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A Florida man allegedly tried to burn down an Indian-owned store to “run the Arabs out of our country”

  • Police say a 64-year-old Florida resident attempted to burn down a Met Mart in Port St. Lucie after blaming his inability to purchase Tropicana orange pineapple juice on his belief the owners were Muslim, CNN reported.
  • In a Facebook post, St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara wrote that Richard Leslie Lloyd was arrested after rolling a dumpster in front of the store’s doors and lighting its contents on fire. After surrendering to deputies, Lloyd told them he was trying to “run the Arabs out of our country” and was angry at the owners “due to what they are doing in the Middle East,” according to the post. Read more. (3/12/2017 3:44 PM)
A List of Kaneki's Tragedies
  • Father dies
  • Mother abused him
  • Mother dies
  • Aunt doesn’t like him
  • Bullied as a kid
  • Goes on a terrible date
  • Forced into a lifestyle he doesn’t want
  • Best friend gets beaten up by Nishio-senpai
  • A very picky eater gets obsessed with him
  • Gets tricked by a very picky eater
  • Almost becomes dinner (twice)
  • Gets beaten up
  • Has a bite taken out of him so his homegirl can save the day
  • Gets pick-pocketed by a guy from the CCG
  • Smells like Rize
  • Gets kidnapped by a terrorist origination
  • Gets kicked in the face (twice) by Ayato
  • Finds out his doctor was a piece of shit
  • Forced to dismantle bodies
  • Goes back to save Banjou
  • Taken to a torture chamber
  • Has a needle jammed in his eye
  • Given a ghoul-roofie
  • Is asked math questions
  • Gets toes and fingers cut off (repeatedly)
  • Hallucinates his ex-crush telling him all his friends will die
  • Has a fucking centipede put in his ear
  • Watches multiple people get murdered
  • Has mental breakdown
  • Becomes uncontrollably strong for awhile at the cost of being a cannibal
  • Kills a bunch of people
  • Gets punched in the face by his girl
  • Joins Anteiku again just to have it raided and burned down
  • Whatever the fuck happen to Hide
  • Gets stabbed in the head (twice)
  • Taken to Cochlea and “trained”
  • Has mental breakdown (again)
  • Uses amnesia to cope
  • Creates a new identity and is “really happy living like this”
  • Cries at the sight of Touka
  • Gets haunted by his past identity
  • Remembers even more shit about his past
  • Has a mental breakdown (fucking again) …
Omi gets burned real bad

So on Ken’s radio show last night, Ryuji was his guest, and a caller sent in the question, “Is it really true what Omi said in the an an interview about Ryuji being really clingy on him when he gets drunk? I just can’t picture it!” After some deliberation, Ryuji and Ken both denied this (Ryuji just said that he becomes super energetic), and called Omi a liar (Ken said “sorry the guys at an-an!)…

Bonus, Omi posted on his twitter that he was listening to the show…


a follow-up to last semester’s post: the best things I’ve said/heard this semester with no context:

  • *very distractedly* “I’m looking for… a primary source….. on that weak bitch….”
  • “have you seen this video of astronauts in hot pants”
  • “if you take historiography, make sure it’s on the third floor because you’ll want to jump out the window and the second floor isn’t effective”
  • “I’m just here to pet dogs”
  • “if I was banned from the National Archives for life, I think I’d kill myself”
  • “you have to watch the Catholics”
  • “Ken Burns didn’t die for this” “Ken Burns didn’t die for anything. he’s still alive.”
  • “the communists……… *deep sigh*”

maybe the best one was my astronomy professor asking a group of college students, taking a class about the solar system, “have you ever seen, you know, the moon?”

Half-ghoul!Hide kagune resembles a spider and Kaneki is very Arachnophobic:

Touka (on phone): How’s your boyfriend doing?

Hide: He’s… Getting used to it, I think…

Kaneki (In background): D-don’t get n-near me!

Hide: Come on man, I just want-

Kaneki (yelling): I’m not going to be your lunch!

Hide: Kaneki! Ow! Put… The… For Gods sakes, put the freaking broom down before you break something!

Kaneki (still yelling): Back to hell you daemon!

Touka: Ever think about trying blindfolded?

Hide: Me or him?”

Hide: Kaneki! Where the hell you… Hey, hey, man let’s be reasonable here! W-we don’t have fire insurance yet! 

Kaneki: Burn!

Touka: I’ll let you two lovebirds be.


