighten me–even with protective wards in place and the promises of guardians. One being the Yaw–a Peregrine race of deformed humanoids that are best known in their realm for devouring human beings.

Take care, folks, and just remember that not all conjuring is fluff. Have safe astral travels, and always remember to bring your guardians and guides with you, wherever you go. I don’t want anyone to go through what I did in my teens. There are still songs I hear, or looks I get on occasion, that will send shivers down my spine or wrack my body with dread. I use more specialized tools for conjuring nowadays, and never go anywhere without my guardian angel or one of my guides. My life in the astral has been much safer, and I only hope the same for all other conjurers out there.

A video about drawing

Hello, my friends! I know I haven’t posted comics for a little while, sorry for making you wait! I got into making videos lately, it’s so much fun and I love it! However, I was talking in Chinese in my videos so I hesitated to post here because I know few of you understand it. But I also want to share with you what I’m creating so here is a video about me drawing and telling my kids the story of “The Little Match Girl.”

Why draw stories instead of just read a book? Because when I was 2 or 3 years old, my mom drew me a little mermaid and told me the story. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, and I was fascinated by the process. I believed it’s that event that inspired me to draw, and I never stopped ever since. So I want to do the same for my children, show them how wonderful drawing is, and how great of a tool to tell stories. If you want your children to fall in love with drawing, try it!

I will make videos in English too, so even you don’t understand it, please like and subscribe( it also makes me very happy) to support me. And don’t worry, more comics are on the way!

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AU where Erbluhen is an Idol, Arme is his hairstylist and Sia is in charge of his wardrobe? Where Erblu has a concert and Arme and Sia are stressing because Erblu came in late.

“Ishamael’s curses, where were you?!” Arme exclaims as forces Erbluhen down, reaching for a brush. “And you’ve made your hair more of a mess to handle!”

“Ahaha, sorry guys! I was a little too busy talking with a pretty lady…~” Erbluhen laughs. “She wanted an autograph!”

“It’s 10 minutes until your concert!” he yells, rushing to tidy his hair to what the posters want him to look as. “Do you know the lyrics to your songs…?!”

“Bah, of course… stop stressing…”

“I am certainly not stressing!” he hisses loudly, mercilessly brushing through his hair and applying hairspray. “I am merely irritated and extremely agitated.”

“That’s the same thing, Arme…” Sia points out as he rummages to give Erbluhen his outfit. “You’re really late… that’s not good…” Sia scolds. 

“I’ll make it up with you two,” he dismissively waves with a smile. “Just wish me good luck~”

“May god bless you to control yourself.” Arme prays.

“May you find meaning in life instead of being late.” Sia adds on.

Quickly, they send Erbluhen off with panicked and relieved sighs, glad he at least made the effort to come back this time.

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baberoe and While saying goodbye on the phone

thankyou a lot for this ask, especially since it gives me a chance to do something *gleefully rubs hands together* dialogue heavy which is my jam and i love you for it

im also so so so super sorry about how late this is oh gosh!! and for getting much too carried away with it again<3

1. Saying goodbye on the phone:

“Hey, Edward. I’m- I was just calling to let you know that I’m- I’m gonna be-”

“Late home again tonight, yeah, figures,” Babe had sighed into the receiver, rolling his eyes a little at the all too familiar greeting. He tried his best not to be bitter about having to cancel dates- knowing deep down that it wasn’t Gene’s fault for being so damn selfless that he couldn’t ever say no to an extra shift. That didn’t mean that it didn’t still sting, and though he’d cursed himself for being so sharp, he couldn’t have prevented himself from snapping if he’d tried.

“Edward, you know I- you know I don’t mean to upset you…”

“I… Yeah, of course I know that Gene, shit,” he sighed again, though it was much softer this time- barely audible above the noise of the hospital that always seemed to follow Gene, even when he ducked outside mid-break for a phone call. “I’m sorry, I know you don’t mean to be late- it’s just… God, this sounds so selfish, but it’s just hard, y’know?”

