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Shout Out Post for Mystic Messenger

I feel like some people in the mystic messenger community don’t realize just how amazing this game is. There are so many things it does besides allowing you to talk with fictional characters. Many people struggle with their own problems - everything from failing a test to coping with suicidal thoughts and actions - and this game is a perfect way to counteract some of these problems in a positive way.

1. For starters, a simple pun can brighten the player’s day. If you are having a panic attack because of school, there is a good chance a couple mystic messenger puns could brighten your day.

2. Also, the hyper-realistic interactions with the characters allow them to act as real friends. When you don’t have a real close friend, mystic messenger provides the closest thing to that as possible. Furthermore, the extreme variation in personalities of the group also encourages the player to feel like themselves rather than, well, an MC. It encourages individualism.

3. (Warning: this is only going to get darker from here) Okay, I know this is usually taken as a joke in the MysMe community, but let’s get real for a sec. Everyone knows the persistence with which the characters ask MC if she has eaten. The constant positive encouragement is a good way to convince the player to care about their health (and they usually have facts to back it up tbh). I deal with body dysphoria and the support has convinced me more than once to care more about my physical and mental health than my appearance. These fictional elements of our lives have a REAL PHYSICAL IMPACT. Even by making the player smile there is a physical impact.

4. Mystic Messenger has also taught me to try understanding that things get better. Watching how the characters live their lives allows the player to reflect on their own life. Your life can be hella hard, but it’s best to work towards the future. Even if you can’t take to that advice, it’s a good way to ease your mind for a little. I can’t thank cheritz enough for creating the game how they did.

Conclusion: This game has improved my quality of life. So the next time Yoosung makes a joke or 707 writes you something in binary, take it to heart. They may be fictional, but they have been more supportive to me than everyone else in the past couple months.

Also, tell me if there is a series that has improved your quality of life in the tags (games, books, tv series, etc). A series that has literally save my life is Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki. A game that has improved my quality of life is Mystic Messenger by Cheritz.

If you actually made it to the end of this, thank you.
Hope you enjoyed ~ 01100100 01100101 01100100 01100101 

You know you are in deep YOI fandom hell when...

1. You kept on rewatching past episodes and still enjoy it as much as you watched it for the first time, if not, more;
2. Read alot of fanfic whether they are on tumblr or AO3;
3. Like and reblog fan arts or dj;
4. Read all sorts of fan conspiracy theories and each and every one of those theories do seem legit;
5. Watched through the whole NHK Trophy without any problem despite not knowing much Japanese and without subtitles lol..;
6. Trying to come up with your own conspiracy theories and did no. 1 above in order to test your theories.

I AM IN TOO DEEP~~~ what was my life like before yoi…?

It’s reaaaaaal hard not to believe the stigma of bpd people being manipulative when my gut reaction to my fp saying he’s going out with his mates for the night is to think he never loved or cared for me and that I legit wanna kill myself cos like that’s pretty fucked up and I hate it and I hate myself lol


So when I was at the gym this morning I was doing cardio, minding my own business, and then Paradise comes on (my favorite song on the album btw) and I thought of two scenarios legit out of nowhere that absolutely have nothing to do with the song so I’m sorry I even mentioned it? Lol ANYWAY… One is a Jinyoung one shot and the other is another one shot but I can decide if it’ll be my boo or my mistress that will star 🤔🤔 AND THEY’RE BOTH TYPICAL ME. Smut smut smut smut smut smut… forget the fluff. Just smut 😅 I have a problem.

Honestly it irks me so much when ppl fall for exclusionists’s bullshit and are like “hey they are just calling out legit problems in the ace and aro communities” when

1) no

2) nope

3) exclusionists will go on all day and night about how the ace and aro communities have to ~take responsibility~ and let people talk absolute vile shit about us because we’re “not good enough” about addressing problems in our communities, but will sweep all the shit their own crowd pulls under the rug when they’re not (as so often) outright supporting it. Their huge efforts to erase ace and aro PoC and all their vile racism? Oh lol why talk about that let’s just be a little more subtle about it in the future. maybe. no need to address it

It’s such bullshit I can’t

I’ve been texting this like country club daddy for a couple weeks now, he’s really cute and sends like cute emojis at me a lot but he’s like the most vague person i’ve ever messaged. His texts are usually like always less than 5 words but he’ll message me first a lot or send like winky face or heart emojis?? I’m just really confused by this. He invited me over once but i was busy at the time so I couldn’t see him and that was like early on when we started talking and now he doesn’t seem to make an effort to want to meet up but still messages and responds and all that. I just don’t know.