NAME: Suumi Kent
ALIAS(ES): Kent (lmao), Ken… Calculator-san
AGE: 25.
DATE OF BIRTH: September 23rd.
SEXUAL PREFERENCE: Demisexual / Demiromantic.
OCCUPATION(S): Waiter & chef at Meido no Hitsuji, student, math researcher, lecturer, teacher………….  (verse dependent)


EYE COLOUR: Green (& pink)
HAIR COLOUR: Mousy brown
HEIGHT: 6′3″


COLOR: Green.
HAIR COLOR: No preference.
EYE COLOR: Again, no preference.
SONG: Just classical; otherwise he’s the kind of person that says “I don’t like music”.
MOVIE: I think his lack of knowledge about how to relationship is enough to figure out he doesn’t really have one.
TV SHOW: Same as the above.
FOOD: Actual Kobe beef from Hyogo prefecture, he’s not too picky with food though. If it’s healthy, he likes it.
DRINK: Water.
BOOK: Calculus by  Michael Spivak. To be fair, he spends more time on research papers and thesis reading than other kinds of books; it’s best to be informed about new discoveries & all than to spend time on history and older explanations.


PASSED UNIVERSITY: Currently on his graduation program.
HAD SEX: No. (ship/verse dependent)
KISSED A BOY: No. (ship/verse dependent)
KISSED A GIRL: No. (ship/verse dependent)
HAD A BROKEN HEART: No. (ship/verse dependent)
BEEN IN LOVE: No. (ship/verse dependent)
STAYED UP FOR MORE THAN 24 HOURS: Despite logic, yes.


A CUDDLER: Hm… definitely.
A KISSER:  Yeah. 
DOMINANT: He can be.
SUBMISSIVE: Again, he can be.
IN LOVE: No. (ship/verse dependent :’))
SINGLE: Yes. (ship/verse dependent)




PARENTS: Unnamed Mr. and Mrs. Clover, both alive and well & also precious.
PETS: If plants count then sure he has like 20, but otherwise fishes as far as he’s ever gotten. He generally “loves” animals though so it’s not for a lack of trying.

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Day 4 - Coooking Together

Some hideneki cooking headcanons:

-Kaneki is a great cook only problem is that the seasoning is always off bc he can’t taste the food. As a result hide is always hanging on his shoulder taking small taste tests.

-Hide cooks decently however his one fault is he forgets about the food and its only remembered again once the smoke alarm goes off.

-When they where kids (and kaneki wasn’t a ghoul) hide would try to make kaneki food, in that case it wouldn’t burn however there where always minor complications, kaneki never admitted them.

-Kaneki constantly cooks for hide, he claims its to make sure hide doesn’t burn his house down but he really likes the task bc it helps him calm down and chill from his ghoul-ness.

-Kaneki will not stand for any sexual activity while cooking due to the one time the chicken caught fire, also its unsanitary.

I guess it’s finished. I’m sorry. I’m so frustrated with this. I was planning on including it in some showcase thing the summer art program I’m going to is having and maybe even putting it up for sale there…? Mostly out of curiosity more than anything, but it’s just not looking good and I can’t save it. Just looking at the mess ups on the face make me want to burn it.
I’ll just go and delete the previous post of this.

In the future
  • Wife: Dear, Haekyeon and the others called. They say they want to have a reunion and would visit you soon.
  • Leo: ......
  • Leo: ......
  • Leo: *Packs his bag*
  • Leo: *Takes everything*
  • Leo: *Carries his children*
  • Leo: *Carries Wife*
  • Leo: *Burns the house*
  • Leo: *Changes last name to Jose Maria*
  • Leo: *Leaves and moves somewhere in Mexico*
  • Leo: We're safe now.

desiderii  asked:

Oh, oh, that is definitely not nearly enough Prohibition history. I've never before run across those analysis/critiques you mentioned, which is wild because it's one of my favorite eras to read about. You wouldn't happen to know whereabouts I could find more info on the historical context bits?

I can give you some starting places, but the opinions expressed in that post were an amalgam of a lot of different study, not all of which I have right to hand at this point :D

For the interactions between feminism and Prohibition, the Ken Burns documentary Prohibition is probably your best bet. It is very Ken Burns – lots of still images and soulful Appalachian Guitar – but it traces what we think of as Prohibition back to its roots in 19th century feminism, where women campaigned against alcohol not because it was “a sin” or “bad” but because they wanted to defend their sisters from men who would go straight from work to the bar and straight from the bar to assaulting their wives. When we’re taught about Prohibition we’re given these images of super-conservative middle-class hatchet-faced old broads trying to dictate morality to the rest of the country, but what was actually happening was a bunch of freethinking social rebels were desperate to stop men from constantly attacking and murdering their wives.  