“I know, I’m sorry-”

“No no, you don’t- you don’t have to be sorry, I’m sorry,” and Babe knew he was rambling now, but also that he had to make things right. “I’m sorry, ‘cause- because I know you’re busy and I know the only reason you take so many shifts on in the first place is because you care about people and that’s- that’s real nice, Gene. It’s sweet, in fact, I just wish- I just wish sometimes you would care about yourself a little more often too. You’re always working so hard, always so busy, and you just- you need a break from it all. And besides I… I miss you, Genie.”

There was pause, and Babe wondered for a moment if the other could hear his heart pounding against his ribs, and his cheeks flushed crimson at the weight of his own words.

“Genie, huh?” A soft chuckle finally broke the silence, and Babe felt a sigh of relief escape him as the warmth of the laughter washed over him. “That’s new. I like it though, it’s cute. And I miss you too, I hope you know that.” Another pause. “Hey… How about I ask for this weekend off, huh? We can have the whole two days to ourselves, just us.”

“You mean that?”

“Yeah, I do. We could get food and watch all the Alien movies or something. Get tickets for Covenant too maybe. I know you have a crush on Michael Fassbender, you’re not that good at hiding it.”

“Oh come on! It’s not as if you don’t get all big eyes and fluttery lashes whenever Kane comes on screen- what, those magic medic hands of yours just itching to get a feel of that chest?” And Babe was pretty sure he would never get used to the beauty of the laugh that had followed, or the way it filled him with an odd mix of pride and butterflies whenever he knew he was the cause of it.  

“That’s gross, Babe. I’m offended. You know I’d be very professional about it and get him patched up in minutes. And if he wants to thank me in an unconventional, maybe hands-on manner? That’s entirely his business.”  

“I can’t believe you’re going to leave me for young John Hurt-”

“Who said I was leaving you? Could probably fit all three of us into one of those stasis things-”

Gene,” Babe had wheezed, which only made his boyfriend laugh even louder. 

“What? Can’t a guy dream,” Gene chuckled, sighing as a voice called out through the door to remind him that his break was almost over.  "Ugh, listen I, I gotta go get back to work, I’m sorry, but- but you take care tonight, alright?“

Babe whined a little at the thought of being left alone again, though he’d known their time would be short. "It’s okay, you stay safe too- hey!” He cried suddenly, as finally realised what his boyfriend had said earlier. “You called me Babe!”  

“I did? When?”  

“Like, just before- when you were distracting me with your weird space sex fantasies-”

“-I never said anything about sex-”

“-whatever! You called me Babe!” Babe’s entire being was alight with glee, and not even the prospect of his boyfriend having to head back to work could have wiped the ecstatic grin from his face.  

“Huh, guess I did,” and Babe didn’t need to see Gene’s face to know that he was smirking, and the thought made his cheeks flush crimson. “Well, Babe, this is terrible timing, but I really gotta-”

“No no, I know, it’s okay, you go, get back to saving lives and what have you. Oh, and uh, Gene?”


“I-” Babe paused for a moment to consider what he was about to say; did he? Of course he did. “I love you, be safe.”

He’d been preparing himself for an “it’s too soon”, or maybe even to be hung up on, and almost regretted saying anything at all before hearing Gene’s reply, which came without a moment’s hesitation;

“I love you too Babe, you stay safe too, okay? And see you soon.”

Day Five (The future): "You, Me and the color Green!"

Word Count:1,085

Rating: PG

Author’s Note: I’m late, BUT here! Please read and enjoy!!! 

“Maya!” Riley screamed as the timer went off.

She races into the bathroom to find her brave little honey bunny on the floor, her expression bleak. She yanked the stick from her stiff fingers and gasped.

“It could be wrong?” She said with a weary smile.

“Five times?!” Riley Shouted back.

“True…” She snapped her fingers. “I know! Let’s go to the store and get a different test, huh?!“

She vigorously shook her head. “NO THANK YOU!” 

The sound of the door opening caught Maya’s attention. “I know!” She pulled Riley up off the floor and out into the living room.

“Hello, fellow roommates!” Smackle said with a smile.

“HEY!” Maya beamed then asked. “Is Riley pregnant?!”

