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Derp Emblem: Costume Party Incantation

That’s a joke none of you will get. After weeks and weeks of drowning in outside work, I am finally done with the first of what I hope to be quite a few Halloween comics and singles. I really am sorry for the delay, but between dealing with the family stuff and having a deadline to hit, I just had too much on my plate. Hopefully all the fun stuff I have planned will make up for it though!!


Dating Bill Skarsgard Would Include...

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~ You learning Swedish in secret, until he hears you speaking his native language while talking to Alexander

~ Him being worried that “IT” would scare you but then he’s surprised when you love him more for how well he portrayed Pennywise

~ Reading “IT” together and finding everything wrong with the movie


~ Cuddling together after he gets home from a long day of filming

~ When you visit his family they all love you and he shows you how beautiful Sweden is

~ You fangirling when you go to the set of “IT” because you’ve watched Stranger Things and holy shit there’s Finn Wolfhard

~ When he finishes a film or show you guys have a weekend where all you do is binge watch your favorite shows together

~ Missing each other so much when he’s gone for interviews and filming in a different country

~ When you buy a house together you have so many books that there is an entire room filled with books and you call it your “Life’s Library”

~ You visiting him while he’s away, and neither of you want to leave each other again but you have to get back to your job

~ Having a somewhat large family, because you both love the big family life (You end up having 5 kids)

~ Him getting you a dog so you’re not so lonely when he’s away

~ Having a small wedding with only his parents and siblings and your parents and siblings and a few of your closest friends

~ Him being the big spoon and you being the little spoon

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If you were to replace one or all of Tsuna’s Guardians with character’s from different anime/fiction who would you think would fit as Tsuna’s Guardian(s)?

This was both surprisingly hard to do and very thought provoking in many ways. I’m bias those my favorite characters, but the problem is 7 out of 10 times my favorite character is the main character who wouldn’t fit into the role of a Guardian. So I didn’t have clear cut answers right off the top of my head. 

I ended up with a mixture of people who either forced Tsuna into moving or provided much needed support (because no one else was listening to him in his life) or both. 

Morgana from Persona 5 as Tsuna’s Sun.

Morgana spends the entire persona 5 game being your mentor, constant support and mini mother hen. The “it’s time to go to sleep” is a running joke in the p5 fandom after all. The healing aspect of Sun fits well with Morgana’s role in p5 as your primary healer. I kinda imagine Morgana being Tsuna’s first as Tsuna needs a constant companion that never leaves. Plus if Akira can spend the school year sneaking Morgana into school, Tsuna can too! (Morgana being a fluffy cute cat would probably win points with Hibari)

Marco the Phoenix from One Piece as Tsuna’s Rain

Marco is THE big brother over on Whitebeard Pirates, the calmest, most responsible and probably a good listener. So he’s a lot more stable than Ryohei (who can be scatterbrain) and Dino (who can’t be around often) as someone Tsuna can count on for support and advice. His strength makes him one of Tsuna’s more heavy hitter guardians and his laid back nature probably grounds Tsuna’s frantic panic. 

Kuroba Kaito from Magic Kaito/Detective Conan as Tsuna’s Mist

Okay this is more because I think it would be really interesting overall. Kaito is someone who hides behind masks and despite how friendly he is, he’s very lonely because people can’t keep up with him (mentally) and because of his masks, and the trust issues with his nighttime job. Whether he keeps KID’s job as Tsuna’s Guardian is questionable. I do think, once Tsuna figures it out, and see beyond Kaito’s masks, they would probably bond a little over the whole social outcasts. But his high energy, magic tricks and overall bubbly personality, Kaito will keep Tsuna on his toes, forcing him to move when Tsuna rather withdraw. 

Portgas D. Ace from One Piece as Tsuna’s Storm

Someone hot headed and reckless, someone Tsuna has to keep out of trouble. Much like Kaito, Ace would keep Tsuna on his toes and moving just because Ace is determined to charge ahead, dragging Tsuna with him straight into trouble. Tsuna turns out better for it, because he would have run away from it instead of confronting the issue. 

(Young) Tony Stark from Iron Man/Marvel as Tsuna’s Lightning

A young Tony Stark maybe in town for college? Meeting Tsuna (who has no clue who he is) was completely refreshing. But the point of contention between them is Tony’s bad habit of throwing himself in the line of fire (a lightning habit) and Tsuna wants him to slow down and take care of himself more. 

