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Trick or Treating

Author: @riversong-sam

Request: @plaidstiel-wormstache said:

OMG SAM … you wrote drabbles for NCIS? I cannot for the life of me write NCIS… but I LOVE NCIS. Can you, please, do me a Drabble of Gibbs and a reader daughter?

Word Count: 77

Parings: Gibbs x daughter!Reader

Warnings: fluff 

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”Dad! Dad! Daaaaaaddddddyyyyy!” You yelled running through the house. Giggling as Gibbs scooped you up in his arms.

“What is it?” He asked smiling fondly.

“Guess what daddy? Guess what I’m dressing up as to go trick or treating!”

He chuckled pretending to think for a moment, “I don’t know my princess what?”

You giggled, “I’m gonna be you daddy!”

Gibbs smiled pecking your cheek and letting you go get ready. He was so proud of you.

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