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Heey! First of all, I’m soooo sorry that I’m a little missing here but I want to thank you all that appreciate my art ( even its a little amateur sometimes c’mon eveytime ) and follow me, really, you are awesome and makes me wanna draw and practice moar ♥♥ (*´▽`*)

Lately I’ve been watching Boku no Hero and got suuuper hyped to draw soo I got this while practicing on Paint ( I’m really getting comfortable and used with it -v- ) 

BNH boys with attempt snow filters ♥(*´∀`*)♥

~ sorry for bad painting and shading I’m still too lazy heh~

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"lack of feedback sketches" -- well i really like your content! you do a good job! I definitely love your style and followed you when I saw your doodles of the SPG bots.. Would love to see more of the bots C:

Ohh, thank you so much! It’s incredibly nice of you to say, and I guess I really haven’t drawn too much of the bots lately. I’d love to draw more! Thank you again! 💙

Calm down Hatchy it’s not even thanksgiving. 

The Past Hurts - Andy Biersack
Can you write one of were me and Andy have been friends since we were little but then when they started the band we hadn’t seen each other since until at a concert when your at a signing, plz? Thanks!☺️

Sorry if it’s short, I hope you like it c:

Currently, I stood near the end of what seems to be a never ending line. It was the late evening following a concert performed by Black Veil Brides, there was a signing and I couldn’t resist going. I longed to see my old best friend, a man who’s never seemed to leave my mind since I first met him. Diverting, my thoughts seemed to dwell on the moment when I was younger.

I was in the woods - alone - as the sun was approaching it’s set. It wasn’t my first time I spent there, sitting under the sky that was coated in stars. I enjoyed getting out of my house and going for long walks. It was a small simple woods and it calmed my nerves. Trees swayed peacefully, until I heard a crackle of twigs to my left. It made me jump, my hands quivered slightly. Intently, I listened out for following sounds, but there was none. Maybe it was a fox - I often see one or two scuttling around here. I never usually got scared; I was always here at sundown, I was used to the odd occurrences that happened around here. But for some reason, my nerves were on the edge. Slumping back against a tree, I retried to settle. But there it was again, that crackling sound of sticks, and this time it felt closer. I enclosed my legs tightly to my chest, who was it? Or, what was it? Admittedly, I was scared. Was it a person? Or something else? Something worse? Hurriedly, I stood up, I didn’t plan staying here scared to my wits for a longer amount of time. I took a step away from my tree, then another, and another. I didn’t hear the unnerving sound once more. By now, the sun had almost vanished, and the shadows were at their longest stretch. It was a mesmerising moment to witness, and I soon forgot about the strange noises and walked on in the direction of my house. Suddenly, I crashed into something. Something taller than me, something that was alive and breathing. We both launched our bodies in opposite directions and trumpeted noises from our mouths. For a moment, my heart left my chest. I was purely horrified. But the horrifying atmosphere didn’t last long as I heard a burst of laughter from the other thing - person - that banged into me. It was human, he was human. I let out a sigh of relief as I tried to regain my breath.

“Oh, I am so sorry. You scared the shit out of me until then.” He murmurs between laughs. His voice was low and seductive, it hooked me right up. Then, my eyes met his. And boy, have I ever laid eyes upon anything as beautiful. A crystal blue shone in his iris’, they were more gorgeous than diamonds and held deeper fortune. My heart officially was thudding and stuck in my throat, my cheeks flushing with colour. Noticing, he tilted his head with a slight smirk. “I’m Andy.” He introduces, looking back at me with an intriguing glance. “Y/N.” I flutter my eyelashes awkwardly. I tried to look as appealing as possible, but I doubt it worked.

…From that day, up until our late teen years, we became bestfriends. Nothing more than that, although I wished it had proceeded onto something better. He was a great friend: sensitive, funny, caring. I had fallen so hard for him that I was unsure if I ever wanted to get up. However, the day came that Andy and I parted, when he went off to live his wild dream: to become a rock star. I thought he was nuts, and I was slightly hurt by his actions. He was good at singing, hell yes he was, but he wouldn’t become famous just like that. How could he of left this bestfriend? Due to that, we left each other on bad terms. I refused to talk to him. I never returned his calls, texts, anything. How could he expect me to? I shut myself away in my world of hurt, and I never wanted to leave it ever again.

As the years went on, Andy and his bands name got bigger and bigger: Black Veil Brides. Soon enough, they were known practically everywhere, performing shows and what not. Admittedly, I missed him, so god damn much. But I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t just hunt him down and expect him to welcome me with open arms. Hell, he probably won’t even recognise me, or remember.