Things the signs need to shut up about

Capricorn - everything. legit everything.
Aquarius- their crush
Pisces - netflix
Aries - their ships
Taurus - their problems
Gemini - kpop
Cancer - “lmao” “lol” “wtf”
Leo - also everything. kmt
Virgo - other people
Libra - food
Scorpio - your wrong opinions
Sagittarius - celebrities

Honestly, my opinion is that, if Mon-El truly is ashamed by his past and has changed, he should go and do right by his people. All of them lost their planet. He has the power to go and make sure they are okay. 

Not that I think he should go be a prince again or anything. But he should use whatever power he has to make sure that his people are safe and happy and that they’re not being oppressed anymore. He should definitely go do that. 

BUT NO, he likes being a “hero” so he can stay with Kara (not a legit reason to be a hero imo) instead of doing what’s right. He knows what his parents are like and he’s just like “lol not my problem anymore. I’ve changed haha” and like, dude, obviously you haven’t. You’re just doing everything in your power to get your way like you always have.

tbh I had this rly cool idea for an outfit for meri and then got cool ideas for outfits for the other characters but the problem is I’ve already started drawing the comic lol

solution idea tho: I make refs for the new outfits. go back and redo the panels that I’ve already drawn but just like. adding the new details like I won’t go overboard with redesigns. I haven’t even drawn meri in the comic yet so he’s fine I can go overboard on him which I probably will lol

also the first 10 or so panels were actually drawn like a year ago and I’m legit cringing looking at them sometimes so I think I’ll just. change the things in them that I’ve changed in my drawing style like face shapes and stuff. idk I just kinda want a blank slate but at the same time I put a lot of effort into what I have already… also I want to redo the colors cause I can’t for the life of me find the HSB numbers for the colors I was using in the background oops haha

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Lol some people have legit growth problems so the initial joke is fine but people being like "WHAT?!?!??,? WHAT THE FUCK" literally some people physically just don't grow that much? Idk just be aware...OP is fine but some reactions are over the top

Yeah like its no biggie why are people freaking out

How I picture the SPN writers' thought process:
  • Dean: *Is charismatic, selfless, and spends all his time fighting for his loved ones. Is also very, very sexy.*
  • Writers: Each season will bring him a new and unexpected torture.
  • Sam: *Is a total sweetheart as well as the only sane person on the show. Is also very, very sexy.*
  • Writers: Yup, let's never give him a chance at happiness and make him watch his brother die horribly at least once a season.
  • Cas: *Is legit sweeter than a thousand sugar cubes, almost completely altruistic, and also cute and lovable as hell.*
  • Writers: LOL, how are we gonna hurt this adorable fucker THIS time?
  • Metatron: *Is horrible, obnoxious, narcissistic, and completely incapable of empathizing with others.*
  • Writers: Yeah, he's been through enough. Let's make his biggest problem keeping his phone charged.
  • government: to get a good job u gotta go to college
  • me: k, cool. sign me up.
  • government: no, no, lol. u have to pay.
  • me: but... you just said to get a good job i have to do this first.
  • government: k, wats ur point???
  • me: ...well, the point is i don't have the money to pay for this yet.
  • government: not my problem lol shoulda done better in school.
  • me: but... it's hard to do well in school when--
  • government: mmhm, next.
  • me: but--
  • government: NEXT!

“Ah what a long day it’s been working at Chipotle. I finally have time to read that parenting guide Henry bought for me.”

“Alright. Let’s do this!”

“Do not release young dragons into the sewage system of a large city.”


“Hello 911? I think I might have a problem.”

“I think my son has become a ninja turtle.”