this is a lancelot quote btw

Sonic and the Black Knight has such an awesome script

Sonic; “If I fall, I’m not going back to pick you up”

Caliburn; “What are you talking about!? You had better not drop me!”

Caliburn; “We..we’re going to fall!”

Sonic; “I know! Isn’t it great!?”

Excalibur: What? Do you have the right to claim the side of justice when you can’t see evil for what it is?

Excalibur-Sonic; Whoa!  I guess even sacred swords say cool things once in a while!

Caliburn; “I really hoped for more time to train you”

Sonic; “Yeah? Well I hoped for a better sword!”

Caliburn; “He is no knight. At least not yet”

Sonic; “Says you”

Dark Queen; “You could never know my sorrow at seeing the ruinous future of this kingdom”

Excalibur-Sonic; “Good. Because I don’t ever wanna know such one-sided sadness”

Excalibur; “Foolish wizard. You’re willing to sacrifice countless others just to escape your own sorrow!?”

Lancelot; “Are you truly a knight? You seem more like a court jester”

Caliburn; “That’s because he’s still a squire”

Sonic; “Ouch! Unnecessary roughness!”

Caliburn; “What of the lady’s tests? You will never make it in time!”

Sonic; “Yeah maybe but…I play by my own rules. Remember that”

Just a handful here btw