“Yes.” She replied. “She’s been for about six months, now.” 

They gasped. “WHHHHAT?!”

Smackle put up her hand. “Don’t worry! I’ve been monitoring you from afar and in your sleep.”


“Mmmhmm! And you and your baby boy are perfectly healthy.”

“So, you putting cold gel on my tummy wasn’t a dream.” Riley said under her breath.

“Nope!” The two girls were dumbfounded at the scary brilliance of their as they recalled her weird behavior from the past few months. Even Farkle found it odd that she was restricting Riley from eating certain foods and drinking any alcohol, but they just figured she was just being Smackle and let it go. “SO! now that you are aware. I can finally give you this.” She pulled out a packet. “I put these together for all my soon to be mother’s. Now-

“WAIT!” Riley shouted. “How did you find out and why didn’t you tell me sooner?!”

“Your physical and you’d just broken up with George. I figured I’d wait until you were at least 4 months along to break the news, but then your grandfather passed. it just didn’t make since to overwhelm you at such a critical point in your pregnancy.” She stepped closer to Riley, her gaze shifting to the floor. “I understand what I did was wrong, but-”

“No.” Riley pulled her in for a tight embrace. “No, what I did was wrong. What you did was be the best friend you could be for me, so thank you.”

Maya joined in on the party and soon the three girls were giggling.

“I’m going to be a mom.” Riley mused. “To a baby boy, is it?”

Smackle nodded causing the girls to scream for joy. 

“WAIT!” Maya shouted. “Who’s the dad?”

“George. Obviously.” Smackle answered. "Right Riles.“

They looked to their pregnant friend, who’d gotten extremely quiet.


Keep reading

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is this blog still active? i remember seeing your videos on youtube since i was a little kid and wanted to know how you were doing. you were my whole childhood tbh.

Yep. I try to make sure there’s at least 1 new Mew Mew post everyday (Until I run out of new stuff anyways, which won’t be for quite a while x3.). As for my Youtube, it’s still up. I just haven’t been able to make & post new videos lately since I just moved and my current internet connection is very slow. However, I am working on some new videos, which will be posted whenever I get a better connection.

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part 1 - Hey guys....I've been super sad lately and I don't know who to talk to this about so I thought why not message you admins. I'm new to tumblr and I recently uploaded two fanfictions - 1 that was tagged as smut because well it had a little bit of smut and dialogues indicating smut in the future and 2 that was not tagged as smut because I don't intend to write smut for it now or even in the future. Both of them have been getting responses and I am happy but personally I am more happy with

part 2 - with 2 and in comparison to the first one it hardly has any notes. It’s not that I’m bothered about the notes or something, right now I really don’t mind, I’m just enjoying writing but it saddens me that most people show so much preference to work that has only smut. Of course it is everyone’s personal choice and the are entitled to like whatever they want but I feel bad that there might be so many authors out there who might have amazing writing and deserve way more recognition don’t

part 3- don’t get it because they don’t write smut. I don’t know this was just something that was bothering me and I didn’t know where to voice it out. However I do want to make it certain that I respect people’s choices of wanting to read smut. Honestly its your life you choose but sometimes I wish people can look beyond just sex and notice things like plot, dialogue, setting and all. Sorry for such a long rambling message!! oops…

I feel you on this anon. I actually have lost a lot of passion for writing smut due to that.  I want to hypothesize that because most reader insert readers are teens and their hormones are doing the thing that they probably want sex. Personally I prefer AU fantasy fanfiction, but many good ones don’t get finished because there’s no smut in it. -_-; But I believe there are people like us anon. There are people who read for plot and etc. I think it just boils down to : Different strokes for different folks. ( P.s. I’m not bashing smut . Smut is great and I think it’s a healthy way to express sexual feelings) - Admin Jaefairy

Hi everyone!

