this is a journey all in itself for her


I am so done with this show. This is not what I started watching #Supergirl to see. Supergirl is not a babysitter. Having her look after some guy while HE has a hero’s journey betrays all that the show proclaimed itself 2 be from conception, to marketing, to the strongest ideas it had on display in Season 1. This show is about women and was supposed to stand out from the rest of the superhero shows by being built around one. It didn’t need a male lead going through a hero’s journey. That’s what Arrow was, that’s what Flash is, that’s what Nate’s entire story on Legends of Tomorrow is! But now somehow Berlanti Productions, Warner Brothers and The CW have decided it does need a male character going through his origin story and that it’s female lead just isn’t going to cut it because they rushed her origin too quickly, a decision THEY are responsible for and didn’t seem to be too worried about at the time.

I can’t support this and I have *literally* zero interest in watching this show waste its time on this character.  I’m out.


Today in Middle-Earth: Frodo and Sam keep going on through Mordor; the Captains of the West continue their defiant march to Mordor; and the White Lady of Rohan rises from her sickbed (March 20th, 3019 T.A.)

 They climbed on to the causeway and trudged along, down the hard cruel road that led to the Dark Tower itself. But their luck held, and for the rest of that day they met no living or moving thing; and when night fell they vanished into the darkness of Mordor. All the land now brooded as at the coming of a great storm: for the Captains of the West had passed the Cross-roads and set flames in the deadly fields of Imlad Morgul. 

   So the desperate journey went on, as the Ring went south and the banners of the kings rode north. For the hobbits each day, each mile, was more bitter than the one before, as their strength lessened and the land became more evil.

A Silent Voice

So I just finished reading “A Silent Voice” (Koe no katachi) and my god was that an amazing story. The drama in it was so real it never felt overplayed or anything, the art was gorgeous and the journey the main 2 characters went through was beautiful to watch. I have to say I loved the addition of a deaf character in a comic as I don’t feel like I’ve ever seen that portrayed so accurately (as the author worked with Japans hearing aid society for accuracy, which in itself is worthy of praise) and the respect she’s given as a fully fledged character who’s disability is part of her but not all of her character was wonderful. The main lead is also wonderful as he’s by no means a perfect character and has to struggle constantly because of not only what he’s done in his past but for the effects thats had on him in the present, although that only serves to make him far more relatable in my eyes and a great character to follow. Honestly the whole cast was wonderful and I would recommend anyone who’s a fan of great human drama, especially those who have suffered a form of bullying to check this out, it may be all too real sometimes for those who have but the emotional journey will leave anybody smiling. My anticipation for Kyoto Animations film version of this just skyrocketed and I’ve heard its a good adaptation so I really hope that gets brought over here soon as I’d be more than willing to experience this story again. It’s definitely a 10/10 Manga and one of the best reading experiences I’ve had in a while

By the way, as I post a lot of articles about transphobia as well as transpositive things…
This is how you be an accepting parent.
See how easy it is?

It wasn’t always easy for her, having a transgender child is almost a transition in and of itself, the trans person is not the only person having to start a journey when they come out.
But fucking SHAME on all of the parents today, on Mother’s Day, that disown their children for being in the LGBTQ spectrum.

And an extra thank you to the Mothers that stick around no matter how difficult or weird it may be, and open themselves up to the process of learning, adapting and accepting.

"at least you have good hair"

Is a phrase that makes me want to slap you. Because of people like you, i have to always convince my friends to not quit their transitioning journey, and talk them out of a perm, because y'all are the same people who tell them to “comb their hair” or ask if they’re gonna straighten it anytime soon. You make them feel like their hair, by itself, is inadequate. You use words like “wild” and “nappy” in a very distasteful & pejorative manner. You tell me that I should be happy that I’m “blessed with a good grade of hair”. Are you saying that 4c hair isn’t a blessing? Fuck you. Don’t ask me if I’m mixed when my hair is flat-ironed. Don’t call her bald-headed because you’re judging her shrinkage. Hair should not be a status symbol. You’re not helping. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

righteous side of hell - a fanmix covering Homura’s journey as a magical girl trying to save Madoka and her descent into devilhood; Rebellion Story spoilers. HomuMado. Listen here: [8tracks]

Madoka’s counterpart: [8tracks]


 Time - Pink Floyd:

And then one day you find
Ten years have got behind you.
No one told you when to run,
You missed the starting gun.