An examination of class and the way Prohibition interacted with it is harder to pin down because noooooooobody wants to talk about it, since it is deeply uncomfortably echoed in modern society. The modern war on drugs is a very thinly veiled War On People Of Color, just as Prohibition in the early 20th century was really Prohibition For The Working Class. (Boy did that backfire; booze lords were the noveau riche by the time Prohibition was repealed, and were of course one reason it was repealed: segments of the working class, including oh my god immigrants, were gaining too much power.)

The prohibition of marijuana in America, just to use the most talked-about example, was literally just a justification to attack a high-use population: blue-collar Mexican immigrants. (For more on this, see the excellent documentary “Grass: The History of Marijuana”.) There are statistics that go something like 14% of African-Americans are drug users, but they make up 37% of all individuals arrested for drug possession or use. Just recently, in Tennessee, they decided to drug test everyone receiving state aid, assuming they’d be able to cut a lot of aid by refusing to provide it for drug users. One person in 800 testees was positive. Oops. (Also, why the eff would we refuse aid to people who clearly need it the most, Jesus this country is so dysfunctional.)

Anyway the point is, we are living in an era of Prohibition in a social sense; our government is using the ban on drugs to attack a specific population, just like they did then. (They never stopped, really; it was communism for most of the mid-century, and when that stopped working, it became cocaine/crack in the 80s, and “terrorism” in the 21st century, where the Patriot Act is mainly used in drug busts.)

Googling terms like “war on drugs racism” or “prohibition racism” will probably get you on the path, though tread carefully, some of the sites that pop up are a bit more legit than others. 

And all of this is the reason you can do a lot of reading about Prohibition in America and never hit this stuff – the narrative of Prohibition is carefully crafted to set it apart as a kind of fantasyland that has no bearing on modern prohibition. You get this weird situation where you’re not really taught why at that specific moment in time (two generations post-emancipation, ten years after a world war) the idea of a SUPER RESTRICTIVE FEDERAL LAW was so appealing. You’re not taught who the targets of the law were. 90% of what you get is the romanticised gangster: shootouts in Chicago, rum-running in New York’s harbors, funny stories about how sacramental wine imports (sacramental wine was exempt from Prohibition) shot up 200%.

And don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading about that; the number of gangster documentaries I’ve read is high. But Prohibition’s like a section of a Disney park, isolated and floating in its own little mythology, because if kids were actually taught about the social ramifications of it, they’d start asking some super-uncomfortable questions. 

Season 2 and Intimacy: One River’s Musings

Warning: Dangerous ground trod ahead. Read at your own risk. The writer assumes no responsibility for eyes injured while rolling.

@heartthesouth Warning: Dangerously long drivel here. Proceed with caution. And maybe a strong cup of caffeinated or alcoholic beverage-of-your-choice. I have included several images to break up the monotony, and inserted one of those after-the-break thingys. I’m thoughtful that way.

Stop me if you’ve heard Wee Wednesday @uselesstat say this before…

I loved Season 2.

Admittedly, the first 2/3 of the first episode had me whucking, “Too Much Of Frank,” but I recovered quickly when Claire deplaned* and took Jamie’s hand on the dock at Le Havre. Whew! (*North American word for getting off an airplane. You’re welcome.)

I mentioned during lemonade time Friday, I was binge-watching Episodes 201 through 212 in preparation for the season finale. Before binging, I was generally happy with Season 2, but by binging, I really enjoyed the episodes I wasn’t too keen on the first couple of times I watched them. It seems binge-watching “the show’s” version of Book 2, Dragonfly In Amber, works well for me. Somehow the pieces fit together better than they did before. I didn’t feel so anxious about getting out of Dodge Paris and back home to Scotland.

I know a lot of people celebrated the arrival of the season finale because it meant Season 2 was over and done with, hallelujah. If you’re one of these people, I understand your angst – after reading your posts and your readers’ comments – probably stems from your observation that Claire & Jamie sex scenes and/or intimacy were sorely lacking. You dinna like that.

I think it’s possible to have sex without intimacy, and to have intimacy without sex. And I think Season 2 was rife with intimacy.

She’s a witch! Burn ‘er! Burn ‘er!

“Intimacy is not purely physical. It’s the act of connecting with someone so deeply, you feel like you can see into their soul.” – source? I dinna ken. Ask the internet.