Sakuraba Neku from The World Ends with You as Tsuna’s Cloud

If you go pre-game then hey the same character growth! otherwise, post-game Neku also works; despite his acceptance of having friends, I feel like Neku still prefers his alone time, allowing him to be the cloud the floats freely. Post-Game Neku would encourage Tsuna to step outside of his comfort zone, to “expand his horizon” where as pre-game Neku would be learning to do so with Tsuna. 

They’re not perfect fits (and you can definitely argue the Flames for some too) and it’s kinda fun to imagine how the relationships beyond Tsuna could go with. Like Morgana and Ace will either hate each other or Morgana will treat Ace as a personal heater lol. Tony and Kaito would get along fabulously as two genius. Neku and Marco are probably very done and everyone spends a lot of time worried about Tsuna. 

I can totally picture Tsuna finding Morgana at a fairly young age (eight maybe?) and the two of them being friends for awhile before Tsuna meets Ace (maybe as a new classmate and/or Ace saving Tsuna from bullies?). Marco and Ace are a package deal and Tsuna meets Marco who is a few years older. Kaito comes a little later after that, purely because of a magic trick and it’s Kaito’s skills that ultimately end up drawing Tony’s attention. Leaving Neku for last with a by chance meeting. 

Damn, now I want to write this crazy world. 

No one is happy when Reborn shows up. 

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you don't joke about abandonment with jim around.


You are right. You can’t. I’m picturing Bones in the early days of their friendship saying something offhandedly like “I should just leave you here, serves you right” after Jim gets himself beat all to hell in a bar fight and Jim just panics… oh man… 

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I'm about to take a 5&½ hour train trip home for all of three days, will be hella boring. Tell me about the wildest thing you've ever done? Your blog gives me the impression you are an individual who has seen and done quite some life.

one mild story: I was in a seance at art school in the upper loft of an old barn with 6 other students and one (1) Very Cool maths teacher. the ghost knocked a rat out of the wall after we told them a terrible knock knock joke. also their favorite color was lavender.

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Hey. Heard you watch Voltron. Do you have any faves yet?

Lotor ofc. I watched it for him after all.

But also… This fucking masterpiece (which loss I’m still mourning ;^; )

Yes, you see well, this is the ol Lotor’s ship that got destroyed. It was THE ONLY LOGICAL FLYING CONSTRUCTION IN THE SHOW AND I LOVED IT

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i just realised that Georgie took his walkie talkie with him that day, so Bill probably heard broken up versions of him giggling when he ran after his boat and then Pennywise's voice and Georgie screaming and he was probably so confused and scared and then eaten up by guilt and that's the saddest thought i've had all week

Okay. That just fucked me up.

At first, he was probably in denial. I imagine he picked up his own radio up, listening to the crackling on the other end for a moment, waiting for Georgie to say something. But he doesn’t. So, he probably says something back like,“G-Georgie, don’t jo-joke like tha-that.” He probably waits a more seconds before adding, “H-Hurry up an-and g-get h-home.” His stuttering getting even worse the more nervous he gets. He waited for a while for an answer while pacing around his room in circles. He probably stood at the window the majority of the time, waiting for the bright yellow raincoat to appear off in the distance of the rainy day. When it startsdy to get dark and he still had heard from Georgie, he knew he needed to say something. So, he went down stairs to be greeted by his Mother and Father in the kitchen. His mother was already near hysterical that her son wasn’t home already. Bill probably told them about what he heard over the radio, and the phone that his mother was already clutching in her hands was now dialing 911. His mother probably resented Bill for that, and though she’d never say it out loud, she probably thought that in some way Georgie could have been saved if Bill had said something sooner. Secretly blaming him for what happened.


There was someone in my inbox talking about hair-down Kuroo and the first thing I thought was “it’s been a while since I’ve last made Bokuto feel gay over Kuroo’s hair hasn’t it”

Another depressing-ish theory!

So I’m sure you all remember this part of CH.3, where the Colonel said he was sucked into the board game Jumanji?  We all thought it was just a funny reference Mark threw in to make us laugh?  Something to make the situation less tense?

But then we get this?