Yeul’s theme - Joelle:

Constantly guiding despite the cost
Hoping against fear when all is lost
Pity not my destiny, no
My sacrifice is worth this

Numquam Vincar - Yuki Kajiura (instrumental)

Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve (instrumental)

Nocte of Desperatio - Chata:

A nightmare to repeat itself
The sacrifice that doesn’t grow
at the world’s end
What will hold your dead body?

Eternal Paradox - Yoshitaka Suzuki, Naoshi Mizuta (instrumental)

Magia (German Cover) - Paperblossom

Wish you Were Here - Pink Floyd:

How I wish
How I wish you were here
We’re just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl

Liberi Fatali - Nobuo Uematsu:

Excitate vos e somno, liberi mei
Cunae sunt non
Excitate vos e somno, liberi fatali
Somnus est non

Engel - Rammstein:

Gott weiß ich will kein Engel sein

Wrong Side of Heaven - Five Finger Death Punch:

I spoke to God today, and she said that she’s ashamed.
What have I become, what have I done?
I spoke to the Devil today, and he swears he’s not to blame.
And I understood, cause I feel the same.

Not Yet - Yuki Kajiura (instrumental)

Pokemon AU // Closed with eightanonly

There were many things Sarah would expect from her aunt when she came back from her journeys, she’d expect stories and even complaints about where she had been but she didn’t expect her to come back with a small, round owl and being told that she’d benefit from travelling herself.

Of course, the start of the road had many bumps and knocks as she and little Rowlet ran into many problems but she did gain enjoyment from getting to know the little fluffy creature that had decided to perch itself on her shoulder, he was stubborn and a little bit afraid to get his feathers dirty but she believed they got along because he was always willing to cuddle up to her and listens when she gives orders.

Making it to Lumiose felt like a long journey itself, learning from all the trails and errors and realizing there were only more to go and of course there was one trail that even some of seasoned travellers struggled with…finding her way around without getting lost.

Needless to say, she failed and found herself somewhere completely unfamiliar, unwilling to go into dark allyways she found herself going in circles trying to figure out where she’s supposed to be, Rowlet made a small noise, it’s head darting around, he probably figure out their situation already.

“I know, I know…I’m sorry but I promise we’ll figure this out.” She reassured the small bird petting it on the head letting out a sigh she decided that she’d seek out someone who could help, with all the rushing around though it was gettng extremely difficult to find someone who was willing to stop. Rowlet let out another whine ruffling his feathers, if it gets too late before finding a Pokemon center or something they may be in a bit of trouble!


In the week and a half that had passed since their feast, Guinevere had been busy preparing her wedding trousseau and making arrangements for the care of her father’s household once she took up residence in Camelot. This had involved hours of interviews and tests with various women of the court, all of them older widows or old maids.

By the time she’d finally settled on a housekeeper, it was Thursday, and she had to hastily pack her trunks and prepare for tomorrow’s journey. It was only a day’s ride to Camelot, but it would be a long day. She found herself thinking more and more of Arthur as the time of her visit drew nearer.

The journey itself was fairly boring. She set out with her maid, a man servant and three of her father’s most trusted knights. It was a long and tedious ride, and her thoughts wandered often. Late in the afternoon, though, the party was suddenly set upon by a band of four warriors.

Instantly, her manservant saw Guinevere and her maid to safety, hidden in a cave in the forest, before returning to the fray. She had brought her bow, and she sat motionless in the mouth of the cave, ready to shoot and waiting for news.

An hour later, she saw the four men walking back. Well…. Three were carrying the knight, Sir Antoine, on their shoulders. They had slain the attackers, but he was grievously wounded in the battle, and they would have to make camp here for the night.

All throughout the night and into the next morning, she labored to gather herbs and water to bathe Antoine’s wounds and dress them. They could not move him in this state, and her only hope was that Arthur would send a search party, since he had expected their arrival yesterday evening. She instructed one of her knights to keep watch by the road for a search party. Her manservant she sent out to forage for food, and Sir Julien remained with her and her maid to keep guard over their cave.



Everyone’s a bit of both. Everyone’s a hybrid.

Who is the hybrid? The shadow of one word eclipsing this series’ entire narrative. I have a feeling that the dictionary definition won’t really fit here, no. That’s not how Moffat writes. It is a subject that demands contemplation and heavy discourse, especially because I think it’ll tie into Clara Oswald’s swan song, which is just on the horizon.