Then, a bad feeling hit me in the stomach. What was I doing here? What should I be expecting from Andy by seeing him at some signing? What difference will it make to what happened between us 7 odd years ago? All of the sudden, all my confidence of reuniting with my old bestfriend left me. I was regretting this… What a stupid idea. He won’t realise who I am, he won’t know what I’ll want. Well, I don’t even know what I want. This might just be some stupid goose chase for all I know, he won’t recognise me. I can bank on it…

“Hello?” A voice struck me out of my stupid thoughts. I realised I stood, alone, before the whole band. How many people must’ve walked past me in my heart-weakening day dream? “Hello?” The voice repeated, and I looked up. Only to meet the familiar eyes of the boy I used to know. They still glimmered in the right way, oceans still waved and crashed around, feeling much like my stomach right now. Butterflies were swarming. “Miss, are you alright?” Andy stood up from the signing table and stood in front of me.

“Andy..” I murmured breathlessly. It was him. With shorter hair and fairer features, it was definitely him. “Do I know you?” He drowned slightly, tilting his head like he used to. “You look awfully familiar.” He added, frown increasing. “It’s me… Y/N.” I smile frailly at my old bestfriend. “You know, from Ohio… We used to be friends…” I kick my feet awkwardly. He won’t remember…

Unexpectedly, he swings me up in his arms. “Y/N!” He cheered with a grin. I suddenly felt sixteen again, my heart dancing, his smile lancing contagiously on his lips. I earned some slightly confused looks from the rest of the band and they began to mutter between themselves. “That’s Y/N?” I heard Ashley whisper. But my eyes were set upon Andy as soon as possible as he blurts words excitedly.

“How long has it been? Oh it’s been years, so long, way too long. But look, I made it, didn’t I? I told you I would, I told you I would get somewhere. Look at me now - I’m famous Y/N! People know who I am, they know my music! I help people, I save their lives - me! I knew I could do it, I just knew it!” He says enthusiastically. “…you just never believed that I could.” His voices drifts, leaving our happy conversation far behind. “I… I’m sorry Andy…” I mutter, tucking some hair behind my ear. “I just…” I swallow hard. “It hurt me, it really did.” I drop eye contact. “What?” Andy asks, his hand lifting my chin. His touch sends shivers down my body. “When you said you were going, it just made me feel like you were leaving not looking over your shoulder, not once, even for me, and I was your best friend. I thought I meant something to you, and you just vanished, saying you were going to leave me and everything else behind. You have no idea how much that hurt me, Andy.” I murmur distantly. Talking about it triggered my old feelings, and I suddenly felt sad, although reunited with the man who used to mean the world to me. “Y/N..” Andy begins, searching for my eyes. “I, I never thought of it like that… From your point of view. I thought you, you thought I wouldn’t get anywhere, and that I’d fail. I thought you were pissed off because I was living my dream and you weren’t.” As he says the last sentence, a flame ignites in my temper.

Living the dream?” I reply, squinting my eyes. “And I forgot about your easily your temper flared.” He mumbles quietly to himself. “You know, Andy, I could’ve lived my fucking dream. But you was too busy wrapped in your own little world to give a shit about my dream.” I hiss, it felt time to express my anger at him. “Your dream?” He raises his eyebrows. “Yes, Andy. My dream.” I say almost sarcastically. “Or were you too absorbed in thinking about yourself the whole time.” I growl. “What, what was your dream?” He asks intrigued. “To be with you.” I whisper to him hesitantly. “I wanted to be with you so badly, and you didn’t even see it. I wanted you to love me, and I wanted you to ask me to come with you.” I look at him hopefully. “…But you never asked.” My eyes divert and look to the floor. “And then you left me, alone, with no friends. Not a hope in the world.” I say coldly. “How on earth could you of expected me to want to talk to you? That’s why I never returned any of your calls or texts. I couldn’t stand the thought of you. My best friend, the guy I loved ditched me like I was a worthless penny.”

Turning my back, I walk away from Andy and the rest of his band, who were clearly shocked by me and Andy. I kept my head down and continued to strut angrily away from Andy. Of course it was a shit idea coming here. Who cares if he was my bestfriend? Who cares if I loved him? That’s all in the past, and I never plan on going back there ever again. The past hurts. Like fuck it does.