Let’s embarrass boyneriver for a moment. 20-something years ago I was talking with a friend, who is a licensed psychologist, about my then-current relationship. I wasn’t a happy camper. She said, “It sounds like you and Murtagh** don’t share much intimacy.” (**I just chose that name out of a hat.)

Had I known the wonderful word “whuck” – thank you, Tina Fey - at the time, I would have used it when I said, “Are you listening? I told you we “are physical***” all the time.” (***I chose the euphemism because I never know when my of me ol’ Sunday School teachers might be reading my blog.)

She said, “Do you ever do dishes together, or read the newspaper, or hang out sort of personally without touching each other?” (Okay, she didn’t use Sam’s “hanging out personally” phrase, but it works for me.) “That’s intimacy,” she said, “Spending time with each other and enjoying one another’s presence without necessarily having to touch, or make touch a priority.”

Sometimes smart people really bug me.

I learned intimacy means emotional or spiritual connection. It makes you and your partner a team. It renders vulnerability to be safe and okay in each other’s presence.

Because I had taken note of your angst, while binge-watching 201-212, I purposely paid extreme attention to Claire & Jamie’s interaction. Their lingering kisses - many of them unscripted, we’ve learned - smoldering looks, intense eye contact, support of each other’s ideas, and apparent need to always touch each other, screamed intimacy to me.

This is where anyone who is not one of my three readers needs to know I think Cait and Sam are in a committed relationship I like to call marriage. You may argue with yourself or among others.

This is also where I might unnecessarily mention this is my blog, my ideas, my opinions, my opportunity to rile Knife Wumman 🔪 @just-a-wretched-woman.

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Burning Karaoke with Ken & VIXX manager Raon

A List of Touka's Tragedies
  • Mother was murdered
  • Father disappeared (also murdered)
  • Ratted out to the CCG

  • Gets pecked in the eye by the bird she rescued

  • Homeless, until she joins a peaceful ghoul hideout

  • Hot, semi-emo brother joins a terrorist organization

  • Best friend aspires to be a chef

  • Gets sexually harassed

  • Kills the asshole

  • Rize’s ex-date doesn’t want to share the corpse

  • Stops Nishio-senpai from killing Kaneki

  • Stops Kaneki from killing Hide

  • Ryouko gets murdered

  • Gets injured getting revenge

  • Looks suspicious to Mado while cosplaying at the CCG

  • Becomes a wanted criminal after getting more revenge
  • Has a phobia of birds 
  • Hinami rescues Loser, a bird
  • Defeats a very picky eater
  • Tells him to eat himself, he does 
  • Is called pretty
  • Gets punched in the face by her hot, semi-emo brother
  • Her fella gets kidnapped by a terrorist organization
  • Gets kagune chewed off by her hot, semi-emo brother 
  • Gets told it’s “unappetizing”

  • Hot, semi-emo brother gets half wrecked
  • Feels abandoned

  • Punches Kaneki in the face from too many feels
  • Anteiku is raided and burned down
  • Meets a crying, amnesiac Haise Sasaki
 at :re
  • Visits someone at the hospital

  • Helps rescue a very picky eater

bossuary replied to your post

the single greatest threat to PBS’s success is PBS.

okay but honestly

  • the same ads run in the same order, in the same timeslots for months, until the minute you start getting used to it, and then some of them change. some have been playing before the news hour for years. you start to feel like groundhog day
  • 13 identical globe trekker shows and their kenny g intro music
  • to order “hummingbird mating habits” on dvd for $59.99, call this toll-free number or go to
  • every region has their own “local interest” segment show that gets shoved into the rest of the timeslot when something’s less than an hour long. today they’re going to the seal sanctuary. today they’re going to the tomato farm. today they’re going to the roadside statue of brumbpo tungus the third. if you’re lucky they filmed like 8 episodes. you can recite 6 of them by heart
  • this program is provided for by the national endowment for the humanities, and by contributions from viewers like you. thank you
  • it’s 6 PM on a saturday night. lawrence welk is on, followed by an hour of as time goes by episodes from before you were born
  • it’s a holiday weekend, so the tv station needs to run on a skeleton staff. time to marathon literally everything ken burns has ever done
  • pledge break six times a year: celtic woman, some dude who plays “world music” with dollar tree fabio hair, aging hippie band reunion tours, suze orman finance seminars
  • sunday night at 9 you think you might finally get something british that’s worthwhile. it’s one of the bates and anna episodes of downton abbey again
  • no seriously please donate
  • we’ll give you a bobblehead for $30 a month