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This entire blog is a joke tbh (in the best way possible, tho) and it's legitimately a satire blog, and also, a lot of people use humor to cope w shit. And lot like that meme, it's an actual coping mechanism. So while "technically" some of the jokes you make are considered taboo or wrong, you're literally stabbing fun at the groups that have oppressed your people for so long so it's kinda just like ╮(╯▽╰)╭ it's not like you're yelling people to kill themselves or joking about rape???

Exactly! I understand people not being comfortable with the jokes I make, but they are just jokes.

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okay but if someone doesn't experience homophobia or transphobia then they're not lgbt it's as simple as that.... the lgbt community doesn't exist for the purpose of being "inclusive" it literally is by nature exclusive to people who experience homophobia and/or transphobia

No, I’m sorry, that’s simply not true. I’ve written an awful lot about this, which you can find under my ‘ace exclusion’ tag. But since there’s a lot under there, let’s hit all the highlights. Frankly, it’ll be nice to have an omnibus post I can just pass to people from now on. 

This post is not an argument of your point, it is a reference post, because you are simply wrong.

This post is going to be very, very long, and very, very US-centric. It is important to state right up front that this discussion is extremely Western-centric. I do not have the right personally to speak on gender and sexual orientations from indigenous communities of which I am not a member, but it is absolutely important to acknowledge that the colonization of gender and sexual identity of non-Western peoples is a) wrong as fuck and b) we need to knock it off and c) none of the stuff I’m writing necessarily applies to non-Western peoples/indigenous peoples. 

1) This ‘formed to fight homophobia and transphobia’ definition of LGBT is literally and completely an invention of Tumblr. It started on Tumblr, it really only exists on Tumblr, and it only exists for the sole purpose of excluding minority sexualities and orientations (not limited to but currently focused on asexuality). It’s a very recent invention and this specific definition is less than eighteen months old. Probably less than a year old, but I’ll be honest: I don’t have the time or patience to go through the history on Tumblr and read all the hateful stuff that I’d have to in order to find the first use of that particular little piece of nonsense.

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March Blogs of the Month Part 2

I’ve found so many quality new blogs this month that I had to make a second list for March. These are legit. Check them out.


HELLO EVERYONE IT’S MY BIRTHDAY ON MAY 1st so I have a nice favour to ask you all

This year, everyone on this blog has just been the bbliest. I mean, legitimately hitherto unknown levels of loveliness and kindness. I think the people here are probably the nicest in the world, and that makes me v v happy. The messages and comments that you all send every day actually make me so happy that sometimes I do jigs when I read them (no exaggeration, people tell me I look weird when I do it)

So, if people could do me a little favour and send some nice and lovely messages to one another, that would be the actual best!! I love receiving them and I’m sure that others would too!! You can be anonymous or not - just pls, in honour of Emilia, spread the joy :D

anyone else noticed the trend here on tumblr of worshipping certain famous women for like a couple months and there being serious hype for them and then like a month later everyone’s ripping into them and talking about how much they hate them