“Y/N..” I hear Andy’s voice and scuttling behind me. Ignoring him, I carry on walking. “Y/N,” He says louder, tugging at the sleeve of my jacket. Quickly, I shudder him off me. I don’t want him or anyone touching me. But he takes a firm hold of me and I stagger backwards into a street lamp. “Oh, Y/N.” He says, brushing a tear away from my eye with his thumb. “What.” I say sternly. “You know what.” He tilts his head apologetically. “I’m sorry for being an ignorant asshole those years back, really I am. Why didn’t you tell me how you felt?” He looks down into my eyes. Although it was dark, the blue tint still caught my eyes. “What was the point, Andy, really?” I suck on on my gum. He knew, what’s the point of confessing my feelings for him when I found out he was leaving? “If you just told me that, I, I would’ve…” He bites his lip and frowns. “Would’ve what?” I ask, eyes not being able to leave his luscious lips.

Spontaneously, he presses his lips to mine. Pinning me up against the street lamp, I lose my breath. I don’t know how to react, but soon I slink into the motion of the kiss and I wrap my arms around his neck. I’d never thought he would do this, ever. My heart melts in my chest after completing a series of somersaults. Parting away from me, I see the shy smirk on his face the day I first met him. “…I would’ve done that.” He smiles hopefully.

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Dave help I've been plagued with a lot of Arkham Knight!Jason angst lately. Can I request a fic of something cute n' sweet with dad Bruce and little Jay? That fic you wrote for jayctivist was lovely, btw.

Oh, thanks so much nonnie! I’d be happy to write something sweet for you c:


“Stay still,” Bruce mutters gruffly, strong hands on Jason’s shoulders trying to cease his restless bouncing in place. Jason barely manages to contain himself, but the excitement he’s feeling is palpable in how his eyes are practically shining, and how wide his grin splits his face.

“Sorry, B. I just- I can’t believe it’s happening, you know?” Jason says, a giddy little laugh following. Bruce can’t help but quirk a smile, his hands moving to straighten and fix Jason’s tie.

“I know. It’s a big day for both of us,” he agrees. Beyond the curtain that hid them both, an uproar of applause started. Bruce squeezes Jason’s shoulder, giving him a kind smile.

“Are you ready, Jason?” he asks, and for a moment Jason falters. All the excitement started to twist into nervousness, but Bruce’s strength beside him prompted him to collect himself. He lets out a steadying breath, nodding.

“Am I ever,” he says. Bruce straightens himself then, taking Jason’s hand and parting the curtain for them both. Jason swears he hasn’t felt so important before, onstage with people cheering for him. It makes him glad that Bruce is the one to speak first; he steps up to the mic, and Jason fidgets beside him, smiling shyly.

“Today,” Bruce begins, and the crowd quiets, “we gather to celebrate family. We gather to celebrate Jason, and the happiness he brings to all around him. It’s truly an honor to be accepted as family to him. To be able to call him my son is… a joy. And I hope, Jason, that you understand that to the fullest extent.”

He turns to Jason with a smile, a real smile, and Jason can feel himself choking up. He nods a couple times, and the richest of Gotham ‘aww’ and begin to clap once more.

Now it’s Jason’s turn to step up to the mic. Bruce angles it down for him and steps out of the way, watching him fondly as he takes his place. Jason’s words are caught in his throat a moment with all eyes on him, expectant and waiting.

“Um,” he starts, then clears his throat once. “I just want to say that… I’m really proud to be here. Mr. Wayne– Bruce… my dad changed a lot of things in my life for the better. I dunno where I’d be without him. And I’m just… I’m gonna try to be the best Wayne I can be.” He smiles back at Bruce, who lays a hand on his shoulder and kneels before him. Cameras flash as he pulls Jason into his arms, hugging him tightly.

“Love ya, B,” Jason murmurs, wrapping his arms around Bruce’s shoulders and squeezing him.

“Love you too, Jason.”

woah so just over a week ago i hit 1k and i haven’t had this blog v long and i know it’s not much in comparison to others bla bla bla but i feel very honoured to have 1000 actual people actually following me so even tho this is a little late, thank u very much to everyone who follows me ♥ ♥

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Hey everyone! Since Valentine’s is coming up and B.A.P’s First Sensibility has released, I’d thought I’d do a small little something for you guys. It’s super cheesy, but I think it will be fun. Plus, I haven’t been doing any events or giveaways lately, so this is a small token of my thanks to all of you amazing people c: For this event you’ll get a valentine made by me!

