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25 Days of Klaroline | Day 7 : College

So what if her ex, Stefan Salvadouche III, thought she couldn’t get into Harvard?

Caroline loved proving people wrong.

Except for that new transfer student, fresh out of Oxford - cute accent, preppy uniform and all.

Klaus Mikaelson was grumpy and rude and arrogant to the bone. But that wasn’t the end of his offences against Caroline.

Those stupidly attractive dimples cut his cheeks any time he shot her his signature smug grin. A few loose curls of his dirty blonde hair always fell defiantly against his forehead and it was distracting. Almost as distracting as the way the tip of his tongue flicked against his lower lip whenever they argued.

And the worst of all, out of all the people on campus, he wasn’t wrong about her.

He said she was pushy - he got that right.

He claimed that she was a bitchy know-it-all - how delightfully accurate.

He thought that she was attracted to him.

And dammit, she was.