Swan Song

More power to those that believe and I wish you continued joy in this ship but it is not for me anymore. The end of the voyage is not even about Sam and Cait being together, it is just simply that I can’t fan you or maintain interest if I don’t respect you. Before people get all upset that Cait is a part of this too, yes she certainly is with the back and forth misleading behavior; one day they are wooing shippers and the next day they are calling us crazy or agreeing we should be beaten up. So yes I am massively disappointed in both of them for that. Others will disagree maybe depending on their personal circumstances but for me cheating is a very big deal and it most definitely takes 2 to tango. For a certain ‘former’ actress to be vacationing with her boyfriend one week and then being introduced as the gf about a week later at a stupid lunch we have heard about ad nauseum tells me all I need to know and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture for how long these 2 were carrying on behind someone’s back. Also I cannot forget the nearly year long barrage of innocent women that were quietly fanning in their own corner and the complete and utter silence from Sam. He could have spoken up at any time and owned his truth rather than letting these 2 trolls do it for him but nope he continued to call them friends. No matter how bad things got the response was 'suggest you ignore.’ At this point why should I not believe Sam was fully on board with their behavior as they claimed as he not once refuted it. Which brings me to the childish innuendo game that has been played. Of course he knew what he was doing taking that pic in GA and posting it in the MPC group. Of course he knew that a certain former actress was sharing pics of herself in Scotland. Of course he knew she was sharing a photo of their dumpster fire New Year’s Eve. Of course they knew what they were doing both posting pics from the Matterhorn. Who do you think took the pic of the girl and the Scottish flag face scarf? These are not the actions of a man that values his privacy. These are the actions of someone being intentionally provocative and winding up his fans for his own personal satisfaction. If you think this is a normal or cute way for a 37 year old man to reveal a relationship that’s OK but as a 37 year old myself it’s not to me. This is a man that characterized a certain someone’s pants-less Christmas tree photo as a woman bringing positivity to the world. Yet when actual women like Jess who were running blogs, creating happy spaces and legitimately trying to add some positivity into the world he said nothing and in fact sat back and happily watched the destruction of said positivity. For all that will try to bring it back to Cait, she is just living her life, whatever it is. There’s no innuendo, no games, she just has this guy show up with her to events. They don’t cuddle up for the photogs, they don’t reveal their togetherness on their personal time, nothing. I am not going to comment on the white pant suit at the Piaget event other than to say I am not the least bit surprised. She has been screaming for attention with Sam’s blessing since day 1. At a certain point the words of people that work with you and have an investment in your success just become words when the actions don’t match the words and this version of Sam I have been seeing no longer matches the words nor does it match the guy I really believed him to be at the beginning of this journey. Heck I shelled out a 3 digit sum to have the man’s autograph inhabit the wall space in my house. But the trust I felt and the integrity I used to see is just gone. For those that still believe, I hope you get your happy ending and I do hope that in the end Sam and Cait are worth your time and devotion and that they appreciate the loyalty you’ve shown them. Cheers, peace and good health to all. And go watch 'This is Us’ if you aren’t already, you won’t be disappointed. ✌

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How did this blog exist?

i’m like niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinety percent sure that first one is you @suisan

(or should i say @sugarcube-small-hands ;3c)

but, hey, yeah sure my dude

exhibitionism is the kink i entered into this fandom with so i guess it’d be a fitting bookend when soul’s dicc fucking A N N I H I L A T E S ME

A bit of experienced words for us who felt like giving up their ask blogs:

Starting out is difficult. Persistence is even harder. Heck, if I legitimately kept up with my blog before the reboot, I’d have celebrated my 1 year anniversary a while back. But I didn’t count it. Hear I am, a year later, grateful for the little I have. So here’s my advice.
There’s no hiding behind it; you have to interact with others, if you desperately want to meet new people. Everyone is just as scared as you are, and hardly any of us would approach each other, so take the initiative. ANYONE would love to be approached. Have courage to talk to someone, it’ll mostly always end positively, and if not try again.
If you really like the fandom you’re in and LOVE your characters, stick with them! You’ve got to perservere through the lack of asks, and if you feel as though your story is going nowhere, pick it up yourself and let people see the potential of greatness you hold. You’ve got to be patient with people sometimes, and let them see why they should follow your story or why they followed in the first place. Allow your characters to shine, and try not to place your dependency just on asks.
Last of all, just don’t give up. If you’re experiencing personal problems, and it interferes with you updating, then by all means take that break! We’ll all be waiting for your return, cheering you on, because you matter. If you feel that the problem is the blog itself, it in no way labels you a failure. You’re growing, you’re changing, you’re getting better! No one stays the same forever, so it’s certain your style and tastes will change. Again, if having the blog is something you loved, give it some time to come back a refreshed person. Doesn’t matter how long you need, you’ve got all the time to wait, and so will we.

Take care ❤