Safari Hunt Gone Wrong.  And there’s Colonel, right on the front cover.

I think Colonel was a sane man at some point, but something happened on this trip.  What happened, I don’t know, but I think it was enough to drive him a little crazy.  It made him more dangerous and unpredictable, but he’s still the lovable Colonel.

But then everything goes crazy, and Damien and Selene are nowhere to be found, and everyone around him is telling him to leave.  And he’s not going to leave, he NEEDS to find his friends, and it doesn’t matter who stands in his way.  That includes the Detective.  And us.

And it’s so sad because Damien and Selene are aware of his lack of sanity.  They knew him before he went mad, and they go out of their way to defend him; he was a good person, he’s just too…dangerous.  They still love him, no matter how horrible his actions become.  

And when we come back as Dark, the Colonel Wilford is elated!  He didn’t kill anyone, they’re just playing a prank on him!  He’s calling out for Selene and Damien, his best friends to come out already!  The jokes over, they got him good, what a prank they pulled!  But it isn’t a prank, and we can see the shift from the Colonel to Wilford.  The final snap.  The last of his sanity and understanding of death gone.

But Dark isn’t mad.  No, not at all.  Because Dark is still a combination of Selene and Damien, and those two still love the Colonel.  Even after the Colonel starts going by the name Wilford Warfstache, he’s still their best friend.  And he always will be.  

“I respect you Wil, I always have.” 

Main points from Afterbuzz interview

Spoiler warning for season 4!

So Afterbuzz TV sat down with Lauren Montgomery, Joaquim Dos Santos and Jeremy Shada to review episodes 1 and 2 as well as discuss the season as a whole. Here’s a summary :)

*Note: a lot of this is paraphrased since I was taking notes as I was listening, but it’s as true to what was said as physically possible

