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Time for Mimi love

deansdirtylittlesecretsblog - I love this girl, and I hope everyone who reads fanfic appreciates the HELL out of her!! An unending fountain of stories, one shots, smut and heart, and the love for the characters of Supernatural is there for us all to enjoy and revel in. I revel in it a lot. Mimi, I admire the work and love you put into your writing, and I, for one, would be extremely sad and have withdrawal pains if you ever stopped. I plod along with my stories and crank one out maybe once every few months, and you have a new one almost every week and just make it all look so easy! And I know sometimes it’s not. So THANK YOU.

I heart you! :D

And while we’re at it - here’s Mimi’s master list….

Dean Winchester One Shots:
You’re Giggling?
I Love You Because… (reader request)
Baby Got an Eyeful
No Touching
Jealousy is a Green-Eyed Hunter (pt. 1)
Jealousy is a Green-Eyed Hunter (pt. 2)
Never Even Been Kissed (reader request)
Chocolate Cream Pie Series:
    Chocolate Cream Pie (pt. 1) (reader request)
    Chocolate Cream Pie (pt. 2): The Domestic Life (reader request)
    Chocolate Cream Pie (pt. 3): The Hunter’s Life (reader request)
Primal Urges (reader request)
Primal Urges (Part 2) (reader request)
Coach Winchester (pt. 1)
Coach Winchester pt. 2 (reader request)
Love to Hate You (reader request)
Absolute Perfection
Junkyard Dean Series:
    Junkyard Dean Pt. 1 (reader request)
    Junkyard Dean Pt. 2: The Auction (reader request)
    Junkyard Dean Pt. 3: A Normal Day (reader request) (Dean’s POV)
    Junkyard Dean Pt. 4: Sometimes It’s Not a Monster (sequel request)
Hot and Heavy (reader request)
Stop the Nightmares (reader request)
You Should Get Together (reader request)
The Pink Panty Dare
Distract Me (reader request)
Don’t Cry (reader song request)
Let Yourself Go (reader request) (Dean’s POV)
Sexual Frustration
Fluffy Blanket (reader request)
The Demon Inside (reader request) (Demon!Dean)
Stupid Cupid (reader request)
Red Silk Scarves (reader request)
Young and Innocent (reader request)
The Gladiator (reader request) (alternate universe)
The Bet (Dean)
The One With All the Kissing (reader request)
Let Her Go, You Bitch (reader request)
Nothing is Working (reader request)
I am Baby (reader request) - human!Impala
Come Back to Me, Baby (sequel to I am Baby) - human!Impala
Sweet, Delicious, Messy
Damn Daisy Dukes (reader request)
Forbidden (reader request)
Forbidden Part 2  
Angelina Jolie Ain’t Got Nothin’ On You (reader request)
Rub My Shoulders? (reader request)
The Risk of Love is Loss (reader request)
Charlie Can’t Keep a Secret (reader request)
It’s Just Another Day (reader request)
Hot Blooded (reader request)
Songs Unsung (reader request)
He Likes It Rough (reader request)
You Just Won the Superbowl (reader request) - football!Dean
The First Time… (reader request) - football!Dean
Anything You Want (reader request)
One Step from Hell (reader request)
It Wasn’t Supposed to Be Like This (reader request)
Gonna Make You Scream
Told You So (reader request)
Pool Sharks (reader request)
Hell Hath No Fury (reader request)
A Woman Scorned (sequel to Hell Hath No Fury)
Dean’s Gone Dark (reader request)
You’re My Cherry Pie (read Red Silk Scarves first)
Remix (reader request)
How to Apologize - Dean Winchester Style (reader request - sort of)
Angel and Demon Series:
    The Angel and the Demon (Demon!Dean)
    The Demon (Demon!Dean POV)
    Interlude with an Angel (Demon!Dean POV)
    The Angel
    Angels Can’t Die, Can They?
    To Catch a Demon
    To Cure a Demon  
    Angel Fade  
The Prisoner  
Tequila, Whiskey and Beer (GIEPP for June)
Things You Shouldn’t Do in a Library  
Professor!Dean AU:
    Professor Winchester
    Office Hours with Professor Winchester
    How to Secretly Date Your College Professor  
    Lesson Plans  
    The Professor’s Assistant  
    Strictly Professional  
    The Professor’s Dilemma
    Consequences Be Damned  
Tumblr Search (reader request)
It’s Not That Kind of Bullet  

Sam Winchester One Shots:
I Don’t Do Compliments
Sharing a Bed (pt. 1)
Sharing a Bed (pt. 2)
It Was My Pleasure (reader request)
Do You Like What You See? (reader request)
Up In the Club (reader request)
The Bet (Sam)
Sam’s Fallen Angel Series:
    Sam’s Fallen Angel (reader request)
    Sam’s Fallen Angel Part 2 (reader request)
    Sam’s Fallen Angel Part 3 (reader request)
Don’t Disobey Me (reader request)
I Said I was Sorry (reader request)
The Best Birthday Sex Ever (reader request)
You Defiled My Car  
The Storage Closet (reader request - blog promo contest)
Hide and Seek (reader request)
Stopping for Supplies  

One Shots with both Winchesters:
The Bet (You) (threesome w/reader and Winchesters)
Your Time Is Gonna Come  

Other Characters:
Alone Time with Kevin (Kevin Tran)
Knights of Hell (threesome w/reader, Demon!Dean and Abaddon)
Let Me Count the Ways (threesome w/reader, Dean and Castiel-sorta)
A Kiss from an Angel (Gadreel)