this is a joke i am the joke

I have a confession

I am not the person this site thinks I am. I’ve displayed a certain persona here and its all good but its not who I am. I actually did something pretty bad to someone I was in a relationship with. I’ve felt guilty about it ever since and I decided to finally come clean. I’m sorry you had to find out like this.

I cheated on my partner (more details below, its a pretty heartwrenching story so I recommend thinking twice before reading it)

I was dating Bunny_girl175 on Roblox in 2010 and we never broke up so everyone I’ve dated since is actually me cheating on her. Im so sorry to everybody I’ve been with ever since. I should have told you.

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I saw your tag saying you'll frame or put on a mug (lol) the screencap of Flash/KF/Vibe in costume. Do you have it logo-less by any chance?

I have these two, the original one and a slightly modified version by a friend. Feel free to use if you like them (she says as if her name was CW):

There are probably better versions out there though!

Edit: just noticed we can’t click on photos in text posts. There you go for bigger versions.


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One of the best things in the world is guessing on a bunch of questions on a test and actually getting them all right. On another note, I’ve been having a crisis over how I’m paying for college. I could probably sell a kidney or two.

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Okay so I read a fic where Keith and Lance were college professors and it just reminded me of your au lmao (archiveofourown (.) org/works/9910520)


AND YALL…ITS SO CUTE!!!! I LIVE FOR THAT MUTUAL PINING SO U GUYS OUGHT TO >> GIVE IT A TRY << many thanks to @hollywhood for writing it!!