  • About Keith (and Shiro):
    • Last season was a lot about building Keith’s confidence as a leader and then immediately he steps out of the role. Joaquim says Keith has always been reluctant to be in the leader position
    • Lauren says we have a situation where we have one paladin too many, something’s gotta give. Had Shiro stayed gone Keith would’ve absolutely stayed put, but with Shiro back Keith feels like he can’t fill those shoes, so he’s kinda pulling back to sort of force Shiro to step back in
    • Lauren is responsible for the Shiro & Keith cameo in the background of the Holt final photos before the Kerberos launch
    • Lauren calls Shiro Keith’s “guiding light”
    • Lauren says Shiro is going to have a “lot of development” 
    • Jeremy teases more backstory 
  • About Matt:
    • The fakeout at Matt’s grave was Joaquim’s idea
    • Steve Ahn’s birthday made it into the graveyard scene as Matt’s wrong birthday (or perhaps the coordinates? wasn’t clear)
    • Jeremy says he watched the graveyard scene not knowing anything since he wasn’t in that episode, and even he believed it for a second, despite Matt’s VA being around a lot to record lines
    • Lauren says she still gets affected and she’s known since day one that Matt will be back (”and he’s gonna be a rebel and he’s gonna be an action star!”)
    • Matt is a huge dork. He had to grow and evolve to survive but at the heart of it he’s still Pidge’s dork of a brother 
    • Matt was the only person Pidge could relate to growing up because she was way too smart for everyone else in her class, smarter even than her own teacher, so she had no one except her brother. And then he kinda left her behind, not intentionally or in a mean sense but still
    • Matt got into the Garrison on brainpower and he isn’t as powerful as some other characters. He very much fights like someone who isn’t a big guy (speed not strength)
  • About Lance:
    • Lance is all about being in the spotlight. The Voltron shows are everything he’s been waiting for
    • Jeremy says it was fun playing those more lighthearted episodes after the more serious growing and maturing from last season
    • Lance has a lightheartedness to him; Jeremy says that’s his favourite part of playing him
    • Lauren jokes that it’s all Jeremy’s fault cause he’s so good at playing Lance and if you’re mad that Lance is funny all hatemail goes to Jeremy
    • Joaquim says it’s tough with so many characters, but reiterates that every person will have their time in the spotlight
    • Regarding Lance’s pep talk to Allura at the end of the season, Lance knows when someone needs to step up, he’s a really good team player. He loves being the center of attention but he’s also able to pull back. Jeremy says the team is like a family now, and it’s that respect and care and love for everyone on the team that lets Lance be confident in saying stuff like “I know you can do this, it’s all you” as opposed to something like “I think I can do something!”
    • Lauren points out that Lance started in the blue lion which is a support lion, holds Voltron up, and he’s since graduated to the right hand which is like the ultimate support to the head. It’s a good indication of what’s beneath the surface, he’s really good at knowing everyone’s strengths, good team player
    • Joaquim adds that if you look deeper, Lance comes from a big family, and within the family dynamic he was probably very much that guy. But to people outside the family he wants to be seen as front and center
    • Jeremy says Lance is going to continue to grow, building on the more serious moments from this season and the one before. Lance becomes “a voice of reason” soon
  • About Lotor:
    • Lauren is to blame for Lotor dislocating his shoulder. They wrote themselves into a bit of a corner with that; they knew he had to get away but how? It’s not like he could drive with his mouth or pick the lock, the space cuffs don’t have locks. Joaquim says everyone cringed just looking at Lauren’s storyboards for that scene without even sound or anything
    • Lauren says Lotor is genuinely intelligent and we’ll eventually learn things about him “like maybe he’s not SUPER backstabby?”
    • [both Joaquim and Lauren are very tight lipped on Lotor backstory and relationship with Honerva etc]
  • Voice cast trivia: 
    • Josh Keaton voices Regris
    • Whenever there’s an extra lady voice it’s usually Kimberly Brooks or Cree Summer
    • Lauren recalls one amazing blooper when Rhys Darby (Coran) just got so frustrated with a line he cussed them out. Joaquim and Jeremy add that Rhys has this amazing way that he abandons a line, where he’ll just go dadadadada–awwh (“he deflates”). To be fair Rhys gets a lot of the hardest and most technical lines
    • Andrea Romano (the show’s retired voice director) did the robot voice at Matt’s grave–she has a tradition of doing computer voices (she was the batmobile for a long time)–and she also has done the Castleship’s voice as well as some helmet translations
    • Te-Osh was voiced by Lacey Chabert who does Nyma. She has a naturally high voice so they pitched her down for Te-Osh and found it turned out amazing
    • John DiMaggio voiced lieutenant Ozar as well as the bounty hunter and the illegal arms dealer from Reunion (There’s a cute story with Christine Bian–backgrounds and props supervisor–who is a huge Futurama fan so she came in the day John was recording and he was super nice and signed her things and as he left she yelled “Bender we love you!” and you hear down the hall “shut up baby I know it”)
  • The Blade of Marmora feel the most responsibility out of anyone to do whatever they can against the Galra given it’s their culture and they want to prove to everyone that they’re willing to go as far as it takes to right the wrongs, which unfortunately often leads to BoM operatives being not very long-lived
  • Joaquim says the grey alien from the mall goes to Earth every now and then for a round of abductions and then he resells everything, which is how he got all the game systems and Kaltenecker, etc
  • Pidge was determined to play her game and within a few months she had gathered everything to jury rig it so it’d work, and then of course Lance in typical Lance fashion jacked her game system the same way he jacked her headphones
    • The pixel artist they got to do the game is Michael Azzi, based in Brussels, and he came up with most of it on his own (that boss move at the end where the shot rotates was all his idea)
  • Any time the show goes Full Anime (the Kaltenecker scene, Matt and Allura’s meeting) it’s usually Steve Ahn’s doing
    • Joaquim says go watch Matt and Allura’s meeting in Japanese
  • The Voltron Show episode was very much their Ember Island Players episode. Joaquim says there’s a bit of a disconnect, that it was first and foremost an episode for them internally to come to terms with a lot of stuff, whereas a lot of people are saying “oh they’re speaking directly to us [the fans]” but that’s not the case. They’ve been thinking about this since a long time ago. Lauren says it was written and in production long before the fandom
  • Lauren would’ve loved to get to know the rebels a bit better and give Olia a proper introductions but just no time


You know what makes me upset?


When we wake up from the void, one of the first things we see is this man who is borderline delusional, who has murdered his friends - who shot us - and he’s holding a cane in his hands.

Damien’s cane.

Something that once represented an individual who was a compassionate, emotional, trustworthy, charming, intellectual, and a persuasive leader. He was bright; a sense of calm amidst such chaos.