All you have to do is: 
1. Like this post (or reblog either is fine xD)
2. You must be following me before this is posted (2/11/14)
3. Send me an ask (not a fanmail) with the phrase:
Will you be my valentine _____?” (put your B.A.P bias’ name!)
4. Entry due date is 2/14/14 12:00 AM HST

I won’t reply back immediately, so don’t fret~

On Valentine’s I’ll reply back with a randomly picked Valentine’s chibi card of your bias~ Only pick one member! No OTPs (I don’t have the time to make OTP cards ;;;) or I won’t reply back.

Depending on how many messages I’ll get I’ll try to adjust accordingly. If there’s too many messages, I’ll close the entries early and take earlier messages only. (so first come first serve!) I can’t stop tumblr from eating messages so if you feel that it happened to your ask and Valentine’s is already over, I might do a late run (only if necessary).

Unless you have my permission, no reposting the cards!!! I’ll probably end up revealing all of the cards anyway. 

Also remember this is for followers only! So if you follow immediately after the post I’ll have to bypass you O: 

This is the first time I’m doing this so hopefully everything goes smoothly. The drawings won’t be amazing, just little doodles, but I hope they’ll be enough. Happy early Valentines and I hope this will brighten your February! Thank you guys ^^

Hey! lovely fruit cakes.. so this is my follow forever as promised.. this year was a great year and this is not going to be long because I really have nothing to say but thank you all for the wonderful memories and for making my life a little better with your funny, wonderful, and informational posts… I will definitely follow you all forever!! Also Merry late Christmas and a Happy new year!! May 2015 be a great year!!

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ELKE!!!!!! My pumpkin sliced latte.. so you know I love your crazy ways.. especially your cycling talent and the fact that you cycle everywhere you go.. ahem and your party ways which will not be specified here.. Our drag fc squad will be lonely and dessert like without you.. please don’t party to much especially when you are cycling and oh yeah I’m a chelsea fan now.. also always were your helmet those cycling accidents can get wild!!! Love ya!!!

beernard-duarte - Griciele 

Eu decidi escrever isso em portugues…kkkkk!!! Voce sabe que eu te adoro… um pouco menos quando voce esta me corrigindo..Kkkkk!! eu estou brincando! eu realmente aprendi muito com suas correcoes e eu espero que eles tornam-se menos como eu estou aprendendo.. de qualquer maneira nao se perder.. eu sei onde te encontrar sempre… no twitter.. kkkkk!!! (eu sei que ha um monte de accentos e outras coisas que faltam, mas estou no computador e eu nao sei onde econtra-los kkk!) 

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Maria!! well first of all you might not believe this but you have probably taught me more then you have learned from me lol… You are gods bread literally and wine too.. I sincerely hope that you feel beautiful all day everyday because you are… I love you! 

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Heyyyyyy!! so guess what the day that we were going to do that challenge has passed well it has passed like 200 times and we don’t even notice lmfaoo.. but anyways *snifles* I miss talking to you so much… I- our dunga jokes were some kevin hart quality jokes lmfaoo we should send them in.. anyhow I love how we bonded over stalking the brazilian nt in Miami ( we were going crazy) and we knew the hotel and everything but then you got to meet them and experience dungas stupidness too… I am still jealous. And then Lebron"s traitor characteristics..le gone.. le traitor. le bullshit.. lebron.  I miss you a lot tho.. hope we can talk soon and good luck with those applications!!  ( If you go to cleveland slap lebron for me.. if you can reach) 

silva-thiago- Akiyah 

Pleathe.. FALCAO… Falcao.. were do I even start with you… you hold one of my biggest kink secrets.. and I hold yours and I have them in my notebook too… on December 15, 2014 Akiyah said and I quote… I have a kink on ( stop sweating I'am not going to say anything) kierstin the snake is probably reading this right now.. I hope you feel better about your throat.. ahem . di- ahem.. I love you severely and dearly. 

ultimately-crismes - Cathia 

Cathia my chocolate smoothie that gives you chronic diarrhea when you just take a sip..  lmfaoo. me pagan por ver. Mis dichos amuse you and idek why but to be fair your searching Dani boy skill amuses me too.. I- you should get a medal of honor in the Dani boy museum for finding those embarrassing fossils.. sometimes you drag me through hell  but I know your kinks so that has stopped.. ahem. also change that profile pic.. wakala. So here is the deal I love you more then chocolate.. 