This is a little late but we just wanted to say thanks for 6K! We know we haven’t been as active as we’d like to be but we are full time college students and working. I’m also currently dealing with finals. It’s so nice to see even if we aren’t on here as much we still see you guys interact with our posts. We appreciate you all! -black admin

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Hello! Were you going to post any redone chapters of Fanfiction this week? I could really use the distraction because my heart feels heavy after everything that's happened and reading is my escape... (Or could you offer some recent updated stories you like? Whatever works)

Hi, love. Unfortunately I will not be posting anymore ff chapters this week! There are a bunch of one shots on my page, and I know @showingthroughtome has been posting her one shots on tumblr as well if you’re in need of a little pick me up!

@looselucy and @stylesmyth are also both transferring fics over from Tumblr!

@lifesbetterasamermaid has an amazing fic out rn called Around My Bones (sad but epically romantic and truly art)

I’ve not been reading much lately, but if anyone has any recs, let this anon know!

Manchester 💔

This rant is a little late coming, but I think it is well needed and I’d like to show my support not only for those affected by the terrorist attack last night, but also for the Muslims who are being attacked right now.

As most of you will know, the MEN was bombed last night, and 22 have been killed, some of them children. One of them was 8 years old. Not only is it disgusting for someone to commit such an act to begin with, but the fact they targeted a place where there were thousands of young children makes this an even bigger atrocity. However, this does not give anyone an excuse to be hateful.

Surprisingly, you cannot solve violence with violence. Burning down the mosques of innocent Muslims is not the way to express your upset towards the attack. Attacking innocent Muslims full stop is not the way to solve this problem. The problem is hatred; adding more hate to the situation will not solve this problem.

How closed minded could people possibly be? How can you blame an entire religion for the actions of one person, or a few extremists? Islam is a religion that promotes peace. Extremists take Islam to the extreme, and they are not at all representative of the whole Muslim population. We do not blame all Germans for the Holocaust. We do not blame all of the Irish for the IRA. So why victimise an entire religion for this? The answer is quite obvious: racism.

I told myself that I would not post on this subject, even though it happened only 20 minutes from my home, but after seeing the upset of my Muslim friends and the racist posts from people at school, I cannot resist. I didn’t want to post for the reason that I am uneducated on the topic, and I believe that that is an ideal reason for others to not post their closed minded, racist, hateful comments all over social media.

Please keep your hatred to yourself. It won’t solve anything.

The universe didn’t seem to want me to draw today, but it was too good of an episode I just couldn’t not draw something 

Great Horror Movies you Probably Haven’t Seen

There are a ton of well known horror movies out there that get all the credit, however, there are also a slew of horror movies that barely get any recognition and are just as, if not more, compelling than those that are well known. Here’s a list of horror movies that I think are worth a watch. 

1. Vacancy

A Man and his Wife are traveling and their car breaks down. After being forced to rent a cheap motel room with crappy slasher movies, they soon realize that those movies aren’t movies at all.

2. Hush

A deaf woman lives alone in the woods to maintain a solitary lifestyle. Though when a killer shows up at her window, she has to fight to maintain that silence.

3. The Caller

After Mary moves into her new apartment, she begins to get calls from a strange old woman who seems to be confused about the last occupant no longer being there. Though, as a Mary soon finds out, this isn’t just a confused old woman.

4. Husk

A group of young adults get lost in the middle of farm country during their road trip. Attempting to find a way back to civilization, they decide to venture into the cornfields to try and find the farmer that owns and tends to the land. Little do they know, the owner isn’t exactly human.

5. Nothing Left to Fear

A Pastor and his family move to a small Kansas town in search of a fresh start. Though, little do they know, the religious folk there aren’t exactly your typical Christians.

6. The Tunnel

A Journalist’s career is on its last leg and she needs a powerful story to pull her out of the gutter. After a clean water initiative to take water from abandoned train tunnels underground, proposed by a political party during the election cycle, all but disappears from the papers overnight, her and her film crew go to investigate why.

7. Funny Games

After arriving at their lake house, a family trying to have a nice vacation is held hostage by two sadistic boys who make them play increasingly disturbing games. 

8. The Midnight Meat Train

A photographer in New York City is struggling to get the recognition he desires until his friend introduces him to an art gallery owner. After showing the gallery owner his pictures, she insists that if he wants to be recognized his pictures of what New York City is truly like need to be more shocking and provoking. Taking her advice, he hits the streets late at night and captures a picture of something he wasn’t supposed to.