Now in the hands of a good man gone mad, who believes this all to be a joke. Some kind of ruse pulled by his friends, and He calls out to the dead, leaving the last bit of sanity he has in that room with us…with that cane, ownerless and now laying on a table. We reach out and take it in our hand, gently, and after a moment, we see something change. There is a distortion and suddenly, we aren’t the one holding it anymore.

The camera pans up to a mirror, and we see a reflection. We see him.

It’s Damien, but…not exactly.

His hair isn’t smoothly combed back, parted differently, now wild and slightly disheveled. He’s missing his bowtie, his flower pin, and the mayor button. His light and calming aura is no longer present, and the color fades from him as he looks down at that cane. You can see the immense pain in his eyes; the sense of loss and confusion, numbness and frustration. It’s not just him: it’s Celine. It’s us.

That’s our body but it’s him

He raises it to the light and looks at what he once was; takes one last glimpse at a life stolen from him at a such young age. It belonges to a man who was cunning - eager to help a city - and was invited to a fun night of poker, laughter, drinks, friends. It was an invitation to smile, and to make new of old memories, but it was all a horrible lie, fabricated to take their lives.

It was a trap, and it robbed Damien of having a future. Robbed the detective, robbed Celine, us, everyone.

Damien moves, adjusting as the world around us shakes and shatters, world bleeding cyan and red. The mirror shatters, dangerous and violent as it cracks to reveal static.

We see Damien pause, closing his eyes and it seems like he’s taking a moment to listen. To hear his thoughts, and to feel this body. Feel the power of this shared consciousness.

But then he opens his eyes, and you can see the torment. The heartbreaking realization that an individual he considered to be one of his closest friends took Damien’s life from him. And in this moment - this terrible, agonizing moment - he is drowning in betrayal, bitterness, confusion, loss, and heartbreak.

It’s a moment of acceptance.

It’s when something inside him shifts.

We witness that burning anger, that seek for justice, and the Damien who welcomed us our first night at the manor - who defended and confided in us - ceases to exist. He puts down that cane as lips that once held a smile distort and bend into an uncharacteristical scowl, rage stripping the picture of Damien from exsistence and painting this new entity of 3 souls trapped within one body.

Reflected in that shattered mirror is the image of innocents who should have left that mansion, alive and untouched. It is the image of revenge, and blinding despair; one that drips of this seething hatred.

Its something from a nightmare because we see the face of a man who once had eyes that shone brighter than the stars, with such heart and kindness, only to crumble as he tries to keep the others around him sane as they are picked off one by one. We watched as he became more and more lost, emotional, and frustrated mostly with himself. He was an individual who attempted to be a voice of reason, a protector, a guide, and because of that nature, it was used against him. His body will spend the rest of eternity being puppetted by someone else, and the true Damien will be lost into something that is everything he never was.

Staring into that mirror isn’t Damien. It isn’t Celine, or Mark, or any of us. It’s a being of darkness that betrays us, leaving us in that place. It’s only then we feel that dense of abandonment, and it is crippling, because we finally understand how Damien felt. And in that moment, at least for me, I forgave them and the thing that they unknowingly unleashed.

And It is just so terrible because Damien deserved so much more.

They all did.

And it just breaks my heart.

DnP Collab With Louise: Highlights
  • “Phil saying “will I need to put your socks on for you after?” to Louise because she didn’t want to bend down, like he was joking but we all know he would actually do it,, so fond
  • Dan saying “alright babe,” and Phil whipping around to look at Dan and then staring back into the camera like nothing happened !!
  • Dan’s really encouraging “good guess Phil!”
  • A  R U D E  A R E A 
  • “can they not just then swim for the rest of their life like a tiny whale?” Phil’s mind is so underappreciated ffs
  • bonus points for “so that’s technically a really long nose!”
  • Dan’s fricken smile before he starts laughing at “mucus plug”
  • Dan just being really immature and saying colostrum means butt
  • Dan’s lil trumpet noise holy heck
  • “boob nectar”
  • Phil: “how does your boob know?”
  • Dan sneakily working in Dua Lipa i see u
  • Phil: “I could be your doula!”
  • Louise talking about how Dan is calmer than Phil
  • Phil sarcastically roasting himself right after n his voice gets rlly deep
  • Dan resting his elbow on the top of the couch
  • Dan getting episiotomy wrong like copacetic part 2
  • Louise: you’d be great dads!” Phil (immediately and very seriously) “Thank you”
  • Dan’s air quotes when Louise tells Phil his name is on her baby name list
✨ love yourself: ‘her’ era jimin ship moments ✨

© mighty jimin

in honor of jimin’s birthday i’ve compiled some of the best jimin ship moments during the love yourself: ‘her’ era! 

