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“Mike remembered that, looking into Bill Gautier’s white earnest pinched face, surrounded by the mangy fur of his handmedown snowsuit hood, he had felt not anger but a terrible sadness that made him feel like crying. He had seen honesty and good intent in Bob’s face, but what he had felt was loneliness, distance, and a great whistling emptiness between himself and the other boy.”

mike hanlon

CATECHUMEN - (kat-i-kyoo-muhn) - noun


  • a person being taught the elementary facts, principles, etc., of any subject

Related forms:

  • adjective - catechumenal, catechumenical
  • adverb - catechumenically
  • noun - catechumenate, catechumenism

Example sentence:

  • The professor gave a lecture on physics to the catechumen.

Stovenly thinks:

  • and on the other side: circle one yes no

LOCUTION - (loh-kyoo-shuhn) - noun


  • a style of speech or verbal expression
  • a particular form of expression; a word, phrase, expression, or idiom (especially when used by a particular person or group)

Related forms:

  • adjective - locutionary

Stovenly thinks:

  • Wife: how about electlocution
  • Me: what a shlocker
  • Followers: unflollow
Some More Advanced English Vocab

Didactic (or didactical) (adj.) /daɪˈdæk tɪk/ [dahy-dak-tik]

Intended for instruction; instructive

Many old fairy tales are meant to be didactic.

Related Forms: didactically (adv.), didacticism (n.)

Mandate /ˈmæn deɪt/ [man-deyt]

(n.) An authoritative order or command

The president had a clear mandate to end the war.

(v.) to order or require

She mandated sweeping changes in the election process.

Related Words: Mandatory (adj.)

Procure (v.) /proʊˈkyʊər, prə-/ [proh-kyoo r, pruh-]

To obtain or get by care, effort, or the use of special means.

They procured the evidence by digging through the suspect’s garbage.

Related Forms: procuration (n.), procurement (n.)

Propriety (n.) /prəˈpraɪ ɪ ti/ [pruh-prahy-i-tee]

Conformity to established standards of good or proper behavior or manners. Appropriateness.

Presidents and potential presidents have often been accused of crossing some line of propriety.

He stopped for propriety’s sake because the servant came in.

Tip for Remembering: Propriety is what’s proper.

Breach /britʃ/ [breech]

(n.) the act or a result of breaking. A gap made in a wall, fortification, line of soldiers, etc.

She was furious and complained bitterly of his breach of trust.

The enemy came in through the breach in the front line.

(v.) to make a breach or opening in.

Hulk breached the wall by punching a hole through it.

Note: This word is also used to relate to whales when they leap (either partially or completely) out of the water. Can be used with other marine animals.

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope everyone has/had a safe time with family and friends and ate lots of good food at fun parties!

Today let’s learn a few words related to the Fourth of July in Korean!~

*remember to try and sound out each word before peeking at the romanization!~

독립 (dok rib) independence
자유 (ja yoo) freedom
불꽃놀이 (bul ggot no ri) fireworks
바비큐 (ba bi kyoo) barbecue
맥주 (maek joo) beer
술 (sul) alcohol
파티 (pa ti) party
축제 (chook jae) celebration

Hope this helps and happy summer!~