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Syco has been posting all of Louis's snippets on their ig story at the same time Louis posted on his own story. They have been posting about the song both on twitter and insta. All of the official Sony accounts (like brazil, italy, singapore, canada vs. blah blah) has been posting about the song both on ig and twitter. None of you post this stuff on here. I mean Syco fucking sucks but you can't say they didn't do anything for BTY. They just tweeted about the song today.

I didn’t say they didn’t do anything, Syco defender. What I’m saying is that Epic isn’t just retweeting things. They are out here hyping up the song by pushing for airplay. Epic is also telling respected outlets how amped they are to have signed Louis. Syco got their announcement over to The Sun and then didn’t really seem excited about it at all. Tyler Brown (is that his name?) seemed more excited about jokes about Rusty when the announcement came than anything else. And if you don’t see the difference and you’re happy with Syco, that’s fine, but I do see a difference and I’m excited to see what Epic will do to really promote Louis and his music. I hope they do it right.

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I can’t understand shit but I love Jung Hoseok so fucking much 💘❤💕💓💞💖💜💕💝💛💘💚💙💓

Things I can't imagine

-Clara telling anyone, even as a joke, to ‘let the others die first’

-Amy looking after two teenagers (at least not without leading them straight into mischief and probably danger)

-River calling the TARDIS a 'cow’ and mocking it

-Amy telling the Doctor 'you embarrass me’

-River describing herself as having 'a bubbly personality’

-Clara hitting the Doctor with a baseball bat and then trapping his necktie in a door

-River looking at a little girl crying and saying 'So?’

-Amy announcing she did something 'disgracefully’

-River asking Queen Neferiti for a high-five

-Clara being a kissogram

-Amy, having being told by the Doctor to remain where she is and not to argue, responding with a scared 'I’m not’ and proceeding to obey him

-Clara continuing to kiss, and trying to undress, the Doctor or indeed any person after they’ve said no

-River barely being able to connect a computer to the Internet

#2 Your First Kiss
  • Luke Hemmings: Your first kiss with Luke wasn't magic and rainbows on a typical level, but it was good enough for you. It had character, was something you always said. He'd come along with you when you took your little sister to the pumpkin patch. You had promised her you'd take her that afternoon and forgot about the group project you still had to do with Luke. Conflicted, you just asked Luke to come and brainstorm while your sister played. "A beanie already? It's not even cold, Hemmings," you teased with a laugh. Luke just shrugged it off and smile goofily at you. Seeing as your sister was old enough to play on her own, you stood back with Luke, thinking about the group project. You had the assignment paper on your phone and we're looking over at it. The assignment was to get in a partnership and complete an afternoon of community service; it was to show the importance of making a difference in your community. "We could always volunteer at the dog shelter," you proposed, reading the notes. "What about at that homeless youth shelter?" he asked. You thought about it for a bit and nodded, "Yeah, I actually really like that," you agreed and in an attempt to high five him, your clumsy self had dropped your cell phone. The two of you bent down at the same time to pick it up, and then you fell forward thus pushing him back. You lay on top of him and really looked him in the eyes. They were so pretty and without thinking, you bent down and placed a kiss on his lips. Your face instantly turned red; you were not the type of person to kiss someone first. You struggled to get yourself back to a standing position, then offered him your hand. "Sorry," you mumbled, still embarrassed and wondering what came over you. "Why? I liked it. I've been wanting to kiss you all day," he admitted, looking down at his shows. "YOU GUYS ARE GROSS," your sister yelled before running back to the pumpkin patch, leaving the two of you laughing.
  • Calum Hood: The two of you were sitting on his bed, in his room, with a guitar perched on his lap. His eyebrows were furrowed as he tried to think of the next words to match the melody Luke had given him to work with. Calum stared at you, his eyes transfixed on your dimple. Just one dimple, not two, but he loved that already. You two had only been dating for a few weeks, and nothing was official but neither of you felt the need for labels. "I can't!" He groaned, frustration etched all over his face. He threw himself back on the bed, his head landing right next to your thigh. You ran your hands through his curly hair; his hair always started curling when he needed a haircut. "Yes you can, babe... What about like, well," you weren't a songwriter, and even if you tried suggesting something it would probably be shit. "Let's go for a drive." You stood up from his bed, "it'll clear your head and maybe you can get some inspiration," you said as you picked up his car keys from his bedside table. Calum laughed and shook his head at your spontaneous idea, but took the keys from your hand and followed you out nonetheless. "Now where we going genius?" Calum asked, a sloppy smile on his lips. "Anywhere.. Let's get ice cream, drive around the block, go to the park," you shrugged, "anywhere for you to get inspiration." Calum stared at you intently, the smile on his face growing. He look at you in awe. "It's hard to write about my inspiration when she's sitting right in front of me." He said, before leaning in slowly, and kissing your lips softly. That day, you two ended up at Baskin Robins, then took the long way home.
  • Ashton Irwin: Ashton was a very traditional guy. That meant that he didn't even try to kiss you until you were officially dating, and that he'd asked you to date in a super cute way. It was one of the things you liked about him. Honestly, he was that guy the repetitive twitter accounts talked about. That night, he'd left flowers and a note at your doorstep for you to see when you got back from your sports practice. You smiled, knowing who had dropped them off and wondering how in the world you got so lucky. Upon opening the note, you found it said. "Good afternoon gorgeous, I hope you're not too tired to go out tonight. I'll pick you up tonight at 8:00. - Ashton." You clutched the note to your chest with a huge smile on your face for at least 30 seconds before glancing at your clock and realizing it was 5:00. That didn't leave you much time at all. --- You looked at the mirror one last time and smiled, feeling perfect. It's not that you were a cocky person, but you had a lot of confidence. When Ashton rang the doorbell, despite you being ready, it was your dad who answered the door. You walked out, ready and stared at the two men in your life who looked utterly stunned. "What? Too much?" you joked. Ashton chuckled and shook his head, "No, not at all. You look beautiful," his voice was slow and you could tell he was still stunned, it was adorable. "Thank you Mr. Y/L/N, but we'll be heading out now, the reservation is soon," he announced, before shaking your father's hand. You both walked out, you with the biggest smile on his face and one to match on his. The two of you were still on your doorstep, the door closed, when Ashton turned to you. "I was going to do this at the end of the night, but I can't wait," he said, before leaning in to kiss you. It was the best first kiss you could have asked for, you closed your eyes, and touched your lips when he pulled away. You couldn't wait to kiss him again and again.
  • Michael Clifford: As Michael's friend, and later girlfriend, you had been going to 5 Seconds of Summer shows and garage practices for as long as you could remember. You had even been there, as the camerawomen, for some of the Youtube covers and you loved it. You were so proud of the boys, honestly. It was so rewarding to see them start to play bigger places, and to have people take notice. That night in particular had been an important show for the boys; there was a talent scout in the audience. If they impressed him, then the boys would be opening up for Hot Chelle Rae on tour next summer. You knew it was going to be hard for you to see them tour, because Michael wouldn't be there for months at a time, but you couldn't be more proud. That night, the show kicked ass. Ashton hit the drums a little bit harder, Calum's bass wasn't as hidden as before, Luke's voice wasn't pitchy as it usually was when he was nervous and Michael's energy on stage was unmatched as he played perfectly. You knew that they'd gotten the gig. As soon as Michael got off stage, you ran to him, wrapped your legs around his waist and kissed him hard. "Damn, babe, you're about to be famous."
  • Authors Note: I'm sorry Michael's isn't long, I just thought it needed to be short and sweet for it to get the best impact!