✨ jinmin ✨

© off the deep end

+ jin making sure jimin eats well
+ cuties taking selfies together
+ lots of touching & eye contact
+ jin ranking jimin (and jk) #1 as the people who laugh at his jokes the most
+ another cute addition to their massive twitter video archive
+ jimin saying the thing he’s looking forward to most from the members for his birthday is rice cake soup made by jin
+ jin calling jimin out for recording himself instead of showing off his room
+ jimin sharing that after they won their bbma, he asked jin to go drinking w/him
+ when all the members wrote messages to jin while he was sick, jimin writing “seokjinnie-hyung, i’ll take care of you

✨ yoonmin ✨

© rallytriangle

+ yoongi checking jimin out and smirking while declaring manggae tteok (one of jimin’s nicknames) isn’t bad when asked what his favorite kind of rice cake is
+ constantly making heart eyes at each other
+ during a game where they had to turn to the person next to them and say “i love you,” yoongi immediately turning to jimin and saying “i love you”
+ lots of touching and hand holding
+  jin calling out yoongi and saying the reason why he’s holding jimin’s hand is because he likes him (then the rest of bts joins in)
+ that look on jimin’s face when he was watching yoongi play the piano
+ when asked if he’ll ever be in a unit with yoongi, jimin replying he would like to [be in a unit w/yoongi]
+ and when yoongi is asked which member he’d like to work with before the end of 2017 he picks jimin 
+ both of them being incredibly soft for each other
+ even more shameless flirting

✨ minjoon ✨

© creamsoda

+ 95% of this vlive
+ namjoon calling jimin an angel without wings and when jimin declares he’s a fairy instead, namjoon wholeheartedly agreeing
+ this ??? moment where it looked like they were about to kiss
+ absolutely, ridiculously, hopelessly clingy
+ namjoon trying to get jimin’s attention while jimin’s oblivious
+ namjoon pinching jimin’s nipple at a fansign
+ when a fan asked namjoon to pick his favorite amongst ryan, brown, and jimin, namjoon picking jimin
+ this picture of them doing nothing but being incredibly soft next to each other
+ jimin seeking attention from namjoon
+ namjoon buying jimin a $3000+ ring (which jimin wore on his bday vlive)

✨ jihope 

© heartthrob

+ hobi giving jimin a massage during a fansign
+ constantly being super cute and playful with each other
+ jimin responding cutely when hobi praises him 
+ this adorable twitter video
+ hobi making fun of jimin’s height
+ dancing together on knowing brother
+ jimin unzipping hobi’s jacket to show more of his chest
+ neither one of them having any concept of personal space
+ jimin rapping hobi’s part in cypher pt.4 and hobi jamming w/him
+ body rolling together on stage

✨ vmin ✨

© sweet tete

+ super duper clingy
+ jimin happily pushing tae in a small wagon
+ both of them being extra when recording a commercial together
+ when a fan asks him to draw a picture of them, tae draws a picture of jimin instead
+ tae showing off his dance moves while jimin praises him
+ singing pied piperserendipity, and best of me together/to each other
+ hand holding and heart eyes
+ tae protecting his mochi from a fan that wanted to see more skin
+ when asked what the friendship between him and jimin can be compared to, taehyung replies “friends for a lifetime
+ tae wrapping his leg around jimin and jimin slapping tae’s butt while they cuddle

jikook ✨

© 3x95_jim

+ when a fan who shares the same name as jimin comes along, jungkook saying “jimin-ah” (using informal language) and checking his jimin’s reaction with a grin
+ jimin seductively asking jungkook to vote for him
+ jungkook looking like a lost puppy when he can’t find jimin
+ the two of them catching each other’s eyes on stage and giggling
kookie riding jimin’s back while the two of them sing serendipity together
+ jungkook revealing that jimin is the member who comes to his room the most often and the one who’d most likely treat him to a meal
“park?” “park.”
+ jimin proudly showing off pictures of jungkook fans gave him
+ this adorable moment when they were dancing together
+ jungkook confidently offering to pay for jimin’s parents to have a birthday event at gocheok sky dome

and the best of them all...jimin harem moments: 