9. Pathology

Have you ever wondered how someone would go about committing the perfect murder? So have a group of up and coming doctors who use their medical expertise to play a rather disturbing game of “Guess Who?”

10. The Borderlands

A group of Vatican miracle investigators go to investigate yet another supposed miracle. Little do they know, this isn’t just another routine debunking expedition.  


Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.

In retrospect, Bitty should have been able to read the subtle signs.

Coach keeps his eyes trained on the TV even when the game cuts to commercial. One hand clutches the remote more firmly than usual, while the other does the same to his beer bottle. The wrinkles across his forehead become momentarily more pronounced.

But Bitty doesn’t notice he should be bracing himself until after it’s already happened.

“So. Your mama says you’ve got a sweetheart.”

Every major organ in Bitty’s body stops for a moment.

“She– What? I–”

“Well. She suspects. But you know how she is.”

Bitty swallows roughly against the desert wasteland his throat has suddenly become. It’s only the first week of his junior year’s summer break. He and Jack celebrated their one year anniversary a handful of days ago, making out like teenagers in the doorway to Jack’s old room for a few precious minutes before anyone could break away from the graduation festivities to come find them.

They’ve talked in loose terms about eventually coming out to people who aren’t a member of the Falcs or the SMH, but they don’t actually have anything resembling a plan.

Especially when it comes to Bitty’s parents.

“I don’t have a sweet–” Bitty starts, and stops at the single raised eyebrow his father shoots him.

“Mama’s wrong,” he insists anyway, breathing in deep and trying not to let his hands shake as he wrings them together.

His fingers itch to text Jack.

Coach tilts his head slightly to the side. “Could be,” he allows. “Thought you and I should have a talk either way.”

This is the longest commercial break in a football game that Bitty has ever sat through.

He purses his lips and furrows his brows. “Mama thought you should–”

I thought,” Coach corrects easily, setting his beer down on the end table and then turning in his recliner to finally face where Bitty is curled up on the sofa. He frowns, lips thin and tight, eyes steady and assessing.

Then, after a lengthy silence: “Do you love him?”

The sharp breath Bitty sucks in nearly chokes him.

What?” he whispers, voice ragged and harsh around what little air he can force from his frozen lungs.

The game starts up again. Coach’s hand squeezes the remote a little tighter, but he doesn’t press pause. And he doesn’t look away from Bitty. “It’s alright if you don’t. I won’t tell your mama either way if you don’t want me to.”

“You… But I thought she…” Bitty feels dazed, pulse pounding, and brain struggling to make sense of whatever alternate universe he’s somehow stumbled into.

“Junior, you know she loves you. No matter what, we both love you. And, again, she… suspects. But I wanted to talk to you first, before I go confirming or denying any of her late-night jam-making musings.” He sighs, and then lifts up the remote so that he can see the buttons well enough to hit Off on the first try.

“Do you love him?” he asks again, once the screen is dark.

Bitty swallows. Then nods.

One side of Coach’s mouth lifts into the beginnings of a rare, soft smile. “Good,” he says, as earnest as Bitty has ever heard him.

“Now. Enough of that.” Coach picks his beer back up and takes a swig as he turns back to the television set, hitting the power button once more so that the game comes back to life on the flat screen before them. “Just so you know, I’ve been keeping up with hockey as much as I can in the off hours, but it was a hell of a lot easier to do when an NHL prodigy was around to go through plays with me on the whiteboard in the den.”

Bitty bites his bottom lip against a smile.

“You still in touch with the Zimmermann kid?” his father asks. And Bitty’s smile collapses in on itself before it’s even begun. “Not that I’d expect you to be. But he’s the kind of athlete every coach dreams of, really. You’re lucky to have had him on your team.”

“…Yeah.” Bitty digs his nervous fingers into the meat of his own thighs, and resists texting Jack for just a few moments longer. Because when he does, he knows that their plans for the future will no longer be defined in loose terms. “I am.”