neymarjrswife- Jasmine

MY SPORTS BUDDY!!! that just summarizes our relationship.. we talk about UFC, BARCA, LE traitor, The heat, Boxing.. I mean we should have our own show pleathe those ESPN shows are all trash now especially the English ones they don’t even mention football.. I cry. Anyhow I wov you.. *snifles* and your blog is beyond amazing!!! xoxo

kcscb - Khoezik( the one who fucked me over)

YOU DRAG ME THROUGH HELL ON THE DAILY…. and you fucked me over when it was the season to be jolly.. pleathe. You make my heart ventricles pop and my nuts to come out roasted every time you drag me through hell with pedro and bastin.. and messi is not the best kink to have either so….. but on the other side of the exploding diarrhea you cause me.. we defend each other against madristas remember  that one lmfaoo that he had to look for something else to drag us.. and ahem don’t tell Kierstin this but I like you more then her. 

mmdelissh - kierstin ( the one who fucked me over 2) 

MOM you snake pleathe. you told Khoezik who they were because oh yeah why not embarrass her. That’s why I'am preparing a dani boy infestation.. you give me mushroom soup everyday plus you are part of our squad so we cannot talk about kinks anymore.. but on the other hand no one will believe you because you are a grandma that  those calcium proteins are already a thing of the past and you probably can’t control your explosive diarrhea. but I love you anyways and btw stop saying I wrote Kohezik that ask because I didn’t. Btw don’t tell kohezik that I said that I love you more then her.. shhhh. 


Hi guys! I know that it’s not Christmas yet and I know I wasn’t really active lately. I’m sorry about that. Working can be tricky… I wanted to make little list about the blogs that makes my 2014 better. These lovely people made my dash much more better place. Thanks everyone who still follows me  Thanks all of you. Merry early Christmas everybody!


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your most recent video was very different than other stuff i've seen! the thumbnail was misleading though because i mistook it for a 20 min animation which would've been impressive with the particular time frames. i think i loved the video more than if it were to be an animation! maybe it's because i like making fun of anime, idk. i've been following y'all since 2012 and i'm glad y'all have grown like i have! <3

Thank you so much!! We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback so far and it makes us really happy. With the way youtube’s been lately, it’s just become harder and harder to make the channel solely about animations only, especially if we want this to remain our job. So we’ve decided to try out some new things while still incorporating animation at the same time, even if it’s little skits inside of a bigger video. c:

kerrymiles’ end-of-the-year follow forever!

ayy so im a little late, but 2014 was a good year and i just want to make this to thank all the blogs that i enjoy seeing on my dash. i made some cool friends this year and i hope to continue that in 2015. thanks for being a part of my 2014. bolded are close friends of mine/faves.


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thanks for a great year and sorry if i forgot anyone. <33

100th (well, 104th!) Follow Forever!

Hey everybody! This is WAY overdue, but I hit 100 followers RIGHT before the 18th of November, and went on a short hiatus while I finished my first playthrough of Dragon Age:Inquisition. >_< Please forgive my tardniness! I’ve had such a fun couple of months here on tumblr and meeting you all and gushing about our favorite things with you. So here’s my list, and consider my tagging you here as a personal internet hug for each and every one of you.

If your name is in bold, we are mutuals and if I haven’t spoken to you ever, it’s because I’m in awe of you and afraid to bother you. :D

Super special shoutout to a few folks before we get started:

  • noctuaalba, my Italian soul sister, how I wish I could cross the oceans to hang out with you in person. For now, I shall have to content myself with screaming at you about Cullen in all-caps on Skype. *HUG*
  • thejbusition, my first tumblr “friend”, by which I mean the first person to actually talk to me on a regular basis. I’m sorry we haven’t spoken lately, I’ve had a lot of stuff come up in “real life” recently and I keep forgetting to message you. :( Please forgive me, and we need to hang out soon!
  • swag-desu, my very first follower, thanks for being that little push of encouragement I needed to put more stuff out there for the Internet to see. You’re hella cool and we should talk more!

Okay now for all you other lovelies!


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Again, BIG HUGS to all of you! And never ever be afraid to come to my inbox to chat. I love you guys!

**NOTE: If your tag didn’t work I apologize! Tumblr seems cranky tonight…


Hey guys I finally managed to hit 1k followers and just wanted to say thanks for following me. I’ve had the chance to talk to a lot of cool people on here I never even imagined I would’ve met. This is a little late since I’ve been sick, but without further ado I present to you a list of blogs whose content I thoroughly enjoy.  they are all weebs still tho


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