Red Herrings, News Reports, and Memes: The Purpose of the Jim Twins in the Overall Narrative

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Out of all the things that I’ve been wondering about in the overall Who Killed Markiplier continuity, the Jim twins were the biggest things on my radar.  Nothing about what they were doing made any sense in relation to the overall mystery.  Initially, I was assuming that they were to serve as opposite to our PoV, allowing them to wander around places that the episode didn’t show us in order to give us more clues toward the killer.  They seemed to do that fine during the first two chapters, where they were able to get a good look at the crime scene and show us just how close the detective Benjamin was to his former partners…in both sense of the word.

Originally posted by spacemarkimoo

But come the third and fourth Jim-casts, and…they’re really just joke casts.  One big lead up to a subscriber joke, and mumbling nonsense about how Jim thinks the murder occurred.  No contribution to the overall statement.  Isn’t that weird, especially when the original cast had enough jokes to hold itself!

…wait a minute.

How many jokes were in each chapter, really?

That’s when it hit me.  The very first episode threw us a red herring in terms of the chef, whom it tried to show off as the potential killer.  Everything seemed to be a red herring, huh?  But what if the Jims were red herrings as well?

What if they were atmospheric red herrings?

Couldn’t find a better term for it, sorry.

Up until this series, all of Markiplier’s skits would always end with a joke.  Each one, no fail.  All of his work with Cyndago ends with a joke.  Google IRL ends with a joke.  Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Interview ends with a joke.  A Date with Markiplier ends with a joke.  Hell, Darkiplier vs Antisepticeye (something we all thought could be serious) was just one big glorified shitpost.  We’ve been trained to think that everything Mark will do will just lead up to one big punchline.  So tell me that this wasn’t what you were thinking about the minute you saw the thumbnail.  “Oh boy, another skit.  Let’s see where this ends up.”

And hell yeah, the first episode feeds on that expectation.  We’re in a goddamn murder mystery noir thing, and the first joke we get is how they end up partying in the manor.  Come on, the first chapter even ends on a dick joke.

Were we not just assuming that this was going to lead up to something hilarious?  I remember seeing it everywhere.  “Oh, the murderer is Chica, isn’t it?!”  We were all expecting a punchline.

Until the jokes stopped coming.

Chapter Two had some jokes sprinkled in it, but it didn’t end on one.  Chapter Three had two, max, and Chapter Four?  None at all.  It actually kept to its serious tone all the way to the end.  Forget the fact that this was an origin story, THAT was the big twist ending that no one was expecting.  How in the world did we buy this?  How did no one realize that this was going to be a series that is going to keep itself straight?

Enter the Jims.

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They are the ones that are going to be heavily memed to hell and back.  They are the ones making the funny jokes, with the weird walks and the endless Jims and whatever else they decide to make them do.  Sure, they’re not part of the main story, but they’re still there for people to go and watch.  Hell, the hashtag is now swarmed with Jim memes for levity.

And this is how Mark fools us into thinking that this series is something it’s not.

Sure, those of us who only watch the main series will probably not be surprised by how dark the ending gets, but for those of us who did watch these, we were all probably thinking that this was all going to lead to a big joke.  Wouldn’t it be funny if Markiplier actually died because one of the Jims did something stupid or something?  Besides, if we watched the Jimcasts after we watched the main chapters, then they really did end on jokes.  The theme of the Markiplier skit has been maintained.  Since the Jims are waddling around in an otherwise serious environment, the whole thing has to end on a joke, right?

And then the twist comes in.  There will not be a joke at the end of this train.  Everything is being played 100% seriously.

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I’m just in love with this GIF, my god.

What started out with the death of one man ended up being the shattering of a closely knit group of friends that can never be fixed.  One goes insane, while the other becomes hellbent on revenge.  There is no joke here.  There’s nothing the Jims can do to alleviate the situation.

And what better way to show this meta change, to show that this is something that must be taken 100% seriously, that there will be no laughs coming from this manor, 

than to end it on the wanderings of a man searching desperately for a punchline?