The ingredients are all there, put into place carefully and cleverly, for the final chapter of Clara’s journey. You see it doesn’t matter whether she’s the hybrid, because we’ve already witnessed that the world itself isn’t black and white. It’s gray and it’s full of hybrids. That’s why the Doctor keeps seeing them. It’s something like the title ‘The Impossible Girl’, where the Doctor projects it onto Clara, mystifying her, making her an enigma to be solved, while in reality she’s just Clara. She is ordinary like the rest of us.

I am sorry, did I say 'She is…’? I mean 'She was…’. Yes she is no more the ordinary young woman that she was back in Series 7. Now she is special, now she is a hybrid. She has become like the Doctor, embracing his detached demeanor, his colder outlook and stronger front. Interestingly, the exchange was mutual, with the Doctor becoming more like Clara, taking up her duty of care, taking in her kindness and opening up more than he is usually comfortable with. Which means they are both hybrids.

And this is where Clara leaves her legacy, because even after she’s left, she’ll remain with the Doctor. She has become a part of the Doctor himself, through her kindness and through her love. In Doctor’s own words - “She doesn’t leave”. But that still leaves us with Clara’s eventual fate. Of course she can never actually become an enemy. That’s beyond the realm of possibility but she may betray his values and principles, even if it’s for the Doctor himself. She may become her own enemy.

It’s a route, I really want her to take because it’ll really allow us to see what made her so great in the first place. Being a hybrid herself, it is entirely possible that our ‘Impossible Girl’ has forgotten what made her impossible(which is evident through the drastic yet justifiable change in her character this series), and the Doctor might need to remind her…one last time.

Others have written about how the Bruce x Natasha romance in AoU is a crucial part of Natasha’s hero’s journey, and I completely agree. I don’t particularly want to get into the fandom war on this, but to me, a romantic relationship was a logical next step for her, as the past several movies have developed various aspects of her character, from her skills, to her loyalties, to her path to redemption, to her friendships with the other Avengers.

The same is true for Bruce, but although he’s made progress on his journey, it feels more a case of one step forward, two steps back. Which makes total sense for his character. All of the Avengers have inner demons they’re battling as much as the outside enemies, but Bruce’s battle with Hulk is the most obvious…obviously. ;) I wrote about how effectively the visual effects conveyed this emotional turmoil at the conclusion of the Hulkbuster scene. Not only is that moment poignant in itself, but it has added resonance because of the parallels with the opening battle sequence, contrasting a more controlled Hulk as a crucial part of the team to take out a Hydra base, with the out of control (or under someone else’s control) Hulk fighting against Tony and destroying primarily civilian buildings in a city. Even the two post-battle scenes on the quinjet parallel: Bruce’s wary acceptance of Hulk’s place on the team vs. Bruce being personally devastated by Hulk’s rampage.

I’m also struck by the juxtaposition of integration vs isolation in Bruce’s arc. In the first part of the movie, Hulk fights bad guys, has a special rapport with Natasha, and as Bruce he has an awkward relationship with Thor, is Tony’s science bro, has guy talk with Steve, and of course, is the object of Natasha’s romantic interest. He has a place and he has relationships, and he’s so far from where he was at the start of Avengers. But then we see him post-Hulkbuster, where he looks around after the battle and is an object of terror. (And of course I can’t help but think about that in contrast with post-Battle of New York, when there were Hulk fans on the news.) His worst fear has come to pass, and it’s no wonder he feels the need to leave.

And yet…he doesn’t do so immediately, and he also doesn’t feel–at least not at first–that he must remain totally isolated. Natasha gets through to him enough that even after Africa, he believes maybe he can have a life with her. He doesn’t go totally back to square one. Which gives me a lot of hope that eventually, in one (or over the course of several) film, he’ll get to the point where Natasha is on his own hero’s journey. (And that their window will be open!) For now, I  really like that AoU didn’t tie up his arc or really give much of a clue into what’s next for him. It’s one of the character journeys I’m most looking forward to in the MCU.

There is a poetry in extracting Clara between the space of one heart beat and her next, final one. Her death is a fixed point, and from here on in each and every one of her actions will essentially be a step towards the fixed, historical event of her death. 

But can the same not be said for all of us? That life itself is a journey towards death, and that to live is to exist between this heart beat and your last. The nature of her existence is at once extraordinary and, yet, remarkably unchanged. Like Ashildr, she has been given a second chance at life, but not the futility of immortality. Clara’s story has an endpoint. How and when she choses to get there, however, is up to her.