this is a joke just fyo

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Only one who'd match Fyodor is death; Deadpool married her so why can't he? *cough* But seriously thanks for the answer and sorry for asking a question you answered yet. I don't really think Chuuya would love a person who tried to kill Mori (he's way too loyal) and killed bunch of kids (irl Chuuya loved them). As well I'm not sure if Fyo would love Chuuya. He hates ability users, doesn't he? There's a difference between fyoya and skk cause Dazai is useful for Mafia. But no offence and ship wars~

I get where you’re coming from. Realistically I don’t think they would be able to fall in love or at the very least not be able to get together. But. That’s where the glittering magical unicorn called power of fanworks comes in.

Would it be pulling it out of my ass if I make them fall in love? HELL YEAH. Does it matter? Nah. At the end of the day I have a basic needs that is making my two characters smooch, and if I can make it, bam, why not. If I can weave a believable story and other people accept it, kudos. If not… wellllll, at least I’m having a lot of fun. That’s the point. Big point. Most important point.

Tl; dr nah I don’t think Fyoya is possible in canon either. But the thing is, I’m also not trying to justify it to anyone but myself. Fanon is yours, if you can make two characters smooch for your own pleasure, why not.